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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cardinal Crisis -> The Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012: Prelude To The 5th World Age & Nine Dark Years? A Mundane Forecast > Transits Of The Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 > Plus, Astromet Climate Outlook: Winter 2013 > Also, The Grand Water Trines Of 2013: Society Strikes Back > Jupiter Trine Saturn: A False Sense Of Stock Market & Financial Security? > And Featuring, The Pistis Sophia: Jesus Christ Discourses On the Great Dragon Of The Outer Darkness

The Cardinal Crisis
Uranus stations direct in Aries - Dec. 14, 2012, Stunned parents grieve in shock in Newtown, Connecticut after the sudden news of a mass shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School that led to the deaths of 12 girls and eight boys - all either 6 or 7 years old. The murdered adults ranged in ages from 27 to 56 - killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school's beloved principal, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, Vicki Soto, a first-grade teacher and substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau. Police identified the gunman as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who apparently took his own life after he allegedly killed his mother and then 26 other at the school including young schoolchildren. Adam Lanza, who was born with Mercury in Aries had transiting Uranus in Aries turn direct Dec. 13-14 on his natal Mercury and on his Progressed Mars in Aries. Those were the triggers that led to his violent day. Investigators said Lanza first killed his mother Nancy at their home, then took her guns and made his way in her car to the elementary school wearing black fatigues and a military vest. After the shooting spree, authorities said Lanza was found dead next to three guns, a semi-automatic .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle and two pistols made by Glock and Sig Sauer. All the weapons belonged to his murdered mother. Lanza was reportedly taking medication as a child for Asperger's syndrome. The mass shooting shocked the nation as President Barack Obama ordered all American flags to be flown at half-mast.

 Winter Solstice Transits Of 2012


The Mayan Calendar
December 21, 2012

Prelude To The 5th World Age & 
Nine Dark Years?


The Grand Water Trines Of 2013:
Society Strikes Back


Jupiter Trine Saturn:
A False Sense Of Stock Market & Financial Security?

And Featuring,

The Pistis Sophia:
Jesus Christ Discourses On the Great Dragon Of The Outer Darkness

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

Peace & Goodwill To All Humanity

Praise & Glory Be To The Ineffable, IAO, The Immortal God

"...Once again Satan will be bound, universal peace will be established among men, and the Church of Jesus Christ will be delivered from all tribulations, although the Philistines would like to mix in the honey of malice and their pestilent seduction.

This will be near the seventh millenary, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ will no longer be trodden down by the infidels who come from "Aquilon" [the North]. The world will be approaching a great conflagration, although, according to my calculations in my prophecies, the course of time runs much further.

In the Epistle that some years ago I dedicated to my future spiritual son, Cesar Nostradamus, I declared some points openly enough, without presage. But here, Sire, are included several great and marvelous events which those to come after will see.

During this astrological supputation, harmonized with the Holy Scriptures, the persecution of the Ecclesiastical folk will have its origin in the power of the Kings of "Aquilon" [the North], united with the Easterners. This persecution will last for eleven years, or somewhat less, for then the chief King of "Aquilon" will fall.

Thereupon the same thing will occur in the South, where for the space of three years the Church people will be persecuted even more fiercely through the Apostatic seduction of one who will hold all the absolute power in the Church militant.

The whole people of God, the observer of his law, will be persecuted fiercely and such will be their affliction that the blood of the true Ecclesiastics will flow everywhere.

One of the horrible temporal Kings will be told by his adherents, as the ultimate in praise, that he has shed more of human blood of Innocent Ecclesiastics than anyone else could have spilled of wine.

This King will commit incredible crimes against the Church. Human blood will flow in the public streets and temples, like water after an impetuous rain, coloring the nearby rivers red with blood.

The ocean itself will be reddened by another naval battle, such that one king will say to another, Naval battles have caused the sea to blush.

Then, in this same year, and in those following, there will ensue the most horrible pestilence, made more stupendous by the famine which will have preceded it. Such great tribulations will never have occurred since the first foundation of the Christian Church. It will cover all Latin regions, and will leave traces in some countries of the Spanish.

Thereupon the third King of "Aquilon" [the North], hearing the lament of the people of his principal title, will raise a very mighty army and, defying the tradition of his predecessors, will put almost everything back in its proper place, and the great Vicar of the hood will be put back in his former state.

But desolated, and then abandoned by all, he will turn to find the Holy of Holies destroyed by paganism, and the old and new Testaments thrown out and burned.

After that Antichrist will be the infernal prince again, for the last time. All the Kingdoms of Christianity will tremble, even those of the infidels, for the space of twenty-five years.

Wars and battles will be more grievous and towns, cities, castles and all other edifices will be burned, desolated and destroyed, with great effusion of vestal blood, violations of married woman and widows, and sucking children dashed and broken against the walls of towns.

By means of Satan, Prince Infernal, so may evils will be committed that nearly all the world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events, some rare birds will cry in the air: Hui, Hui [Today, today] and some time later will vanish.

After this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and golden age. Hearing the affliction of his people, God the Creator will command that Satan be cast into the depths of the bottomless pit, and bound there.

Then a universal peace will commence between God and man, and Satan will remain bound for around a thousand years, and then all unbound.

All these figures represent the just integration of Holy Scriptures with visible celestial bodies, namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and others conjoined, as can be seen at more length in some of the quatrains. 

I would have calculated more profoundly and integrated them even further, Most Serene King, but for the fact that some given to censure would raise difficulties. Therefore I withdraw my pen and seek nocturnal repose."

~ Epistle to French King Henri II by mundane astrologer Michel Nostradamus, from Salon-de-Crau in Provence, France, 27 June 1558 

In my astrological analysis of the Cardinal Crisis Years, it has long been my forecast that the decade of the Twenty-Tens would be a time of historic transition for the world.

Over the past several years, it also has been my intention to help people understand and to see the trends and changes that were to take place.

As a forecasting astrologer it is my duty to use my expertise in the best manner possible to forecast the atmosphere, trends and global climates to come by means of the priori-based science of Astrology.

We are now in the cardinal crisis decade. The challenges that exist for billions of people worldwide are substantial; given the complete and systemic failure in stewardship by a dying oligarchic generation and their disruptive baby boomer spawn over the last 44 years.

Because of outright corruption, greed, theft, lies, ideology, mental illness and empty spirituality of the outgoing oligarchy and establishment, the post-modern world has lost great opportunities and has now passed by an important crossroad in time.

It has been my assessment that the years from 2012 to the early-to-mid 2020s will be a critical span of time with challenges and changes that could have been easily prevented if not for the mental illness and outright stupidity of this dying oligarchy and the elderly boomer elite establishment.

As some of you know, I am no fan of the generations born in the 1920s and 1940s. Those generations have led the world into a complex and messy morass which will require substantial resources and valuable time to repair, reform and clean up. In time, many others will come to see the truth of what I have been saying about both generations - and history will undoubtedly damn them all.

I have been warning of all this in my prior forecasts of world transits and their inclinations.

The configurations of the planetary bodies and stars relative to Earth over the next 9-10 years contain a dangerous transitional mix: economic crisis, conflicts, social unrest, street violence, revolutionary sentiments, civil upheaval along with natural and man-made disasters. These are presaged by planetary and stellar positions, their aspects, configurations and eclipses.

The year 2012 and the fears surrounding the 'end of the world' has, for years, been a place-setting for rampant speculation on a single day-event hawked by fear-mongers and the uninitiated to sell popular culture mania using the vehicle of the Mayan Long Count Astrological Calendar.

It is my perspective that the Mayan calendar is really about our cardinal crisis decade - a decade I describe as an historic transitional era with a variety of generational-socio-economic-geopolitical shifts that gives way to a new global era - the Knowledge Age.

In this edition of Global Astrology, we look at the transits of the Winter Solstice of 2012

My seasonal winter forecast for is provided in Astromet Climate Outlook: Winter 2013

Also, we read my mundane analysis of The Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012 - Prelude To The 5th World Age & Nine Dark Years: A Mundane Forecast.

The worldwide Water Trines of 2013 are explored with its influences on The Grand Water Trines of 2013: Society Strikes Back?

As part of the water trines, we look at the U.S. and European economies in Jupiter Trine Saturn: A False Sense of Stock Market and Financial Security?

And, we feature more of the words of Jesus Christ in the holy scriptures of the Pistis Sophia in Jesus Christ Discourses on the Great Dragon Of The Outer Darkness.

All that and more - in this edition of Global Astrology.

Recent World Events
Judge Dismisses $25 Billion AIG lawsuit

U.S. Regulators Warn Firms On Mortgage Ads

The Winter Solstice Chart of December 21, 2012

Forecast By 
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

The fated day that millions of people worldwide have been in expectation will have arrived on Friday, December 21, 2012. We examine my findings on the Mayan Calendar further in this edition of Global Astrology.

For now, let's look at the transits of the winter solstice of 2012.

Sun Enters Capricorn
Dec. 21, 2012

Washington D.C.
click on Winter Solstice 2012 Mundane Chart to enlarge

The Winter Solstice arrives on Friday, December 21, 2012 with the entry of the Sun into tropical Capricorn at 6:11 a.m., EST.

The rulers of the next three months are in this order - Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

The chart shows stress with electric Uranus in Aries positioned in the Fourth House along with the transiting Moon in Aries. The depositor of the Fourth House in Aries is Mars, which is transiting in tropical Capricorn and placed in the Second House of Finances in the winter ingress chart.

This speaks to the 'fiscal cliff' negotiations between the White House and Congress. It appears from the chart that a deal will be struck in the common new year to avoid the fiscal cliff - however; with Uranus in Aries in the Fourth, along with the Moon, the implications may be short-lived due to events overseas in Europe.

Moreover, the stresses from the recent violent year will have made the coming holiday season subdued going into the common new year of 2013. The Capricorn Sun in the winter solstice chart is perfecting to a square to Uranus in Aries.

This signifies a period of major re-adjustments to be made over the winter of 2013.

Circumstances in the lives of others can be disrupted by economic, political and cultural forces beyond the control of the individual. This shows that over the winter months of 2013 there will be inconsistent behaviors among some people which impacts social affairs and personal/professional relationships.

There can be inconsistent handling of children by adults under the influence of transits during the winter season. It is important to mind the emotional and physical care of children during the winter.

Under a cardinal Sun-Uranus square individuals can also display double-standards, where they demand freedom for themselves, but simultaneously expect others to adopt strictly to duty and responsibility.

The Sun-Uranus square during Winter 2013 indicates a need to avoid unreliable people, as friendships with eccentric and/or unstable people will not be in the individual's best interests.

Uranus' position in the Fourth House speaks to shifts in emotions. There is a strong desire to act in the personal sphere, affecting families, friends and personal relationships. Be mindful of unusual disruptions on the part of family members over the next three months.

The Moon's placement, along with Uranus in the fourth house can bring about quirky, eccentric attitudes and actions. The emotional involvement in domestic and family affairs has increased interactions with parents, children, and friends in the domestic environment.

Strong maternal instincts are increased with this placement of the Moon in Aries in the fourth house. However, remember that Uranus' inclinations can also lead to compulsive disorders with actions  that are sometimes 'electric' and 'sudden.'

Business activities are favored in the home so the use of home to work on new projects can be positive throughout the winter season. The influences point to architecture, archeology, organic gardening, mining, as well as interests in precious metals and earth-related sciences.

Transiting Saturn's position in the 11th House of Scorpio in the winter solstice mundane chart reflects groups and organizations looking to repair damage. The sextile aspect from Saturn to transiting Pluto in Capricorn seeks to open up new opportunities but can also involve secrecy as part of deals.

Mercury rising in Sagittarius on the Ascendant of the mundane winter solstice chart shows an intelligent, but compromised attitude toward making progress toward accomplishment.

Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius; so the inclinations show agitated, nervous demeanors with know-it-all attitudes interfering with work efficiencies and personal relationships.

Venus rises as 'morning star' at 6-Sagittarius of the solstice chart signifying behind-the-scenes business and social activities including secret romances and self-indulgence after a stressful year. Venus opposes Jupiter, still retrograde (until Jan. 30, 2013) in Gemini.

The Venus-Jupiter opposition applies by two degrees showing financial and emotional extravagance along with insincere gestures of friendliness and maudlin sentiments.

With this opposition there are elements of hypocrisy among people in cultural, educational and religious sectors showing that involvement over the winter season may not produce lasting results.

Therefore, a special need for cooperation is needed to avoid evasion of responsibilities and work over January, February and March 2013.

Jupiter's detriment transit in Gemini is found in the 6th House of the mundane winter solstice chart. There is a YOD-aspect point from Saturn and Pluto's sextile to Jupiter in Gemini.

The YOD signifies the need for much better employment numbers and expanded economic and job opportunities for the general public.

The stress aspects to Jupiter, retrograde in Gemini here shows that there is a tendency to laziness and taking too much for granted. Promises made but not kept.

There will not be much change in the overall economic and societal status-quo over the winter season in the northern hemisphere, but spring into summer the opportunities are much more improved. Therefore winter 2013 should be spent planning extensively the second half of 2013.

The detrimental position of Jupiter in Gemini and the violent-prone position of Uranus in Aries further proves out my prior warnings for people to mind themselves when in crowds due to the sickness of others who threaten and sometimes do perpetuate mass acts of violence.

Gatherings at malls, movie theaters and schools, among other sites where people and families are grouped together, can serve - under these unfavorable planetary transits - as dangerous places to be.

Jupiter will remain in detriment until late June 2013, but Uranus will transit in tropical Aries for another 5.5 years, so it is incumbent upon people to mind their surroundings when out in public or traveling.

People will tend to be short-sighted due to the influence of the 'me generation' establishment that wants everything 'now.' Expect opportunities to remain on the thin side over the winter season as the outgoing establishment of the baby boomer generation, along with their negative angst, begins to lift from the atmosphere in 2013.

The winter solstice chart shows a need for prudence, honesty and avoidance of those who waste valuable time. The season also calls for readjustment in how one views the world and for changes in personal lives that have been disrupted by forces outside of one's personal control.

Personal attitudes, negativity, short-sightedness, unreliable persons, short tempers, frustrations and impulsiveness are to be strictly avoided over the next three months.

Be calm and aware of your thoughts and emotions. The exercise of forethought and patience works best as you steadily progress toward meeting your objectives and goals.

The best way to apply the months of January, February and March 2013 is to work toward making positive changes and adjustments of methodologies into the new astrological year, which officially begins in mid-March 2013.

The Winter of 2012-2013 therefore calls on individuals, families, friends, groups and organizations to weed out the outworn from their lives so as to position for the new opportunities that will present themselves with the Grand Water Trines of 2013. You can read my forecast on the grand water trines of 2013 further in this edition of Global Astrology.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to always think favorably of the well-being of others and to make plenty of room for compassion, love and forgiveness in your life.

Astromet Climate Outlook: Winter 2013

Forecast By 
Theodore White, astrometeorologist.sci

Astrometeorology, or astronomic climate and weather forecasting is my scientific methodology for forecasting weather based on geocentric planetary alignments that first originated in ancient Mesopotamia.

My method, called astrometeorology, was further developed by Greek, Arab and Renaissance astrologers; including the astrologers Claudius Ptolemy, Al-Kindi, Tycho Brahe and Joannes Kepler. In the 17th century a major effort to test astronomic forecasting of weather was conducted by John Goad.

 Goad discovered, to his amazement, that the Sun, Moon and planets did in fact correlate to climate and weather conditions of temperature, wind, precipitation and dry conditions. For instance, Goad proved that the cooling trends in specific regions between the geocentric alignments of the Sun and the planet Saturn were in fact true.

His hypothesis was supported by a number of tests that showed lower temperatures on the days when there were Sun-Saturn alignments that took place - especially when near the seasonal equinoxes - with astronomic causes in space forcing on biological life on earth by means of the climate.

The mechanics of what was discovered also showed that planetary modulations of the activity of the Sun along with the Moon's tidal forces on Earth's atmosphere proved that those who mastered the science and art of astrometeorology would be able to forecast the climate and weather.

U.S. Winter 2012-2013 Climate Outlook

The winter for much of much of the U.S. will be brief, drier-than-normal, but windier and colder than normal, according to my findings.

The winter season doesn't really get going until January 10-11, 2013 and will effectively end over North America on March 24, 2013.

In astrometeorology, the fourth house of any seasonal climate chart has chief rule over the weather. This means that ½ of the total weather influence is judged from the fourth house.

In this, the most important factor is any planet in the fourth house or the Imum Coeli (IC.) The sign that the planet (s) are in and the aspects they make are first judged.

According to my findings, there will be snow in the country during the winter season, but with the presence of Uranus Aries in the Fourth House, along with the Moon in Aries, the winter season will range from below average to variable precipitation - with sudden extreme temperature ranges - from warmer-than-normal to colder-than-normal featuring strong winds and sudden temperature drops. This will be common over the 2012-2013 winter.

Mercury's position on the Ascendant of the solstice chart in Sagittarius tends to dry weather but denotes the winds. This is measured by longer duration and in trine aspect to Uranus in Aries there are sudden squalls at a higher velocity. A very windy and cold winter is on the way.

Venus is at 6-Sagittarius and is rising on the Ascendant in the winter solstice chart. When it comes to temperature Venus has a moderating influence. For instance, previous weather was hot, Venus tends to cool it but if the previous weather was cold, then Venus tends to warm things up.

Here, in the winter solstice 2012 chart Venus is on the Ascendant indicating temperature so there is a moderating influence of the cold temperatures of extremes of Uranus and the cooling effects of Mercury's winds however, Venus' position in the winter solstice chart strengthens the forecast for a windy winter.

Dates Of Winter Precipitation

Jan. 9 -11 snow
Feb. 7-9 - snow

The coldest temperature drops of this winter will occur in February 2013 with the heaviest snows coming late in the season just in time for the Full Snow, or Full Hunger Moon which I have calculated will begin on February 25, 2015. Expect significant snowfall around February 25,26,27.

Astromet Advice For North American Farmers

The Midwest of the U.S will experience drier-than-normal climate conditions with less precipitation. What is indicated is a continuation of the extreme drought of 2012 into 2013.

Farmers are therefore advised to prepare for a windy, variable but drier than normal winter season with a warmer than normal spring season ahead. Mercury will transit Pisces overall from February 5 to April 14.

Unfavorable seed-planting period - from previous parched soil and soaking rains will be caused by the retrograde of Mercury in Pisces from February 23, 2013 to March 17, 2013. Seeds planted in the first three weeks of March will be lost because of poor soil nutrient conditions. Mercury will turn direct on March 17, 2013 and will then fully pass the degree of its prior retrograde on Feb. 23 by April 6, 2013.

Favorable seed-planting period begins - March 24, 2013 as Venus will head north by declination as it will have entered Aries two days earlier on March 22. Soil conditions will have improved enough ready for the New Aries Moon of April 10, 2013, the First Quarter Cancer Moon of April 18, the Full Worm Moon of April 25 and the Last Quarter Aquarius Moon of  May 10, 2013.

This leads into yet another dry growing season featuring blazing spring and summer temperatures with less-than-normal precipitation. I'm afraid to say that another dry and parched growing season is just ahead.

The Mayan Calendar
December 21, 2012
Prelude To The 5th World Age & 
Nine Dark Years?
A Mundane Forecast

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

"It will be completed, the 13th b'ak'tun.
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in
It will happen a sight
It is the display of B'olon-Yokte' in a great investiture."

- Tortuguero Monument 6 - A Mayan Astrological Prophecy

"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the Truth - that they might be saved. 

And for this reason God will send them a strong delusion, that they should believe the lie; that they all may be condemned who did not believe in the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

- 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

As the clock winds down to Friday, December 21, 2012, experts on the Mayan Long Count Astrological Calendar have been racing to convince the world that the Maya did not predict an "apocalypse" to happen on December 21st.

Notable as that date is, December 21 marks the ingress of the Sun into tropical Capricorn. This marks the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Some experts are now saying the Mayas did make prophecies, but not about the end of the world as commonly expected and wildly pronounced in mainstream society.

The ancient Maya mundane astrologers produced astrological calendars. They were made up of 394-year periods called Baktuns.

It is estimated that the astrologically-based calendar system started counting at the year 3114 B.C., and will have run through 13 baktuns - this is 5,125 years - with the 13th Baktun ending on 21 December 2012. 

In my mundane analysis of the Maya astrology I saw that the number 13 was a significant number for the Mayans. I also knew that the end of one cycle into another would be a milestone from my own calculations of planetary transits into the early 21st century.

The popularization of the Maya prophecies drowned out the advanced astrological scholarship that provided the key to understanding what the Maya mundane astrologers were saying about their own future and our own.

The speculation and greatly exaggerated claims of the 'end of the world' on December 21, 2012 obviously distresses people worldwide. It has given rise to uncertainty, fear and confusion which bemoans the fact just how poor education and knowledge of these matters have become embedded in our present time.

Here, in this edition of Global Astrology, I hope to explain what it is that I know so the average person, as well as those who have studied parts or all of the Mayan Long Count Astrological Calendar, are able to see for themselves the truths behind what the Maya mundane astrologers said about our entry into a new global era - what they called the 5th World Age.

A Brief History

It all started with a discovery known for decades about an ancient culture that invented what is known as the Maya Astrological Long Count Calendar. 

It was found on the Pacific coastal plain of Chiapas, Mexico, just a few miles from Guatemala's border. This is where the mundane astrological observatory of the Izapa civilization was located.

Some believe that the Izapa were a transitional culture between the older Olmec civilization and the emerging Maya; others believe that the Izapa were Olmecs.

For almost a thousand years the Long Count Calendar was recorded by the Izapa on monuments and ceramic vessels.

Most of the dates refer to local events, like the crowning of a specific king, but some of the Long Count monuments refer to mythological events that occurred at the beginning of the current “World Age” an age that we are currently experiencing.

According to the Popol Vuh - a compilation of the creation accounts of the K'iche' Maya of the Colonial-era highlands - we are now living - in the year 2012 - at the end of the 4th World Age. 

The Popol Vuh describes a false god that had tried to create a world -  failing three times. This was followed by a successful fourth world of matter, where physical humanity had found its place.

In the Long Count of the Maya's mundane astrologers, the previous world ended after 13 B'ak'tuns, that translates roughly to about 5,125 years.

The Long Count's "zero date" was set at a point in the past, marking the end of the third world age and the beginning of the 4th world age, that, according to my calculations, corresponds to 11 August 3114 BC using the Gregorian calendar.

Many mayanologists use the date of August 11, 3114 BC. However, it about is 26 days before September 6, 3114 BC. The difference comes about because the astrological calendar is different than the calendar archaeologists have used.

Most who have studied the Maya culture have a very limited knowledge of astrological dating. What is important to know is that the Maya Long Count Calendar is a direct measurement between Earth's daily cycles and the precessional cycles of the constellations and planets.

In astrological terms, the Maya long count calendar defines the astronomic cycles of the heavens applying the phenomena of the zenith's passing a celestial object. In mundane astrology - precession - the divergence of the sidereal and tropical zodiacs - is known as 'the precession of the equinoxes.'

The tropical and sidereal zodiacs met in the year 221 AD and move at a rate of one degree every 71.5 years because the tropical zodiac's starting point retrogrades, that's observable 'backward' movement from a view on Earth by means of the ecliptic. This is the precession of the equinoxes.

For the Maya astrologers, the precession of time meant to them that the 'fourth world age' we have experienced will have reached its end at the 13th B'ak'tun.

The Maya dated it as - that is a day, month and year which corresponds, by the Gregorian calendar, to our present era - 21 December 2012.

On that day, our Sun will enter 00-Capricorn. This is start of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer in the southern hemisphere.

According to the Maya astrologers, it also begins the transition years from the 4th World Age into the 5th World Age - or into that era of the Fifth Sun.

See here for more on the meaning of the 5th Sun in Mayan Mythology.

Popular Culture Misinterpretations

In 1957, the astronomer Maud Worcester Makemson wrote that "the completion of a Great Period of 13 b'ak'tuns would have been of the utmost significance to the Maya." 

Then, nine years later in 1966, Michael D. Coe authored, The Maya, where he wrote, "there is a suggestion ... that Armageddon would overtake the degenerate peoples of the world and all creation on the final day of the 13th B'ak'tun. Thus ... our present universe [would] be annihilated [in December 2012] when the Great Cycle of the Long Count reaches completion."

So, this is where the popular culture 'end of the world' rumors had its genesis.

Over the following decades the misconception of the Mayan Long Count Astrological Calendar gradually began to make its way into the world's public consciousness.

Coe himself was surely influenced by the recent nuclear mania of the mid-1960s when he wrote that. Coming off fears of nuclear annihilation in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 in the heightened state of Cold War between the then-Soviet Union and the United States.

American President John F. Kennedy announces the threat of the Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis in a televised address to the nation in October 1962.

Yet, Coe's 'suggestion,' his wild interpretation of the Mayan prophecy, had taken on a life of its own and was repeated down the years by others. It gained steam during the pop culture 'new age' mania years of the late 1980s and 1990s as many took Coe's 'suggestion' of the 'end of the world' at face value.

Over the years we have seen multiple disaster films heighten the fear of the 'end of the world' - ranging from explosive storms on the surface of the sun that could knock out power grids to "a galactic alignment that would destroy the universe," from the myth of 'man-made climate change,' to asteroids destroying the world, to the Earth's poles flipping the globe on its side.

The angst of the world ballooned on the decline of education, knowledge and spirituality as the rationalist materialism of  mainstream science failed to provide answers or comfort to a world increasingly in emotional, mental and spiritual distress.

In my mundane analysis of the world transits of the Twenty-Tens I found nothing in the Mayan, Aztec or the Mesoamerican prophecies that told of 'the end of the world' on the single day of December 21, 2012

The pop-culture mania is and was a modern construct. It was born, designed and advertised over the years to cause fear and to sell end-time products to the masses. This angst was born out of ignorance, confusion and fear of the unknown.

However, since the year 1999-2000 we have been living in stressful and changing times.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center - September 11, 2001

The list of negative and shocking events under the baby boomer establishment years have been quite bad to say the least:

The events of the U.S. General Election of November 2000 were followed by the horrid crimes of September 11, 2001 that led to a sudden invasion of Afghanistan, then an invasion of Iraq.

All this surely added to the growing world angst.


We saw the Indonesian Tsunami of 2004 and then the world spun into the Global Economic Crisis by 2007-08. That caused even more world angst in 2009 and 2010.


Then in 2011, Japan's Fukushima Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster struck.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explodes into the atmosphere

Fukushima's nuclear radiation spreads across the Pacific Ocean to the western United States and Canada

The year 2011 also saw the geopolitical crises spread across North Africa, with uprisings and revolutions in Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Libya.

Protest in Tunisia

We saw the Occupy Worldwide Movement with its economic/social upheaval in the United States and riots in Great Britain.

We witnessed the bombing and mass slaughter of innocents in Norway.


Then there's the social and political unrest striking nations like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy amid a continuing global economic crisis ushering in double-digit unemployment and forced austerity on tens of millions of people.


Into the calendar year of 2012 we've had extreme Droughts, Earthquakes, Wildfires and Floods.

United States

We've witnessed mass incidents of senseless violence: such as the recent mass shooting of schoolchildren and teachers at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School and the mass murders of men, women and children in Syria.


All this - and more - has produced surely enough angst and fear for just about everyone going into December 2012.

The Maya had an elaborate calendrical system that is no longer in use.

Their calendrical system ended with the fall of the Mayan civilization. Most of the remaining knowledge was destroyed by the Spanish during their conquest decades.

It was not until very recently, during the 1990s, that archaeologists had been able to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge of Mayan civilization - including the Maya astrological calendrical system.

When I came across the Mayan Calendar, I was still a teenager. As part of my astrological studies, I took it upon myself to familiarize myself with their astrological calendar system as part of my ongoing climate and weather forecasting work.

What I discovered was that the Maya mundane astrologers were very skilled mathematicians. This is clearly shown in their astronomic long count calendar system.

What amazes rationalist scientists today is that besides having a concept of the number zero, the Maya mundane astrologers also had a firm grasp of modular arithmetic and variable mathematics which is part and parcel of astrological forecasting work. The Maya also worked extensively in base 20. 

The Maya astrologers recorded the passage of time in a series of cycles, including 400-year chunks that they called Baktuns.

Now, it is these Baktuns that led to the rumors of an end-of-the-world catastrophe on Dec. 21, 2012 - for on that date, a cycle of 13 baktuns will have been completed.

December 21, 2012 is the end of the planetary grand cycle according to the Maya mundane astrologers. It is the end of the 13th Baktun and 13th Ahau - that is, a 5,200 year cycle that ends in our present lifetimes. 

The 2012 phenomenon comprises a wide range of eschatology beliefs, according to which cataclysmic or transformative events people expect will occur on 21 December 2012.

That date is regarded as an end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

Various astronomical alignments and numerological formula have been proposed as pertaining to this date, though none have been accepted by mainstream scholarship.

A 'new age' interpretation of this transition basically comes down to this:

That Dec. 21, 2012 marks the beginning of a time where the Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation - and that 2012 marks the beginning of a new era.

Others suggested that the December 21, 2012 date marks the end of the world by a wild means of scenarios based on ignorance and fear as I mentioned earlier.

Scholars from various conventional disciplines dismissed the idea of any cataclysmic events occurring in 2012.

Professional Mayan scholars said that predictions of impending doom are not found in any of the extant classic Maya accounts, and that the idea that the Long Count calendar "ends the world" in 2012 misrepresents Maya history and culture.

This is only partially true, as we will shall see later.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum you'll find rationalist astronomers and scientists who reject outright the science of metaphysics as 'pseudoscience.' This is clearly based on their own biases and ignorance that conflict with centuries-old knowledge of the influences and meanings of astronomical configurations on Earth history.

Rationalists, atheists and those with their own personal issues on spirituality, religion and metaphysics are just as bad as the pop culture fringe.

Neither has a single clue as to what they are talking about when it comes to 'predictions,' since they obviously are ignorant of the history of prophecy. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Consider this:

Some of the very same scientists; while rejecting the impact of celestial influences on the world then go right ahead - amazingly - to push fear-mongering of another flavor - the complete fantasy of "man-made global warming" - which, by the way, violates the very laws of physics that govern the Earth's climate.

So go figure.

Anyhow, the idea that the Maya Long Count Calendar meant 'the end of the world' is a popular misconception, but no one can dispute that 'something' is going on as we are living in very interesting times to say the least.

Rather, Dec. 21, 2012 marks the end of a world age.

The Maya long count astrological calendar announces this new age - and we are all about to enter straight into it.

My Astrological Analysis & Findings:
What The Maya Calendar Means

click on graphic to enlarge

The Maya Long County Astrological Calendar simply begins a new and important world cycle.

And the calendar encompasses much larger units than the Mayan B'ak'tun

December 21, 2012 marks the conclusion of a B'ak'tun - a period of time in the Mesoamerican Long Count Astrological Calendar that was used in Central America prior to the arrival of Europeans. 

Although the Long Count was most likely invented by the Olmec; it has become closely associated with the Mayan civilization, whose classical period lasted from 250 to 900 AD.

Their writing system has been deciphered. This means that a corpus of their written and inscribed material has survived before the European conquest.

Unlike the 52-year Calendar Round still used today among the descendants of the Maya, the ancient Astrological Long Count was linear and cyclical.

It kept time roughly in units of 20 - as 20 days made a Uinal and where 18 uinals (360 days) made a Tun.

Twenty (20) Tuns made a K'atun, and 20 K'atuns (144,000 days or roughly 394 years) made up a B'ak'tun. 

So, the Mayan date of represents 8 B'ak'tuns, 3 K'atuns, 2 Tuns, 10 Uinals and 15 days.

The Mayans used three separate calendars.

The Long Count was principally used for mundane historical purposes, since it can define any date in the past and the future.

The Haab was a civil calendar based on a year of 360 days consisting of 18 periods of 20 days. Five days were added at the end of the Haab year to approximately synchronize it with the solar year. 

The Tzolkin calendar was used for ceremonial purposes, which had 20 periods of 13 days.

The Tzolkin calendar went through a complete cycle every 260 days.

The significance of this cycle confuses non-astrologers, but as a professional astrologer I knew that it was directly connected to the orbit of Venus - which has a period of 263 days.

See Mundane astrologer William Stickevers on -> The Meaning Of the Mayan End Date Within The Context Of Modern Astrology.

The Haab and Tzolkin dates did not have a year component; however, a combined Haab and Tzolkin date specifies a unique day within a 52-year cycle.

These notations were used to record time in a previous cycle, say thousands of years into the past. The calendar also notes the cycles of the planets Mars and Venus.

Symbols of gods head the top of a particular cycle. Each cycle had its own patron deity that represented an 'age' or an 'era.'

And the deity that worried the Maya mundane astrologers the most was a dark deity who they said appears in the transition years between the 4th World Age - an era that ends on 21 December 2012 - into a new one: the Fifth World Age.

Prelude To The 5th World Age
Nine Dark Years?
The Return of Bolon Yokte K’uh 
Destructive Deity Of The Maya

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

An inscription on Tortuguero Monument 6 that refers to a Maya Prophecy reads:

"tzuhtzjo:m uy-u:xlaju:n pik
chan ajaw u:x uni:w
uhto:m il
ye'ni/ye:n bolon yokte
'ta chak joyaj"

It is translated into English as such:

"It will be completed, the 13th B'ak'tun.
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in
It will happen, a sight
It is the display of B'olon-Yokte' in a great investiture."

When I read planetary transits, there are times when I see visions.

I am very careful when viewing any visions so as not to misinterpret them, so I check everything carefully by the science and mathematics of Astrology.

It is by this very sure astronomic method that I either confirm or dispel that which I think I may know, or may not know of the future.

One of the key things to remember about an astrologer is how we view the natural world, which includes the heavens. The constellations and their component stars rise and move in a leftward turn as the planets move rightward against the grain of the stars.

In-between this motion an astrologer can 'read the future' seeing things in the same way as a film editor cutting a movie in time.

The divergence of the sidereal and tropical zodiacs is called the precession of the equinoxes, and it is by this means that mundane astrologers are able to forecast deep into the future. More on precession and the Maya calendar down below.

Now, because of the wild speculations of the year 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, I have been very careful to only say what I know to be true.

This is never by means of conjecture, nor by means of mere opinion or of popular 'new age' culture, but those prophecies that are only confirmed by the configurations of the planets and stars relative to the Earth.

For many years, I have known that a challenging and dark time was ahead for the world.

That much I knew by my technical astrological analysis of world transits into the future from my long-range mundane work back in the 1980s and 1990s on the world transits of the early 21st century.

To me, the Mayan Long Count Calendar and references to 2012 are clearly about the planets of our solar system and the inclinations on us here, on Earth.

For many years, I quietly studied ancient prophecies in-depth and matched them to world transits I knew very well: those associated with Biblical prophecy; those of the French mundane astrologer Michel Nostradamus and the prophecies and discourses of Jesus Christ in the scriptures of the Pistis Sophia.

All are tied to the revolutions of the stars and planets - this is the unbroken rule I follow - that any and all prophecies must be confirmed by the configurations and positions of the stars and planets. That is the sure methodology.

The Maya mundane astrologers knew how to track the positions of the stars and planets as well as the precession of the equinoxes far into our own era and the positions and configurations of the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 are indeed special.

Maya Mystery Prophecy

Near a Comalcalco Ruin at Tortuguero, located on the Mexican Gulf coast state of Tabasco, a stone tablet was placed into a wall with its writing facing inside the wall - but not on the outside which would have been seen by others walking by. 

What is known as Tortuguero Monument, was erected in 669 AD, apparently to simply commemorate a building known as a pibnaah that was built about160 years earlier, in the year 510 AD.

For non-scholars, a 'pibnaah' is translated as a kind of steam bath or a sweat-house.

The construction of a pibnaah at this prophecy site makes reference to a "something' event that is to occur at the end of the 13-baktun world era, that is by December 2012. A type of "darkness" that comes on the world by the descent of a negative god - his name is Bolon-Yokte K'uh.

The mystery of this Maya prophecy is that there is also damage to some of the prophetic glyphs.

In the early-to-mid 2000s, during my mundane examination of the Twenty-Tens as it related to the Maya Astrological Long Count Calendar; I spent time following the communications of a German group of specialists who focused on the mysterious Tortuguero site. 

You see, during the 1990s to about 2006 many scholars and archaeologists were saying that there was nothing in the Maya calendar about the physical end of the world in 2012.

But what I knew and focused on was that the Mayan mundane astrologers forecasted that a significant transitional era was to take place after 21 December 2012.

The Maya had discovered what the Egyptians had missed and that was that they did not know about the future conjunction of the winter solstice - the ingress of our Sun in tropical Capricorn on Dec. 21, 2012 - with the Galactic Center in sidereal Sagittarius and the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

I made the connection from this to my own astrological forecasts that the 'cardinal crisis' years of the Twenty-Tens was to be a major transitional decade between one global era into another. The Maya astrologers had calculated this long before I was even a thought.

John Jenkins is his Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 writes that,

"... the Maya were apparently the Ancients who were clued into the conjunction of the December solstice Sun with the Milky Way and the Galactic Center as a precession-defined era of transformation for humanity.

Although the extreme meridian transits of Orion were most certainly interesting to ancient astronomers, the 2012 solstice-Galaxy alignment is a more compelling Zero Time of the precessional growth cycle. Why?

Because of the role played by the Galactic Center in the astronomical alignment of 2012. Since this specific idea is not found in the Egyptian material, yet is the highest expression of Maya cosmological science and universal precession wisdom, an Egyptian source of Maya knowledge, as some researchers believe, is not likely.

In other words, the Maya were on to something the Egyptians missed. The Maya tapped into an understanding of the cosmos that is beyond what the Egyptians accomplished - and they did it independently."

Maya mundane astrologers are shown here at work forecasting in this inscription of the Madrid Codex. In their astrological calendar, the Maya astrologer-priests noted the end of a planetary cycle of 13 Baktuns signifying December 2012. It is the end of one cycle transitioning into an important new world age. Unlike rationalists who take a linear view of history; mundane astrologers have a cyclical view of Time and world history. This means that in the mundane perspective, history's events repeats itself at given moments of cyclical astronomic time. This is how prophecies come about, but there is more. There is a prophecy when history will not repeat itself and that happens sometime in the approaching 5th World or 5th Sun Age, according to the Maya mundane astrologers.
Image: Raíces/Arqueología Mexicana

The year 2012 was significant seeing the planetary configurations I had noted in my analysis of the Twenty-Tens in my own forecasting work.

I think one of the reasons why some current scholars rejected the Maya' prophetic warnings was because they were affected by the popular culture mania on the Mayan Calendar.

But I don't allow pop culture to interfere with my mundane work. I simply keep on working. Follow the thread and just see what is there and never presume anything - that's my rule.

Anyway, back in 2005-2006 I heard from a friend who wrote me that there was this German group looking into Tortuguero, located in the state of Tabasco in Mexico. It seems that a cement factory had been built on top of this site back in 1981, but there are still some ancient ruins left.

Tortuguero Monument 6 was discovered in 1915, and in the late 1970s a scholar named Dr. Berthold Riese had published studies on the mysterious inscriptions found there. Since I read German, I dived into these papers. More on that later.

A Dark & Dangerous Transitional World Era Ahead?
Tortuguero Monument 6, with a reference to the end of the baktun in 2012. 
Image: Literatura y Mundo Maya)

 The mundane astrologer Maya priests marked the  passage of a dark deity being that they called Bolon Yokte K'uh - a nine-pronged demon spirit-god who governs over conflict, social upheaval, wars, mischief, and disasters in creation.

The Maya mundane astrologers used his name to mark the end of the 13th Baktun - a world age that ends with the winter solstice of 21 December 2012.

Among the public little is known about Bolon Yokte K'uh. However, over years, I studied him in detail, in accordance with the esoterica of mundane astrology.

In my reading of British scholars Markus Eberl and Christian Prager, the prophecies related to Bolon Yokte K'uh are composed of the elements of "nine" - with the term 'OK-te' (a meaning said to be unknown) and "god." 

There is confusion in the classical period inscriptions which suggests that his name was already ancient, but unfamiliar to contemporary scribes.

However, the name Bolon Yokte' does appear in inscriptions from Palenque, Usumacinta and La Mar - and all of them depict Bolon Yokte' as a "god of war, conflict and as lords of the night or lords of the underworld."

In one image, Bolon Yokte' is portrayed with a rope tied around his neck and in another, holding what appears to some kind of incense bag. It is my contention that the incense bag holds a variety of diseases that are spread worldwide.

These images are significances of some kind of sacrifice to end a period - a cycle of years that leads to the start of another cycle of years. What is in-between are the dark transitional years.

Based on observations of modern Mayan rituals, Gronemeyer and MacLeod claimed that the image refers to a celebration where a person portraying Bolon Yokte' K'uh was wrapped in ceremonial garments and paraded around. 

They noted that the association of Bolon Yokte' K'uh with the end of the 4th world age of B'ak'tun 13 appears to be so important on this inscription that it superseded all the other typical celebrations.

If we view the state of our planet in 2012, we have seen that what I call the 'cardinal crisis years,' certainly shows the signs of a world in a dangerous state of transition. 

The Maya mundane astrologers believed that we - living in 2012 - are in a 4th World Age and that the previous three worlds all faced cataclysmic events that ended each one with a kind of  'phoenix' type event that gave birth to the succeeding world age.

Those events centered on the elements of fire, water and ice. They are associated with natural and man-made disasters caused by evil spirits running amok in the world, according to my findings.

Some people also forgot this mysterious figure - called a 'comet-like asteroid' (but that was never confirmed) which was filmed by the Hubble Telescope.

It was headed straight for the Earth when the Hubble captured the image in January 2010:

According to Paku's Maya Diaries - 

"From his early learnings at the Sacred Calmecac House of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Lord Pakal Ahau learned the divine mythology of many Maya and Aztec deities, among them the interesting character named God Bolon Yok’te K’u. 

Pakal explains that this Maya God represents the whole solar system with the nine planets orbiting our Sun. 

This is an original explanation that has not been described before by contemporary scholars, however our Pakal explains, “In the unusual Revelation Prophecy of 2012 written by Chilam Balam of Tizimin, it says clearly that the Nine (Bolon Yok’te K’u) Gods shall arise in sorrow, alas… and I believe we are expecting a systematic reorganization of the Solar System as a whole.”

This astronomic reasoning makes a lot of sense, in spite of anthropocentric 2012 theories which are only focusing in our planet Earth.

In addition, the Tortuguero Monument 6 Prophecy reveals a descend of the Nine Support Gods (currently our interpretation of the nine celestial objects included in our solar system), which will be influenced by the driving force of the Sun. 

We think the Maya calendar adjusts every 13 Bak’tuns to a greater degree and that would be the main reason Mayas could not calculate past the final point of with proper precision. 

The calculations needed a longer period of astronomical observations to elaborate a new calendar after 2012 with new predictable adjustments, as in modern day scientists try to resolve the same enigma of our solar system reorganization in space. 

We leave the reader with the image below in which Mayas described graphically Bolon Yok’te K’u instructing the other Gods in their sidereal functions. You can notice the main God Bolon to the right and the rigid hierarchy of the other Gods."

According to the astrological prophecy, our present 4th World Age will close on December 21, 2012 with the start of new 5th World Age on the horizon.

But that 5th World Age is preceded by 9 transitional years.

The Maya were said to be knowledgeable about world ages by marking the long-term movements of the planets. As they were mundane astrologers who observe and measure the cycles of stars and planets to project their forecasts long into the future.

Some people have made the assumption that there would be a kind of intergalactic alignment of our solar system and its central Sun to the Womb of our Galaxy - the Milky Way.

This so-called 'womb' is signified as a new beginning - that of the Fifth World Age by the time of our Sun's ingress into Capricorn.

The Maya creation story goes something like this:

On August 11, 3114 BC, a new Solar Age began and that the 'Lord of The Sun' was reborn. In these creation stories, these 'lord deities' always attend the rebirths of a new global age.

The one associated with December 2012 includes one of these lord deities, that of Bolon Yokte K’uh, who is closely associated with war, conflicts, the underworld, darkness, death, plagues, famine, and natural disasters such as major storms and earthquakes.

It is Bolon Yokte K'uh who is said to be present during this transition from one world age to another.

These are what the Maya astrologers called 'Creation Events.'

Bolon Yokte K'uh is seen in the image below that was inscribed on a ceramic.

Called the Vessel of the Seven Lords - it represents our present 13th Baktun cycle which ends on 21 December 2012.

Bolon Yokte is the God of Nine Strides (or as the God of Numerous Strides, as 'Bolon,' which means 'nine' is also used to mean "many") Referred to as B'olon Yookte' K'u, or B'olon Okte' K'uh, where 'K'uh' means 'deity,' he has also been called 'Ah Bolon Yocte of Nine Paths.' 

This dark god has an association with the underworld, conflicts, wars, insurrections, disasters and social unrest amid dangerous transition years along with accompanying celestial warning signs of eclipses, planetary alignments that signal and natural disasters featuring major storms, floods, droughts, famine and earthquakes. 

Bolon Yokte appears at the end of Baktuns, or ages, and will be present at the next transitional age, or 'creation,' starting on 21 December of the year 2012. 

Other translations of his name I found are the 'God of The Nine Steps'; the 'Nine-Footed God'; and the Jaguar-Footed-Tree. This is because the word 'bolon' or 'balan' (the number 9) was used by the Maya as a pun for balam, or jaguar. Bolon Yokte was seen at the same time as nine individuals and as a collective god. There are various interpretations linking Bolon Yokte to the public return to Earth of demonic aliens and UFOs.

A translation of the prophetic text from Tortuguero directly points to the date of December 21, 2012 as the end of the 4th World Age.

I interpreted a section of this text to read as follows:

 “At the end of 13 Bak'tuns, on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin,; 'something' occurs when Bolon Yokte descends.” 

There is a verb glyph that describes what happens, but it has been purposely effaced in my opinion; so it was replaced with the word "something." 

However, when we see that the dark Lord Bolon Yokte clearly shown; I know that the implications of the Maya mundane astrologers are quite clear:

It isn't a good one.

So, this means that the year 2012 was believed by Maya mundane astrologers as being a very important year for Earth as it begins a transitional period of years featuring the very real potential for conflicts, famine, disasters and wars - all by means of underworld figures and/or the Lords of the Underworld.

One thing any serious reader on the Mayan Long Count Calendar and their prophecies will want to know is that by symbolizing conflicts, wars and the underworld, Bolon Yokte K'uh is a god that is supposed to be present during such world historical markers as 'creation events' - this again, is a reference to the Creation event of in 3114 BC, as seen on the Vase of the Seven Gods. 

But, to the average person, what does it all mean that a 'creation lord' is seen on the next, you know, the one that represents our era of 2012 AD?

Some scholars have said that an incomplete text on Tortuguero Monument 6 just doesn’t say much of anything. 

However, a problem among many Maya scholars, anthropologists and archaeologists is that they lack mundane astrological knowledge.

They tend to forget the cyclical view of history that astrologers know directly connects planetary configurations and their cycles to Earth history.

But, even here, some underestimate what is still quite obvious:

That the mere presence of Bolon Yokte K'uh directly points out that the Maya mundane astrologers thought of the year 2012 AD as a 'creation year' - basically a kind of a world reboot, a restart - opening up a major transition cycle from one global era into a new one.

Ancient Astrological Data & Importance of The Venus Transits

In my classical studies of the history of Astrology one of the fascinating things I learned was about the scholar-king, Ashurbanipal, who was King of Assyria from 668 BCE.

His ravenous thirst for knowledge led him to seek, collect and organize historic tablets of clay, wood and wax to add to his giant library. His collection became a time-capsule for Mesopotamian cultural and intellectual achievements.

I learned that Ashurbanipal's massive library was discovered in the year 1853. It was found to contain thousands of tablets that were shipped to the British Museum in London where they were repaired, organized and then translated into English. I digested everything I could for years.

The contents of the library's tablets were found to be mostly on Astrology, omen literature, divination, ritual texts, medical formulas, dream books and also included the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Discovered among the thousands of tablets in Ashurbanipal’s library at other archaeological sites in Mesopotamia were two distinct collections. One collection was of texts that listed a wealth of 
astronomical events and star positions.

Another collection found were a set of prophetic tablets called the Enuma Anu Enlil - that is the book of Anu (the God of Heaven) and Enlil (the god of Earth).

The Enuma Anu Enlil is composed of 68 to 70 tablets with 7,000 omens. 

It is the primary ancient astrological collection - essentially a rich compilation of astrological interpretations of very diverse astronomical phenomena from ancient Mesopotamia organized around 1000 BCE. It contains astrological information that dates as early as the 17th century BCE.  

Obviously, from the dates and voluminous contents of the Enuma Anu Enlil it becomes a moot point that the science of Astrology had developed over many centuries. The astrology contained in the collection were mainly concerned with the affairs of the king, the state and the climate and weather.

With the exception of the king’s personal affairs, the entire body of data was all about Natural astrology. 

Those who produced these rich data-dense interpretations were apparently led by 2-3 master mundane astrologers. They organized their teams with a master and his apprentice.

The master was versed in astrology and astronomy. The apprentice was a technical worker, a stellar cartographer (astronomer) whose job it was to systematically record and map all the astronomical data observed from the skies.

The master astrologers and stellar cartographers maintained what amounted to an unbroken watch of the skies. I discovered that they used sighting devices and water-clocks to measure the positions, the timing and configurations of celestial events like the rising, setting, conjunctions and oppositions of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars.

Any configurations the master astrologers saw as signs or omens, they first interpreted and then reported personally to the king himself.

These were mundane astrologers who also served as principal advisors to royal courts. The king fully supported them and their mundane institutions of professional astrologers lasted well into the Second Century BCE.

From what I could determine, the tablets of the Enuma Anu Enlil were organized in this way: 

 The initial 22 tablets focused exclusively with the transits of the Moon in all of its phases and appearances; its eclipses and so on. The following 18 tablets were based on the activity and observed condition of the Sun.

Then came 9 tablets of Astrometeorological data with weather omens and their mundane climate interpretations based on meteorological phenomena like clouds, storms, thunder and fog.

In these tablets are listed the combinations of planetary appearances, their alignments, along with their risings and settings.

The mundane astrologers numbered the days into a month where a sighting occurred and each had specific omens attached to the sightings that interpreted their social, economic and meteorological meanings.

For instance, lunar eclipses were associated with winds, lightning, thunder, and earthquakes. The eclipses of the Sun were considered to portend sinister events to come, like invasions and the destruction of people and crops. Mercury stimulated economic health by means of commerce and trade, and also forecasted damaging winds.

The planet Venus could bring prosperity or destruction of crops by wind and flood depending on its placement and configuration. 

Jupiter was considered a positive planet that brought about beneficial rains and successful harvests. 

However, Mars brought conflict, intrigue, war and plague. Saturn's configurations inclined toward greater wars, fierce cold storms, widespread drought, poverty and famine.

The remaining tablets detailed phenomena on individual planets, the constellations 
and stars.

The oldest part of the Enuma Anu Enlil focused on a single planet - Venus.

Called The Venus Tablets that belonged to the Babylonian King Ammisaduqa.

These tablets are all astrology and contains a full astrological text that lists - in great detail - the transits and cycles of the planet Venus. 

They expound on Venus’ first and last sightings above the horizon which is the same phenomena that the Maya astrologers recorded in their own codices basing the transits of Venus as a foundation for their own astrological calendrical systems.

For instance, a full synodic cycle of Venus, that is the cycle between the Sun and Venus, takes 584 days to complete.

The planet Venus

The rising and setting of Venus relative to the Sun from geocentric observation from Earth is what we call 'morning star' and 'evening star.'

The Mesopotamian Venus tablets, like those of the Maya astrologers who came 2,000 years later, saw Venus phases as having various influences on Earth - on rainfall, or drought that impacts a population's food supply as well as the geopolitical effects, the outcome of wars and the king’s formal and personal affairs.

The Venus tablets proves that by since 1900-1600 BCE the science of astrology had become 
an advanced systematic and richly applied body of knowledge.

The Dresden Codex of the Maya contains similar elaborate tables that compute Venus’ 584-day synodic cycle to the Sun.

The Maya provided specific astrological delineations for the five eastern morning star risings of  Venus. Additional codices and inscriptions also refer to the importance of Venus and its synodic cycle to all humanity.

There were two recent major Venus Transits across the face of the Sun spread 8 years apart. One was in June 2004 and the other took place this past June.

Both those Venus transits were warnings of the end of the world age, but few people actually cared enough to listen and take heed.

Prophetic Mystery of Maya Tortuguero Monument 6 & The Celestial Mechanics Of Global Precession Prophecy

The German epigrapher Sven Gronemeyer's examination in 2004 took on the Mayan Calendar mystery.

Gronemeyer had translated the Mayan Tortuguero Monument 6 into six sections. According to him, the first section concerned the birth and enthronement of Bahlam Ajaw.

The second section he translated reads as something along the lines of 'star wars' or 'the wars of planets,' signified by the rising of planet Venus as 'morning star.'

Curious, in late November and December 2012, the planet Venus has indeed been a 'morning star' and will have previously completed a conjunction to Saturn, transiting along the Via Combusta, or 'fiery path,' in the constellations of sidereal Libra and tropical Scorpio.

In the second section, this transitional time also mentions the 'decapitation of prisoners' while the third section describes a war against a neighbouring town - 'Comalcalco' and a 'harvest of white-flower souls.'

 Gronemeyer's fourth section describes some unknown events because he found some of the glyphs damaged.

But, in the fifth section, Gronemeyer describes a kind of ritual burning of a important house and the setting up of images of Bahlam Ajaw with a ritual of measuring.

This immediately reminded me of the prophecies of the ancient mundane astrologer Daniel:

The phrase "abomination of desolation" is noted in three texts in the prophetic Book of Daniel.

In biblical and rabbinical Hebrew, the word "abomination" is a term for an idol.

All these references are within a context of astrological apocalyptic visions, such as this one found in Daniel 9:27 -

"And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

Daniel 11:31 says, 

"And forces shall stand on his part, and they shall profane the sanctuary, even the fortress and shall take away the continual burnt-offering, and they shall set up the abomination that maketh desolate.

While Daniel 12:11 adds, 

"And from the time that the continual burnt-offering shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand and two hundred and ninety days."

Daniel's prophecy deals with a literal, end-times Antichrist. Christians consider the 'abomination of desolation' prophecy of Daniel that is mentioned by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14 as referring to a world event in the future.

Getting back to Gronemeyer and the Mayans:

We find the context of a final section that begins with three Mayan glyphs before the right hand side wing and continues through the wing. 

What follows is Gronemeyer's translation just below his drawing:
The right wing of Tortuguero Monument 6 - a prophecy to the end of the 13th Baktun, or December 2012
 Drawing courtesy of Sven Gronemeyer

"7 days, 7 Uinals, 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns - previously it happened. 
On 8 Chuen 9 Mak, it was completed for re-birthing; the pibnaah of Ahkal K'uk. 
It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. 

Then it will happen - darkness and Bolon-Yokte will descend to the...?"

But in this Maya prophecy there are also heroes.

It is prophesied that a team of heroes from a generation in power will fight back against the 'lords of the underworld' who are said to fear the heroes for their honesty, conviction, commitment and valor.

The heroes bravely descend straight into the underworld to take on Bolon Yokte K'uh - and not to simply fight back - but to conquer the lords of the underworld.

The Mayan creation story has referenced them and said that the heroes will be successful if they learn to also fight any darkness and fear which lives within themselves.

The Mayan prophecies, by means of their future forecast myths describe this descent of heroes into the underworld of six houses to conquer the lords of death; while at the same time conquering their own fears.

The prophecies of the future Maya stories speak of an underworld that is made up of nine levels. These relate to the Nine Lords which represent the fears of the night.

These so-called 'night lords' are exactly the same as the Lord of The Nine Steps - that is Bolon Yokte K'uh. 

When the Spanish Conquest began, the Mayan people shifted to a calendar that was 20 times shorter.

The Spanish invaders learned of the astrological prophecies and in their Inquisition brought from Europe to the New World of the Americas the Spanish burned all the Maya codices they could find. 

Only four of mundane codices are known to have survived - these are the Dresden, Madrid, Paris, and Grolier codices.

The history says that at the time of the colonial years, some towns in the Yucatan possessed copies of a book named after one of the last great prophets called 'Chilam Balam,' or the 'jaguar priest.' The books were translated into European languages.

The Chilam Balam books tell accounts of history and prophecies.

One translator, however, found compelling evidence that some of the prophecies were originally prophecies concerning the end of the 13th Baktun - that is the date of 21 December 2012.

One of the major finds that led to the 'end of the world' attachments to the Mayan Calendar was said to be translated by Dr. Maud Makemson, an astronomer and linguist who translated the Chilam Balam of Tizimin where we read this prophecy:

" the final days of misfortune, in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen katuns on 4 Ahau, then the end of the world {age] shall come… I recount to you the words of the true gods, when they shall come." - Tizimin

The 'end of the world' is a meaning for 'end of the 4th World Age' which, for the Maya, meant a dangerous transition into the next age.

These transition times from one world period to another is what the Maya meant by the 'end of the world age.'

One major sign for me was last year, when I was working on my Astromet Spring Forecast For 2012.

I published my forecast in March 2012 for a major drought which came to pass earlier this year that struck the most important food crop known by the Maya - that's maize - what we call corn.

Midwestern United States

The presage reconfirmed by contention that the astrological configurations for this decade of the Twenty-Tens - and for 2012 specifically - is a global transition that is dangerous for a wide variety of reasons - but mainly because some people and their governments are corrupt and bad people.

The Maya astrologers were also astrometeorologists. They forecasted the climate and weather by astronomic means. That is also what I do.

I came to see history and the fall of empires over the centuries not only due to invasions, but because of climate change. That is how most civilizations ended and that is how the Mayan civilization ended - after three very deep droughts.

The association with the destruction of a record corn crop and that of people, as the Maya astrologers saw it, presaged a decade of resulting famine along with the geopolitical stresses, conflicts, wars and social upheavals that follow.

That is my forecast for the transitional years of the Twenty-Tens.

The Maya mundane astrologers viewed Time of the past and future as kind of global corkscrew of the movement of time, marked by signs of the planets and stars that return to bring about past events in a future era. The most dangerous of eras are the transitional years in-between them.

Again, this is an astrological view of history by means of the cyclical movements of the planets and stars relative to the Earth. For they are markers and signposts of time itself - telling what was and what is to come.

We can see this in how the Maya mundane astrologers wrote about their conception of time:

"It was, it will be, it is..."

They use these tenses in their creation tales. The more I read about them, the more I understood since I am also an astrologer who sees time as cyclical and not merely linear.

It is how the Maya astrologers saw everything in Time and in the history of the Earth and its inhabitants:

To know of the past, the present and the future manifests always ... in the moment of 'now.'

It is my contention that the Tortuguero monument and its inscription can be also about a major and significant singular event as shown below in a Classic Period Prophecy ceramic I studied in depth:

click on image to enlarge

In this Prophecy of the Tree, scholars noted the image of the skies and made connections to humanity's central place in the universe.

Some scholars of the Mayan Prophecies see the split in the tree branches in the image above as representing the dark rift of our own Milky Way Galaxy. 

The scorpion seen at the bottom of the world tree in the image above represents the constellation Scorpio; where we know that in December 2012 and into 2013 the planets Venus and Saturn along with the North Lunar Node, transit.

Notice that in the image above that a paw sticks out from behind the tree near the scorpion.

A scholar noted that this was a jaguar paw and someone suggested that it might be Xbalanque (little jaguar, one of the Hero Twins.) This paw also is present in two of the Paradise Trees recently discovered in the San Bartolo murals.

The celestial configurations associated with the sidereal and tropical zodiacs and the precession of the equinoxes are rife with global significance.

Jenkins states that, 

"There are three distinct locations marked on the Denderah Zodiac. These locations represent the cosmic or world center, the ecliptic center and the celestial center. The world center is interpreted from the fact that the jackal's back front foot is the center of the entire composition of the circular zodiac. 

Thus, the center of the composition is the metaphor, 'center of the world.'

Substantial research has been done to verify the concept that the center of the composition corresponds to a mandala as an image of the whole world, and it functions as a cosmic clock as well.

The principle intent of the circular zodiac is to depict the clock of precession and its meaning.

To accomplish that, the architects placed all the figures in such a way that they appear to be oriented in the direction of precessional time - the opposite planetary movement. 

They go counter clockwise as drawn, and as viewed looking upward at the whole ecliptic circle. The breast of Tauret-Draco is at the location of the central ecliptic axis.

This is a direct correspondence to the constellation Draco in the heavens. The architects placed the celestial axis at her breast, to suggest that she nurtures the solar system. 

Opposite the central position from the ecliptic axis position is the central axis of the celestial sphere. This angular relationship defines a specific time in the precessional period of 26,000 years, and a specific time of year. 

The date which can be worked out geometrically that precisely fits the data is the winter solstice of 561 BC, or the beginning of the Persian Empire under Cyrus I (the Great) after the death of Nebuchadnezzar."

In the Ptolemaic temple at Denderah, Tauret is shown in a central position between Ophiuchus and the Jackal walking on a plow (Little Dipper in Ursa Minor) on the circular zodiac. Ophiuchus is shown as Ra, the First Father of the Egyptians. The balance of Libra next to Ra, clearly says that the Judgment before Ra occurs in association with Libra and Ophiuchus. If the outcome is found for the Prince on a throne with a flail, shown above the balance between Ophiuchus and Draco (Ra and Tauret), then the spiral path of the Denderah zodiac moves through Virgo and on to Leo. But, if the outcome is found for the jackal, then the path goes back to the center through the "virgin" Tauret on its way back to Cancer. The princely path is not a shortcut to Leo, it is a proper passage if a rational judgment is in favor of the prince, as the reward of the "kingdom of heaven." On the other hand, if a material judgment is against the prince and for the jackal, then the whole spiraling process must start from the very beginning, or at the cosmogenesis point of origin.

"The Denderah zodiac is celebrating the recovery of self rule during the Ptolemaic years after the Assyrian and Babylonian period of tyrannical occupation. Cyrus I brought with him the celestial mythology of Ahura Mazda and the Zoroastrians.

The image of Ahura Mazda was a winged sun disk, and the axis of 561 BC goes directly through the icon of a man with a solar disk standing at the winter solstice location. The implication is that the Assyrians and the Babylonians did not have the same image of the heavens as the Egyptians and the Persians.

However a boundary stone placed by Nebuchadnezzar is a composite of the constellations, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquila, and Ophiuchus.

With this direct representation, it is clear that Nebuchadnezzar had a focus on the same intersection of the ecliptic and galactic planes as the Egyptians and the Zoroastrians; the winter solstice of 2012 AD.

Time is not available in Nebuchadnezzar's representation, so it is an eternal boundary marker of his creation.

A line drawn through the celestial pole and the ecliptic pole defines the line of the solstices. The northern summer solstice line crosses the ecliptic plane of the zodiac closest to the north celestial pole. The northern summer solstice line crosses the ecliptic plane of the zodiac closest to the north ecliptic pole. The winter solstice of 561 BC crosses between Capricorn and Sagittarius on the circular zodiac at Denderah, as shown in the segment to the left. The man with the sun disk tells us that the winter solstice of that year is being identified. This particular winter solstice represented the beginning or rebirth of enlightenment at the end of the Age of Aries when Cyrus I replaced the tyranny of Nebuchadnezzer.

The primary interest in this area of the heavens is the idea of creation and cosmogenesis. The heavens show a dot-to-dot image of a child-king on the back of a large bird. From Babylon we are given the legend of Etana.

A prince who rode an eagle through the clouds of heaven.

This opening in the clouds is the dark rift referred to by the Maya as the mouth of First Mother. The record is quite clear, the dark rift was recognized around the world as the location where a new kingdom was brought forth.

Since it is located above Sagittarius and Scorpio, it is enlightenment over self gnosis. It is not intended to imply that the Maya received their celestial wisdom from the Levant, or Egypt.

But, we should not be oblivious to the fact that the 18th Dynasty of Egypt had conquered the whole Levant region all the way to Persia.

The conquest of the Middle East came after Pharaoh Thutmose I read in the message of the Sphinx that he would be made king of Egypt if he cleared the sands from the Sphinx. Thus, the 18th Dynasty was a return of kingship after some previous catastrophe.

The 18th Dynasty subsequently lost their empire to the very kings and princes they educated in their ways of Amun. In 323 BC, Alexander restored Egypt to her former glory and established Alexandria, Egypt as the new center of Western Culture, repeating the prior redemptions.

Jenkins continues, "If we move forward to 2012 AD, we see the winter solstice at the tail of Scorpio on the Denderah zodiac. 

The characters on the outer circle of the composition are spiritual messengers. 

Capricorn and Sagittarius are in the circle of characters that represent the metaphysical element air.

Scorpio, on the other hand is a transitional character drawn moving back into the physical circle from the circle of air, and represents a return to emotional consciousness, or the element water.

In the ring of fire, associated with Capricorn, stands Thoth, the archetype of rational wisdom. 

In the ring of fire associated with Sagittarius, stands Neb Maat Ra, the archetype of the complete human. 

Sagittarius represents the end of a cycle toward cosmic wisdom - with his forelegs resting on a baroque of sagacity.

This is not surprising, since the name Sagittarius is associated with a sage, or a wise man

What is important with regards to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, is that the baboon representation of Thoth is shown on the winter solstice line for 2012.

A baboon Thoth represents instinctual knowledge without human gnosis. Thus, the transition from Neb Maat Ra to the baboon is a new spiritual beginning after a completion of the cycle of human gnosis. 

That correspondence is further proof that the Maya comprehension of the center of the galaxy passing by the winter solstice representing a new beginning was fully appreciated by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and subsequently, the Jews and the Gnostic Christians.

Interestingly, the Denderah temple timeline begins in 561 BC, almost precisely when Jenkins suggests that the Maya were determining the length of the precessional year and starting to use the Maya long count as a calendar form.

This correspondence cannot be used to suggest that the Maya did not discover the precessional rate independently.

What can be safely assumed is that the Maya logic for beginning was derived from the stars, and so was the Egyptian idea of beginning.

The focus on the winter solstice by Jenkins is valuable, pertinent, and accurate. However, the evidence of the rising sun, associated with the ballcourt and the crack in the turtle's back suggest that the Maya were using the vernal equinox as a cosmic clock, just like the Egyptians.

They saw the galaxy as First Mother, just like the Egyptians. They saw the movement from below to above as an indication that First Father was rising out of First Mother, just like the Egyptians.

The number of similarities suggest cross fertilization between the civilizations. But, it does not say when that cross-fertilization took place.

It is quite possible that the Egyptian expression, "the sun has set twice where it now rises" at the end of the Age of Aries, means that precessional knowledge is far older than modern anthropologists and archaeologists are willing to consider.

This knowledge could have been available long before any migration to the Americas ever took place. If the migration took place by sea, then the precessional knowledge would have been a necessary component for celestial navigation.

If the migration took place by land, as generally accepted, the precessional knowledge would have been necessary for the proper planning of cosmic ritual, and defining personal place on the globe.

The expression, 'as above, so below,' represents a navigational correspondence. A five-degree variance in zenith star location is a five-degree variation in location on the Earth as well.

When a community defined its zenith legends, it was also describing the navigational information to reach the community's latitude, whether by land or by sea."


So, the major celestial 'event' of 21 December 2012 can also be about the effects of the "something" in the Maya prophecy concerning the end of our 4th World Age in transition to the coming 5th World Age.

Considering the sad state of the world today, I would not put anything out of hand.

This transition could be preceded by a sudden celestial event that opening the nine-year transition period leading into 2020-2021 - a year I call the cardinal climax.

That climax, in my mundane perspective is at the end of the nine-year transition years. It is a series of tough, dark and challenging events that bears the fruit of the previous cardinal crisis years of the Twenty-Tens.

On December 21, 2012 the Mayan astrologers marked as the end of the 4th World Age. This is what they meant by the 'end of the world' - meaning the "end of the world age."

What is more important is that this end of the 4th World Age opens up into a dangerous transition into the 5th Global Age.

So that 9-year transition officially begins at the Capricorn solstice of 21 December 2012.

The Hopi Indian Prophecies, which I also studied in-depth, mentions a 'star' they call Blue Star Kachina. This, to me, also means that the signs seen in the skies marks a transition from one world age into another.

We would then be wise to watch the skies for any kind of major astronomical event to take place.

I work a lot. I view the skies all the time. This puts me behind in my writing work, but as a professional astrologer I must observe the sidereal skies and I do so in the cold of winter.

One location I have been watching for years is Ursa Major.

With the exception of the stars Dubhe and Alkaid, the stars of Ursa Major, known as the Big Dipper, all have motions heading to a point in Sagittarius

They are known as the Ursa Major Moving Group.

The constellation Pleiades

In esoteric mundane astrology, it is known that the stars of the constellation Pleiades focuses the energy of the Seven Rays from the Galactic Center of Sagittarius toward the stars of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, then onto the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, and back to our local star, the Sun and then onto Earth.

There was an annular total eclipse of the Sun and Moon occulting Alcyone - the main star of the Pleiades - that took place across Asia, over the Pacific Ocean and ended in the western United States on May 20, 2012.

That annular eclipse presaged the events that went before it and those to come. This eclipse was known by the Maya mundane astrologers. What followed was a Drought, Heat waves and dead fish in the Midwestern U.S., along with a series of unfavorable headline events.

The annular eclipse of 20 May 2012 as seen from space

All in all, the Mayan astrological prophecies that relate to our present time say our world is on the verge of a major transitional period from 2012 onwards.

This again confirms what I have seen in my own mundane work on this Cardinal Crisis decade and my contention that we are indeed living in an historic transitional decade.

The negativity in the world comes from ignorance. The mental health illness we see among some in society is attributed to the lack of stable families and quality therapy.

The disruptions and disorder in today's world stems mainly from the widespread corruption, graft, greed, sin and recklessness of those who go against the grain of what is good.

These are they who abhor honesty, good faith, health and working toward the well-being of society.

I remind those who have committed crimes against individuals and populations that their opportunity to repent and change their ways is running out of time.

The fruit from their evil ways cements their own personal destinies that will end quite horribly inside of the Great Dragon of the outer darkness, and the evil demons inside the dragon don't take cash, gold, or MasterCard.

You cannot deal or bargain with them.

Read more of what happens to those who sin in this edition of Global Astrology: It is titled, Jesus Christ Discourses On the Great Dragon Of The Outer Darkness

Nonetheless, by the time of the ingress of the Sun to 00-Capricorn on December 21, 2012, the world will have entered a powerful, unique, dangerous and challenging global transitional period, according to the Maya mundane astrologers and their Long Count Calendar.

As the popular culture mania surrounding the 'end of the world' wanes after December 21, 2012, what lies next is the year 2013.

That year continues the transitional era the world has entered. The sudden turn of events of 2012 will continue to impact many lives into the middle years of the Twenty-Tens.

Let's take a closer look at the major astrological configurations that will dominate 2013.

The Cardinal Crisis Years
The Grand Water Trines Of 2013
Society Strikes Back

Forecast By
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

During late spring into the summer months of 2013 in the northern hemisphere, the world will experience a Grand Water Trine featuring these outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

While many astrologers will note the beneficial inclinations of this worldwide astrological phenomena; I also maintain that the grand water trines of 2013 is also a significator of dire signs for the world’s financial markets. This, along with the political and social fallout heading into the middle years of the Twenty-Tens.

Policymakers would be well-advised to heed the favorable opportunities that exist in 2013 before the world transits of 2014 sets in.

What follows is my mundane take on what the Grand Water Trines of 2013 represents - before the arrival of the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014 - and why the entry of a new generational establishment makes 2013 a watershed year.

Grand Water Trine
July 2013
Manhattan, New York
click on mundane chart to enlarge

The mundane chart you see above is cast for Wednesday, July 17, 2013, over Manhattan, New York. The green lines are trines, a usually favorable 120-degree aspect.

Known as one of the best aspects in astrology, a Grand Water Trine is very helpful for those who have planetary and angle positions from 0-10 degrees of the Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

In 2013, Jupiter will transit in tropical Cancer will perform a 120-degree water trine to Saturn in Scorpio as both planets trine Neptune in Pisces.

Water signs signify realms that are hidden, deep, compassionate, passionate and revealing. Still waters do run very deep. Jupiter’s presence in tropical Cancer is exalted, meaning that it works well in this Sign.

After Jupiter's year in detriment in Gemini from June 2012 to June 2013 many people will come to attest to the fact that there was plenty of talk in 2012 but that few people actually walked their talk, which is cheap.

In Cancer, a Sign of initiation and new beginnings, ruled by the Moon, shows that Jupiter's exalted placement in Cancer means that taking action in new and original ways are highly favored.

Coming out of the contentious year of 2012, the Grand Water Trine, generally in place from May to December 2013, offers those in the know a wide range of unique, but brief opportunities which had been delayed since the onset of the economic and social crisis began in 2007-08.

There are positive economic opportunities where barter, trade, life adjustments, understanding and harmony are concerned with the Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. 

By the end of July 2013 the water trine becomes interlocked along with a T-square taking place among Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. These are part of the cardinal crisis transits.

Those most able to use 2013’s Grand Water Trine should take an open-minded, but also serious and responsible attitudes to achieve their goals and objectives.

Since the water trine will perfect during the summer months of 2013, I advise those who want to take the entire summer off to relax and play to be mindful of the many opportunities that could be missed as people tend to turn off their minds during extended vacations.

Rather, use the summer not only to play, but also to work so as to be able to be ready for the opportunities that can easily present themselves during the summer months of 2013. 

The grand water trine indicates there can be a significant period of growth and stabilization in untypical but creative business, domestic affairs and professional affairs. It is also a favorable time to seek education for professional advancement.

The Jupiter-Saturn water trine can help to bring about significant movement in business and professional matters for those who experienced setbacks over previous years. It is favorable for professions of administration, business, education, law, religion, travel and communications.

This is an excellent time to seek new job, business and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Even with fierce competition amid double-digit unemployment as the economy has changed with the onset of the economic crisis; the planetary trines between Jupiter and Saturn (overall from July 2013 to May 2014) allows people with natal and organizational astrological configurations to nonetheless make significant progress to consolidate their business, financial and professional affairs.

Under a Jupiter trine Saturn many people are more than likely to apply their ethical, philosophical and religious beliefs in practical and positive ways.

There can be constructive paths that are associated with charitable organizations and professional groups as there can be assistance from those in positions of power during the trine.

Jupiter will transit to meet by exact grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces from July 9 to July 27, 2013.

The global effects will be wide ranging.

Jupiter in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio

Jupiter's trine to Saturn in Scorpio in 2013 and 2014 features a time to make significant progress in business and professional affairs.

It is advised to be fully aware of the opportunities that will exist for a brief time in 2013-2014 under the Jupiter-Saturn trine.

Jupiter will trine Saturn twice in 2013 – on July 17, 2013 at 4-degrees Cancer/Scorpio - and then again, on December 13, 2013 during Jupiter’s retrograde in Cancer (Nov. 7, 2013 – March 6, 2014.)

In 2014, Jupiter will make a third - and final - water trine configuration to Saturn - at 19-degrees Cancer/Scorpio - on May 24-25, 2014.

There is a good balance between optimism and caution; while also maintaining a serious attitude with a foundation of honesty and integrity.

The inclinations are favorable in sectors related to administration, business, education, law, religion and travel.

It is a good time to find job opportunities and to begin important business and professional deals as the inclinations show effective cooperation from people in positions of authority under the Jupiter-Saturn trine.

A responsible and serious-minded attitude works best for those who seek to meet long-range objectives and goals under these two business planets - Jupiter and Saturn.

In 2013, it is also a favorable time to handle legal matters at the public, governmental and private sectors as more people are likely to try to apply philosophic, religious and ethical standards practically that will lead to easier business activities than in recent past years.

Activities associated with charitable and religious institutions are favored as well as with professional, scientific groups and organizations.

For stock markets and the financial community though, Jupiter-Saturn trines are unfavorable since many of those who hold executive offices at investment firms and banks have a bad habit of thinking only about themselves; so the effects of a Jupiter-Saturn trine are unfavorable in this light. More on that later in this edition of Global Astrology.

Jupiter in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces

The water trine from Jupiter to Neptune indicates a time where there is a sustained period of intuitive inspiration. There is a generosity, empathy and greater compassionate feeling toward others that is shown outwardly.

It is a favorable time for to deal with universities, hospitals,  retreats and religious and cultural institutions.

There are expanded interests in educational and cultural improvement where the creative imaginations of people take part in artistic pursuits that are greatly stimulated by the Jupiter-Neptune synod.

Under the aegis of  Jupiter-Neptune there are opportunities to benefit for spiritual teachers as the atmosphere leads some people on long journeys or religious pilgrimages for inspiration and to gain valuable life knowledge.

Closer to home, other people will feel inclined to make significant changes in their domestic environments to fit their philosophic and spiritual beliefs as the sensitivity to beauty is heightened under Jupiter's water trine to Neptune.

Saturn in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

Saturn's trine to Neptune indicates a period of in-depth insights in the business, economic and political affairs. This configuration helps people to seek and find practical applications for their imaginative and intuitive inspirations.

Those who have fought to maintain their integrity over the past decade will find that they are able to reap the benefits of past discipline, organization and their hard work to stay the course despite all temptations to the contrary.

The inclinations also features the ability to be calm and focus one's mind, which the water trine between Saturn and Neptune encourages. It is an excellent time for healing, therapy and the emotional and psychological stabilization of family and domestic affairs.

It is a favorable world transit for spiritual disciplines and through the calm thinking over life one can come to profound insights in economic, historical, political and social affairs.

These insights are seen as a sequential pattern of unfoldment in astrology where the hidden mechanization of the powers that be are clearly observed for that they are and understood.

Under Saturn's transit in Scorpio in trine to Neptune in Pisces there are matters associated with corporate, government and professional secrecy.

The Saturn-Neptune trine is favorable for professions in psychology, healthcare, institutions, prisons, religious and educational institutions.

From May 12, 2013 through to about August 18, 2013 the pressures of life associated with the impacts of the global economic crisis will be easily seen in society wherever you may be.

Expect wide discrepancies in all sectors of society as the generational transition continues.

People will discover themselves in new territory in their lives having to choose new directions with new places amid new faces. This shows 2013 as the key year that will set the template for the middle years of the Twenty-Tens, to about late 2016. 

Again, economic and financial inertia will be at strongest as it uses the stresses of the cardinal T-Square to add more initiatory power.

Yet, the stress from Uranus square Pluto continues to increase the potential for widespread social upheavals and conflicts where physical force is used on large crowds demanding significant establishment change and social justice.

Ideas, Strategies & Solutions

Before we go delve into the next story below - Jupiter Trine Saturn: A false sense of stock market and financial security, I want to offer up some solutions for those reading about all the depressive news and events in the world.

For 20 years we all have been living inside what I call 'Baby Boomer Hell," - this is a dark angst climate created by the conscious and unconscious mind of a generational establishment that has not (and is not) facing the facts of life - and that is aging.

For a boomer generation that has sought EST, Transcendental Meditation, eastern philosophies and a slew of ideologies from the 1960s to the present, seeking 'enlightenment,' it is amazing that the baby boomers - after nearly half a century - have still not found their 'Age of Aquarius' which would have allowed them to be at ease with getting old.

But the fact is that they haven't.

So, as the establishment from 1992 to 2012, the boomers have been in total denial of aging and because of this they never planned for the future. This is one of the major faults of the baby boomers - not thinking ahead and pretending that would have stood still for them - waiting for them to 'grow up.'

They have lived for the present at the expense of the future and by doing so have made their own beds in the process. The baby boomer "me generation" has broken the inter-generational contract. There is nothing that can be done for them.

Only individual baby boomers who have seen through the sheer hypocrisy of their own generation will be able to make their way into what is ahead.

The new establishment coming in - Generation X (1961-1975) is going to have it's hands full and that means these solutions:

Getting Tough By Leading
Cleaning Up the Boomer Mess By Bitch-Slapping Stupid People, if Necessary
Holding Privy Councils

Protecting the Young
Recovering Stolen Resources For the Kids

Reforming & Enforcing Laws To Protect The Public

Removing Surveillance Technology Put Up By Fearful Baby Boomers

Opening Up the Economy & Getting Back To The Business Of Business
Reforming the Educational System

Reforming the banks
Rejecting Austerity on the public

Rebooting the Credit System by starting all at prefect credit
Ending the debt servicing system

Firing Ideologues From All Jobs and Positions of Power

Holding Bankers Accountable For Theft, High Crimes & Misdemeanors
Re-Establishing Respect For U.S. Constitutional Law

These matters will have to be taken seriously in order for American (and world society by default) to get back to economic, social, economic and political health.

It does not mean that we are seeking a 'perfect' world; since this has never been a perfect world.

What it means is to restore confidence and excellence in how we lead, how live and work with one another.

How we respect the quality of life and how we reject the ideological prissy attitude, culture wars and smug laziness the disruptive baby boomer generation has made far too commonplace in world society.

The year 2013 and beyond opens up the 21st century in earnest.

For the past 12 years, since 2000, we have been living under a boomer establishment that was not interested in the future, but only in themselves - as their chosen term "Me Generation," clearly implies.

Well, the time for the "me generation" has passed and those who took part in believing that spoiled term with ideological attitudes to boot will now have to sleep in the beds they made themselves.

As for Generation X (1961-75) Echo X (1975-1980) and Generation Y (1981-95) and for the Millennial children:

It's time to get down to brass tacks and get to work.

The Cardinal Crisis Years
Jupiter Trine Saturn:
A False Sense Of Stock Market & Financial Security?

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

The whole of America’s economy (and Europe's) over the past 20 years of the baby boomer elite establishment has been a giant circus-ring ponzi scheme of mammoth proportions easily revealed by the size of its outright stupidity, its immense greed, utter corruption and absurd weakness.

The economic and financial system today is entirely centered on created credit and debt but not on the things that really matter - production, sales and the real world consumption of true, tangible goods and services.

I keep saying to anyone who will listen that no economy can function in such a mad-hatter environment.

Any investor, no matter how wealthy, or intelligent, who gambles on the promise of near-term global economic recovery - is advised:

Be very very careful in your considerations before you make any investment decision based on the widespread belief that there will be returns to the historical levels of American (or European) GDP growth.

The planetary signatures clearly show that we are in dangerous times – centered around the global economic crisis.

My astrological advice has been the same for years and that is to invest in hard assets like precious metals and preserve your capital from the bozos who keep lying to you with ponzi-smiles planted on their faces.

Jupiter will leave Gemini and enter tropical Cancer on June 26, 2013. After a full year in detriment in Gemini, Jupiter's effects on the global economy and the financial markets of nations and their governments will have forced many tens of millions of people to begin their lives anew.

The recriminations of massive losses will have major effects in 2013, 2014 and beyond.

I expect the world stock markets to suffer major setbacks under what are usually beneficial water trines between Jupiter in the seasonal Sign of Cancer and Saturn in tropical Scorpio.

Stock markets and financial sectors do not perform well under Jupiter-Saturn trines as one would assume that they would.

The last trine between these two major Business planets – in the element of earth – took place amid the economic emergency during the late summer and autumn of 2008.

The present setbacks are directly associated with the horrid levels of debt servicing and the solvency of banks since 2007-2008.

The pressures on banks, nations and their populations will take on a new urgency as leaders and policymakers can no longer ‘kick the can down the road.’

Let’s remember what is happening on the ground level as the Grand Water Trine of 2013 nears:

In the United States, nearly 25% of all Americans ages 25 to 55 have been forced into unemployment by the baby boomer elite establishment. This is the highest percentage since the Great Depression for any age group.

The so-called “atrophy in job skills” that comes about from long-term unemployment will force the new incoming establishment of Generation X to reform and repair in under 10-15 years.

Meanwhile, inflation-protected Treasury bonds have had negative yields for the first time in history.

This reflects a greatly distorted market and shows us that the market’s expectations reflect negative growth.

This is a very loud and noisy signal that proves American economic policy has been on the wrong path under the baby boomer establishment of the last 20 years.

The boomer establishment’s economic policy has been built on deficit spending - with direct government control over the economy (command economy) and with a dangerous dependence on the Federal Reserve to buy up Wall Street and the government's excess debts.

Federal Reserve stimulus measures are hampering recovery rather than spurring it. This is done by channeling credit away from smaller and mid-sized companies and pushing it instead to big banks and the government.

Since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, the Fed has unleashed a slew of stimulus measures to prop up favored Wall Street banks and firms.

They have cuts interest rates to rock-bottom levels and introduced unorthodox measures such as Quantitative Easing (QE.)

This where the Federal Reserve buys up bonds like U.S. Treasuries along with tens of billions in junk mortgage debt held by corrupt banks - while pumping the American economy full of fiat dollars in the process, thus debasing the U.S. Dollar.

The Fed is now running a third round of quantitative easing where it buys $40 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities a month from banks.

On top of juicing the economy with cheap money, the Fed stated that benchmark interest rates will remain at near zero-levels until they see the American unemployment rate drop to 6.5 percent from its current rate of 7.7 percent.

And that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

So it means the Federal Reserve's so-called "stimulus measures" will remain firmly in place to keep the dollar weak and that continues to make precious metals like gold a very attractive hard asset - for those who can afford it.

The baby plutocrats who actually lost tons of money after blowing up an insane economic bubble in the late 1990s and 2000s - and since the economic emergency of 2008, the Federal Reserve has had two rounds of quantitative easing - that has injected over $2 trillion into the flailing U.S. economy.

In mid-December 2012, The Federal Reserve said that it would beef up QE3 by adding an additional $45 billion in asset purchases from banks - this is also U.S. government debt - which brings the total liquidity to $85 billion a month with an aim to keep bank borrowing costs low (so the theory goes) and to encourage investing and hiring.

But the same corporations and companies that are said to be sitting on 'tons of cash' are not hiring.

We can see this fact in the double-digit unemployment among all non-baby boomers. Anyone under the age of 55 years old and younger isn't being hired or 'invested' in whatsoever.

It is simply amazing to witness the outright hypocrisy of the outgoing establishment of baby boomers who think everyone else is stupid.

The side-effects to these Fed policies include the illusion of a rising stock market and a weaker U.S. dollar but the Fed's policies are not freeing up credit to small and mid-size companies - who do the bulk of hiring.

What it does is to allow the Fed to continue to buy up debt so that the government can keep on spending and the five big banks can continue to fleece everyone else as they have been doing for over a decade now - since the baby boomer bubble/bust years that began in the 1990s.

In 'saving the economy,' what the Federal Reserve is really doing is guaranteeing an even slower economic recovery.

By printing fiat money in the tens of billions to maintain the baby boomer illusion that all is well. But the truth is that there will never be true sustainable economic and social growth - much less a 'recovery' - until all the baby boomers are out of positions of power and jobs.

In short, the boomer generation has been robbing Peter to Pay Paul (this is, themselves.) And to live for the present at the great expense of the future (and on everyone's checkbook.)

The signs of our times have shown the high fever of boomers to buy up government bonds and $1,700-an-ounce gold rather than to invest in expansive job creation and small companies who hire.

The lack of trust in the future shows just how the baby boomer generation has been wholly without merit and corrupt in their actions, mindset and attitude since they became the establishment in 1992.

That boomer generation has failed to perform with true principles which should have included a sound currency policy that provides price stability and attracts capital.

The lack of a commitment to limited government acts as a prerequisite for lowered living standards.

The preference for low tax rates to encourage business investment and expand hiring along with the boomer establishment failure in the belief that the markets themselves can set prices and allocate capital better than government.

The boomer-run U.S. federal government will have spent $14 trillion in just four years and have added $6 trillion to the national debt!

How can they claim to be responsible is beyond all belief.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has dramatically expanded its role in the economy and markets - practically creating a new branch of unaccountable government.

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke

The Fed’s near-zero interest-rate policy that favors the boomer-run government is the world's biggest borrower. This comes at the expense of all people who save money.

Moreover, the Federal Reserve’s heavily leveraged purchases of government bonds works against the philosophy of market-based allocation of capital which is an essential driver of economic growth.

The Federal Reserve promises to continue unlimited future purchases of government debt if unemployment remains weak (and it will.)

In December 2012, the head committee of the Federal Reserve headed by chairman Ben Bernanke, announced no change in their interest rate policy “for the foreseeable future, while deciding to add to current monetary easing.”

This means that the debasing of the American currency will continue into 2013.

In attempts to support what they say are “higher labor market employment, and keep longer-term interest rates down,” the Fed elected to "keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 0.25 percent,” with the current range of interest rates seen as being widely "appropriate."

The Fed’s measure was further reinforced by an announcement that central bankers were adding to their current monetary stimulus (Quantitative Easing & Operation Twist) which has been extended since June 2012 - but will come to end in January 2013.

The Fed said, “To this end, and adhering to market expectations, the central bank will commit to purchasing $45 billion (more) in Treasuries a month. The measure will run simultaneously to already previous commitments of $40 billion in mortgage bonds per month made this September [2012]”

What come as a surprise announcement in December 2012 was that the Federal Reserve noted the addition of a benchmark when it come to their future monetary policy decisions.

Basically, what this means is that central bankers have specifically tied their monetary policy decisions to target rates in both inflation and unemployment.

This is the key Fed quote where it says that rates will be kept at exceptionally low levels "at least as long as the unemployment rate remains above 6.5%" and "inflation between one and two years ahead is projected to be no more than half percentage point" above the FOMC's 2% target – that is, above 2.5%.

Those who follow the Fed closely say that the move was made in order to become more transparent with stock markets so that it allows for hard evidence of an economic recovery to show itself before any kind of significant monetary policy adjustment be made.

After December 2012's Fed announcement, the head of the Dallas Federal Reserve, President Richard Fisher told CNBC he's worried that the U.S. central bank is in a "Hotel California" type of monetary policy because of its "engorged balance sheet."

Evoking lyrics from the famous song by The Eagles, he said he feared the Fed would be able to "check out anytime you like, but never leave."

Fisher said that he argued against revealing the new inflation and unemployment targets set by the Fed this week, saying he's worried that the markets will become "overly concerned" with the thresholds.

Fisher would not comment on any contingency plans at the Fed should Republicans and President Barack Obama fail to strike a deal to prevent the automatic tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect in 2013.

"What you see is what you get here," Fisher said. "We have a hyper-accommodative monetary policy here ... cheap and abundant money that the Fed has made widely available."

So, if my astrological calculations are correct, the new Fed purchases will inflate the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet by $1.1 trillion – supporting an already $4 trillion dollar debt load.

This is madness.

Many of us know and some have been forecasting for a long time now that these mad-hatter policies simply are not working. What it does is to keep things as they are while not accepting the economic truth.

They do not solve the serious problem of how the big banks and rating agencies conducted themselves in criminal manner over the last 13-14 years which has led to the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The lack of trust among banks; along with the high unemployment rates discourages private investment and the creation of jobs that have been shipped out of the United States since the 1990s under the boomer establishment.

In my mundane assessment, the present road of boomer establishment policy points toward an up-trending in debt - not a downtrend.

Again, this is outright madness.

For instance, the national debt of the United States is expected to rise to $16.4 trillion by the end of the fiscal year 2012 – that is up from just $10 trillion in 2008.

This means that the U.S. debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio has gone from 41% to 73%.

Should this madness continue, then I project that the debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 90% by the year 2022.

The outworn ways of the baby boomers establishment has resulted in double-digit unemployment among non-boomers; broke banks; the  illusion of a healthy (and honest) Dow Jones stock market; anemic business confidence with rapidly declining incomes among those under 55 years of age while elderly baby boomers say they will work forever.

The obvious financial and company deleveraging that has taken place since 2007 in the United State’s private sector will continue according to my calculations.

Since the economic emergency of 2007-2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn; what the boomer-run companies did was to close ranks.

By the time Jupiter opposed Saturn in 2010, they only desired to improve their bottom-line cash positions and immediately reduced expenditures – slashing, cutting and laying off tens of millions of non-boomer workers - this is the equivalent of increasing only Tier-one capital at the expense of true future growth.

The historic financial meltdown in the European Union trumps the bad economic situation in the U.S., but there is no ‘recovery.’ What we have happening are high unemployment rates, anemic economic growth and recessionary levels across the board.

The baby boomer establishment has been robbing Peter to pay Paul. That’s the truth of it.

What the baby boomer establishment are not doing is this - investing in the future; i.e., by means of product innovation, manufacturing efficiency, and technological advancement. That exposes everyone to being disadvantaged in the future.

In the U.S., with what the mass media calls the “fiscal cliff” that nears in the waning months of 2012 - and as the European Union edges on total economic disaster heading into 2013 - all this does is to reaffirm what I have been forecasting for years on Global Astrology economic irresponsibility of the baby boomer establishment.

Today, with pressures on nations to reduce government spending while forcing populations into austerity there must be a trade-off on public sector and private sector debt if there is to be any kind of significant economic recovery.

For that to happen, the private business sector has to start spending and hiring in order for the economy to get back to health.

Planetary transits - those of the cardinal crisis years - shows this mad-hatter feed-back loop that’s been in play for nearly five years.

In the U.S., the federal government, by means of the American public (were forced by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve) to step up to the plate and pick up the massive check when the private sector was forced to stop spending (or begin defaulting in the wake of banking credit crisis) after the economic emergency of 2007-2008.

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary under George Bush and baby boomer Hank Paulson in 2008

Here were are now, 4-5 years later, and the pressure is to reduce government spending. So now the private business sector has to keep consumer demand from declining even more.

The madness is that while American consumer credit has been expanding; that half of that has been spurred by federal government spending on massive student college loans – this is now a trillion dollar bubble primed to burst.

The question is this:

Just how are the American public able to continue to borrow money to pick up where the federal government gets off the bus - when product being sold – in this case, the bubble of student college loans – which depends wholly on government spending?

This is baby boomer myopia madness. The elite among them, who have been running companies and banks into the ground - have been hoarding cash.

They are mistrustful of one another and, at the same time absolutely refuse to invest in capital improvements.

That is a sure sign that they are stealing from the future to pay for themselves in the present. It is Peter robbing to pay Paul.

Consider this - corporate issuance is at all-time highs. Understand that under the cardinal crisis world transits that this is yet another economic time-bomb about to go off.

That is because when corporate liquidity is overstated because of restrained capital expenditures, then investors have a false sense of security on the integrity of companies' financial positions. This is especially the case with speculative-grade issuers.

So, what happens to any company's ability to service debt when their own liquidity dries up as a result of forced expenditures to modernize capital stocks?

Present baby boomer-run companies have sacrificed sustainability and being competitive over the long-run to simply inflate their profits in the present to maintain the illusion of financial health and security.

Again, this is total madness, because capital expenditures are an essential part of GDP as investment in productivity is one of the very few options any nation has to be able to push its production potential out to expand and grow.

What we have here is a systemic problem coming out of the 2007-2008 financial crisis that will create below-average growth and disappointing returns in the years ahead.

This myopia, the failure to invest in productivity with deferred payments to meet only present desires will ultimately lead us to reduced GDP growth with anemic equity market returns along with serious concerns about the solvency of speculative grade issuers who have taken on even more debt in 2012.

Therefore, what we will see in the spring months of 2013 is a global financial/stock market collapse directly tied to this total lack of forward-thinking.

The current baby boomer leadership of ‘live-only-for today's-illusions-but-not-tomorrow’s-growth policymakers, central and private bankers along with the massive debt they continue to create and service will slow growth.

All this, while at the same time they expand public and private austerity - forcing increasing levels of societal and geopolitical upheaval throughout the globe.

Remarks on the worrisome economic outlook for 2013 from UBS:

“Underlying our cautious equity market outlook for 2013 is a premise that market uncertainties will continue to dis-incentivize companies from hiring, increasing capex budgets, and, more generally, investing for the future... 

Even though companies have piled up cash during the earnings recovery, they remain extremely vigilant in controlling costs. By way of example, twelve quarters into the current cycle, operating budgets continue to be slashed and R&D expenditure trends remain negative.”

All of it has been a giant ponzi scheme - the lies, the theft, the ideology, greed, the graft and the illusion that the United States is actually a competitive and healthy nation.

Yubben Hadd.

As tens of millions of entrepreneurs, workers, students, business owners and families sit broke with their working skills rusting - the corporations and banks who were literally saved from bankruptcy by the acts of the American people - are now stealing and spending like drunken sailors in a whorehouse.

This, while the entire economy sits like a shaky house of cards ready to crash.

To add to our gloom, are the idiot baby boomer establishment in Europe who hate their young people as well.

The European Commission (EC) and its member state leaders continue to also 'kick the can down the road,' just like the boomer idiots in the United States.

All this, without resolving the financial and political corruption that has been rampant among their own baby boomer generational elite.

Reuters reports on 14 December 2012 that, 

Major investors are preparing to dip their toes deeper into the turbulent waters of the euro zone in 2013.

A year ago, investors were bracing for a possible collapse of the currency area, dumping bonds from its ailing south, hammering stocks and seeking safe haven in cash, abroad, or, if they had to stay in Europe, in rock-solid German bunds.

With Thursday's deals to create a single banking supervisor and give fresh aid to Greece, euro zone assets are set to finish the year on a high.

The bloc's bluechip index, in a steep fall until the European Central Bank pledged in July to do all it takes to save the euro, has rallied over 13 percent on the year. Italy sold one-year bills at the lowest yield since March this week and Spain has already started funding itself for 2013.

After so many false dawns in the three-year old debt crisis, EU leaders hope investors are prepared to believe this is more than yet another short-lived respite. The bloc's top economic official Olli Rehn said Cassandras predicting disaster for the euro and Greece had been proven wrong.

But risks abound for next year, from Italy's political turmoil to Spain and France's struggle with austerity, Greece's fragile politics and forecasts that recession may drag on. Germany's September general election also casts a long shadow.

Many leading investors see reasons to believe the euro zone stocks rally will continue in the new year.

The easing of the crisis opens the way for a closer look at companies' fundamentals and cherry-picking among assets "unjustifiably punished for being European", said Wouter Sturkenboom, strategist at Russell Investments.

Spanish, and even Italian sovereign debt are increasingly popular, and yield-hungry asset managers say they will avoid expensive debt from the "safe-haven" core around Germany.

Goldman Sachs predicts euro zone sovereign spreads will continue to tighten and has urged investors to go long on Spanish bonds. "The process is unlikely to be linear given the political and economic cross-currents involved, but Spain in our projection looks set to outperform other peripherals," the investment bank wrote in a research note.

Societe Generale headlines its outlook for next year: "2013: European assets strike back." It advised investors to head for the periphery across assets, for sovereign bonds, credit and stocks and also favors Spain over Italy.

After being pummeled through most of the crisis, periphery assets have become cheap and offer higher returns and risk premium. Very tempting in times of very low to negative returns on "safe" assets such as German Bunds or U.S. treasuries.

European Stocks Cheap?

The single currency's stocks have rebounded this year are still more than 13 percent cheaper than U.S. stocks based on 12-month forward earnings, Thomson Reuters Datastream data show.

The equity risk premium for euro zone stocks is 9.8 percent versus 7.9 percent for U.S. stocks, Datastream data show.

"The risk of euro zone collapse has very considerably reduced with all the policy decisions taken since July last year, there is no doubt about that," said Alain Bokobza, head of global asset allocation strategy at Societe Generale.

"Considering the very cheap valuations we expect to see a continuing of the return to euro zone assets next year."

Hedge fund managers have grown wary of large directional bets on euro zone bonds. In part they are nervous of losses that could wipe out their meager profits this year. But many are also wary of betting against the ECB stepping into the market.

"I don't think anyone wants to be (short)," said Andrew McCaffery, global head of hedge funds at Aberdeen Asset Management. "Most participants are taking a more sanguine short-to-medium-term view because of the ECB."

Yet some are still willing to hold positions in Greek bonds, spurning Athens' debt buyback in the hope of higher profits.

The ECB warned on Friday there was no room for complacency.

The temporary halt in a three-week rally on the Euro STOXX 50 and a spike in Italian bond yields on Monday due to concerns about Italy's political stability served as a reminder that buying euro zone assets is far from risk-free.

The stock rally resumed on Tuesday in a sign that investors may be more resilient about bumps on the euro's rocky road.

"The market response was contained, while if it had happened six months earlier we would have expected to see contagion across broader European markets," said John Bilton, European investment strategist at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. "Markets are prepared to look through issues such as this."

That resilience will be repeatedly tested next year. The year will begin with continuing uncertainty over whether and when Spain may apply for a euro zone credit line.

A bailout request would open a period of wrangling over the conditions. Once the European Central Bank stepped in, there are likely to be shrill calls in Germany for strict limits on bond buying. Markets may question the ECB's resolve to keep going.

"The downside risks are less than they were, but they have not been removed," said Standard Life Investment's head of global strategy Andrew Milligan.

Worries over meagre economic growth mean that euro zone stocks are interesting only up to a point.

"The interesting part about euro zone equities is their valuation," Russell Investments' Sturkenboom said. Many could lose interest if a Spanish bailout request spurs a strong rally.

"If the valuation gap is closed we would become cautious on European equities again because the underlying economic dynamics are still very worrying and they do warrant a valuation gap," Sturkenboom said. "Europe is going to be in a tug of war between policy action and real economic weakness".

Many are also worried about France, although some hedge funds are calling it quits on one of their biggest trades of the year - shorting French government bonds.

A potential concern for investors could be if the German election resulted in a government with a slim parliamentary majority vulnerable to eurosceptic rebels.

On the other hand, a grand coalition of the two major parties led by conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel, seen as the most likely option, would have a strong mandate to push ahead with further euro zone integration.

If risks surrounding Italy and Spain are cleared in the first quarter, that might lure in more investors towards Europe.

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is "reasonably defensive" on euro zone peripheral bonds for the beginning of the year because of volatility risks but could become "gradually more constructive after the first quarter once Italian elections are over and if and when Spain asks for a bailout", said Ralf Preusser, head of European rates research.

So, what is obvious is that the solar year of 2012 has not taught EU's leaders, bankers and policymakers their lesson in facing the music as they pander evermore to win elections while putting band-aids on the corpse of the European economy.

It is because of all of this that the planetary transits of the year 2013 are a unique – however brief and opportune – to make significant personal and professional adjustments before we enter into the next phase of the powerful Cardinal Crisis transits that will strike the markets in spring of 2013 and again in 2014.

Ultimately, we all live on a temporal world where nothing lasts forever. Those who believe in the doctrines of false beliefs will come to discover the great error of how they have spent their lives on Earth. 

We now examine ever deeper the spiritual consequences associated with the prophecies from the discourses of Jesus Christ in the Pistis Sophia.

The Cardinal Crisis

Jesus Christ Discourses On
The Great Dragon Of the Outer Darkness

Compiled By
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

According to the words of Jesus Christ in Pistis Sophia, there is a Great Dragon in the Outer Darkness where souls who commit sins are punished after they die:

Mary Mary Magdalene asked unto Jesus:

"My Lord, in what type is the outer darkness; or rather, how many regions of chastisement are there in it?"

Of the Dragon of the Outer Darkness

"Jesus answered and said unto Mary:

"The outer darkness is a great dragon, whose tail is in his mouth, it is outside the whole world and surrounds the whole world. And there are many regions of chastisement within it.

There are 12 mighty chastisement-dungeons and a ruler is in every dungeon and the face of the rulers is different one from another."

Of the rulers of the 12 dungeons and their names

"And the first ruler," said Christ, "who is in the first dungeon, has a crocodile's face, whose tail is in his mouth.

And out of the jaws of the dragon cometh all ice and all dust and all cold and all different diseases. This is he who is called with his authentic name in his region 'Enchthonin.'

"And the ruler who is in the second dungeon - a cat's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region 'Charachar.'

"And the ruler who is in the third dungeon - a dog's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region 'Archarōch.'

"And the ruler who is in the fourth dungeon - a serpent's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region 'Achrōchar.'

"And the ruler who is in the fifth dungeon - a black bull's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region 'Marchūr.'

"And the ruler who is in the sixth dungeon - a wild boar's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region 'Lamchamōr.'

"And the ruler who is in the seventh dungeon - a bear's face is his authentic face. This is he who is called in his region with his authentic name 'Luchar.'

"And the ruler of the eighth dungeon - a vulture's face is his authentic face, whose name in his region is called 'Laraōch.'

"And the ruler of the ninth dungeon - a basilisk's face is his authentic face, whose name in his region is called 'Archeōch.'

"And in the 10th dungeon is a multitude of rulers and every one of them has seven dragon's heads in his authentic face. And he who is over them all is in his region with his name called 'Xarmarōch.'

"And in the 11th dungeon is a multitude of rulers and every one of them has seven cat-faced heads in his authentic face. And the great one over them is called in his region 'Rōchar.'

"And in the 12th dungeon is an exceedingly great multitude of rulers and every one of them hath seven dog-faced heads in his authentic face. And the great one over them is called in his region 'Chrēmaōr.'

"These rulers then of these twelve dungeons are inside the dragon of the outer darkness, each and every one of them has a name every hour, and every one of them changeth his face every hour.

Of the Doors of the dungeons

Christ continued,

"And moreover every one of these dungeons hath a door opening upwards, so that the dragon of the outer darkness has twelve dark dungeons, and every dungeon hath a door opening upwards.

And an angel of the height watches each of the doors of the dungeons - whom Yew, the First Man, the Overseer of the Light, The envoy of the First Commandment - has established as watchers of the dragon, so that the dragon and the rulers of his dungeons which are in him, may not mutiny."

And when the Saviour had said this unto Mary Magdalene, she smote her breast, cried out and wept, she and all the disciples together, and said:

"Woe unto sinners, for their chastisements are exceedingly numerous!"

How to save the souls of sinners

Mary came forward and fell down at the feet of Jesus, kissed them and said: 

"My Lord, bear with me if I question thee, and be not angry with me, that I trouble thee often; for from now on I will begin to question thee on all things with determination."

The Saviour answered and said unto Mary: 

"Question concerning all things on which you desire to question, and I will reveal them unto you in openness without similitude."

Mary answered and said: 

"My Lord, if a good man has accomplished all the mysteries and he has a kinsman, in a word he has a man, and that man is an impious person who has committed all sins and is deserving of the outer darkness, and he has not repented, or he has completed his number of circuits in the changes of the body, and that man has done nothing useful, and he has come out of the body, and we have known certainly of him, that he has sinned and is deserving of the outer darkness, then what are we to do with him?

This is, to save him from the chastisements of the dragon of the outer darkness so that he may be removed into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light-kingdom, in order that it may be good and go on high and inherit the Light-kingdom?"

Christ answered and said unto Mary: 

"If a sinner is deserving of the outer darkness, or has sinned according to the chastisements of the rest of the chastisements and has not repented, or a sinning man who has completed his number of circuits in the changes of the body and has not repented - if then these men of whom I have spoken - shall come out of the body and be led into the outer darkness, now, therefore, if your desire to remove them out of the chastisements of the outer darkness and all the judgments and to remove them into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, that it may go on high and inherit the Light-kingdom, then perform this same mystery of the Ineffable which forgives sins at every time, and when you have finished performing the mystery then say:

'The soul of such or such a man of whom I think in my heart, if it is in the region of the chastisements of the dungeons of the outer darkness, or if it is in the rest of the chastisements of the dungeons of the outer darkness and in the rest of the chastisements of the dragon, then is it to be removed out of them all.'

"And if it has completed its number of its circuits of the changes, then is it to be led before the Virgin of Light, and the Virgin of Light is to seal it with the seal of the Ineffable and cast it down in whatever month into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, so that it may be good, go on high and inherit the Light-kingdom. 

"And moreover if it has completed the circuits of changes, then is that soul to be led before the seven virgins of the Light who are set over the baptisms, and they are to apply them to the soul and seal it with the sign of the Kingdom of the Ineffable and lead it into the orders of the Light.'"

"This then will you say when you perform the mystery.

"Amēn, I say unto you: The soul for which you shall pray, if it indeed is in the dragon of the outer darkness, he will draw his tail out of his mouth and let go that soul. 

And moreover, if it is in all the regions of the judgments of the rulers, amēn, I say unto you:

The receivers of Melchizedek will with haste snatch it away, whether the dragon let it go or it is in the judgments of the rulers; in a word, the receivers of Melchizedek will snatch it away out of all the regions in which it is, and will lead it into the region of the Midst before the Virgin of Light, and the Virgin of Light prove it and see the sign of the kingdom of the Ineffable which is on that soul.

"And if it hath not yet completed its number of circuits in the changes of the soul, or is in the changes of the body, the Virgin of Light seals it with an excellent seal and hastens to have it cast down in any month into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, be good and go on high into the Light-kingdom.

"And if that soul hath had its number of the circuits, then the Virgin of Light proves it, and does not have it chastised  because it has had its number of circuits, but hands it over to the seven virgins of the Light. 

"And the seven virgins of the Light prove that soul, baptize it with their baptisms and give it the spiritual chrism and lead it into the Treasury of the Light and put it in the last order of the Light until the ascension of all the perfect souls.

"And when they prepare to draw apart the veils of the region of those of the Right, they cleanse that soul anew and purify it and put it in the orders of the first savior who [is] in the Treasury of the Light."


Unknown said...

I would love to understand more of what Christ said. For some reason I find it difficult to interpret. Is that information elsewhere that I may read someones interpretation to see if I can then grasp it?
thanks for your incredible dedication and thinking power
frances fox

Anonymous said...

Thank you, from Audrey Galveston County Texas