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Saturday, September 5, 2009

General Transits: September/October 2009

Taking Care With Transits In Autumn 2009:
September/October 2009

By Theodore White; judicial astrologer
4 September 2009

As the Labor Day Weekend kicks off in the nation many people are coming to the realization that 2009 is waning down. Next week, as the country's students head back to school, the end of the summer season will take place under a Mercury retrograde which begins at 12:44:51 a.m., EDT on Monday, Sept. 7th which lasts to Sept. 29th.

The retrograde is at 6-Libra, which sees Mercury re-enter tropical Virgo Sept. 17/18 at the start of a powerful New Moon on Sept. 18 at 25-Virgo.

Mercury will station direct on September 29th but will be slow moving through the first 10 days of October. The effect will be that although things will have "appeared" to return to normal, that in fact, people continue to struggle with getting their traditional fall projects off to a good start. Therefore, use the end of the month of September and the first 17 days of October to clear out the old and prepare for the new by mid-October.

The new moon phase of Sept. 18th occurs at the degree where transiting Saturn in Virgo is by mid-September, coming three days after another exact opposition between Saturn and Uranus in tropical Pisces on Sept. 15th. These transits are unfavorable and feature a time of delays, frustrations, and mounting emotional stresses. It is not a time to push others, but to wait, and to be patient for the more favorable transits of mid-to-late October.

With summer winding down in the northern hemisphere, and, as we approach the autumnal equinox with the Sun entering tropical Libra Sept. 22nd, it is advised to take care through the fall season in handling personal and professional matters of all kinds because of the transits of September and the first 17 days of October 2009.

During the summer, those keen on emotions may have noticed some hard feelings being expressed generally, and among loved ones. The overall transit climate includes the transit of Juno in Pisces and early Aries, close to the fixed star Scheat at 29-Pisces.

Break-ups, separations, and emotional stress are associated with this transit of Juno to Scheat. On Aug. 9-10, Juno stationed retrograde at 4-Aries, and at this time in September is returning to conjoin Scheat when Juno re-enters Pisces on September 15th.

This is a good time for women especially to reassess themselves and their relationships during the autumn season. Watch what you say because the emotional impact may have consequences that you are not yet prepared to handle under the transit climate of these autumn months.

Juno is also moving towards a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, now in the Fourth House in most world locations. This has the influence of expressions of cold feelings which can be explosive. It is not an easy time for long-term relationships, marriages, and family expressions of passion in September.

The New Moon Sept. 18th at 25-Virgo occurs at the same degree where Saturn is now transiting in Virgo. This period until the new moon of Oct. 18th may be a stressful one and there needs to be much patience and understanding to ward off the snappiness and frustrations that many people will be feeling at this time.

On Tuesday, September 8th, there is a tense return to the end of summer as the Moon, entering 0-Taurus, squares the transiting Lunar Nodes. The Moon, still in third quarter phase, is emotional, and the pressures of the traditional end of summer along with the unemployment concerns has people on edge.

Two days later, on Thursday, September 10th, the Moon squares Jupiter/Chiron/ Neptune in Aquarius. Then, on Saturday, Sept. 12, the start of the Last Quarter phase in Gemini sees the Moon moving into an opposition to Pluto and a conjunction with Mars in Cancer into Sunday, Sept. 13. That weekend is not a weekend to party, or to engage in debates and heated discussions. The energies are just too touchy.

By Tuesday, Sept. 15, Saturn and Uranus perform another exact opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis. This heightens the emotional tension everywhere. With Mercury now in Virgo, and retrograde, and as Venus enters Virgo on September 20th - the finickiness and frustrations increases to stronger levels in mid-September.

There are delays, technical problems, people missing appointments, cancellations, parents have issues with back to school complaints; there's simply too much paperwork, lost documentation, unemployment benefits running out soon, and a general sense that the daily world just is not working well enough on a basic level to get much accomplished. Common sense seems to be at a premium with some people.

There will be poor attention to customer service at stores featuring long waits for service. You'll see employees avoiding customers, or, taking too much of the customer's time by making the customer wait. Expect technological mishaps, delays, and breakdowns generally.

Those who expected all this will do better than those who have not. The Mercury retrograde plays a large role in all of the problems in day-to-day communications, but this is made more widespread by the influences of the outer planets - particularly the Saturn/Uranus opposition.

Advice & Tips

  • Use Sept. 7th to Oct. 18th to clear out the old, prepare for winter
  • Watch for spoiled food stocks - grains & particularly beef, chicken, pork
  • Re-schedule important matters until mid-October if possible
  • Pre-act when going out - expect the most basic chores to take longer than normal
  • Expect technological glitches, car problems, appliance problems
  • Be Patient, but remind employees of their duty to quality customer service
  • Expect some people to be in a fog, unclear about their responsibilities
  • Watch for distracted drivers; especially those on cellphones
The energies from September 8, 2009 to October 18, 2009 are quite strong. It is advised to take it easy during this cycle and not become involved in emotional expressions, squabbles, petty arguments, or, to make major decisions unless one absolutely has to.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, has effect on the nervous system, so people can be particularly picky, nervous, uptight, and try to create mountains out of molehills. Because Saturn has inhabited this Zodiacal sign since 2007 - the energies are quite strong since Saturn also has been in opposition to Uranus since late 2008 and their next exact opposition come in mid-September.

During this time from early September to mid-October, it is best to clean out any old outstanding issues as best one can while also planning for the second half of October, all of November, and December 2009.

Many people who have set dates and/or deadlines during the Mercury retrograde are mainly ignorant of transits. This is the curse of those who do know and take transit seriously. We have to deal with others who have not a clue, and who set times and dates in the dark.

Therefore, those who are aware of transits will have to take the lead in gaining extensions on important matters until after the New Moon of October 18th. Be creative and indirect, since talking about astrological transits with those not in the know can be like trying to engage your dining room table in a a discussion.

For women, one of the most intense emotional times of early autumn will be from October 9-17 when transiting Venus will make a series of transits to Uranus (opposition) ; conjunction (Saturn) and square (Pluto) before finally coming into the clear after October 18 when Venus moves out of orb of its square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Look on this time in October as the "emotional" darkness before the light. Venus' opposition to Uranus, it's conjunction to Saturn, and its square to Pluto focus on relationships, communications, and sudden, intense emotions. You may notice that friends will be having relationship issues brought on suddenly (Uranus) when then signal an ending (Saturn) and translate into transformative emotions (Pluto.)

October 9-17 is not the best time to make important decisions as Venus' aspects to these outer planets feature transpersonal issues affected by large-scale forces that have not been determined by individuals, but, rather, by groups of individuals in positions of power.

Some of the issues will be connected to the economic crisis; high unemployment, and crowded living conditions caused by the economic climate. There are several generations of families now living under one roof, and as summer has come to an end the newness of having numerous people in one household is wearing thin - particularly for women.

Venus enters Libra on October 14, but will do so during a last quarter lunar cycle, and, conduct a square to Pluto in Capricorn that will last until October 18th. These four days may feature cold feelings to and from others with some breakdowns in personal relationships. This is not the time to act on immediate emotions, as many judgments made will be poor under the Venus/Pluto square.

It is also a time (Oct. 9-17) to guard personal possessions from theft. Mercury, now in Libra at this time, will have squared Pluto on October 11-12. Under Mercury/Pluto and Venus/Pluto squares, I have noticed that there is often a spike in crime and thefts; so being extra careful with one's possessions in late September through to mid-October especially is advised.

Make sure locks work, and take valuables out of cars while also knowing when to pull the shades down on windows during this time. Generally, in summer season, people are more lax, and this will extend into early-to-mid October under these transits.

At that time from Oct. 14-18, transiting Mars will be moving through the last degrees of tropical Cancer, and will reach the anaretic 29th degree of Cancer between Oct. 15-17. This influences emotional and physical fights within relationships and heightens the strength of the Venus/Pluto square.

Avoid discussions on relationships, making unruly demands of others, particularly males, and allow these unfavorable transits to pass by until the general transit climate clears after October 18th. It will go a long way toward keeping the peace until favorable transits arrive after mid-October.

See the time between October 9-17 as being a time to put off important matters and not take part in relationship issues. Wait until after mid-October, when Venus in Libra will make positive aspects to Jupiter as energies will be more favorable to attend to personal and relationships.

The New Moon of October 18th at 24-Libra, holds promise it makes strong air trines to Jupiter/Chiron/ Neptune in Aquarius, which is also moving into the Fourth House of most geographic locations in sunrise charts. Energies lighten up considerably and allow for positive movement forward with projects and plans for the future.

Venus will be in strong air trine to Jupiter in mid-October - this is a big help for society in general and women in particular. Jupiter will have stationed direct on Oct. 12-13 at 17-Aquarius and will remain direct until another retrograde, this time in early Aries, on July 23, 2010. Jupiter's motion will be slow in October until it picks up speed in mid-November. This is an additional help for those looking to break free of the restrictions of 2008 and most of 2009.

By the time of the positive October 18th New Moon in Libra, the favorable energies will allow most people to begin to make significant gradual progress deep into the fall season after the delays & frustrations of September and early October.

The transits for mid-to-late October offer those who have had to deal with the previous frustrations of September and the first 17 days of October the opportunity to catch-up on lost time. It is a good time to shop, looking for bargains, new job opportunities, and to make the most out of the second half of October. Relationships will seem easier to take part in as Venus transits deeper into tropical Libra.

Libra is the only zodiacal Sign that is not symbolized as an animal or human. This constellation acts more on ideas, concepts of beauty, of what is esthetically right or wrong, and seeks social correctness and peaceful relationships. Many of the problems of this summer and fall season can be corrected with Venus in Libra - after it separates from its square to Pluto in Capricorn - not before.

This will occur after October 18th when the building air trines from Venus in Libra to the stellium in Aquarius brings on a much improved social climate. There is a much more generous outlook at this time in mid-to-late October.

Social activities are strongly highlighted. Pay more attention to fashion - how you dress and present yourself to others. Soft shades of lavenders, blues, white, pink, soft copper tones, and soft yellows combined with black can be worn to attract a useful magnetic quality during this time.

The Social season begins with Libra, is concentrated in Scorpio, and releases through Sagittarius, so by the October 18th New Moon, it is a very good time to seriously start activating your social calendar with engagements, fund-raising and educational opportunities.

Building social networks is also advised at this time in October as personal relationships can be strengthened due to the air trines. The climate at this time during the second half of October is much more positive and features the ability to make progress in many personal and professional areas.

One can now talk more openly about issues within relationships, seeking to either repair them, or, to move on if relationships have outworn their usefulness. These opportunities are especially good for women who can use the trines to get a lot of tasks accomplished with relative ease.

The position of the Aquarius stellium in the Fourth Mundane House of general transits sees clear, dry, crisp, autumn weather influenced by Jupiter's position where a lot of work can be done before the wind and rains of November arrive. Use this time in October as best as you can to achieve maximum success.

Be mindful that on the early morning of November 1st that we will return to standard time and it will get dark after 4:15 p.m. in the afternoons. The return to standard time has an immediate effect on people's moods, and the roads can be dangerous during the month of November as the sun sets before 5 p.m. Remind your children to look both ways before crossing the streets, and be observant of drivers on the road who are not used to driving in the dark so early in the day.

The second half of October 2009 is better than the first half, and, after the Oct. 18 New Moon, there are opportunities galore to make up for the lost time since the end of Labor Day in September.

Until that time in mid-October, take it easy, plan for the new, clear out the old, and expect delays, frustrations, snippy people, missed appointments, etc., to mount due to the ignorance of the transits by most people.

Enjoy Your Holiday!
Theodore White


Anonymous said...

nice article , like to ask you more about what will happen in stock market (dow jones) when we will pass from this bad time from 9th september 2009.

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Thanks for the great article, full of useful information.

cheers, Janet from chilly Minneapolis

Shannon Lyn said...

This really helped me, very clear, great article... looking forward to future articles.

Anonymous said...

A friend told me there was something going on int the stars and now I believe him. In the past 2 weeks my laptop crashed, my water heater exploded, my camera and GPS died, and then I wrecked my car this weekend.

Yeah...I'd say there's definitely something going on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Lately I've been feeling very negative, and I've noticed people around me doing the same. It's always great to hear that it's not personal. I really needed to read this today.

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ive wondered why everyone latley was snappie and how me and my boyfriend have been very frustrated with each other, i thought it must have had something to do with the planets beause i noticed that it wasnt just me. thank you so much i had thought my entire birthady would be this way but now i have only 3 more days of this, thank you!!! =) xoxo amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog. Very nice detail. I follow astrology pretty closely, and this write-up you did is a good one. What you say has proven to be true thus far. I'm looking forward to the New Moon. The tension has been somewhat unpleasant, but bearable.

Thank you. I'll keep checking back.