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Monday, July 20, 2009

Wake-Up Time For President Obama

Wake-Up Time for President Obama

In the summer of 2009, all the political signs point to the language of 2010 - and that language will say just one thing, at least three or more times - "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs."

At this time in Washington D.C., it seems that some of those voices are beginning to be heard as the gloves are coming off the White House and the Obama Administration, which finally is starting to fight back against the pundits who seem to want the entire economy of the United States to collapse, so they can blame it on Obama.

Reading the president's own personal transits, which I will not detail here, does give me some concern at this time. From the looks of it, and speaking generally, I think it is a good time for President Obama to remove the kid's gloves and deal with Wall Street, and the big bankers before they start trying to deal with Obama.

The reason, as always, are global transits.

I cannot stress enough the importance of bravely tackling the huge challenges of the economic crisis that the U.S., and other nations face. The economic numbers are daunting:

Double Digit Unemployment
Continued implosion of Residential Real Estate
The Coming Collapse of Commercial Real Estate
Little To No Bank Lending
Businesses & Companies Going Bankrupt
Bank Insolvencies continue to rise (57 already by summer 2009)
Reductions in GNP
Problems with Bonds
Huge Levels of Household Debt

The U.S. Economy is falling years behind. Here is one amazing statistic: In just a single year, the America has lost all the job created since the year 2000! In one year - nearly a decade's worth of job creation has evaporated!

With orders dropping from a reduction in manufacturing, and with rising unemployment rates into the double digits it seems the only way to break out of the crushing realities of the economic climate is to increase government spending. However, the recent stimulus package designed by the Obama administration and passed by Congress does not seem to be kicking in fully, and, even when it does, the realities on the street level will have drastically changed.

It is my belief that a second, and a third massive stimulus package will have to be produced and by 2010, I believe that is what will happen to the tune of the opposition party screaming holy hell, but not offering any kind of solution to the crushing realities of double-digit unemployment and voters screaming for more jobs.

At this time, almost every factory in nearly every country on this planet is idle. This deep lag in capacity means that as wholesalers and retailers struggle to gain sales, the global market is filled to the brim with goods and services; yet all companies are slashing prices, and having to slow down - or fully shut down - their operations merely in an attempt to maintain current supplies with major reduction in demand. Many companies that have shut their doors are unlikely to reopen.

When the global economy does improve, things will never be the same in my astrological perspective. Next year's Cardinal Climax Transits last into 2012, and from that year, the coming Uranus/Pluto square kicks in with a devastating seven (7) square over a three-year period from 2012 to 2015.

This shows immense levels of stress on many nations, as they try to emerge out of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The geopolitical implications are massive, and also show radical and sometimes revolutionary behaviors becoming more common - threatening to overwhelm the world with changes too fast and impulsive to be able to absorb.

How President Obama and his administration acts this year, and in early 2010 will greatly determine how fast the economy can recover. However, this recovery, from my astrological calculations, we take the entire next decade of the 2010s to come about. So, in the meantime, crossing one's fingers is simply not enough. We also need to say a lot of prayers while working day and night to turn things around for the better.