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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cardinal Crisis in Schools - Angry Students Versus Baby Boomers

In Mundane Astrology, there is a saying - "what goes around, comes around."

This saying fits astrology like no other simply because it is true when it comes to the revolutions of planetary bodies and the events that correlate on Earth.

In the late 1960s, a generation of Baby Boomers fed up with war, corrupt politics, and the Establishment joined the civil rights movement and started what they called a counter-culture revolution.

Now, those very same Baby Boomers who once fought as activists against the establishment of the 1960s & 1970s face the wrath they themselves once wrought nearly 42 years ago.

I have been writing on this subject for several years. I have been warning Baby Boomers to prepare for their retirements. To ease out of long-held public and private positions and not to take resources that did not belong to them.

To fully acknowledge and respect the passage of time by not treating aging as a terrible fate, but to embrace it, and to be positive.

A generation cannot go into the future with one's back turned against it.

To give way to the next generation and respect them because the change was coming.

For all this, and for being critical of the Baby Boomer generation for not doing these things, and more, while allowing the world to fall apart under their establishment, I've taken heat from those who fail to see when a mundane astrologer highlights any issue - it is always for a very good reason.

I saw it coming from afar.

We can see things coming further down the road than most people. Years and sometimes decades in advance. Some people, including astrologers, seem to be under the illusion that mundane forecasts are personal opinions.

They are not.

I've seen many things I wish I did not see, nor would wish on anyone. Astrology is predictive by nature, and deals with the real world.

Not an imagined world of niceties, for finding a date, nor of mere individualized psychological profiles or for pop-culture ramblings.

Astrology is not a game. It is a forecasting celestial science that faces the serious truths of the world as shown by the future movements and revolutions of the stars and planets relative to the Earth.

The Cardinal Crisis transits is about to explode onto the global scene in a wide variety of ways, through a multiplicity and spectrum of issues that have been wholly ignored for nearly two decades by a generation that has been the establishment since 1993.

No longer.

What I saw coming years ago has not been prepared for in the least. Rather, it has been ignored, beat back, shouted down, and attacked as "irresponsible" by some astrologers, and an entire generation of Baby Boomers whom should have known better.

That's what seers do. Mundane astrologers forecast what we know is coming. It is not our opinion. It is our expertise. That's what we astrologers are supposed to do.

What is irresponsible is to forsake astrological knowledge for opinion and personal sensibilities. That helps no one. It leads to a road that goes nowhere.

Now, it appears, my forecast is this area of generational transition, and warfare is coming true as forecasted, according to global transits, which never lie.

See -

The "me generation,' have been the establishment for nearly 18 years, and have been accused of everything from total self-indulgence, to outright waste, corruption and theft of trillions in resources.

For instance, take a peek at what is going to happen today in the United States. The subject is schools and universities. And millions of people are very pissed off.

"There needs to be some honest conversations about what's happening [in our schools]," says CNN Education Contributor Steven Perry, the founder of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut.

"The system is being fleeced by the people within."

Those people are the Baby Boomer generation.

This has been building for some time, see November 2009 -

Now, four months later, today, on March 4, 2010, the Boomer regents, administration and civil staffs are about to face the wrath of entire student populations in more than 30 American states.

Students and workers in California's state universities, including elementary and high schools, will join to protest the deepest cuts in their states history.

"We have never before witnessed this much participation and outrage about the dismal state of education on our state campuses and in our public schools," said Lillian Taiz, president of California's Faculty Association.

Her labor union represents 23,000 instructional faculty, lecturers, librarians, coaches and counselors throughout 23 campuses of California State University.

"The call for March 4th protests has hit a nerve. It's an history moment."

See interactive national map -

College students and parents across the United States have said they are fed up with how things have been run from elementary schools, to high schools, community colleges and universities.

Facing tuition and fee hikes while suffering school closures, program cuts, and large classes, students in states like California say they often have to choose between food and books.

The past year brought double-digit fee increases for California State University and University of California students. Many post-secondary students are face fewer but more crowded course sections.

Things have gotten so bad, that university students in the state of Georgia plan on wearing black armbands Thursday to symbolize what they call the "death of our education."

And it appears that death it may be because in Georgia a legislative committee proposed $300 million in cuts to the state's college system. This is on top of $100 million cut over the last two years.

That's $400 million in total cuts to date.

The problems highlighted by parents, schools and younger teachers is this: they say that senior administrators and teachers' salaries make up as much as 80 percent of a school's budget.

There are those who say that for all school programs to survive that all those high wages being paid to Baby Boomers must be based on performance and revenue instead of seniority mandates.

In Kansas City, nearly half of the schools are being closed down, see -

Meanwhile, it is reported that ever increasing amounts of young people are having to wait out the recession and their own youth, see -

One man witnessing the protests in California said, "Hey CSUS students! Blame the faculty and administration's bloated salaries, tenure system and retirement packages.

To the CSUS faculty and all the other state leaches: you just don't effing get it do you? THE STATE IS BROKE! And your compensation packages are a big reason we are in this mess."

"I just got laid off last week because my company was going under. You should have to suffer the same consequences because your company is already under.

"To the people in California who have to work for an income that relies on the profitability of their company... we need to take action NOW."

The Cardinal Crisis & Baby Boomer Generation

There are two Saturn/Uranus oppositions left to go. The fourth exact opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis takes place April 26, and will continue to feature the old against the new.

The fifth, and last opposition takes place on the Aries/Libra axis July 26 and is part of the Cardinal Crisis transits of July and August.

The mess in California boggles the mind.

But it is also a national crisis in generational values, education, management, quality, and leadership. This is signified by the global transits.

What has failed to be done in the past has now been exposed openly for all to see.

As the salaries, wages and pensions of senior Baby Boomers have skyrocketed over the years, younger staff supporting families and under 48 years of age have been laid off while suffering years of never achieving seniority status because of being shifted around the system by more senior administrators who continue to consume more of the resources.

Across the U.S., and in California, revenues have nearly collapsed in the wake of the Banking Crisis and real estate crash. Cuts in K-12 have amounted to an astronomical $18 billion in just two years - closing reams of schools with thousands of employees fired with no where to go.

For California's state universities, funds since 2008 were to the tune of nearly $1 billion. Regents and administrators responded by increasing all student fees, canceling classes, cutting student support programs and furloughing younger professors while administrators and those holding senior tenured positions received wage increases keeping positions held for nearly 30 years.

Many say they are amazed at the sheer arrogance of a generation that proclaimed that its own fight against the establishment of their time was righteous, but who want to deny younger generations they right to do the same.

"It's hypocritical," said a laid-off California teacher in her mid-40s. "Boomers just stare at you like you're from Mars or something, like they don't get it, but they get it alright, they are just too damned fat and comfortable taking what doesn't belong to them - our money and our schools. I can't afford to eat and raise my own son. I have had enough!

I continue to state that unless there is a swift turn-around created by the generational establishment that the global transits will combine to bring about a total rebellion against those Baby Boomers who are now seniors and leaving the establishment this year.

My forecasts on global transits have not changed. We are seeing just the start of what will turn out to be at least 5-7 years of crisis and challenges brought on by the lack of vision, the corruption, greed, and denial of an entire generation that will depend on the very people who they have taken from.

It's mad. If you are going to tick off any generation, then make sure it is not the generations behind you.

For these are going to be the very people who will keep the lights on, your houses warm, and make sure you are comfortable, are able to eat, who will help to heal you, and help you to survive as an elderly person.

It's common sense, right?

Well, not for a generation that believed that they would never age and remain, to this day, in denial about aging.

An entire generation that bought hook, line and sinker into the Peter Pan myth of never growing older is now about to face the hard truths of the natural world.

We all grow older. And you know what? It's okay.

I continue to stress the need for those who have been in power as the establishment to either come to terms with reality and let go so as to allow new, fresh bodies to take their places - or, those who have overstayed their welcome will be removed by the forces of global transits and the inclinations that influence people are who already very upset about the state of their lives now.

After all is said and done, the generation that has forgotten its own past, and its promises, has now doomed itself to repeat the same mistakes made by the establishment 42 years ago - which is half the cycle of the orbit of Uranus around the Sun.

Uranus is a timer used by mundane astrologers along with the other outer planets. The orbit of the planet is closest to the plane of orbit of the Earth, so this gives Uranus a unique influence on correlation events that combine with its own revolution around the Sun and through the Zodiac.

Uranus transits tropical Pisces since 2003, ending a global cycle it started in 1927-28. When Uranus enters Aries fully by March 2011 - we will see a new era open for the world.

The immediate aspects Uranus makes to other celestial bodies indicates to me as a forecaster that it is going to be shake & bake time through to the middle years of this new decade.

These are serious global transits, and demands mature adults who know how to handle stress and who have their eyes and ears open while being creative, proactive, and positive.

Adults who are not afraid of growing older, because they already had a childhood, and have moved on. That's what growing up is all about.

But I haven't been seeing that with the establishment of the Baby Boomer generation.

That's what has been worrying me for years.

Entrepreneur expert Jim Beach says, "We had the Great Generation, the Americans that grew up during the Depression and then fought and won World War 2. Their children, the Baby Boomers, have ruined America and have left a debt that may never be repaid."

"The Baby Boomers rejected and redefined traditional values," Beach said. "As Wikipedia writes, 'boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of affluence. As a group, they were the healthiest, and wealthiest generation to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time.'

"But, they will be the first generation in American history to leave their children insurmountable debt," Beach points out. "Our annual national debt is approaching 20% of annual GDP. The Baby Boomers are the ones that voted for this craziness and the ones that have changed society to allow for this craziness! $14 trillion in debt, thanks a lot!"

What I've been warning Baby Boomers about for some time now are the consequences of becoming the most hated generation in history. This is a very real possibility because of the obvious collapse of public and private institutions, states, the crumbling national infrastructure, and the failing school system.

Boomers who are entering their senior years at faster rates will depend on younger workers to maintain the very system that Baby Boomers will depend on to survive.

How will they do so with younger workers more concerned with their own welfare while resentful of a generation whom they blame for causing the crisis in the first place?

In other regions of the world, the same generational transition and outlooks are taking place as well. The Baby Boomer Francis Beckett, co-author of Marching to the Fault Line: the 1984 Miners' Strike and the Death of Industrial Britain, says about his generation -

"That the baby boomers are now all too old ever again to be trusted with the nation’s affairs is entirely our fault," Beckett says.

"It was we who created the cult of youth. In the Sixties, we thought that under our tutelage the world was going to get better. But we created a far worse world, a harsh­er world where our children have to be coldly, miserably realistic in a way that we did not, a world in which the self-indulgences that we took as of right are unavailable to them.

"We, the Baby boomers, used up the economic good times, when there was work for everyone. We used up the educational good times, when free education extended to universities and we, unlike our children, did not have to amass a mountain of debt in order to go to university.

"We used up the time when education was seen as a good in itself, rather than the acquisition of skills required to swell someone else’s profits.

"In June 2009, the government’s department for higher education was abolished, and its responsibilities placed under the department dealing with business and industry, a pretty good indication of what ministers now think education is for.

"We used up the time when progressive educationalists were starting to question the idea of school as a machine for cramming facts into young minds. New Labour – the government of the baby boomers – has built a new straitjacket for our childrens' schools."

He explains further: "We used up the time when the Second World War was fresh enough in the memory for war to be seen as an evil, never to be entered into lightly. That is why Prime Minister Harold Wilson saved the Baby boomers from having to fight beside young Americans in Vietnam, though they gave him little thanks for it.

"When the Baby boomer generation formed a government, its first prime minister, Tony Blair, told lies to the young so that he could send them to die alongside the Americans in Iraq.

"Religion, royalty, government: nothing was sacrosanct in the Sixties, and everything could be questioned. But we used up the time when nothing was sacred.

"The age of deference seemed to be over, yet the Baby boomers, who now run things, have seen how useful deference is for the governing class and are bringing it back as fast as they can.

The freedoms we fought for, we have rushed to deny to our children. We once thought our children would grow up into a far better world than the one in which we reached adulthood. They didn’t."

Tom Brokaw, the former NBC news anchor has produced a special called 'Boomer$!' - a two-hour documentary that will air tonight at 9 p.m. eastern time on CNBC.

It highlights Baby Boomers who have entered their senior citizen years and not facing up to the realities of aging. In one published interview with a female Boomer from Michigan who worked 36 years at the Ford Motor company but was laid off, the woman expressed shock to Brokaw because she thought she would always work there.

Another woman responded to her complaints: "Instead of talking about the Baby boomers who ruined the country, let's talk about the who effect out there," says a 40ish woman named Jane.

"I graduated 4 years ago and still can't find a job, I will also be dealing with the care of my elderly parents and the care of my children. How am I supposed to do that?

"I have no pension yet, no health benefits, my house was taken away, had to work in other states to survive for what? So that some Baby Boomer who probably made $60-80k before her layoff can whine about how in 36 years she made no money?

"Please. You are responsible for this, because the Baby boomers believed that money grew on trees. I don't feel sorry for anyone who worked for more than 25 years and didn't save a dime.

"Over-educated selfish people. Didn't you learn anything from your parents tales of the great depression? I remember my grandmother telling me about it and in today's society I'm still surviving."

"Thus might the next Fourth Turning end in apocalypse – or glory," writes generational authors Strauss Howe, in their book The Fourth Turning. "The nation could be ruined, its democracy destroyed, and millions of people scattered or killed.

"Or America could enter a new golden age, triumphantly applying shared values to improve the human condition. The rhythms of history do not reveal the outcome of the coming Crisis; all they suggest is the timing and dimension."

As a mundane astrologer, I know for certain the timing is tight, tense, and close by - coming in a few months and already on the horizon while the dimension is quite deep.

This time, however, the world transits are much stronger, and the cardinal inclinations will last for several years into the next decade.

There is no playing around with the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in their malefic configurations. These are world-class game changers - on an historic scale.

What could come in the years ahead is something I would not prefer to see, but which may be necessary to correct much of the corruption, incompetence, rampant greed, arrogance, complacency, and injustice of the last 18 years.

Each delay, each barrier, while ignoring the constant calls for positive change brings the Cardinal Crisis that much closer, and it is nearly here.

As mundane astrologers say, "What goes around, comes around."


jjasonham said...

My goodness. I have been talking about this since 2007. I'm a Millennial and I've been saying things were cracking along the age divide! I've always been interested in generational politics and just finished reading "Millennial Makeover" by Winograd and Hais, who often use Strauss and Howe as references.

Anonymous said...

More accurate than "baby boomer," would be to use the Pluto in Leo generation attribute to describe the "Peter Pan" affect of never growing up.

Deb said...

You are THE best mundane astrologer on the interwebs. I haven't done astrology reports on this stuff, but have done tarot readings where I'd addressed the fall of certain things and people months in advance (wish I'd felt confident enough to have written these guys up sooner than 2007).

I think that what Anonymous says here about the Pluto in Leo generation is spot-on, too.

What are your thoughts on the honchos in the medical industry? I think they deserve an open can of whoop-@ss as well.

I know what you're talking about when you hint at where all this is going, and I also support it. I don't care for the "war" in Iraq, but I think flowery-minded people want to forget that it's taken war after war in our country to earn us certain rights. If riots, revolutions and wars erupt in other countries, we should let them be. We all have a right to fight injustice and to stand up for what is fair...

Anonymous said...

The issue is mainly unpaid debts. The Pluto in Leo or boomer generation decided not to pay and instead thinks it can just hand it off to the youth. They don't seem to realize that they even should have paid. Meanwhile they bicker amongst themselves not realizing that youth won't care one bit about their political affiliations. They will just revolt over the pile of debt their elders refused to pay because it was more convenient not to do so.