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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cardinal Crisis T-Square - Greece, America, Europe, The Global Economy & My Warning To Goldman Sachs & Cronies

The Cardinal Crisis T-Square
Part II
 Global Economy On The Brink

By Theodore White; judicial Astrolog.S

As the establishment of the last 18 years has led the world to the brink of economic collapse, and widespread social crisis, it is time for the children born in the 1960s and 1970s ~ Generation X ~ to step forward. We stand united with the people of Greece, and the world.


It is not a pretty picture out there. The photograph above depicts very angry Greek people who are facing their worst economic crisis in Greece's history. May Day 2010 was not a day of celebrations across Europe, but a day of consternation, protests, and riots.

Seething with fury at the promise of severe austerity for years to come; millions of Greek citizens say the bailout sends all of them into what amounts to forced servitude.

Tens of thousands of Greeks hit the streets in nationwide protest strikes and into fiery clashes with security forces.

Following the Greek government's acceptance of conditions by the European Union & International Monetary Fund bailout ~ thousands of Greeks then attempted to storm their own Parliament Building. 

In early May, riots continue to erupt on the streets, and it has been reported three bank workers were killed when a bank was set on fire in central Athens. 

"A demonstration is one thing and murder is quite another!" Prime Minister George Papandreou thundered in Parliament during a session to discuss the spending cuts announced May 1st. The austerity measures imposed on Greece were called "draconian" by the IMF.

Meanwhile, Greek lawmakers held a minute of silence for the dead bank workers — the first deaths during a protest in Greece since 1991. Greece is easily on the path of revolution.

Voice of America reports on the Greek Crisis.

Meanwhile, across Europe, tens of thousands of people took part in May Day Protests 

Back in Athens, thousands of demonstrators hit the streets over May Day shouting for job security and protection of workers' rights. The result was police dressed in riot gear positioned around government buildings as protesters walked the streets with banners.

Clashes took place. The police pumped out tear gas at crowds, and Greeks fought back with Molotov cocktails.
Greece faces “unprecedented” levels of austerity and must brace itself for “very demanding tasks” as the Greek government concluded agreements with the European Union and IMF on conditions for a three-year financial rescue," said Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou.

“We are at a critical point in the history of our country,” he said.

No doubt.

But, “huge doubts remain about the ability of the Greek government to implement these policy changes amid mounting signs of discontent within the population,” said economists at Citigroup in an published emailed report on the crisis.

“Even in the event of a successful implementation of the measures, risks remain of a vicious spiral between tighter fiscal policy and collapsing real growth.”

What many people must understand about the coming years of the Cardinal Crisis transits ahead is that it has come as a result of massive levels of economic corruption, fraud, and greed by an oligarchy obviously out of touch with the world.

This oligarchy, born in the 1920s, and now in their late 80s, and in 2010, entering their 90s, along with their offspring, the Pluto in Leo generation, or Baby Boomers, have caused what amounts to no less than a global depression.

There is nothing more clear than this, and to deny it is simply to have one's head deep in the sandpits of utter stupidity.

While the International Monetary Fund and the European Union race to fund a bailout package for the country it is becoming obvious that the global economic crisis is about to enter a new phase. Just in time for the Cardinal T-Square of June, July & August.

The picture above also tells much of the story of what many faces are going to look like over the next four years as the Cardinal world transits incline - bringing many of the world's populations out into the streets and threatening to overthrow their own governments because of rampant financial fraud the world over.

All of this was forecasted years before, but most of the world did not know of the massive levels of financial corruption being performed by the likes of Goldman Sachs, and other investment banks and hedge fund players.

What basically has happened since 1998 is that the world's finances have been gambled away in a game of three-card Monte' by the very people who were supposed to be safeguarding the resources of the future.

All they saw was money. Not people. They saw what they could take in unprecedented levels of greed and fraud unimaginable just a few years ago. International banker gambled away tens of billions of dollars and euros, and did everything they could not only to hide this, but some joked about it.

No one is laughing now.

It is estimated that it will take somewhere between $120 to $300 billion to bail out Greece over three (3) short years. Greece faces years of severe austerity measures that will resemble the deepest years of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

And Greece is not alone.

 In Europe, one can name countries like England, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, among others, that are bordering on defaults of their own.

In Spain, for instance, unemployment levels are above 20-percent as the nation is choking on huge levels of debt with over-optimistic economic forecasts from the Spanish government.

Ireland's national debt, and unemployment picture worsens by the day. The United Kingdom is mired in economic stagnation ahead of national elections May 6th; while Spain's and Portugal's debt crisis threatens to spill over into world markets following that of Greece.

"Nothing less than the future of Europe, and with that, the future of Germany in Europe, is at stake," German chancellor Angela Merkel told parliament in Berlin.

 Meanwhile, Germany's newspapers are fueling Anti-Greek Sentiments saying Germans are being asked to bail out a country that has "over-indulged itself." 

Merkel urged German parliamentary members to quickly pass Germany's share of the Greek bailout which amounts to 22 billion Euros over three years — by May 6. "We are at a fork in the road," she warned them.

This "fork in the road," is the Sovereign Debt mess in Europe. It features the next chapter of the global economic crisis, and could not come at a worse time. It is wholly reflective of the coming inclinations of the Cardinal T-Square.

Planetary transits clearly show summer in the northern hemisphere will easily see massive public clashes directly related to the heavy debt burdens imposed upon entire nations such as Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, and Spain and other European countries. 

"The economic picture in Spain is grim," writes Mike Shedlock of Mish's Global Economic Trends "Spanish Unemployment rose from 18.8% to 20.1%, union work rules helped wreck the economy, and Spain must shrink its deficit according to EU rules."

Rating agencies Moody's and Standard & Poor's cut Greece's credit rating status to "junk" level, and then, on the same day, also cut Portugal's rating. It then followed the next day and also lowered Spain's credit rating.

People fear the European crisis could cause a Domino Effect that could reverberate around the world.

What the world has been witnessing is the results of over 10 years of unfettered corruption through the decade of the 2000s by a dying late 20th century oligarchy and their children ~ a generation that promised one thing, but did quite the opposite

The fleecing of economies and treasures of whole nations along with the geopolitical and social ramifications to come ~ all this leads into the Cardinal Crisis Years that has already begun in 2010.

The Hidden Role of Goldman Sachs
 How Corrupt Bankers Caused The Second Great Depression

You've got to see & hear this to believe it. Click on Linked Question Below:

The Cardinal Crisis Transits of 2010-2014 is really about the events of 1998-2008 and the hidden levels of global economic fraud perpetuated by what can only be called world financial criminals not seen in the history of the Earth. 

Goldman Sachs is known as the number one investment bank on Wall Street. Now a "bank holding company," after the Banking Debacle Crisis of 2008, Goldman is accused of running a financial fraud on the entire planet

The first of what I forecasted would be among many cases shedding light on the global economic crisis involving Goldman Sachs, amounted to this, according to Jon Taplin ~

"Let's be clear. Goldman and Hedge Fund traders like John Paulson worked hard to package the worst piece of shit grouping of sub-prime CDO's into 'synthetic securities' that they knew would default the fastest.

They then pushed clueless rating agencies like Moody's into rating them AAA.

They then went out and found sucker Pension fund administrators who had an asset allocation model to buy x% mortgage securities every month to (in Blankfein's term) 'to source the other side of the transaction.'

And offered them insurance from equally clueless shops like AIG to make sure they would get paid 100 cents on the dollar when the inevitable default arrived. If this isn't criminal, it sure should be."

Coming ten days before the fourth Saturn/Uranus opposition of April 26 the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued this press statement accusing Goldman Sachs of major financial fraud. 

Afterward, financial firms posted the biggest weekly fall among 10 S&P 500 industries, declining 3.8 percent as a group ~ Goldman Sachs executives had to defend themselves at a Congressional Hearing.

The U.S. Senate questioned Goldman executives about their role in marketing financial products that they say "contributed to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression."

Federal prosecutors are weighing criminal fraud charges for Wall Street’s most profitable firm. Goldman Sachs fell 7.8 percent this week to $145.20. It plunged 15 percent in April after falling three straight weeks following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said Greece's survival was at stake in talks to gain $159 billion in International Monetary Fund & European Union-led bailouts in exchange for austerity measures that Greek unions denounced as “savage."

International investors then demanded 5.95 percentage points more to buy Greek 10-year bonds than German bonds amid widespread speculation Greece will default. 

“People are now questioning if maybe the worst is not over for Greece and Portugal,” said Mark Bronzo, an Irvington, a New York-based money manager at Security Global Investors, which oversees $21 billion.

“The rationale is: the sovereign risk will weigh on Europe and the global economy. It’s another unknown for the stock market.”

What is most disturbing about the European crisis is that major investment banks helped  Greece's own bankers and policymakers "hide" its internal financial troubles in order to meet the conditions of being a part of the European Monetary Union.

Stories will emerge that entities like Goldman Sachs were not alone in causing what is known as sovereign debt crisis.

Entire nations are now subject to years of severe austerity measures - the likes not seen perhaps since the 1930s - all because inside players working for investment houses, stock markets and banks, along with high-rolling hedge fund managers - found very creative and crooked ways to steal tens of billions from populations worldwide.

This is what people are now discovering to be true in the case of Goldman Sachs ~ a former investment bank (now banking holding company) whose tentacles are so deeply rooted in unprecedented fraud that many people will be shocked to discover just how far down the Rabbit Hole really goes.

As far back as 2005, I knew from reading global transits that Goldman Sachs was working secretly in a desperate effort to get rid of billions of dollars of very risky mortgage securities.

At the same time, Goldman was buying lots of exotic forms of insurance to "protect" itself from what they knew would be the collapse of the global housing market that eventually came.

But, for nine more months to about September 2007, Goldman Sachs did not inform the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of its actions in filings. It failed to also announce this to thousands of economic analysts, or to the financial media.

Goldman Sachs continued to tell its investors and the public that all was well while encouraging their own clients to to buy what Goldman knew was worthless junk.

Today, Goldman Sachs is under assault from many quarters, both inside and outside the United States. What is being discovered is something few on the outside knew, and others who may have suspected.

In effect, Goldman Sachs and their hedge fund cronies shorted the entire world's financial system.

All in the name of greed.

A brief outline from the Associated Press about the Goldman Sachs case:

"The Securities and Exchange Commission's civil fraud charges against Goldman Sachs concern complex investments backed by mortgages that many blame for worsening the financial crisis as the U.S. housing market went into a nosedive.

Goldman Sachs denies the charges.

Here are definitions of some of the terms involved in the charges, and descriptions of some of the key players:

Synthetic CDO, or Collateralized Debt Obligation
A complex investment vehicle whose performance is tied to a set of assets, in this case securities backed by subprime residential mortgages.

The SEC says Goldman didn't disclose to investors that a New York-based hedge fund manager, John Paulson, helped select the mortgages while he bet against them.

They all lost tremendous value as the housing industry collapsed. More on the curious case of John Paulson below...

CDS, or Credit Default Swap
A transaction between two parties in which one side buys protection from the other that a loan or other obligation will stay in good standing. If it doesn't, the party that bought the protection must be paid.

The SEC says John Paulson made a $1 billion profit by using credit default swaps to bet against Goldman's CDO. Some say Paulson made much more than that. Much, much more.

Subprime Mortgages
Loans made to borrowers with weak credit histories. They usually carry higher interest rates than conventional loans to compensate lenders for the additional risk.

RMBS, or Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
A type of security that is backed by a home mortgage or a group of home mortgages. They pay money out to investors based on the interest and principal payments received from homeowners. There are also CMBS, or Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities.

The name of the collateralized debt obligation at the center of the SEC's allegations. The SEC says Goldman created and sold the CDO in early 2007, just as the U.S. housing market was starting to falter.


Fabrice Tourre
A 31-year-old Goldman Sachs employee that the SEC accuses of committing fraud by marketing Goldman's CDO without disclosing John Paulson's role in helping create the CDO or the fact that Paulson had an incentive in choosing investments that would lose value.

Tourre famously wrote in a January 2007 email: 

“More and more leverage in the system, The whole building is about to collapse anytime now…Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab…standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!!”

"We have a big short on ... ," Tourre wrote in a December 2006 email.

Daniel Sparks, a former head of Goldman's mortgages department, wrote to other executives in March 2007: "We are trying to close everything down, but stay on the short side."

According to the SEC's complaint, Tourre rushed the CDOs to market since investor appetite for mortgage-backed securities was waning ~ telling a friend in an email:

"The whole building is about to collapse anytime now."

John Paulson Hedge Fund
A New York-based hedge fund. John Paulson, the wildly successful hedge fund manager labeled as “The Man Who Made Too Much,” made a $20 billion fortune betting against America's banks and the global housing market.

According to the numbers, John Paulson would have made more than $1.4 million an hour, assuming a 40-hour workweek with no vacations — though we expect he worked a lot more than that, said one commenter. The average 58+ year-old Baby Boomer makes a little over $17 an hour.

In a deal on the synthetic CDOs designed to fail made in secret deals between Paulson and Goldman Sachs - now under scrutiny by U.S. federal authorities - it is known that John Paulson made his billions betting the entire U.S. housing market would collapse.

It did.

Now, how did Paulson accomplish that great feat? It seems we are about to find out... Paulson should have consulted an astrologer before doing such things all in the name of the greed for wealth. He will discover his serious errors in judgment in the months and years to come.

ACA Management LLC
Financial consulting company that had experience building and managing collateralized debt obligations.

The SEC says Goldman asked ACA to serve as the "Portfolio Selection Agent" for the CDO as a way to reassure investors about the CDO.

The SEC says ACA wasn't aware John Paulson was planning to bet against the CDO.

ACA's parent company, ACA Capital Holdings Inc., sold credit protection on part of the CDO.

ABN Amro Bank NV, based in the Netherlands
They ended up on the hook for ACA Capital's position through a series of credit default swaps. Parts of ABN Amro were later taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which paid $841 million to Goldman Sachs to unwind that transaction.

Most of that money was then paid ~ John Paulson. His name keeps coming up again and again...

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG
 A German commercial bank and one of the investors in Goldman's CDO. IKB lost its entire $150 million investment.

The bank ran into trouble with its investments in U.S. subprime mortgages and eventually had to be bailed out by German banks. It was later acquired by Lone Star Funds, a U.S.-based private equity firm. 

Read Goldman Sachs' Fraud Explained 

According to my reading of the world transits: we haven't seen anything yet.

In looking at the transits behind all of this: Goldman, and other players, like the now-defunct Lehman Brothers, have been involved in historic fraud against whole nations.

John Paulson's role is significant in all this. While the media has been a gaga for what "appears" to be Paulson's masterful "insights and predictions" on how things would go down; I say that he is no forecaster. 

He is a player behind the scenes of the historic collapse of the U.S. housing market, and that is not a nice thing at all. 

Moreover, Paulson's own transits will prove he was no forecaster at all.

Paulson is involved up to his eyeballs in the collapse of the U.S. housing market, and, of course, had help through Goldman Sachs, among others... 

One does not "choose" which packaged mortgages will fail, and then allow the CDOs to be sold through Goldman Sachs, and other brokerage houses to public and private investors - thus reaping billions off of the collapse of said mortgages betting against them.

If that is a forecaster, then the world is flat and I am Mickey Mouse.

According to his transits, it appears Paulson is truly worried his secret machinations in the collapse of the American housing market, as well as his designs on British banks, and their markets, will be discovered.

Paulson should have been reading his own transits, and not taken the bait of their inclinations. But he did, and now his future is set. He has little time now to make it right, and most of the damage has already been done.

I keep telling people ~ money isn't everything. 

When the archons come for your soul, they don't want to know how much is in your bank accounts.

They want to know if you got all that money being a good guy, or, a bad guy? 

That is what they will want to know.

John Paulson is about to discover how very true this maxim is, and should have taken the lessons of Bernard Madoff to heart. To date, it appears he has not, but, he will, according to his own astrological transits.

If I were him, and I'm glad I am not, I would return the billions Paulson stole off the people, institutions, pension funds, and clients who were suckered into buying the fake packaged mortgages he set up with the help of that corrupted money-sucking machine we know as Goldman Sachs.

Not only would this save the many lives and families who have, and continue to suffer greatly living hand to mouth in a depressed world economy - but it would also save John Paulson's very own soul ~ literally.

If only he knew what I know...

What is really going on in Washington DC is the knowledge that Goldman Sachs' complicity is true, but how to handle the situation without driving global stock markets down?

Astrological Warning To The Bad Guys: Prepare For "What Goes Around... Comes Around..."
That's real trick these days, isn't it?

Now, it worked fine in 2009, when Jupiter conjoined Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius, and the status quo and the markets were allowed to breath a brief sigh of relief while Goldman and other major players reaped billions; giving out hefty "bonuses" related to "past performance gains."

All this took place after the near collapse of the world economy in late 2008.

But it is not going to work in 2010. Not with the Cardinal Crisis Transits.

As an American, and a Philadelphian, I say that it is time to take down names, and time to kick some ass.

That is what time it is. 

The United States of America is a good and great nation. We are not a bad country. We have many good Americans who only desire freedom and the best for everyone.

We are not a sick people, but we do have some sickos running around in Armani suits who think that they are all that.

But, they are not all that, and their time is coming... that much is certain.

What goes around... comes around, pals. The power and ability of mundane astrologers is known to those who understand what a Magus is; and what we are capable of doing; with all praise to the Immortal God.

What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate.

You ignorant, greedy, corrupt fools. You should fear what you cannot see, and you cannot see your own transits, can you?

So, check out your transits in the days, weeks, months and years to come ~  those of you who have been hurting good people of the world and their families who are greatly suffering because of your evil, corrupt, sicko, greedy machinations.

There are astrological machinations you never even considered.

Have you?

For all things are naked & open ~ though you would believe that what you have been, and are doing, cannot be seen ~ you would be so very, very wrong. 

See my warning here. I watch you day & night through all your transits you sickos.

When you are sound asleep ~ I am working on your transits.

I am always working... And if little ole mundane me knows what you've been up to, then what do you think the Immortal God knows?

All of you are in so much trouble, you don't even know. But you are going to find out...

We see more than we care to, but we know your transits ~ all of them ~ including those of Goldman Sachs, who has only just begun to get a taste. Every hair on your head is numbered.

Every single crooked hair. You can be fully touched and impacted without being physically touched, but you are ignorant of this fact aren't you? You are about to get a full lesson in the works of metaphysicians.

I don't want a nickel of your "wealth" pals. Keep it you sickos. My riches are elsewhere, not on this Earth.

But, if I were you, I would give all the billions back to the people; you whore-loving carpetbaggers pilfered it from. You lying cheats going straight into the evil mouths of Tartarus.

This is only the first inning pals. I've already started pitching some astrological curve balls you will never lay a bat on, or even sense coming your way until it is far too late.

That includes your cronies, and all of you who pilfered America, and the world economy. Give back the hundreds of billions you have taken, or prepare for things you will never see coming.

Not in a million years.

I'm pitching an astrological no-hitter here. And I can do it sitting down reading your transits, you corrupt, greedy, heartless bastards who "think" that money is power? What fools you all are!

Didn't you ever hear the ancient saying that: "Knowledge is power?" 

And ~ the more you do not believe in Astrology, the better my conjunctions, sextiles, squares, oppositions and aspects you never heard of ~ sticks firmly on you ~ for a long time until you come to a full stop in what you have been doing. 

That is translated as meaning = come correct. Do the right thing. Chose doing good over evil, or pay the heavy price in full.

Do you not know what the power of a Cardinal T-Square is able to do to your lives?

Have you not noticed the declination of Saturn? The conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus? Don't you not know the Immortal God gives mundane astrologers the power to help Him?

Do you not notice the inclinations of the planets at this particular time in the world?

How they are inclining towards you?

Are you not aware of the ability to turn all the very bad things you have done to others back onto all of you and your cronies by the supreme power of the planetary and stellar configurations relative to the Earth?

Look to the skies pals ~ that is where all my own recipe of aspects will descend from. I've been reading all your transits, quietly, for years. Those of your hedge fund companies, and firms, and cronies. I have notes filled to the brim with all your transits - especially your progressions.

And I have memorized the personal transits of the big shots ~ the real sickos who "masterminded" the economic crisis.

Prepare for your weeks, and months, and years of asking yourself ~"WTF?"

You are about to get a very healthy dose of Astrological power & ability coming your way with the true assistance of world transits. You did not know the Cardinal crisis was coming - did you? I have, and for many years. 

Now, that time is almost here, and it is my turn.

All you had to do was to learn how to read an ephemeris that costs less than $25, but no, you were much too busy planning and pilfering billions; destroying the housing markets with your CDOs, and the lives of millions of good decent people and their families; weren't you?

But you cannot read your own transits.

I can. And all your billions upon stolen billions will never allow you to see, or to know, or to do what I am about to do in my little corner of the world to all of you sickos with the help of mundane astrology and the global transits.

There are no better planners than mundane astrologers. We are very patient chefs. And when the time comes ~ we always deliver the true meal you deserve. But the dishes coming to you sickos is best served cold ~ just like the environment where the planets live in space.

I am firmly committed to making sure all of you pay dearly for the immense levels grief and suffering you have inflicted on people who did you no harm ~ even down to little kids with families whose lives you have ruined in just three years.

You are about to get a serious lesson why you always treat the little people with respect and dignity. Watch your news, yes, mind your accounts, watch Bloomberg, and CNBC in the months ahead ~ and see and feel the power of mundane astrology.

Do not say I did not warn all of you sickos. This is not hubris. I am serious. Mess with a mundane astrologer, and see, just see what you will receive in return.

Try me. I'm begging you. 

See ~ The Little People
I am on the side of the little people: the mothers and fathers who struggle to keep their families afloat in very challenging times.

The small Greek business owner who fights to keep it all above water. The screwed over investor. The elderly person who has lost their life savings to Goldman Sachs & Co.

The foreclosed families the world over. The American single mother working three part-time jobs and eating peanut butter for dinner so her kids can eat more food.

The construction workers losing everything they've sweated blood and tears for. The British couple who cannot start a family. The Spanish college graduate who is giving up a career before starting one.

The tens of millions of worldwide unemployed workers. The regular Joe & Josephine who tries to make their ways in the world and just wants to live a normal life, but has been totally screwed over super-royally by the likes of Goldman Sachs and those who have chosen ill-gotten wealth over human beings.

I am on their side: The little people.

The events to come, those with the eyes and ears will see them as they really are meant to be. But, all is revealed to those who are keen to notice which bad guys are getting what, and when, and at what time.

Watch Mundane astrology at its best ~ and with the help of the Great Immortal God, I am committed to not ceasing day nor night doing my part until all of you get what you truly deserve.

So keep laughing and continue not to believe ~ because that works very well in my favor you sick, greedy, corrupt jerks.

There is nothing so perfect as astrological mathematics. I've devoted my entire life learning every nook and cranny of every single decan and aspect possible ~ and I've got you right where I want you ~ square in my mundane Magus sights and I'm casting so many mundane spells it will make all your heads spin.

Nostradamus was right about all of you sickos. Too bad you can't read his mundane codes ~ but I can, and got all dates memorized for battle. I'm very tough and a astrologically-committed Capricorn, the worst kind you do not want focusing on your evil, greedy, corrupted selves.

I do not give up easily, and I am very patient; a product of long years of profound mundane thought, power and ability. I'm about to throw my mundus magi into the fray and I hope my prepared aspects will fry your sad corrupt asses well-done ~ for all to see.

There is nowhere you can run, and you cannot hide from that which you cannot see. Prepare for it because I've already started, and I will not stop until each and every single one of you is brought to justice. Saturn is about to enter Libra, and is in the right place, at the right time.

Just watch what happens to all of you.

So keep chuckling. You will not be laughing for much longer. 

Foretold is forewarned. 

Astrologers, mark the dates of the events you see happening down and witness the transits for yourself ~ as the events on these sickos take place with the cardinal world transits. Pray for each and every transit to bring about the desired outcomes and bring the corrupted ones to their knees.

I love my America deeply and always will. But, those who use the United States as a vehicle for their sick dreams of super-wealthy corrupt "conquests" are the same ones who have driven down the lives of not just Americans, but also Brits, Greeks, Irish, the Spanish, the Portuguese and many other populations worldwide.

All in a race to accumulate & steal wealth they did not create themselves.

"The one with the most toys at the end wins?"
 Wins what, may I ask?
I tell you straight away ~ You win nothing at the end, but your own perdition. You lose your own soul for toys you cannot take with you? You are fools.

Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO Lloyd Blankfein grins. The man who said Goldman Sachs "are the good guys" and on the "side of the angels," and that he was doing "God's work" doesn't even know his own transits.

I do, and I can tell you ~ he's no "angel."

And, if he was doing "God's work" ~ then Goldman Sachs would not be pilfering billions upon billions from God's good people, now would they?

World transits are clear: unless good and faithful people step forth to take down those names, and yes, to kick those asses ~ then the great majority of the years ahead will be lost to economic depression, social breakdown, geopolitical disasters, and, in the end ~ a total global mess that will be very difficult to solve. In fact, it has already begun.

The "Humpty Dumpty" structures by the outgoing generational establishment and their parents will not be able to be put back together again. That much is obvious.

So, the only thing left is to recover that which was stolen, that which was lost, and to get back to the honest business of doing honest business. Or, all is lost. World transits confirm this.

What is about to happen is what I've been warning about for some time; especially regarding Goldman Sachs, hedge fund players and their cronies in New York, London, Washington, Brussels, Frankfurt, and elsewhere around the planet.

The world oligarchy is up to their necks in massive levels of corruption so perverse, so downright wrong: that when the whole truth emerges there will be no where to run, and nowhere to hide for those who took part, and for those who started it all.

What's Next?
It is clear that there is a lot of fear and worry in the world. The Cardinal Crisis years, again, is mainly about what has already taken place.

People ask me all the time, "Theo, will it get better?"

I say, "yes, it will."


"Not for a while, I'm sad to say."

Being a mundane astrologer is not easy. I hate being the bearer of bad news. But the job of any astrologer is to tell it like it is, and to offer advice on how to make things better while navigating the messes of the world as inclined by the transits.

When you see things coming from afar, you do what you can to forecast and to warn people.

But, hardly anyone will believe you most of the time. I can't always blame them since many people tend to expect the future to be the same as their present conditions.

Or, worse, there are others who do not want to see anything at all that does not jive with their opinions and personal sensibilities.

Astrologers are not like that. We are not supposed to be. We see things remote from the intellectually-created mind and popular opinion. That is what we are supposed to do because it the very nature of astrological forecasting itself.

Astrology is not a game. And mundane astrology is certainly not entertainment. It deals with global issues of life and death.

Back in 1999, when I told a friend what was going to take place in the world economy in the first decade of the millennium. He looked at me like I was crazy.

People do that. They roll their eyes, and give a knowing nod to their friends when they hear what an astrologer has to say.

But, astrological transits do not lie. People do. And that there is the problem. The rosier-than-red roses economic forecasts that "all was going to be well" and the "skies the limit" and that real estate would forever shoot to the Moon were worthless forecasts to me back then.

I knew it was an outright lie. 

But are you going to believe an astrologer?

Do you believe us now?

The fact was, that one generation, and their parents, were about to fleece public and private institutions from within, and they were doing so because of two things - fear of aging, and fear of death. This then proceeded to whole states, then whole nations, and eventually - the world.

Sure they had "regulatory capture" ~ a fancy word that basically says regulators paid to do their jobs guarding the financial sectors were not doing their jobs.

Appraisers were overvaluing houses. Realtors were running amok getting fat commissions on overvalued properties. Mortgage companies were printing out liar loans 24 hours a day.

Banks were pressing to give out more housing and commercial loans in the billions. Wall Street was pushing for ever more complex derivatives to package and sell on the markets.

People were flipping properties like hot pancakes, and pension fund managers were gambling with the life savings of tens of millions of workers. 

All of this was based on the forecasts of fools.

That is what I saw. And, it turned out to be a correct forecast I was not happy to see come true.

But it did. We are seeing the results of this now in the world.

As one generation - Baby Boomers - leaves power after 18 years as the establishment, and another generation - Generation X - enters in as the new establishment, the world teeters on economic collapse.

This global transition is generational, according to the positions of the planets, and is fraught with serious, deep levels of systemic damage already done to the economies of many nations by outright corruption, greed, massive fraud, and flagrant generational denial.

This is something that I have continued to stress for years, but which has either avoided by Baby Boomers, the Pluto in Leo generation, or ignored outright. However, one cannot ignore the obvious.

An aging generation of Baby Boomers has allowed not only their life savings, but the resources of generations behind them to be squandered outright by their own hands.

This occurs just as tens of millions of elderly Baby Boomers just in North America will need to survive off the work of Generation X, and their own children, Generation Y. That will not happen with unemployment rates nearing 25-percent.

I continue to remind anyone who will listen that the Baby Boomer generation (1939-1953) will not only demand to live comfortably as the seniors they now are, but are facing a severe drought in services that were destroyed by their own hands. 

Moreover, this was the same generation as the establishment running things during the most corrupted financial period in world history (1993-2011.)

Tens of trillions of dollars and euros are estimated to have either be "lost" or "stolen" outright; depending on who you talk to. 

No matter, the point is this:

Unless the people of the world who continue to suffer the ravages of double-digit unemployment, real estate collapse, banking losses, economic stagnation, widespread corruption, financial fraud, lies, mismanagement, and constant crisis, do not see real change - then the Cardinal inclinations will bring change about. That much is sure.

So, here are some more facts about what the previous generation has wrought on the U.S., and the world:

By even the most conservative figures from the Congressional Budget Office; we see a weaker economy ahead - contrary to most consensus views of a sustainable upturn that was popular in 2009, and as recently less than a month ago.
  • 2010 U-3 "official" unemployment at 10.2%, edging down to 8% by 2011 and 4.8% by 2014. True unemployment & underemployment figures somewhere between 16-28%. An economic depression outright.
  • In 2010-11, over 12+ million Americans will be underemployed for the next five years, economic weakness & lower demand will continue to exert pressure on workers who are unemployed.

  • Part-time work only will be available for millions wanting full-time jobs.

  • Low consumption will persist through the year 2014.

  • Unemployment benefits will continue drain state, county & city coffers already struggling to maintain basic services.

  • Households will be pressured to make mortgage payments; pay for health care; meet other obligations, and provide for their families at a time when state & city budget crises force deep cuts in vital social services that are not made up by the federal government.

  • Tax revenues are down 17%, and continue to drop. The sharpest declines since 1932

  • $600 billion in investment losses will result, plus another $5.9 trillion in lost output through 2014.

  • The federal deficit will nearly double over the next 10 years to about $20 trillion.
In July 2009, Egon von Greyerz, Founder & managing partner of Zurich-based Matterhorn Asset Management AG, specializing in precious metals and other investments, said ~ "The Dark Years Are Here" and he explained why:

"Because of the devastating effects of credit bubbles, government money printing (and) disastrous actions that governments are taking, (upcoming) tumultuous events will be life changing for most people in the world." 

They'll begin by year end (2009) and last for two to three years. Then be followed by extended economic, political, and social upheaval, perhaps continuing for two decades.

Greyerz cites three (3) main concerns: 

1.) Exploding Unemployment and government deficits
    2.) Trillions of Unreported bank losses & worthless derivatives

    3.) Deflation, then rising inflation, high interest rates, collapsed Treasury bond (and UK gilt) valuations resulting in more money creation, worthless paper, and a "perfect vicious circle (leading to) a hyper inflationary depression followed by the (potential) collapse of the dollar and British pound. 

    "Reckless money creation achieved short-term hope, benefited Wall Street alone short-term, elevated world stock markets, and led some to believe the crisis was over when, in fact, it's worsening. 

    Aside from expected short-lived upturns, every single sector of the real economy is deteriorating whether it is production, unemployment, corporate profits, real estate, credit defaults, construction, federal deficits, local government and state deficits etc.

    "In response, the Fed keeps printing money and destroying its value. This is total lunacy! How can any intelligent person believe that printed pieces of paper can solve an economic catastrophe? 

    "We're in the first phase of this tragic saga. Likely by year end, a second more serious one will start. Real unemployment now tops 20%. It hit 25% in the Great Depression with 35% of the non-farm population out of work and desperate. 

    "It is our firm opinion that (US) non-farm unemployment levels will reach 35% at the next few years" with all uncounted categories included. 

    Growing millions with no jobs, incomes, savings, or safety net protections will create "a disaster of unimaginable consequences that will affect the whole fabric of American society" to a degree far greater than in the Great Depression. 

    Growing unemployment now plagues Western and Eastern Europe as well, and by 2010 will more greatly affect most parts of the world, "including China, Asia and Africa.

    Never before has there been a global unemployment crisis affecting the world simultaneously" Ahead, expect sharp drops in consumption and global trade leading to depression, poverty, famine and social unrest. Already, conditions are worse than in the 1930s, but the worst is yet to come."
      Expect an extremely severe global depression in most countries with grave economic, political, and social consequences:
      • Social safety net protections will end
      • Private & state pensions will likely collapse
      • Unemployment, poverty, homelessness, hunger & famine will cause a protracted period of economic, political, social, and institutional upheaval.
      My personal views would sound something like this: "enough with the bad news already," ~ give me some good news.

      I know how the reader must feel and I can relate. Since 2007, there has been a steady diet of nothing but bad news, interrupted by vague intervening months of what I call "denial pauses," where people try to forget what is happening all around them as the pundits claim things are getting better because the Dow Jones has reached 11,000+ points.

      The daily drain of real economic news, and the financial struggles of at least three billion people is draining the life out of families worldwide.

      People are beginning to fight back.

      I remind policymakers of a simple mundane principle:

      "When people have nothing to lose - they lose it."
      This is what the Cardinal Crisis years is all about. People are very upset.

      According to my astrological computations, this is just the beginning of a long 4-5 years of pissed off populations who know that they've been screwed over in a big, big way.

      The ending of one age into another with the past age seen as one of unprecedented levels of corruption and greed that causes geopolitical and social instabilities worldwide.

      The anger of betrayal is very real, and while people try to support their families they continue to hear of billions given out as bonuses at a time when most regular people, who constitute the majority of the people in the world, live from hand to mouth.

      If the oligarchy believes that they can start another world war to end the crisis as what happened at the end of the 1930s - they should be reminded that this is not the 1930s.

      This is the 21st century. People have wider access to information, know much more, and are more knowledgeable about the true causes behind the global economic crisis.

      They will not be easily led to jump into the delusion to fight wars against other nations - but they may decide to fight one against those responsible for the crisis ~ at home.

      Just look what is happening in Greece as one example. And, there will be many more examples to come.

      I will continue to write on the global economic crisis, and how navigate and survive the Cardinal Crisis years in the weeks, months and year ahead. Know now that the planetary inclinations now through late summer 2010 are impulsive, hasty, and very tense.

      Try to relax, not worry too much, and take it easy. Help is on the way. You are not alone out there. Remember, we outnumber them. We are Perpetual Change. Keep the Faith.

      In light of what the current economic situations is in the world, it is a no-brainer at this point in time that people are going to be pissed off at just about everything. So, do take care out there, and again, remember, help is on the way...

      For the time being; here are some quick tips for good people on how to deal with the cardinal inclinations and their influences:

      • - Unreliable, rigid, disagreeable individuals & groups
      • - Inconsistent attitudes, people who are emotionally/mentally unstable
      • - Conflicts between old & new among friends & group associations
      • - Frustrations in attempts to change conditions
      • - Ulterior motives, dishonest people, cheating to get ahead
      • - Lies, slander, gossip, pettiness among people
      • - Estrangement from former colleagues & friends
      • - Sudden reversals of fortune
      • - Rebellion, disassociation from former workplaces, companies
      • - Open & hidden enemies
      • - Selfish people

      Cultivate & Encourage
      • - A Positive and Practical Attitude
      • - Find People of Common Interests & Form Positive Alliances
      • - Start Exciting New Projects & Follow Through on Them
      • - Visualize what you want in your life. Attract it to you with knowledge of the transits
      • - Be Calm, but not ignorant of current world events
      • - Talk openly with friends & family & brainstorm on new ideas, alternatives
      • - Honestly review the world economic situation & be bold about making changes
      • - Relocate to Areas Best Suited to your lifestyle, goals & plans
      • - Begin to find businesses you can create Barter Deals
      • - Plan Moving Carefully & Associate with people of Goodwill
      • - Look for Unusual People & Positive Opportunities That Arise Unexpectedly
      • - End Outdated Relationships that restrict & are negative, and Move On
      • - Express Tolerance for different points of view
      • - Be helpful to those in need ~ you never know when you may need them in the future
      Most of all - pray.

      Pray for the future. Pray that the new generation of children born in the 1960s & 1970s will be able to forge a fresh, healthy, honest and positive path into the future: while having the strength, and willpower to clean up the global mess left behind by the previous generational establishment.


      Mandi Lockley said...

      Thanks for another great article!
      You're right, now it's time for the Pluto in Virgo generation to clean up the mess the Pluto in Leo generation made.
      I have been surprised by the apathy of the people so far, we've been screwed, but aren't doing a thing about it. We're scared & this plays right into the hands of the heads of business, government, and finance. Plus we're all too busy working extra hard to pay overpriced mortgages on reduced incomes. Perhaps when Jupiter and Uranus hit the Aries point, the proverbial will hit the fan and carry on doing so once the Uranus Pluto squares start. Perhaps this will be when people try to reclaim their power? Hopefully peaceably because these days if the masses take to the streets in peaceful protest, the authorities make it their buisness to provoke violence - most recently the G20 London summit protests in 2010. Amidst peaceful protests, the police used 'kettling' techniques to hold and detain both protesters and innocent bystanders, once of which died after being pushed by a police officer. What is the answer, what can we do? I really don't know. Yet!

      Anonymous said...

      Wow. A.Maz.Ing. I give you a virtual standing ovation for what you've written here. In addition to the applause, tremendous thanks. I was born in the 60s and nothing I have ever read comes close to how concisely you encompass everything here. I will be printing out and posting the tips you offer here just as I did with another set of extraordinarily useful tips you wrote a few months back. Again, thank you; yes, life's been skewed prettily mightily, it has long felt like, against those in my age group/generation (being a child in the flaming wreck of the early 70s alone was, in a word, terrifying - and frankly far more harrowing even than what I see "today's" children experiencing.) The extent to which you "get" that and write about it and provide concrete ideas and concepts to work toward overriding these past difficulties is a source of great encouragement to me.

      Anonymous said...

      Theo! So very refreshing to read your writings.

      This post doesn't sound so much like bad news as it does JUST news. The aroma of justice is overwhelming for many right now, but for those of us who have been awaiting it, who have, are and will be fighting for it, who have cried for it, this, while ugly on the outside, is unfolding for the good of all.

      In my life, I've learned that situations sometimes become uber-sh*tty before they get better. And this is definitely the case here. To undo and rectify the damage that's been done to us all is going to be laborious as hell. But little by little, we'll see that a fight has been worth it.

      Thank you, and keep on truckin'!

      Audrey said...

      As a soon to be recent graduate there is absolutely no hope due to a scam that my family and I became a part of due to a private loan company, whose name I am sure you have run across a few times. They are currently destroying the lives of recent graduates and in the end it was all just a "college racket" to bring in more money for those who wanted a quick way to get rich.

      I'm beginning to wonder if my generation is supposed to change our dreams to fit something more practical and less able to lead to a corrupt situation that we have now. I am a bit confused by all of the forecasts. Am I supposed to give up my dreams of traveling and/or a career? I feel that must be the case now. :-/I find little hope in that but I am learning that I must do what I have to do. My generation has grown up learning things about the world that weren't true. The history lessons were just fictional stories. Everything real we have learned has been a result of the Internet. It will be much harder to get away with this in the future... hopefully.

      Conoco said...

      Theo. I can see toxic personalities all around me, even in the people I care about. To be honest, it is dishearteneing.

      I had to learn to detach from some people emotionally, especially some in my family that I live with. Some people are so stubborn they refuse to do good. Oh well, let's hope the universe takes care of that.

      People will show who they truly are with these cardinal transits. Petty people will be even pettier and the pure of heart will either have to learn to protect themselves or continue to be used or stepped on.