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Saturday, January 30, 2010

February/March 2010 - Jupiter, Uranus & Scheat

It's been a wild first decade of the millennium. The decade of the 2000s, now at a close, has left the world uncertain, stressed, and in serious doubt about the future.

Yet, there are signs that the global transition now underway has the potential to truly define the character of an early 21st century. How challenges are faced, and the choices made can make all the difference in the world.

As always, humanity has free will under the concavity of the heavens to make its choices.

The world, at a crossroads, and close to another Astrological Year that arrives with the solar equinox of March 20, 2010, officially opens the new year, and with it - a brand new decade.

What will the 2010s bring, I am often asked? Many things, some very good, and some very bad, I say. How we on evolve among ourselves, individually, and, as society collectively, with all our passions, cultures, differences, and ideologies, will depend very much on our own humanity.

A step at time is best.

February 2010 - Jupiter speeds up in motion through the early degrees of Pisces, and by March, will be within orb of its coming June conjunction with Uranus.

The first half of February will be ruled by a last quarter moon week (Feb. 5-13) and the New Moon week of Feb. 14-22. It is a slow and quiet time at mid-winter, but the first 14 days of February is excellent for making daily adjustments, adaptions, and revisions for the coming new astrological year just ahead.

The month is better used towards working on one's own issues, and not deal with the baggage and issues of others. Working step by step in February and picking up the pace into March is best under the world transits.

The months of February and March provide excellent transits for those who want to work towards shaping their own lives and careers into the new decade.

The retrogrades of Mars & Saturn in February provides advancement with both malefics in retrograde motion. This allows significant progress to be made for those who are not willing to fall into the winter slumber many people tend towards during the season.

The retrograde of both malefics see some people caught up in the muddied problems and dramas of others who are self-involved in their own negative regressions. This wastes valuable transit time, and also shows that these are the people who will easily become deeply caught up in summer's Cardinal Crisis transits. Many will not be able to recover from it for some time. By then, several years will have passed and it will nearly be 2014.

Those who prosper will be those who apply the direct motion of Jupiter to make significant progress in 2010 that can propel them, and their aspirations into fresh, new, and exciting territory in the new decade.

One way to accomplish this is to use Jupiter's direct motion from mid-January to July 22-23, 2010 which is very favorable overall for people in the know. Those who think positive, and are progressive in action, will be the people who will make the best use of Jupiter's influences this year, and into next.

Practical matters are favored. Receiving help and support from others who are creative, humane, tolerant and forward-looking is also favored during this cycle of Jupiter's direct motion.

The winter and spring months of 2010, with Jupiter's strong pace through Pisces, can provide opportunities that are usually missed through laziness and assumptions that are in error with such a positive Jupiter transit.

Working to improve one's personal appearance, striving to meet about 4-5 major goals and objectives, and avoid regressing into outworn patterns, and people who do regress, will go a long way towards greatly improving one's own personal and professional status into 2011 and beyond.

January through June 2010 gives power to vision, leadership, and planning for the new decade.

During Jupiter's retrograde (mid-July through mid-Nov.) progress is slowed for those who wasted the months since January to July 2010. It is during this time that the Cardinal Cross transits are most active.

The cardinal energies are too raw, intense, and call for change during the traditional summer months. Emotions are strong, negative, and reactionary - not enough to be able to make progressive positive change during such powerful planetary inclinations at that time.

Those who wasted the winter and spring months from January to June 2010, will try to catch up during the powerful inclinations of summer's Cardinal Cross transits, but will be met with more frustration. These frustrations are extended into society, and are unfavorable.

The strong emotional energies continues into the autumn months of 2010, as the Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, Mars transits in Scorpio, and Saturn's direct motion in Libra dominate the months of August, September, October, and the first 18 days of November 2010. This cycle from August to mid-November 2010 are those to take it easy, to review, adapt, and reassess, and not to make big decisions, nor to initiate important changes.

By the time Jupiter stations direct in mid-November at 23-Pisces, the span between November 18 to January 22, 2011 sees the last remaining months of Jupiter in Pisces where additional progress can be made during Jupiter's return to direct motion, and, to its ingress into tropical Aries by mid-January 2011.

This span of time is the time to work out loose ends of projects started before July 2010, and complete one's personal and professional goals & objectives for the coming year of 2011.

Jupiter's direct motion by mid-November 2010 will take place during the holiday season, where many people will be too exhausted from the events of summer/fall to get in gear for the next year. However, those with knowledge of these transits to pick up where they left off in late June 2010 and make further progress into the next decade.

Getting back to current transits - The second half of February 2010 sees the Sun enters Pisces Feb. 18. This is followed by the last full moon of the winter season (Virgo) in the northern hemisphere on Feb. 28, the same day Jupiter emerges from the far side of the Sun and begins to rise early in the mornings as a bright star.

March 2010 opens on that full Virgo Moon and Jupiter's motion. The month improves upon February's ideas, and promises for those active enough to not allow the winter season to delay progress on projects and aspirations. Transits of March are favorable to about March 27th.

This means most of the month can be used well by those wanting to make significant positive changes. It is a good time to get ahead of things, and expect a faster arrival of spring after the colder than normal winter season.

Most of March is used for the activities and traditions of spring break, however, the transits also promise those who continue the projects of February during March will make even more progress before the onset of spring.

This month sees improvements in the weather conditions with warmer temperatures, and a faster onset of spring weather than is normal in March.

By April 2010, and certainly by May, warmer than average temperatures will feel near summer like. A fast and sure spring has arrived, but not without its problems, which is mainly flooding.

Global transits between March 2010 to March 2011 contain a wealth of celestial movements and aspects relative to Earth that will leave few to doubt that 2010 was a major year of transition and change.

The generational angst that has settled on the world over the past 15 is now at its end. The transits clearly show that transition is now underway, and this transition will define a new decade that leads to another, that of the 2020s.

One planet's motion this year, in 2010, is that of Jupiter, which inclines towards the 0-Aries point, as does Uranus by early June. This conjunction is a sort of "preview" of 2011's energies, as both planets will conjoin three times

  • June 8, 2010 /0-Aries
  • September 18, 2010/28-Pisces
  • January 4, 2011/27-Pisces

These three (3) Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions form the basis of global transitional energies from Pisces into Aries, which will occur by March 2011. This conjunction has major correlations to events on the earth, with new discoveries announced, to the renewal and ending of treaties, and new treaties being formed between nations vying in a multipolar world.

Change is in the air everywhere. There are retirements announced, and personages across all public and private fields are leaving with new faces entering. It is a time of generational shift and a changing in times that opens the door to a new decade.

Economic recovery will dominate the early years of the new decade. For some nations, it will feel like starting from scratch, as other countries are challenged to find a creative, and new ways out of the severity of the global economic recession.

In previous forecasts I made in 2009 on the Cardinal Cross transits of 2010, the conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus in Aries/Pisces during the year is seen as historic. These two planetary bodies, along with Saturn, and Pluto, form the crux of the tense cardinal crisis transits of mid-summer.

The energies of the Cardinal Cross peak in July and August 2010 as the planets are very active during these months. The energies are quite strong; especially during the full moons at the end of both months. Emotions run strong during the summer months. For those looking ahead, it is a time to stick close to home, to relax, and plan for the year of 2011 just ahead.

By September 2010, Saturn, now fully in tropical Libra, turns south in declination, - ushering another planetary sign that the times are changing. Saturn's motion in 2010 completes its opposition to Uranus, and begins a two-year opposition to Jupiter.

The conjunctions of Jupiter/Uranus to the fixed star Scheat also shows a year of cautionary tales when it comes to travel over the skies and the high seas in 2010-2011.

Scheat is a beta star that is one of the four stars that make up the constellation of The Great Square of Pegasus. The star Scheat sits at the end of the tropical Zodiac, at 29-Pisces-31' - closing out the tropical zodiac.

Aspects to Scheat in mundane astrology signify events taking place in the skies over the oceans, and on the high seas. What is notable about Scheat, is that throughout its history of observation it correlated to multiple accidents involving drowning, sunken ships and dangers to sea-going vessels. It also portends a major year of climate events.

The presence of Jupiter and Uranus also features major weather events, such as frequent storms, high winds, and floods. This indicates that 2010 will be a major year of climate events. The mundane astrologer Claudius Ptolemy wrote that the bright stars of Scheat are like Mars and Mercury. This combined duality features rashness in communication, commerce, transportation, and travel.

Effects on humans were that it signified vanity, and ambitious persons who show very poor judgment. It appears that many of the accidents of 2010 will also come as a result of human error, arrogance, overenthusiastic acts, poor navigation, and hasty decision-making.

Taking care in personal judgment, and discerning situations carefully before committing to them will go a long way towards preventing many accidents and deaths this year, particularly from accidents in the air, on the seas, and around bodies of water.

Jupiter and Uranus conjoined to Scheat
show us the dichotomy of choices offered in a economic challenging year. Those who do best will be able to progress into the future, with confidence, and care. Those who will not do well will be those unable to progress, but who regress into past patterns.

Jupiter's motion offers a wealth of opportunity, and expansiveness available to those who are patient (Pisces) and forward-looking (Aries.) Jupiter will perform its first opposition to Saturn since the early 1990s. The opposition will take place from 2010 to 2012 and shows the Business climate will continue to be a challenge; mainly because of the transition from one generation to another.

These oppositions of Jupiter and Saturn call for a "turn of times." This is confirmed by Uranus' entry into tropical Aries by March 2011. This closes the era started in 1927-28 and opens a new era in 2010-11.

Jupiter's transit swings through Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer by the year 2014. I often tell my clients to use Jupiter's transits in ways that extend the trends of opportunities to fruition, so that they are able to survive any longer-term world transits to come afterward.

The next four (4) years, despite the overall world transits, from Jupiter's standpoint, has excellent transits for those willing to pace themselves accordingly, and who do so with balance and progression in mind.

Uranus' motion conjoined to Scheat shows another path, that of the one willing to rush headlong into action before considering the potentials and outcomes of situations in the long-run.

Here, Uranus' penchant to demand immediate and radical change, and to achieve it by any means necessary, threatens instability, raises the noise levels, and irritates opportunities that could be achieved peacefully, and with patience.

But, it is this lack of patience that will show some events to end in disaster for those who appeal to such vanities as impatience and intolerance. Moreover, by the rash acts, they may also take innocent people down along with them.

Saturn's fourth, and fifth opposition to Uranus in 2010 transfers to Saturn's opposition to Jupiter in 2010, and 2011. These Jupiter/ Saturn oppositions often correlate with economic and business crisis that forces up to the surface undercurrents of new methods and techniques that will replace what has been outworn and is no longer useful.

So, the months from February to June offer some of the best transits of 2010. Those who were thinking of initiating new aspirations and projects can do so during those months.

This means that all work performed in 2010 should be of the preparation stage, working out the kinks, and loose ends, while also preparing oneself physically, mentally and spiritually for the opening of the cardinal era that arrives with Aries by March 2011.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full Moon & Mars Conjunction: Power Of Perigee

This weekend, Jan. 29-31, 2010, the Full Moon at 10-Leo will conjoin Mars, now at its closest approach to the Earth. Both celestial bodies will be at perigee, and this marks a wild weekend of powerful energies that should be reflected in the mundane events of the world.

Full Moon mid-winter perigees often mean cold winter storms for the northern hemisphere with blasts of cold winds. This Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon and as perigee Moon, in conjunction with Mars, shows disruptive energies over the weekend of Jan. 29-31.

This Full Moon is at 10-Leo, conjoins Mars on Friday night, into early Saturday, so emotions will generally run strong. The Moon rules the brain, and under certain astronomical configurations, people have a tendency to act out. This Moon will appear larger than usual to the observer and will be about 15 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter this year.

Both Moon & Mars are at their astronomical closest (perigee) to the Earth at this time over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The red planet, now 62 million miles Earth, will shine bright alongside the full moon. Both bodies reach the midheaven (MC) after midnight E.S.T., and the Moon will be in conjunction to Mars on Friday night into early Saturday.

The Moon and Mars will rise just as the Sun sets. If you can find clear skies, look to your east after 5:15 p.m., and you will see the "Snow Moon" rising, with Mars close by. Both celestial bodies can be viewed the entire night before setting at dawn in locations with clear skies.

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is an ellipse that has one side 50,000 km closer to earth than the other. The furthest point is an apogee and the closest point of approach is called perigee. When the Moon is at perigee it always appears larger than normal, because the apparent size of objects that are close appear larger.

The energies of the Perigee inclinations on the world, including the climate is quite active, unbalanced, disruptive, and stormy. Floods, snowstorms, high winds, and blizzards are common under a mid-winter Moon perigee, especially when lunar phase is at full. These are often search- and-rescue transits due to the bad weather conditions. World news should reflect these transits this weekend.

In observational astrology on a mundane level, these lunar conjunctions to Mars tends towards arguments, fights, pettiness, between people, etc., etc. Most of the battles are ideological, personal, opinionated, all mixed in and jumbled up with angry and frustrated outcomes.

People have a tendency under this influence to jump to conclusions, argue, and debate from one-sided points of views. The celestial atmosphere is simply too unfavorable for proper insights to be made among people and groups of people. It is best not to even take part as transits are unfavorable here.

Moon/Mars conjunctions inclines people to lose their tempers easily; often over petty matters, however, some arguments can become quite heated, often with physical violence ensuing.

The Moon/Mars Perigee adds to the broader global energy level this weekend. I am sure there will be world news with such strong lunar and martian energies in play, and both in perigee to the Earth.

We should see stories describing frequency of violent, weird and anomalous global news over the weekend (and the days leading into and just after the weekend.) due to these strong celestial inclinations along with the outer weather, the inner "weather" is also stormy for some.

Accidents usually take place, some of it weather-related, others because of human error, so it is a good weekend to take things slower than usual, and to exercise caution when working with materials, gases, liquids, heavy equipment, vehicles, tools, and machinery.

Extended travel is not advised over the weekend.

This particular Moon/Mars conjunction that is at Earth perigee, is best used to exercise control over one's emotions, to be patient, cautious, and tolerant so to allow the cycle to pass by without event. It is a good weekend to take off and rest with such strong perigee inclinations.

In my years of observing these Moon/Mars synods, it is also not the most favorable time for men and women to get along. This full moon, and Mars conjunction, is one of those times to cancel a date because of transits.

I've often advised clients to stay indoors during conjunctions of Moon & Mars, especially at perigee. This takes place over a weekend when the traditional Friday, and Saturday night dates take place. This is just one of those weekends to stay indoors.

The reason is that the energies are negatively aggressive at this time, and people, especially males, often show trigger emotions under Moon/Mars conjunction. Emotions are sparked by the slightest assumed personal/political/whatever kinds of "slights" are sensed or not.

Friday evening is quite tense with these energies. It is a time to make it an early night. I usually get some much needed sleep during such transits.

Venus in Aquarius in opposition to the Moon/Mars this weekend tends towards personal/group-think confrontations. Not a good time to debate, or argue, since the energies are much too strong for people to be objective, and able to see more than their own point of view.

The celestial climate over the weekend and the end of the month of January is best spent at home, pampering oneself, eating ice cream, watching movies. During the days, spend time on home projects, enjoy family, kids, and yourself.

This is the kind of weekend to stay in pajamas /slippers till early afternoon, eat lots of cereal, slouch around the house, catch up on small projects, read, listen to music, and hang out at home like you did back in the mid-1970s or mid-1980s (for those who remember that Star Trek/Partridge Family/Brady Bunch/Blondie/Moonlighting era.)

I don't post much on the Internet during such times because people take out their frustrations there as well. All you have to do is spend time reading discussion forums over the weekend.

The Moon/Mars perigee is strong along with the Full Moon's energy, and the opposition to Venus is mainly confrontational and cause "drama," however, for no other reason but simply fight for the sake of fighting. Not wise during this lunar phase.

And, a waste of time. It's better to watch retro-reruns rather than fight with others under such planetary conditions. I'm going to break protocol and buy some strawberries, chocolate ice cream, some milk, bananas, and maybe a box of Frosted Flakes, and have a great weekend!

Now, saying that, Friday night is a good night to stay in and watch a scary movie under such transits that affect the outside world. Staying in under such transits, and watching good movies is a good outlet. But when you watch movies with me: I like quality, action, and something on the unusual side...

I used to watch shows like this... sort of Theo's Friday Night At the Movies... Used to love to creep my sisters and Mom out with films like this... eating ice cream and totally into it...

The mid-1970s had some freaky stuff on TV - and I watched all of them, of course, with my trusty ephemeris handy nearby...

See -

Bad Weekend For Dates, Bars & Clubbing

Staying in Saves Souls

Seriously though, the less contact with the outside world under this weekend's influences, the better. Usually, a Leo Moon is a good time to have a party, but this weekend is not one of those times.

I'm sure there will be parties Friday night, at bars and clubs, but I forecast sad news coming out about places like these. Just not a cool weekend at all gathering in crowds with booze around.

Tempers usually flare and careless accidents often emerge under these Moon/Mars conjunctions normally, so the weekend's perigee hikes up the energy level that are mainly unstable, and hostile ... on the roads too, people rushing, driving to fast, intoxicated with overall emotions on edge.

It is a weekend to tend to oneself, stay in, and not engage with others until after the weekend's perigee energies have passed by. Moreover, the outer weather conditions will reflect the Lunar and Martian perigee, so we will see high winds, stormy conditions, and frigid temperatures.

On January 31 there is also another exact Saturn/Pluto square in force. This confirms the transpersonal and international energies that characterize this winter season in the northern hemisphere. Saturn, retrograde at 4-Libra, will conduct its retreating square aspect to Pluto at 4-Capricorn, thus signifying continue global tension.

The overall climate is rather tense to say the least. There are a lot of recriminations from late 2007-2009, and many people are tired, upset, and with the perigee, unbalanced enough to not be able to contain their emotions, or, common sense.

Staying in saves souls, is the theme for this weekend's energies. Perigee conjunctions between Moon and Mars in mundane astrology always correlates to tense, and sometimes violent situations brought about as a result of headstrong actions and the lack of cooler heads prevailing.

The climate is charged, often with the over the top sexual energy, that acts as a trigger to explosive outlets of emotions, causing violence. Perigees with the right combinatorial aspects have these unfavorable effects. This is one of those times.

The best way to handle the Moon/Mars perigee is to take it easy, and relax, and not take too much seriously if you can and spending some time alone, or, with just one other. "Two is company, but three's a crowd," goes without saying here...

Crowds are particularly problematic, because fights between a small number of people can affect larger groups, and with the hair-trigger energy of the Moon/Martian perigee to Earth, all bets are off on calm resolutions. Some people just want to fight for the sake of letting off steam, but that attitude also gets people hurt.

It's just that kind of weekend. Neutralize it be staying in and convincing family, and friends to do the same. You'll be happy to do so when you hear what happened over the perigee weekend, wherever you thought you would be going, but didn't because of the transits.

After Perigee & Into 2010

Once early February 2010 gets going, the effects of the Moon/Mars perigee will be better seen by most. Mars continues to retrograde in tropical Leo towards its direct motion in early March.

This cycle of Mars ends another cycle that began in late 2007, and signifies a time to reassess, revise, and adapt to the new times on the horizon. Mars will station direct March 10, 2010, several days before the return to daylight savings time on March 14. The retrograde of Mars, and its perigee shows that reassessments, and revising one's goals and objectives is a good thing before the onset of the spring months.

Mars' gradual transit back through tropical Leo in March, April, May into early June 2010 presents many with opportunities to catch up after the stagnant year of 2009.

Spiritual cleansing is good at any time. The current lunar perigee cycle is more on the enjoy-yourself-at-home kind of weekend. The next full moon is at the end of February at 9-Virgo, so there's another month to clean out closets to prepare for the new Astrological Year by March 20, 2010.

Saturn's retrograde through early Libra (Oct. 29, 2009 - Apr. 7, 2010) gives us a preview of the next two years (2010-2012) when it comes to issues of fairness, justice, relationships, marriage, Society, and the Law of the times.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, but with Saturn about to transit here, and oppose both Jupiter, and Uranus to kick off the new decade - the energies are dominate by crisis, and grudgingly, towards widespread change that has been long overdue.

When all is said and done with Saturn's transit of Libra by late 2012, many relationships will have changed, with only the strongest relationships surviving.

In the short term, Saturn will re-enter tropical Virgo its final time (April 7, 2010) and sweep over the remaining three (3) degrees of Virgo, mainly affecting the generation born 1950-51 and 1979-80.

Saturn will then perform the last two oppositions to Uranus in Pisces (April 26) and then its fifth and last opposition, this time on the Aries/Libra axis (July 26.) The continuing theme of the "outworn" versus the "new" will be mostly active from spring to mid-summer as the Saturn/Uranus opposition peaks. The transpersonal energies of both planets in opposition will correlate to events on Earth.

That last exact Saturn/Uranus opposition in July 2010 includes Jupiter and Pluto, and forms the Cardinal Cross, or Crisis, or Climax transits of summer 2010. These are strong energies building into the months of July and August 2010, and therefore, the months of winter and spring are best applied towards achieving practical goals, so as to better neutralize the contentious energies of summer just ahead.

Saturn will then turn south in declination in early September 2010, and from that time, to March 2011, there will be six months of increasing signs that the world is dawning into a brand new era.

All in all, from right now to mid-March 2010 is a excellent time for personal revising, re-adapting, and making positive plans for the near future. It really is a more personal time for people where choices and decisions must be made to insure that the rest of the decade will be better than
the last.

February has Jupiter in the early degrees of Pisces, which is excellent for this kind of inner work that then expresses itself into one's outer reality as time moves on. Times are changing, and people can make wonderful use of these energies if they are aware of them, like this weekend's Moon/Mars Perigee.

Jupiter's motion takes further from its long 2009 tight conjunction to Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius, and into the Sign it rules - Pisces, signifying the twilight of one era, and the dawn of another to come in Aries.

Jupiter will be within orb of its coming conjunction to Uranus in March. Both planets will meet at 0-Aries on June 8, 2010, a preview of their coming ingresses into Aries in 2011. This conjunction has historic meaning for the world, as the first point of Aries signifies great changes on the horizon, and the dawn of a new global era.

By March 2010, we will have entered a special one-year cycle to March 2011. This means that 2010 is the transitional year into the next decade. It is a good time to make whole changes in one's life according to one's own character and aspirations.

This single solar year comprises a host of powerful world transits, which confirms my forecast that 2010 will be a major year worldwide. People who are proactive in making revisions in their lives early this year will do better than those who do not.

Most of those changes, from the looks of transits right now, continue to show to me that people who have the best natal and progressed aspects can make significant progress this year before the new era that opens in early March 2011.

So, the astrological year from March 2010 to March 2011 provides anyone who is genuine about making spiritual, mental, emotional changes in their lives can do so in a short span of time and be ready for the exciting opening into the new global era on the horizon.

© Copyright 2010 Theodore White

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cardinal Climax: Years of Crisis 2010-2015

At this time in January 2010, the world faces a series of historic choices at the crossroads of history. I have known this for some time, and now that time is here.

Right now, during the winter in the northern hemisphere, global transits show that it is a time to reflect, review, and readjust to the new realities of the current time as this will help to ensure that one is ready for the era just ahead. We see these celestial energies pick up steam by March 2010.

Over the past year, I've been constantly asked by people did I "predict" the current global economic crisis? I always say the same thing, I forecasted it, yes, but it is something that is quite common for mundane astrologers who see astronomically years and decades into the potentials of the future.

The word "predict" in these times is often used by those who are ignorant of astrological forecasting, and the potentials of long-range forecasting into the mundane events of the world.

As a forecaster, the last 15 years or so have seen people within, and outside the astrological community to find disdain for long-range forecasting, mainly because of their own ignorance of the subject, and popular culture usage of the word "predictions" with understanding, and, in many cases - not wanting to hear the message.

Rather, in these times of Climategate, as in many other areas of science, philosophy, politics, religion we find ideology and personal opinion running amok and passing off as equal to those systems naturally designed to forecast into the future - and this can be found in Mundane Astrology.

Over the last decade, more people turned to astrology to discover insights into what was going on around them. However, with the emergence of the Bank Crisis, people now want to know exactly what is happening, and what are their options for the future.

But, mundane astrology is not practiced by many who claim to be astrologers. Moreover, since the 1980s, most new astrologers who had entered the field of forecasting had entered Astrology late in life and had not taken the disciplined path into predictive astrology. Many simply joined the bandwagons of popular culture Sun-sign astrology and varied off into different sectors of mostly natal astrology.

The Two main branches of Astrology are -

  • Natural
  • Judicial

Natural Astrology features the elementary areas of astronomy, or stellar mapping, which is what "astronomy" is; reading an ephemeris; keen observation of the natural world; encyclopedia astrologia; Weather forecasting; Medicine, and Agriculture.

Judicial Astrology features advanced astrology; natal forecasting, Progressions, Horary, Synastry, and Mundane Astrology, which has its own subsets such as theology, prophecy, economic, political, and global history based on a long history of astronomical forecasting.

Many people who were enticed by sun-sign astrology did not know that they had skipped over an entire branch - Natural Astrology - which is central to actually learning how to forecast properly, and to learn some of the secrets of the future.

Few have learned both major branches of astrology, and this has given way to many opinions giving way as "predictions" and it has brought disrepute on Astrology, mainly through ignorance.

This ignorance opens the door to unsubstantiated claims of future events, often pronounced by people who do not have experience in forecasting astrologically. It will be very difficult for those who want to practice astrology seriously to be able to do so without the big picture and long-range views offered by mundane astrology.

This is one of the causes of such confusion in providing natal forecasting for individuals without the benefit of the mundane outlooks that impact groups of individuals within any global climate.

It is very important for any student of astrology to help to fill in the gaps in their astrological knowledge so as to be better positioned in the future to forecast astronomically, and effectively, to be of service.

Those who have learned judicial astrology will be those who have knowledge and experience of both branches - natural and judicial - and it is the area of mundane astrology that sheds the most light on the potentials of the world's future.

Most people, at this time in 2010, know that we all live in fast changing times. The global events of 1999-2009 have clearly shown that celestial forces have been in play, and that the world is now entering a new era, one which will distinguish it from the late 20th century.

What the Cardinal Climax, or Crisis shows to me as a mundane astrologer is that the Earth is now at a crossroads in history. This is where an outworn age is setting, and a new age begins to dawn.

Global transitions like this can take place on a wide spectrum of levels - be they public, private, local, regional, or a world scale. Most people around the world can feel that times are indeed changing by now.

But, for most, it seems too much, either because they are unable (or unwilling) to keep up with the facets of late 20th century problems that should have been resolved by this time in 2010.

Celestial transits, of which the Earth is a part, incline us all, and have throughout all of human history. Yet, humanity has free will, within the laws of the revolution of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, to choose those things it chooses with its free will.

Each generation has its own go at this throughout the centuries. We simply call this human history.

At this time in human history, at the dawn of a new century, and a new decade, what is observed is that the establishment generation of the last century chose to look back, and to remain "fixed" in the past while being ignorant to the immediate and near future.

This is called "angst" - where a generation is unwilling to accept that life changes through time - where the actions of a generation externalizes its own internal fears and lack of acceptance of the laws of nature.

What is noticeable about this particular global transition is that the older establishment's angst over its own past, and its fear of the future, is self-created, however, it is also unfounded, and comes from the negative imagination that lie within the consciousness of the generation in denial.

If such inner work is put off, and not faced, then the global transits will externalize what is not being resolved within, and this appears in the world as multiple anomalous events, often ignorant, violent and nonsensical, that are then allowed to be forced into the physical world by the inclinations of the stellar and planetary transits.

Simply put: a serious change in human attitude could work wonders.

that attitude is depends on us.

For some years now, mundane astrologers have been talking about the "Cardinal Climax" or, the "Cardinal Crisis" - this is the time where the major planets form tense aspects to another another featuring correlating events on Earth while setting potential trends for the future.

This time is already here. The first planetary alignments, those of Saturn's transit in Virgo opposed to Uranus' transit in Pisces, is already in effect, and has been since autumn 2008, when the unprecedented economic meltdown began in earnest after radical deregulation since the 1980s picked up steam in the late 1990s and led to the disastrous economic bubbles that has crippled the economies of nations and states into 2010.

The effects on populations is becoming more troublesome, as communities struggle to not only make sense of what has happened, but also to survive. However, the prospects for tens of millions of people, and for the world in general - clearly show that the decade of the 2010s will be challenging for many.

What Is The Cardinal Climax?

In short, it is the astrological configuration between the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in relation to their tropical positions along the Zodiac creating a powerful T-Square aspect between the outer planets of significance in mundane astrology -

Jupiter/Uranus in Aries
Saturn in Libra
Pluto In Capricorn

Cardinal energies are powerful and seek to start change. The planets involved are known in mundane astrology to signify the kinds of changes indicated. These planets primarily, in this instance, show that economics, personal & societal relationships, government and underworld involvement are all in play during the Cardinal Crisis transits.

The main energies are experienced first in the months of July, August, and September 2010, when Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto are involved in the cardinal cross, showing powerful cardinal energies around the world amid global changes and transitions that are not proceeding as smoothly as they could.

The main effect of Jupiter/Uranus' conjunction, and the opposition to Saturn, with all three celestial bodies squared by Pluto's transit in Capricorn, is frustration at attempts to initiate changes that are seen as favorable.

Populations believe they have been robbed blind in the Banking Crisis which has altered their lives, perhaps forever. And after the events of 2007, 2008, and 2009, by the end of winter 2010, much of the populace is pissed off, and something has got to give.

What I try to explain to anyone from policymakers to those who have interest in such subjects as society, and the public mood, etc., etc., is that global transits are always on time - all the time. Simply wanting to avoid it, or ignoring transits by saying one does not believe in no way means that one is not effected by transits.

By the summer of 2010, some people will see my forecasts ring accurate, despite my attempts and hope that I am wrong. This is often the conundrum of the astrologer, who nonetheless can read the transits and knows what kind of "climate" will dominate over any period of time through the configurations of the transits.

The energies of July & August 2010 show powerful emotions worldwide, along with violent tendencies that come as a result of pent-up feelings and resentments which have not been calmed by the aftermath of the Bank Crisis and the resulting economic recession and depression.

The impacts on the lives of people have been nothing short of devastating, and though populations are able to bear a lot on their own, there comes times when they believe "that enough is enough."

This Cardinal Crisis shows the start of that time. We get a sneak peak in summer 2010, and these trends will expand, and continue into the 2010s unless positive choices are enacted and those responsible for the mess are given their walking papers.

For 2010 - the time between March 2010 to March 2011 - shows the astronomical changes that will usher the world into a new mundane era. This happens when Jupiter and Uranus fully enters tropical Aries in early 2011, signaling the new global epoch into the new decade.

The period between 2010 through to 2015 is particular noted because of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition from 2010-2012 that is then followed by a series of seven (7) exact squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn between 2012 to 2015.

Oppositions and squares between the outer planets relative to the Earth, particularly in cardinal signs, always features pressure to initiate change under pressure. The problem will be that some will demand immediate change because they feel that they have waited long enough, so, obviously, tempers are high, and we see this in the transits of summer/autumn 2010.

These planetary configurations show overall that the next five (5) years will be a time of challenges, crisis and choices for many populations of the world. This is my astrological assessment of the global transits.

Those who approach such changing times with fear will then experience this fear. It will become externalized into the world of those who cannot use the power of their minds to go progress, rather than to regress into outworn behavior and mental patterns.

Those who approach this new era with vision, creative action, and hope will experience the opposite because they have chosen to progress, and not regress, into outworn patterns. Rather, by grabbing hold of excitement for the future, they envision those things that benefit themselves and others, thus, creating their own future by dealing internally with themselves.

The energies of the Saturn-Uranus opposition that has been in effect since 2008 culminates in 2010 with a fourth and fifth exact opposition before this major celestial opposition wanes. This opposition features the "outworn" against that of the "new."

In the end, the "new" will outpace that which has fallen outlasted its effectiveness, according to my astrological estimation.

If we look at current global trends, we can easily assess that humanity has challenges, crisis, and choices to make in order to blunt most of the celestial inclinations -

  • Challenges - To face the future with hope rather than angst
  • Crisis - To overcome the outworn, the negative, that which does not work
  • Choices - To form & act on positive visions for the future without angst and fear

Key Transits Of 2010 -

April 6-7 - Pluto stations retrograde at 5-Capricorn
April 7, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Virgo
April 26, 2010 - Saturn opposes Uranus (4th opposition)
May 23, 2010 - Jupiter opposes Saturn (first time since 1990-91)
May 27-28, 2010 - Uranus enters tropical Aries
May 30th, 2010 - Saturn stations direct motion
June 5-6, 2010 - Jupiter enters tropical Aries
June 6-7, 2010 - Mars enters tropical Virgo
June 8, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus

July 5, 2010 - Uranus stations retrograde at 0-Aries
July 8, 2010 - Jupiter turns North in declination
July 11, 2010 - New Moon total eclipse at 19-Cancer (not seen in N. America)
July 21, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Libra for good
July 23, 2010 - Jupiter stations retrograde
July 25, 2010 - Jupiter Squares Pluto
July 26, 2010 - Fifth Saturn/Uranus opposition
July 31, 2010 - Mars & Jupiter turn S in Declination

August 3, 2010 - Jupiter, retrograde, Squares Pluto again
August 6, 2010 - Venus turns South in Declination
August 13-14, 2010 - Uranus re-enters tropical Pisces
August 16, 2010 - Jupiter Opposes Saturn
August 20, 2010 - Mercury retrogrades in Virgo
August 21, 2010 - Saturn Squares Pluto

September 8, 2010 - Saturn turns South in declination

September 8, 2010 - New Moon at 15-Virgo

September 8, 2010 - Venus enters Scorpio
September 8-9, 2010 - Jupiter re-enters tropical Pisces
September 12, 2010 - Mercury stations direct
September 14, 2010 - Pluto stations direct
September 14, 2010 - Mars enters Scorpio
September 19, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Pisces
October 8, 2010 - Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio

The transits above show that the energies from late spring through to early autumn will be tense for much of the world. I have forecasted a wide-range of events -

  • Disasters on the high seas
  • Problems with Sea-going vessels
  • Global Weather Events, El Nino/La Nina
  • Contraction of China's bubble economy, Asian economic crisis
  • General Transportation accidents, snafus & crashes
  • Generational transition & resentments
  • Economic stress leading to disruptions in Society-at-large
  • Frequency of rebellions, riots & increasing acts of violence
  • Criminal and underworld activity
  • Hints of coming revolutionary forces
My mundane forecast briefly outlined above shows a world clearly in transition. That much is certain. What will define this new decade will be the ability of a new bold generation to take the mantle of leadership while accepting the mess that has been left behind.

How this is accomplished practically will depend in great part on the ability of people to accept the things that they cannot change, and to change the things that they can. A simple enough philosophy, yes, but how to do so in a world given daily to disruption, disorder and confusion?

What is most noticeable to me about the Cardinal Crisis, or Climax transits, and I'd like to share this with you, is that those who thought they understood the "future as it was going to be" from back in the 1990s into the early years of the Millennium, have made serious errors and mistakes in judgment of their "predictions" of future trends.

I remember watching the last week of 1999 depicted in world celebrations leading up to the year 2000 and remembered feeling that all this was a cautionary tale of sorts. I heard all kinds of "predictions" about how the world was going to be in this new decade, but, much of it sounded so very whimsical and unreal on CNN and the other mainstream outlets.

The issues that were important at the end of the 1990s, such as the infamous WTO Conference and "Battle in Seattle" of autumn 1999 - were relegated as mere fiction, that what was said to happen in the future would never occur.

When, in fact, the world now knows - 10 years later - that the world trade organization and treaty was a disaster. All one has to do is look at the Bank Crisis, the global economic meltdown, and stagnant global trade in 2010 to see the truth of this.

Rather, what took place back at the start of the Millennium is that the so-called "threats" of the early 21st century were (and still are) really those unresolved, cultural, politically outworn issues of the late 20th century that have not been resolved. This is because of corruption, greed, and basically, well - stupidity.

The generation that made refused to evolve have been clearly wrong and we are now seeing the results of their errors expressed in world society. The blow back comes from the inclinations of the Cardinal Crisis transits, and into the early years of this new decade.

The consciousness shift of these inclinations will be played out across the globe through the lives of generations. The older, established generation that has been in power since the early 1990s lost its way, and transits show that the years of greatest opportunity for them to do good has now passed. They cannot go back to change their actions. Future history will see this time from 1990-2010 as the major failings of the generation establishment.

Some Solutions For 2010

There are ways to counter much of what the energies of the years 2010-2015 may incline the world towards. However, it will require bold actions, courageous vision, leadership, and energy.

There is no doubt that Generation X is now about to become the new establishment. This is a natural progression from generation to generation, and the Baby Boomers are now at the last year of their 18-year establishment era. It will be officially over in March 2011.

Knowing this, Baby Boomers who accept and understand these times will be able to make considerable progress into their new roles in life. Rather than live in denial about the changing times, those who are emotionally and mentally balanced have the advantage going into the new era that will not be dominated by their own generation.

Their lives will be more fulfilling as they have given up the cultural wars, which, in some ways, disguised a spiritual vacuum in the lives of this generation to the point of not knowing what to place one's faith on.

Those who associate the word "retirement" with the outworn images they have in their own minds, will do the worst in the years ahead. These will be the people who, in this new decade, have the most to lose.

The failure to incorporate the experiences of one's own life as one ages and to damage the future for those younger is a generational sin, and will be paid in this life, and the next.

In the near term, the choices that baby boomers make will determine the quality of their own care into the next two decades. This makes 2010 a very important year for this particular generation, as what they do, and how they behave relative to the responsibilities they have had since the 1990s will surely speak volumes in how this is honestly expressed in the near future.

It is time for Baby Boomers to leave behind their angst, to accept the passage of time under nature, and to rediscover their faith without damaging the world anymore.

Those among this generation who does this early, and quickly, considering global transits, will have the opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive because of the change in attitude, and not looking back.

The transition to Generation X taking place worldwide is now entering its first year soon. The challenges are historic, and will not be resolved in the short-term, but must nevertheless be faced with courage, vision, energy, and leadership.

The old ideological and cultural wars have clearly outworn their usefulness, and, for any true recovery to take place, the cultural/ideological/political/gender wars must go the way of the dinosaur.

This will occur no matter what roads we choose to take, as the transits are quite clear. The astronomical transits of the 2010s shows a definite path that heavily favors change, that much is sure.

However, that future will be bleak should the world continue onwards and not make the transition with common sense, pragmatically, without angst, and without fear. There is nothing to fear except ourselves.

Solutions for 2010 while the transition is taking place are -

Plan New Projects for the new decade
Form alliances with those of positive common interests
Let go of the past, forgive, but do not forget
Build up physical & spiritual energy
Take up practical leadership roles
Develop & Nurture new resources, new projects
Maintain a practical & open mindset
Avoid Ideological Persons & Groups
Educate, coach, & train the young
Avoid wasting time and time wasters

So, 2010 is a year of historic generational transition. The paths into this future will be created by a new generation which must discover its own way by designing new visionary roads into the 21st century.

They will do this by using the lessons of the past to form them into positive actions that feature the ways of the new, the healthy, the responsible - so that the angst of passing old age is not extended into the coming new age.

© Copyright 2010 Theodore White

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturn Transit - Powerful Earthquake Strikes Haiti

As most people know, there was a very strong earthquake registered at 7.0 magnitude that struck just ten miles southwest of the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, just before 5 p.m., EST, yesterday, Jan. 12, 2010. There are reports of widespread damage, great loss of life, and many casualties in this very poor country.

This earthquake will have been the most violent earthquake Haiti has experienced in more than a century.

The Earth had recently reached perihelion to the Sun (it's closest approach) and astrological transits since October 2009 have shown a series of earthquakes across the planet at various locations and magnitudes.

Much of the energy of the effects of the Earth's perihelion has been released in Haiti, where, at the time of the quake, the Moon was in a last quarter phase with the Sun about to set.

The power of this earthquake can be seen with transiting Saturn at 4-Libra, which had just crossed the nadir of that geographic location, with Saturn in tight square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This, along with the fact that the retrograde of Saturn occurs today.

See -

This is a very good time for everyone to do anything they are able to do to give aid to international & local relief agencies, groups, and organizations who are rushing to provide life-saving food, clean water, medical attention, clothing, and supplies to the people of this impoverished nation in their time of greatest need.

[*Note - Click on "Saturn Transit" title above to link to up-to-date MSNBC photos, video & details of earthquake damage in Haiti.]

How To Help -

Disaster relief organizations are mobilizing to aid Haiti - and are asking for help. Funds are needed to provide safe drinking water, shelter and life-saving medical supplies.

UNICEF and Save the Children have emergency teams in Haiti, and the Red Cross has released $200,000 in disaster funds.

Donations can be made to the following organizations & groups -

- Text Yele. Wyclef Jean is urging donors to text 'Yele' to 501501 and make a $5 contribution to the relief effort over cell phone. Click here to get more information via Wyclef's Twitter page.

- Save the Children. Donate at or make checks out to "Save the Children" and mail to: Save the Children Income Processing Department, 54 Wilton Road, Westport, Conn. 06880

- UNICEF. Go online to or call (800) 4UNICEF.

- Red Cross. Go online to and click Donate, or call (800) REDCROSS.

- Direct Relief International. Donate online at

- Mercy Corp. Go online to or mail checks to Haiti Earthquake Fund, Dept. NR, PO Box 2669, Portland, Ore. 97208 or call (888) 256-1900

To find information about friends and family in Haiti: The U.S. State Department set up a toll-free number to call for information about family members in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747.

The department said some callers may receive a recording because of heavy volume of calls.

The State Department has also set up links on its Web site to facilitate donations to disaster relief agencies.

Read more:

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Forecast: The Economy, Jobs & World Transits

Challenges, Changes & Choices

By Theodore White; mundane Astrolog.S

After two years, the Banking Crisis continues to cause severe economic problems worldwide. In the United States, it has been recently reported that employers eliminated 4.2 million jobs in 2009 with a total of nearly 8 million people out of work now in early 2010.
The European Union continues to be sluggish at best, and Japan's long economic woes have not abated.

I am also concerned about the future stability of China's economy, which I will forecast on extensively in the weeks and months ahead.

What I will say now is that unless there are tens of millions of healthy and happy consumers ready and willing to purchase Chinese goods - and right now there are not - then there is simply no way for China's overheated economy to continue growing at the rapid pace it has been during the last decade.

There is much for everyone to consider here, especially investors, who have put all their eggs into China's basket and have enjoyed wonderful profits over the last seven-and-a-half-years.

From the looks of global transits - those good years may have already come to an end. And, if this is the case, as I believe it to be, then it does not bode well for the global economy into this new decade.

In the U.S., the unofficial unemployment rate is near 26% with official rates listed at over 10 percent. These numbers continue to show that reality is not being faced by the generation that has been the establishment since 1993.

See -

See -

For instance, in early January 2010, it was reported that 8,000 people lost their jobs in the month of December 2009, but it was revealed that this number actually is over 85,000 people who lost their jobs in that month.

Politico's Mike Allen reports in January 2010 that: “Christina Romer, chairwoman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said Sunday that President Barack Obama was ‘subdued’ and ‘disappointed’ upon learning of Friday’s jobless number and said the administration favors further government action.

‘The sense that we need to do more is overwhelming,’ Romer told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s ‘This Week.’ ‘We know there are things that have been working in the Recovery Act that are expiring, like some of the provisions for longer unemployment benefits.

"Some of the state fiscal relief — I think that’s going to be critically important to making sure we keep making progress.’ … Asked about earlier administration estimates that job growth would begin by spring, Romer replied: ‘I think that’s still a very realistic estimate.’” Romer on CNN’s “State of the Union” called Wall Street bonuses “ridiculous” and “offensive.”

So what exactly is going on here?

"The theme for 2009 - well put by Chris Martenson - was extend and pretend," says author James Howard Kunstler. "To use all the complex trickery that can be marshaled in the finance tool bag to keep up the appearance of a revolving debt economy that produces profits, interest, and dividends, in spite of the fact that debt is not being serviced, i.e. repaid."

There is an awful lot in the machinations of Wall Street and Washington that is designed deliberately to be as incomprehensible as possible to even educated people, but this part is really simple: if money is created out of lending, then the failure to pay back loaned money with interest kills the system. That is the situation we are in.

"The inertia displayed by our system - especially its manifest ability to keep stock markets levitating in the absence of value creation - is strictly a function of its size and complexity. It is running on fumes. I thought it would finally crash and burn in 2009," Kunstler says.

"The Dow Jones industrial average certainly fell on its ass last March, bottoming in the mid-6000 range. But then it picked its sorry ass off the ground and rallied back up again thanks to bail-outs and ZIRPs and really no other place to look for returns on the accumulated wealth of the past two hundred years, especially for large institutions like pension funds that need income to function. I'd called for a Dow at 4000. A lot of readers ridiculed that call. Was it really that far off?"

The sharp drop in the labor force is not merely an indicator of the real unemployment rate. It is a confirmation of the mounting hopelessness in vast stretches of the United States," says John Nichols of the Nation magazine.

Nichols points out that regions of the U.S., "particularly in California, southern New England, the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes States, where communities are being devastated by a federal auto-industry "bailout" that continues to encourage car makers to shutter factories in U.S. cities and to relocate production to Mexico and China."

Banks, run by a generational establishment that is out of control continues to rub salt deep into the wounds of the American public - giving themselves huge bonuses after their banks and financial institutions were bailed out by the American people.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that has been established to investigate the causes of the Banking crisis is not expected to have much impact as they begin their meetings in January 2010, but its chairman hints that he will be very keen on making waves.

Phil Angelides, a former California treasurer who is the commission's chairman, told the media last year that he has been active leading what he calls "a tough investigative staff" and "will not allow the proceedings to devolve into a typical blue-ribbon Beltway exercise in toothless bloviation."

The New York Times reports that, "More daunting still is the inquiry’s duty to reach into high places in the public sector as well as the private. The mystery of exactly what happened as TARP fell into place in the fateful fall of 2008 thickens by the day — especially the behind-closed-door machinations surrounding the government rescue of A.I.G. and its counter parties.

"Last week, a Republican congressman, Darrell Issa of California, released emails showing that officials at the New York Fed, then led by Timothy Geithner, pressured A.I.G. to delay disclosing to the S.E.C. and the public the details on the billions of bailout dollars it was funneling to its trading partners.

"In this backdoor rescue, taxpayers unknowingly awarded banks like Goldman 100 cents on the dollar for their bets on mortgage-backed securities."

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich says, "The five largest remaining banks are today larger, their executives and traders richer, their strategies of placing large bets with other people's money no less bold than before the meltdown. The possibility of new regulations emanating from Congress has barely inhibited the Street's exuberance."

"But if Wall Street is back on top," says Reich, "the everyday lives of large numbers of Americans continue to be subject to overwhelming trauma, chaos and disruption."

That trauma continues into early 2010. Bankruptcy filings for the first nine months of 2009 were recorded to be up to 35 percent to 1,100,035 against the same period in 2008.

It has been estimated that the number of business bankruptcies during the first three quarters of 2009 eclipsed all of 2008 with individual consumer filings that totaled 373,308 during the third quarter of 2009 - up 33 percent versus the same period of 2008.

Nearly every economist says that mortgage and credit problems are worse in 2009 than in 2008 with a million new foreclosures during the third quarter of 2009, which is five-percent more than the second quarter, and 23 percent more than during the third quarter of 2008.

Foreclosures are not waning. Mortgage delinquencies with borrowers who are 60-90 days overdue increased for the 11th quarter in a row - a record - and reached a national average of 6.25 percent in the third quarter of 2009.

Delinquencies always precede foreclosures, and, compared to 2008, all mortgage borrower delinquencies are up 58 percent. This is happening while banks sit on properties acquired to avoid selling them back into the market and needing to book the losses.

The most stressed counties in America:

See -

The effect of the global banking crisis has led to billionaires losing everything, with some committing suicide after the banking crisis reached its height early in 2009:

See -

With so much wealth being destroyed by the likes of Wall Street, Citibank, Bank of America, AIG and other major financial institutions - Americans are only just now discovering that it may be a long time before the American economy recovers.

What Now?

The transits of 2010 show that when the winter season in the northern hemisphere comes to an end that millions of people who have suffered as a result of the gambles of Wall Street and the big banks and investment houses are about to revolt.

The Cardinal Crisis transits of summer 2010 continue to concern me as they reflect strong anger that has been pent up over 2008 and 2009 exploding onto the national scenes of many countries.

I expect a second drop in the economy that will be called the "second dip" that will arrive by the spring of 2010, and that will feature a "W" drop that is the perfect storm of tight credit by banks, high employment, sinking home values, and anemic contraction of the business sector worldwide.

I forecasted this last year amid talk that the first economic stimulus would be enough to counter the crushing 2009 economic numbers. I now believe the Obama Administration is quietly preparing a second and a potential third stimulus package to stave off what clearly is a economic crisis that does not want to go away.

It has become very difficult for people to pay bills, rents, and their mortgages if they do not have jobs, and, for the year 2010, the business contraction, in my estimation, will not only continue, but deepen according to my astrological calculations.

People feel poorer, and economists expect that personal wealth will continue their decline in 2010. I expect home prices to depress even more, further exacerbated by a wave of nearly 7 millions homes expected to go into foreclosure over the next 18 months.

This means U.S. foreclosure rates will be well above historical norms into the middle of this new decade considering the huge inventories on the market. This is the perfect storm that has struck residential and commercial real estate, and the effects will be long lasting.

People are asking why housing prices continue to rise in the current climate when it is obvious there is overcapacity everywhere? The answer is that many Baby Boomer owners who are underwater on their mortgages need to sell out at higher prices to come out even, much less to make a profit and downsize themselves.

However, there are few buyers, and those who are looking to buy see the market in early 2010 and continue to sit on the sidelines.

Economists continue to say that housing stocks will continue to perform poorly in 2010, and, in my astrological calculations, this means that a very long recovery is ahead for the residential and commercial real estate markets that will not see substantial growth until about the year 2019.

The jobless recovery is a feature of a generation that is not only afraid of retirement, but that has been blind to the facts of life - which is aging. There is simply no way the Baby Boomer generation can continue to hold down the majority of younger workers by shedding millions of jobs which are needed for the country to recover.

I continue to urge that the retirement age be lowered to 55-57 years old, so Boomers who feel that they will lose their health insurance coverage if they retire can then do so, and allow younger generations to re-enter the jobs market to get the country out of the current economic depression.

The lack of jobs for those 50 years and younger is one of the reasons why wages remain stagnant, and why workers who do have jobs continue to be highly stressed - asked to do more with less, while the national spending rate continues to fall because people are afraid to spend the money that they do have excepting the basics.

According to my estimation, the true unemployment rate is about 26% - a shocking number which reflects the anger that is building and which will cause a major rebellion of citizens who have had enough with their lives being destroyed.

What is now becoming more noticeable throughout the U.S., and much of the world, is that people have become more frugal - pinching pennies. Even those considered wealthy have cut back on spending, and the American economy - 70% of it - depends on consumers who spend. That is not happening.

It is also estimated that at the end of calendar year 2009 there was a $4 trillion dollar pullback on credit lines by banks! This is a sure sign of economic depression.

Individuals and businesses say the current credit standards set by banks are impossibly high and choke off any kind of recovery whatsoever. The great majority of Americans - meaning nearly everyone - cannot borrow money in this climate, and this situation alone shows that the economy will not recover until it changes.

Anger, Fear & Challenges

Americans are very angry going into winter 2010, and this anger and fear of the future will most likely build into feelings of revenge against those considered to be the enemy, and if one reads who Americans believe this to be - it is the Banks.

Some people, like Howard Davidowitz, the building anger comes from these facts:

  • An $8 trillion negative wealth effect from declining home values.
  • A $10 trillion negative wealth effect from weakened capital markets.
  • A $14 trillion consumer debt load amid "exploding unemployment,"leading to "exploding bankruptcies.
"The average American used to be able to borrow to buy a home, send their kids to a good school [and] buy a car," Davidowitz says. "A lot of that is gone."

See -

There is no doubt - all of this was started by the banks and it will end with the blood on the streets if the current depressed economic atmosphere is allowed to continue unabated.

See -

People ask - Why do my aspirations have to come down? Why is there a need to throw people out of their mortgaged homes and allow families to live in camping sites and in their parked cars?

Why is it necessary to deny businesses the fund they need to operate so they can hire workers?

Why is it necessary for Baby Boomers to take the jobs of college students and teenagers?

"2009 was the Year of the Zombie," says James Kunstler. "The system for capital formation and allocation basically died, but there was no funeral."

Kunstler says that "a great national voodoo spell has kept the banks and related entities like Fannie Mae and the dead insurance giant AIG lurching around the graveyard with arms outstretched and yellowed eyes bugged out - howling for fresh infusions of blood... er, bailout cash, which is delivered in truckloads by the Federal Reserve, which, is itself a zombie in the sense that it is probably insolvent."

"The government and the banks (including the Fed) have been playing very complicated games with each other, and the public, trying to pretend that they can all still function, shifting and shuffling losses, cooking their books, hiding losses, and doing everything possible to detach the relation of 'money' to the reality of productive activity."

People have had
enough, and it is obvious that the world transits of 2010 feature a major transition from one generation, whose "angst" has caused what can only be called the Economic Depression of the 21st century, to a new generation, whose hands will be full working to clean up nearly 20 years of corruption and financial mismanagement that has drained trillions of dollars in resources from younger generations.

"But nothing has been fixed," Kunstler says. "Not even a little. Nothing has been enforced. No one has been held responsible for massive fraud. The underlying reality is that we are a much less affluent society than we pretend to be, or, to put it bluntly, that we are functionally bankrupt at every level: household, corporate enterprise, and government (all levels of that, too.)"

Does he really believe this?

"The difference between appearance and reality can be easily seen in the everyday facts of American economic life," Kunstler says.

"Soaring federal deficits, real unemployment above 15 percent, steeply falling tax revenues, massive state budget crises, continuing high rates of mortgage defaults and foreclosures, business and personal bankruptcies galore, cratering commercial real estate, dying retail, crumbling infrastructure, dwindling trade, runaway medical expense, soaring food stamp applications..."

While all this was going down the major stock indices rallied, Kunstler points out. "What's not clear is whether money is actually going somewhere or only the idea of money is appearing to go somewhere.

"After all, if a company like Goldman Sachs can borrow gigantic sums of money from the Federal Reserve at zero interest, why would it not shovel that money into the burning furnace of a fake stock market rally? Of course, none of this behavior has anything to do with productive activity."

Kunstler says he believes that a strong tone of 2009 that was easily overlooked is what a generally placid year it was around the world.

"Apart from the election uproar in Iran, there were few events of any size or potency to shove all the various wobbly things - central banks, markets, governments, etc - into failure mode. So things just kept wobbling. I don't think that state of affairs is likely to continue. With that, on to the particulars."

World Transits of 2010

For years now, my contention about the year 2010 and the new decade we have now begun was how unwilling the current generational establishment has been to adapt to change and leave the ideologies of the late 20th century behind during their time in power since the early 1990s.

Choices and decisions which could have easily been made and acted on for pennies on the dollar over the last two decades were cast aside in favor of rampant ideological warfare, widespread corruption, greed, personal satisfaction and generational careerism while the real world demanded vision and leadership.

Now it teeters on the edge of rebellion. Some may ask, "perhaps this is what they wanted all along?

What the world transits of 2010 show is a major transition year that will determine, in large part, what the overall tone and tenor of this new decade will be all about. From my astrological calculations of mundane transits, the news is not good if many things do not change for the positive.

The main problem is that the old ideologies have simply outworn their usefulness. These ideologies and the ideologues who promote them - from the economic to the youth to religious to the climate to political wars that has defined the behavior current establishment - must go the way of the dinosaur if the world is to progress into this new century without all the baggage that has been holding it back.

Global transits show that the spring, summer and autumn months in the northern hemisphere will be strong in 2010 - particularly, the summer and fall months of the Cardinal Crisis transits.

During the months of July, August, and September 2010, we see a series of world transits that show that 2010 will indeed be a year of major changes and transitions:

The economic numbers of December 2009 will feature more bad news about expected poor holiday sales along with sad news featuring public stress as the unemployment rate continues to rise.

The month of December ends with Mercury and Mars retrograde, and the quiet month of January 2010 ends with the second Saturn/Pluto square re-emerging after Saturn's retrograde in tropical Libra on January 13th.

will re-enter tropical Virgo by April 7, 2010, and will conduct its last transit in this sign before re-entering tropical Libra on July 21, 2010.

Still, the months of January, February and March 2010 offer people the ability to make changes to be able to withstand the coming tense transits of Spring 2010, and the onslaught of the Cardinal Crisis transits of Summer 2010.

This can be done by making small and medium adjustments that help to get one into the years 2011 and beyond, when the lives of tens of millions of people will be changed forever from the corrupt economic years of 1999-2009 when wages stagnated.

What makes the period between spring and summer 2010 so important is the ongoing influences from Saturn's transit in Virgo and opposed to
Uranus in tropical Pisces, which began in November 2008.
  • The fourth Saturn/Uranus opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis arrives on April 26, 2010 and the fifth, and last, exact opposition by July 26, 2010. This fourth and fifth Saturn/Uranus opposition features intense ideological battles between people, and within organizations - between old, staid, and unyielding forces to new, fresh, and unique forces reflecting the generational change that is now underway worldwide.
  • The Saturn/Uranus opposition features strong, and inconsistent attitudes from those who seek personal freedom at all costs against responsibility. This is the "old" against the "new" where relationships that are needed for personal security is threatened by the inconsistent attitudes and behaviors of the old. This includes new and old ways of doing things.
  • The opposition reaches across the personal and professional, and is particularly seen operating within established institutions - where established figures will be under great pressure to retire because of poor decisions, corruption, and bad management that has defined their tenures, while new figures prepare to discover just how much of a mess has been hidden from plain view as they enter as the new establishment.
By the end of 2010, the Saturn/Uranus opposition wanes with Saturn's ingress into tropical Libra. However, we will see the first sight of the first Jupiter/Saturn opposition since 1990-91 that builds by May 22-23, 2010, then followed by Saturn's station to direct motion May 30th, which is also followed by a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on June 8, 2010.

Jupiter & Saturn are always Business planets in mundane astrology and both planets will be in opposition relative to the Earth for 2.5 years from 2010 to 2012. This reveals that polarization will persist in the business and corporate sectors over the next several years until the old establishment that caused the mess is removed from positions of power so a true recovery can actually begin.

World transits of spring 2010 into early summer 2010 are quite powerful. There are increasing economic, social and political protests in the cities as people, now into their second and third years without jobs, and with the economy still reeling from the collapse of residential and commercial real estate - have clearly had enough.

It is important to clear schedules for spring & summer 2010 because the global energies will simply be too strong for some people to handle. The influences of the Cardinal Crisis transits show many people will want action immediately, and, because of the length and depth of the Banking Crisis, emotions are sometimes strong, and hard to contain.

second half of 2010 contains some of the most powerful world transits witnessed in some time and indicates a need to restrain from emotional outbursts and gathering in large groups, though this will not stop many from doing just that.

I advise those reading this to prepare in advance for the powerful time next year - as 2010 will go down as one of the historic years of the early 21st century. The economies of many countries will crash, and some governments will fall leading to a decade of revolutionary sentiment in many regions of the world.

Planetary Transits of April - September 2010

  • April 6-7 - Pluto stations retrograde at 5-Capricorn
  • April 7, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Virgo
  • April 26, 2010 - Saturn opposes Uranus (4th opposition)
  • May 23, 2010 - Jupiter opposes Saturn (first time since 1990-91)
  • May 27-28, 2010 - Uranus enters tropical Aries
  • May 30th, 2010 - Saturn stations direct motion
  • June 5-6, 2010 - Jupiter enters tropical Aries
  • June 6-7, 2010 - Mars enters tropical Virgo
  • June 8, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus
  • July 5, 2010 - Uranus stations retrograde at 0-Aries
  • July 8, 2010 - Jupiter turns North in declination
  • July 11, 2010 - New Moon total eclipse at 19-Cancer (not seen in N. America)
  • July 21, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Libra for good
  • July 23, 2010 - Jupiter stations retrograde
  • July 25, 2010 - Jupiter Squares Pluto
  • July 26, 2010 - Fifth Saturn/Uranus opposition
  • July 31, 2010 - Mars & Jupiter turn S in Declination
  • August 3, 2010 - Jupiter, retrograde, Squares Pluto again
  • August 6, 2010 - Venus turns South in Declination
  • August 13-14, 2010 - Uranus re-enters tropical Pisces
  • August 16, 2010 - Jupiter Opposes Saturn
  • August 20, 2010 - Mercury retrogrades in Virgo
  • August 21, 2010 - Saturn Squares Pluto
  • September 8, 2010 - Saturn turns South in declination
  • September 8, 2010 - New Moon at 15-Virgo
  • September 8, 2010 - Venus enters Scorpio
  • September 8-9, 2010 - Jupiter re-enters tropical Pisces
  • September 12, 2010 - Mercury stations direct
  • September 14, 2010 - Pluto stations direct
  • September 14, 2010 - Mars enters Scorpio
  • September 19, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Pisces
  • October 8, 2010 - Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio
The transits of summer to early autumn 2010 is a time of powerful cardinal energies. Emotions run high as populations demand immediate answers to their problems that stem from the Bank Crisis.

Generational Shift

I have advised my clients to expect 2010, as well as the entire decade of the 2010s, as major years of change in their lives. Those who will be successful will be individuals and groups who are creative, energized and see the economic crisis as an opportunity to forge a new vision for the early 21st century - unfettered by the constraints of the ideologies of the late 20th century.

Most generations last as the establishment for 17-18 years, after which they become senior citizens. The Baby Boomers entered power in 1992-93 and now, by the year 2010, they are at the end of their time as the establishment.

The year of 2010 will therefore feature major transition shifts from one generation to another with the backdrop of economic crisis that forces old interest groups into retirement and new groups into positions of leadership.

It will be impossible for the United States to emerge out of economic crisis unless the 19% of all Baby Boomers who continue to run companies, banks, organizations, schools, and other institutions into the ground are forced out.

The generational "angst" of Baby Boomers has been like a dark cloud sitting over the world for far too long, and this "angst" is responsible for the banking crisis, and the resulting pain and hardships that have been ongoing since 2007 and that continues into 2010.

Though a few people are willing to discuss it openly, it nonetheless must be said that the Baby Boomer generation that has been the establishment since the early 1990s have failed the country, and, as a result, are now being seen as the generation responsible for the wars, debts, and economic crisis revolving around the world.

Many Baby Boomers remain in denial about their retirements. However, according to the transits, this will happen nonetheless in 2010, as workers who are in the 60s and early 70s cannot fuel massive economy growth because senior citizens are not spenders, but

We can already observe that the savings rate of Baby Boomers is rising, but, it will not be enough to account for what is needed for retirement years.

The fact remains that the generation of Baby Boomers, who have been the establishment since 1993 have led the U.S., and the world, into an economic crisis the likes not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

"This generation cannot continue to remain in power because they were the ones who started the crisis," said a 40-something woman. "They will not lead the world out of it - but are leading it ever deeper into it."

It is essential that Baby Boomers who have worked for 30+ years to prepare for retirement without the fantasy of "eternal youth" that this generation has been deluded into believing for most of their lives.

Many Boomers must to come to terms with the fact that they are now senior citizens, but it will be impossible to recover decades of financial losses in 3-4 years. It simply will not happen.

After decades of believing that their youth would last forever, some Boomers are turning to the excuse of "ageism" as they seek for jobs that are usually maintained for younger workers. This mental denialism about the facts of life - which is aging - will not provide any comfort to Boomers who have not prepared for retirement; yet who had decades in which to do so.

Most Baby Boomers who have lost substantial equity strength in their portfolios because of the Banking Crisis of 2007-2010 will simply have to find other ways to prepare for their retirements that have been delayed because of a myth that they will be young forever.

The only way for Baby Boomers to make progress into the 2010s will be to accept the truth of what has happened to their savings, and to prepare for retirement in this new decade by going smaller, rather than the usual "big is better" that defined the Boomer generation in the 1990s and 2000s.

According to the world transits, tens of millions of Baby Boomers will be forced into retirements, like it or not. Moreover, the public sentiment, especially among younger generations, is not positive on the Boomers as a generation.

See ~

Those Boomers who realize this anger at their generation, and who accept it, will do better with younger generations than those Boomers who do not accept the realities of what has happened to their savings and the perspective on their generation by the new generation now coming into power.

The strength of the American economy to recover depends on the ability of the new generational establishment to spark this recovery with massive hiring and new energy that has a vision for the 21st century.

Last year, I forecasted that the Obama Administration would have to initiate a
second large stimulus package in 2010 that seeks to get the economy back on a healthy track by the year 2011.

Now, in January 2010, we hear this:

See -

People will hear more talk of it this year. Without the second economic stimulus, the U.S. economy will continue to fall deeper into depression, and the anger of the American public will reach new, and frightening heights in the early 2010s.

However, it is the
young - those 50 and younger, who spend, and in order for the American economy to save itself - it needs younger workers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders who are energized and above all - working - to not only revive the American economy - but to save it.

The challenges, choices and changes will be daunting. As one generation ages, and leaves power after 18 years as the establishment with a record so poor in managing the economy that the world has been brought to the brink of collapse, it will not be easy for the newcomers - Generation X - to know just where to start.

"Anywhere," said a 47-year-old executive who says he has had enough of the poor leadership of Baby Boomers. "There's so much work to do that it boggles the mind."

The year 2010 is that year when it all begins, and this new decade, according to world transits, shows us that as a new generation comes into being as the establishment, they will have to deal with the realities of the mess that was left for the world to clean up while also preparing a new vision for the second and third decades of the 21st century.

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