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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cardinal Climax: Times Are Changing

The Cardinal Climax Transits
Times Are Changing... Bet On It

As July 2009 soon becomes August 2009, we can expect ever more changes due to the deepest and most profound economic crisis in 80 years. For those who are not as informed about astrological cycles, see my early articles on this blog below about the coming global Cardinal Climax Transits of 2010.

The societal changes that we are witnessing as a result of the wild speculation and incredible levels of financial leveraging throughout the world's financial systems will continue to lead into radical changes throughout global society. This is a given.

Although there continues to be a sense among some politicians, economists, and Wall Street players that the "worst is behind us" - I continue to sadly have to report and maintain that global transits clearly show that the worst is still ahead.

The most difficult years for many people who took part in obtaining high levels of debt, while consuming and spending more than they actually had will cause many millions of people much pain and suffering during the next decade. One prime reason has been that high housing prices, and the leveraging of mortgage-backed derivatives - has caused the Crash of 2008.

And it will take many years to recover from this crash due to the negative consequences that are being seen in rising double-digit unemployment in many American states, and throughout the world.

The Cardinal Climax Transits that peak during the summer and autumn of 2010 is nearing, and the year 2009 will eventually be seen as more opportunities lost by allowing the same players who helped to cause the economic collapse continue to remain in many of their former positions.

While firing most of their staffs who were told what to do, and when to it, by high-earning bosses who have racked in tens of millions of dollars while their firms have collapsed, and in many cases disappeared forever - these very same people continue to run major banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, and continue to sit on corporate boards - the same boards that approved the leveraging of economies of scale in order to bring in short-term profits at the expense of long-term risks.

All this will change next year. There is no doubt. What is happening this year, in 2009, is the influence of the deceiving conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in tropical Aquarius. Ruling the Mundane 11th House of Organizations, we see many firms continuing to attempt to downplay the effects of the Crash of 2008 while also attempting to rake in ever more profits at the expense of whole nations and their populations.

The deception is holding, but will not last after January 2010, when it will become apparent to all that those responsible for the collapse of the economic system must move, or be removed due to the total incompetence of their actions.

By next year, we will begin to see just how bad things are economically, and it will reveal a need to perform a complete overhaul of how business is done in the 21st century. However, before this clean-up must occur, those who have led the country, and the world down this long, dark path, must be removed from their positions of power so the clean-up can begin in earnest.


Gettin' Around said...

Good stuff. Thank you.

I was noticing that Jupiter makes an exact conjunction to Chiron this upcoming Tuesday. I am curious as to what effect you see this configuration amidst the waning (for now, at least) conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune. My sense is that Chiron will add a dose of reality into the mood. What do you think?

Theodore White said...

Actually, the opposite. There is a sense of disillusionment with the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in tropical Aquarius. The signs for next year are not too positive, as we will see concerning the global economic crisis and the influences 2010's Cardinal Climax transits will have on the world.