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Monday, March 16, 2015

A New Solar Year: The Vernal Equinox Of 2015 > A Total Solar Eclipse & Supermoon Over Europe > Also, April's 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse > Uranus-Pluto World Squares: Generational War In A Transitional Decade? > The Mutable Middle Years: 2015, 2016 & 2017 > Global Cooling Forecast - 2017-2053: Climate Change Of Historic Proportions?

The Cardinal Crisis Years
March 20, 2015 - A total solar eclipse will take place on the day of the Vernal Equinox which ushers in the new solar year. As a new moon,  a perigee-syzygy alignment, or 'supermoon,' will also occur on the same day as the vernal equinox. This will make the span from mid-March to early April a significant time for geophysical events, featuring: seismic activity,  temperature drops, heavy rains and floods.  In early April, a total lunar eclipse will also take place. The new solar year of 2015 promises to yield major events into the middle years of this cardinal crisis decade.

A New Solar Year: 2015
The Vernal Equinox
A Total Solar Eclipse Supermoon Over Europe


The 'Blood Moon' Tetrad Eclipse of April 2015

The Uranus-Pluto World Squares
Generational War In A Transitional Decade?


2015, 2016, 2017



Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.sci

All Praise & Glory be to IAO, the Immortal Almighty God
Peace & Goodwill to Humanity

As the new solar year of 2015 opens for the world, we are poised to enter the middle years of this cardinal crisis decade of the Twenty-Tens.

The solar year kicks off with a total solar eclipse and a supermoon - perigee-syzygy alignment - that will occur on the same day of the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. 

The effects of the supermoon and total solar eclipse at the equinox shows mid-March to early April as a significant time for geophysical events - featuring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, heavy rains and floods.

Seismic activity will be felt in some regions not used to experiencing earthquakes; so the month of March into April is a time to be aware of the strong geophysical energies just as the new solar year begins.

We are now halfway through the decade of the Twenty-Tens and into the final five (5) years that will lead to the new decade of the 2020s.

Know that in these next five (5) years, that there are two major planetary synods that will complete their global cycles.

One is the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the other is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that took place in the year 2000.

Both planetary conjunctions, in 1982 and 2000, will end in the year 2020, and then begin a new series of conjunctions that same year.

Between now and 2020, what we are witnessing globally are major generational transitions that will be completed by the end of 2020.

The new Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 will last to the year 2054; while the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020 will extend to the year 2040.

Both new conjunctions 2020 presage major world events, the majority of events directly connected to the climate change to global cooling I forecasted years ago to begin officially in late 2017. It will last 36 years.

The effects of global cooling on the Earth will be very significant and calls for preparation.

Much of that preparation could have been accomplished by nations, governments and leaders but have been entirely wasted on the foolishness of 'man-made global warming' - which I assert is impossible, according to the laws of physics.

A major issue over at least two decades has been complacency and that has future consequences and high costs. I address my warning on the climate change to global cooling once again in this edition of Global Astrology.

Also in this edition, we look at the new solar year of 2015 that opens with the Vernal Equinox of March 20th - which also just happens to be the day when a total solar eclipse will take place over Europe and parts of the Middle East.

The solar eclipse will be followed in early April with the third in a series of four (4) tetrad 'blood moon' eclipses.

[*EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of the images in this edition of the events taking place worldwide are distressing. Viewer discretion is advised.]


Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

The Vernal Equinox of 2015 for my home nation, the United States, shows a strong year that will open the middle years of this decade for all Americans.

Planetary transits show a speeding up of karmic energies in this cardinal crisis decade.

Their electromagnetic alignments are not to be taken lightly. There will be a geophysical display of that fact this month and next for those interested in that fact.

Those who mock the powers of the celestial forces at work are truly ignorant of what is to come in the times ahead.

Make no mistake about it, I love my country, and will never help its enemies to make any trouble for the nation I hold dear to my heart by revealing anything that could be used to harm the country that I love deeply.

Saying that, I also am a native Philadelphian who holds life and liberty very close to my heart.

Philadelphians are feared and fierce fighters (just ask the British) and so I warn those in power in this country that the horrendous sins they have committed in the name of this great nation will not go unpunished - both in this world - and especially in the next.

My advice is to repent while you still have time. A great and terrible Invisible Force knows all that you do and have ever done.

Be not misled, as it is written that every single hair on your heads are counted.

New Solar Year: 2015
Washington, District of Columbia
click on chart to enlarge

The chart for the new solar year of 2015 shows how interpersonal relationships between those at the center of power in Washington DC is highlighted by the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the vernal equinox.

The luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are setting in the Mundane 7th House in the vernal equinox chart and there are a series of fixed star positions that indicate that 2015 will be a major year of alliances, both made and broken - among those vying for the White House in 2016.

The angles of the vernal equinox chart are mutable, as Mercury and Jupiter will rule the solar year of 2015 in the United States.

As there are several fixed stars sitting directly on the angles at the vernal equinox for 2015 this new solar year will turn out to be pivotal one in the life of the nation.

There are geophysical and metaphysical forces at work with these solar, lunar, planetary and stellar transits to be sure.

In Washington, Congress is highlighted in 2015 and as the Uranus-Pluto world square remains in play; the generational transition that the current establishment resists also speaks to the continued outmoded and outdated methods used in attempts to selfishly hold onto the reins of power.

I will say nothing about a sitting President of the United States, as is my strict principle never to reveal anything that would harm this country in any way. I will only say that transits show that the president and his administration has a very odd and busy year ahead; as do all of the politicians in Washington who walk the halls of power during the solar years of 2015 and 2016.

Americans are very upset about the direction of the country and nothing is for certain about the outcomes of the general election of 2016.

Both major political parties, Democrat and Republicans, would be very wise to not underestimate the American people in this solar year, or the next.

A word from the wise is sufficient.

Generational War In A Transitional Decade?

by Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

“Who more swiftly, could fly back from the ends of the Earth as messenger, or, with light foot to the earth's ends - make his way?” 

~ Manilius in 'Astronomica'

Just before and then after the start of the new millennium, people may have noticed that there has been numerous articles, books, documentaries, television shows and films that have depicted numerous versions of doomsday, or the end of the world.

Then, after the year 2012 had passed, with my statement that the world would not end despite many people's misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar Prophecies, a brief pause had been taken in 2013 on various doomsday kinds of entertainment.

That ended in 2014, and some may have noticed that there are websites, television shows, documentaries and movies that have picked up on their 'end of the world,' theme once again.

Understand that the great majority of these doomsday themes have been funded by the aged oligarchy and establishment.

In their angst and fear of mortal death as they pass off this mortal coil they have had given little to a vision of the future other than dark hopes and dreams.

Baby boomers protesting new bicycle lanes in New York City

Because they will not live forever young, they have projected their own angst and fear onto the world because they have no vision - that is - other than extensions of their own lives with eternal youth.

That is spiritual bankruptcy and it has played out on the world stage as both aged generations are now in their waning years.

We have seen the effects of their spiritual bankruptcy in the events of our times. Does the world that has been run by the oligarchy and establishment look and feel safe?


No, it does not. 

American Homeland Security treats children as a threat to airline safety?

They have resisted positive change to feel safe in their perverted angst?

Their aversion to trust, along with their spiritual bankruptcy has appeared by means of their outdated and outmoded ways. 

These are the 'baby boomers' who sound loudly proclaimed that they were going to change the world? This is the generation that embraces 'change' as they spew their hate on the young who are the future of the world?

From trying to return the world to a 'cold war,' to the mess they've made in their machinations throughout the Middle East, it is obvious that the oligarchy and establishment have no vision other than that of the age they were born into - the depravity, corruption greed, rampant ideology and violence of the mid-20th century.

The years 2015-2020 are really about the end of both the oligarchy and baby boomer generational establishment.

With both generations, the saying about old people who are approaching the end of their lives speaks volumes about them:

"None are so blind that refuse to see."

What the series of the Uranus-Pluto world squares clearly show is that the less control the oligarchy and establishment have - the more angst-driven, fearful and violent they become to the world at large.

Hateful of the young; over the decades they have denied and stolen the resources and opportunities from two younger generations - opportunities and resources that were not theirs to take.

In their spiritual bankruptcy and angst on passing off this mortal coil, they will have left a mess of a world that they themselves made.

Their ideologies will have been proven to be outright lies; propaganda fueled by mean-spirited humanists with a perverted agenda that denies the Immortal God, the morals of humanity, of faith, trust, love, hope, and union.

They stole wealth from others and at the same time looked down on the young; jealous of their own loss of youth gone by; which they want to deny the present young whom they despise.

These so-called 'elders' are nothing of the sort.

Their crimes against humanity will not go unpunished as they enter the spirit world and the God that they denied all their lives - while committing their numerous sins - will not hear their prayers for salvation from the perdition that they rush, ignorantly, headlong and straight into.

Nothing will save them from the demons and archons who seek the ruin of human souls. Those who feed off their hate and negativity, and they will have damned themselves - by means of their own hands and cold hearts.

As the new solar year of 2015 begins the seventh and final exact Uranus-Pluto world square will have taken place on March 16-17th. 

That world square completes a series of exact squares between both planets since the year 2012.

Their world squares have marked a sustained cycle of adjustments, challenges, changes and crises globally as I had forecasted before the Uranus-Pluto world squares began.

Massive storms observed on the planet Uranus

By March 16-17th, their seventh, and last exact square will come with both planets direct in motion. The previous six world squares took place with either Uranus or Pluto retrograde and one direct.

Pluto and Charon

Many personality-based astrologers who came late to recognizing the power of the Uranus-Pluto world squares have focused only on the individual ego, or relationships, but Uranus and Pluto, as outer planets, are transpersonal and their effects have been on the worldwide, or mundane level.

Since Uranus entered tropical Aries in 2011, and a year later formed the first of seven exact squares to Pluto in tropical Capricorn, there have been wide-ranging economic, political, social and revolutionary sentiments and disruptions among populations of many nations.

New York City - 2011

Populations have been forced to adjust to what have turned out to be unavoidable and significant changes in the world and society around them.

At the same time people who are important to others have died suddenly, some who have died violently in countries not of their birth.

An ISIS infidel beheads a Japanese citizen, then used Twitter to send the gruesome images as a message to Japan's government.

The large-scale events that have taken place since 2010, when what I termed 'The Cardinal Crisis' decade began, shows how the decade of the Twenty-Tens continues to be one of major transitional change.

In noting the planetary configurations, I forecasted the super-thrust earthquake in Japan in March 2011, as well as the revolution in Egypt, among other geopolitical and geophysical events.

I also observed planetary transits that led me to forecast the 2009-2010 El Nino, the 2010-2011 La Nina that followed.

The transition from solar-forced global warming to solar-forced global cooling has been underway since 2001 and will be complete by late 2017.

The trending to global cooling has been underway for years according to astrometeorologist Theodore White who forecasts global cooling to become official in late 2017, lasting approximately 36 years.

Then, the 2012 Midwest Drought in the United States, and its expansion west into California that led to a multi-year drought which continues to this day.

Extreme multi-year drought turning extreme in the American state of California.

In my 2014 Global Astrology edition, I warned world leaders to be very careful in their handling of the U.S.-Ukraine-Russia conflict and did so by means of the principal of Mundane Astrology to help avert disasters.

Geopolitical crisis and civil war in Ukraine

I left that edition up for the entire solar year of 2014 as a stern reminder to many because of the short attention spans and reactionary sentiment that have defined our present times.

The Uranus-Pluto square will remain within orb all through 2015 and into 2016 with associated planetary contacts through the middle years of this decade.

The only other mundane astrologer to have also forecasted on the Uranus-Pluto world square accurately is American astrologer William Stickevers, who cited the following brief list of social and geopolitical events that have taken place between 2010 to 2014:

2010: Riots in Bangkok by the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship

2010: Second Kyrgyz Revolution leads to the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

2010-2012: Huge Greek protests against austerity measures has led to 25% unemployment and widespread suffering and mass anger of the international troika:

Athens, Greece: 2010-2012

2010–2012: Arab Spring: The Tunisian revolution forces President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to resign and flee the country opening the way for free elections.

A young Tunisian vendor sets himself ablaze and sparked revolution

The 2011 Egyptian revolution brings down the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt - 2011

Continuing the upsets in North Africa, Libyan rebel forces gradually take control of the country and murder leader Muammar Gaddafi (pictured below) which leads to post-civil war violence throughout Libya (ongoing)

Libyan rebels morph into ISIS

The Syrian Civil War (ongoing)

The horrors of Syria

2010-2012 - Algerian protests

2011-2012: Bahraini uprising (ongoing)

The families of Iraq continues to suffer in the wake of the 2004 U.S. invasion and occupation.

2011 - The Jordanian protests

2011–2012 - The Moroccan protests

2011 - The Omani protests

The 2011: Yemeni revolution leads to the eventual resignation of Ali Abdullah Saleh as President of Yemen.

The 2011-2012 Iranian Protests

The 2011-2013 Spanish Austerity Protests
Spain: 2011-2013

2011-2012 - Maldives political crisis: Public protests and police mutiny lead to resignation of President Mohammed Nasheed

2012 Tuareg rebellion

Central African Republic conflict (2012-present) François Bozizé, president of the Central African Republic, is overthrown by the rebel coalition Seleka, led by Michel Djotodia.

2013 Eritrean Army mutiny.

2013-14 Tunisian protests against the Ennahda-led government.

2013 Protests in Turkey

The 2013 protests in Brazil.

The Egyptian Revolution continued in 2013 and subsequent coup d’état which ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The aftermath of the Egyptian coup d’état involves protests and sit-ins facing a crackdown by military authorities in support of deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

2013 South Sudanese political crisis

2014 unrest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2014 Protests in Venezuela

2014 Ukrainian-Russian conflict in Ukraine
Eastern Ukraine 2013-2014

2014: Pakistan protests against election rigging

2014: Hong Kong protests

2014 Burkinabé uprising

2014 Yemeni coup d'état

Those events are just some of the major happenings that fell under the aegis of the Uranus-Pluto world squares and associated planetary transits to that synod in this cardinal crisis decade.

The seventh world square in March 2015 will mark the new solar year as a critical crossroads for many populations worldwide coming out of the Grand Cross Year of 2014.

Transpersonally, the effects on individuals are those taking place around the world-at-large, as people not used to assimilating global events and their meanings will struggle to find ways to live with circumstances beyond their individual control.

Uranus transits tropical Aries, ruled by Pluto, and Pluto transits tropical Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Uranus' afflictions are those that come by sudden, unorthodox means, while Pluto's passion is for organizational control at all costs.

The world square between both, in cardinal Signs, has seen a grating effect take place that offers significant challenges by means of crisis that often result in negativity and violent events.

Solar year 2015 will officially begin in mid-March 2015 with the vernal equinox of March 20th.

My analysis of 2015 continues to call for a transition into the middle years and latter years of this decade.

First are the 'Mutable Middle Years' of 2015, 2016 and 2017, which are followed by the transits of the 'Cardinal Climax Years' of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

My advice has always been the same when dealing with transpersonal world transits such as the major Uranus-Pluto world squares.

Ideally, it was not a time to engage in extended travel as the lives of individuals have been changed, or ended by larger-scale forces beyond their control.

A Palestinian girl writhes in pain during the Israeli Army bombardment of Gaza in 2014

Think of the events of the still missing Malaysian airline, as well as crash of another that was deliberately shot down in 2014 over the Ukraine, killing all on board.

And the events that have taken place in the Middle East, or those caught up in the fanatical religious murderous zeal of groups like ISIS.

The mundane astrologer Michel Nostradamus called the extremists of ISIS the 'infidels' who would be condemned by the Immortal God into perdition for their murderous crimes against humanity.

Or the events of the Ebola Virus outbreak that shocked the world.

In my analysis of world transits, extended travel will continue to be dangerous and tricky in 2015, 2016 and 2017 due to the combined planetary transits. Continued caution is urged.

The idea with transpersonal transits is to make the best of the opportunities presented by the new situations while at the same time avoiding those who want to force changes because these world transits are not the best time to do that.

The problem with cardinal signs is that they begin, or give the urge to initiate changes when the best thing to do is to ride out planetary transits; especially as they release into the mutable signs, as Jupiter and Saturn, along with Neptune and the Lunar Nodes will do in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

However, because many people are ignorant of world transits, they will be influenced to do the things that they should not, and therefore cause further dysfunction and disruption.

Balance, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is the cure for adverse world transits. 

It is best to avoid unbalanced, unreliable and borderline individuals, groups, organizations and populations with these world transits in play.

As for the new solar year of 2015, the Uranus-Pluto world square will be in play the entire year as Uranus and Pluto will remain within orb of its world square into 2016. 

Therefore, it is wise to continue to maintain a patient and prudent attitude going into the middle years of this decade.

Opening this new solar year on March 20, 2015 is a Total Solar Eclipse that will take place over Greenland, Iceland, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and northwestern Asia.

This total solar eclipse and new moon is also a ‘supermoon,’ as the Moon will be at perigee relative to the Earth.

A New Solar Year:
A Total Solar Eclipse Over Europe
March 20, 2015

by Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

The Vernal Equinox of March 20, 2015 opens the new solar year with a total eclipse of the Sun that takes place hours before the Sun reaches the equinox point and opens the new solar year.

It ushers in what I call the ‘Mutable Middle Years’ of 2015, 2016 and 2017, an intractable series of world transits that if prepared for, can be navigated.

Location: London, England
click on chart to enlarge

The chart for the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 shows contact with two stars in the constellation Pegasus. The two stars are Scheat and Algenib.

In ancient astrological myths, Pegasus was created by the blood of Medusa’s severed head mixed with the foam and sand of the sea being close to Pisces. 

The constellation Pegasus also carried the thunderbolts of Zeus and as a ‘noisy-footed horse,’ became known as the ‘Thundering Horse of Jove that carried the divine lightning.’ 

In Astrometeorology, this constellation and its stars also presage events related to  geophysical activity that affects the oceans, ships, weather conditions and seismic events.

The eclipsed Sun and Moon at 29-Pisces are conjoined to the stars of Pegasus – the star Scheat; while the South Lunar Node is conjoined to the star Algenib. 

This 2nd magnitude star is well known in the annals of Mundane Astrology. 

Associated with catastrophes, it calls for attention to accidents that involve the sea, also floods, plane accidents and suicides within the population.

Also, the star Alpheratz in Andromeda, known as the ‘water bucket’ and which forms a square pattern with the three other stars of Pegasus is involved. 

The planet Uranus is conjoined to Alpheratz which is adverse and calls for care to sudden shocks of events.

Algenib, a 3rd magnitude white star, is conjoined to the South Lunar Node at 9-Aries. The star is located on the extreme wing of Pegasus and is known as the ‘rear spout.’ 

Along with the other stars of Pegasus, these stars presage adverse events of misfortune and violence.

At the opposite end of the South Lunar Node is the Dragon’s Head, the North Lunar Node, which is conjoined to the star Vindemiatrix, a bright yellow epsilon star in Virgo.

Vindemiatrix, a Chaldean word that means ‘the son,’ or ‘branch who cometh,’ was originally called ‘Vindemiator’ which translated into ‘the Gatherer of Grapes.

The dangerous star Scheat is called the ‘upper spout’ that when activated can presage disasters. It is here, on this star, that the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 will take place.

Total Solar Eclipse & A Supermoon

With the Sun eclipsed by the Supermoon over Scheat, the presages for the solar year of 2015 over the regions where the eclipse will be seen calls for care and caution. 

The dangerous star Scheat is called the ‘upper spout’ and when activated can presage disasters. 

Coming as a supermoon as well, it is wise to mind weather conditions considering the conjunction of the solar eclipse with Scheat.

The solar eclipse will reach a magnitude of 1.045 with longest duration of totality at 2 minutes and 47 seconds, just off the coast of the Faroe Islands. 

Those at high northern latitudes near Greenland and Iceland will see a total solar eclipse. 

The path of totality will begin at sunrise on March 20th, just to the south of Greenland, and then will expand toward the east of Greenland and Iceland at midday. It will end just to the north of Greenland at sunset. 

The image below is a close-up animation of the total solar eclipse in 30 second time frames.

At the end of its path, the shadow of the Moon rises from Earth's surface to space at the north pole. 

As March 20th is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, the eclipse occurs just as the Sun rises at the north pole - for the first time in six months.

The next total solar eclipse to be visible over Europe will occur on August 12, 2026.

The only populated places where the entire totality of the March 20, 2015 solar eclipse will be seen are the Faroe Islands and Svalbard archipelago. 

Those are best areas to watch the total eclipse as they are located on what will be the semi-circle path of totality.

click on graphic to enlarge

The total solar eclipse in full will be seen over these regions:

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands

Klaksvík, Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands

Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway

Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Cities of the world where a partial solar eclipse will be seen:

Lisbon, Portugal

Madrid, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

Paris, France

Nuuk, Greenland

London, England, United Kingdom

Douglas, Isle of Man

Brussels, Belgium

Reykjavik, Iceland

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

Alert, Nunavut Territory, Canada

Tallinn, Estonia

Helsinki, Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland

Moscow, Russia

Belushya Guba, Russia

The March 20th total solar eclipse and new moon is also a ‘supermoon,’ as the Moon will be at perigee relative to Earth.

The term supermoon was named by astrologer Richard Nolle. Throughout world history, these supermoons caused geophysical effects on the Earth - raising the air, land and sea tides.

Also known as Perigean Spring tides, this is where a new moon or full moon aligns by means of perigee phase - the closest point of the Moon’s orbit around Earth.

At each new moon and full moon, the Sun, Earth and Moon align more or less along a line in space.
This celestial action has a gravitational pull on the air, land and sea tides on Earth as the gravity of the Sun works to also reinforce the Moon’s gravity. 

On average, the solar tide is about 50 percent that of the lunar tide, so at new moon or full moon, this causes the Earth's land, air and sea tidal ranges to reach maximum levels.

As this supermoon occurs on the day of the Vernal Equinox, and with a total solar eclipse as well, the presages are for geophysical conditions - from seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, storms, that cause accidents. It is essential to mind the environment you inhabit due to these astrophysical forces.

Supermoons of 2015 

March 20th – New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse 
August 29th - Full moon 
September 28th - Full moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 
October 27th - Full moon 

Following in the wake of the March 20th Vernal Equinox and total solar eclipse will arrive a total lunar eclipse in April 2015 that I will now examine.

A 'Blood Moon' Total Eclipse: 
April 4, 2015

by Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

In Mundane Astrology, eclipses are known as presages.

The total lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015 is part of a 'tetrad' cycle of lunar eclipses that are taking place between April 2014 to September 28, 2015.

Mundane Astrology is the main branch of the Judicial Science that treats of the influences of the Zodiac, planets and stars have on nations, governments, populations, countries, cities and divisions of the Earth. It is the art and science of forecasting the chief planetary and stellar energies and events that come to pass.

click on graphic to enlarge

Totality of the lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015 will last less than five minutes. That makes it the shortest total eclipse totality of the 21st century.

North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia will be able to see the eclipse. 

The east coast of the United States will observe an early morning lunar eclipse.

click on graphic to enlarge

Regions in South Asia will see the eclipse in the evening hours.

Overall, the lunar eclipse will last for 3 hours and 29 mins from beginning to end. Totality will last 4 minutes and 43 seconds, according to my calculations.

During the two solar years of 2014 and 2015 there will have been four tetrad ‘blood Moons’ that people have been talking about.

The April 4th lunar eclipse is the third in that tetrad. The last 'blood moon' eclipse will take place in late September 2015.

The total lunar eclipse of April 15, 2014 was the first of four (4) consecutive total lunar eclipses - a ‘tetrad’ – that will occur from April 2014 to September 2015. The span of time is 18 months.

In Mundane Astrology, which deals with presage events like total lunar and solar eclipses, the tetrad lunar eclipses are part of a series of presage warnings for the world, especially for the areas of the Earth that observe the eclipses.

The ignorance and superstition associated with the talk of the blood moons really are being spread by those with little knowledge and experience in mundane astrology.

A great amount of the speculation will be of the pop-culture kind without giving serious attention to what the deeper meanings of the transits actually mean.

And those who have propounded on the 'blood moons' will associate them with apocalyptic messages.

The tetrad eclipses, or blood moons, further confirm my forecasts on how the decade of the Twenty-Tens is an historical transitional decade.

We are in an era of significant changes. In reality, the late 20th century has been waning over the first 20 years of this new century.

Again, the oldest generations now alive on this planet are responsible for the fractured events taking place globally. 

The passage of time, with any unresolved issues, primarily geopolitical, but also economic and social, will be mutated by the transition. Resistance to change by the aged establishment is what has been causing confusion, crisis and challenges worldwide.

They are spiritually bankrupt and literally have no true 'vision' for the world other than by means of their own angst and perversions.

Drugged up, and drunk with extreme stolen wealth that they cannot take with them into the spirit world, and rather than to face themselves inwardly and honestly, they project their angst and fear onto the outside world.

Much of the speculation on the blood moons center on the events of the 2014-2015 Tetrad as two important Jewish holy days will take place: 

Passover and Sukkot, or the Feast of Trumpets.

The tetrad lunar eclipses are celestial harbingers, or presages (along with additional planetary configurations) that serves as warnings; especially for the regions that can see the total eclipses.

The proselytizing of the fanatical infidels of ISIS has brought extreme violence, bloodshed and chaos to Iraq and Syria while also threatening the borders of southern Europe.

Members of ISIS march Egyptian Christians to their beheading along the Mediterranean Sea in February 2015

Overall, this era, between now and late 2015, features a period of mass unrest, hidden ulterior motives, reactionary sentiments, proselytizing, geopolitical crisis, backbiting, along with the transpersonal events of national uprisings, hue-and cries, civil disturbances, senseless violence, recriminations, and all manner of emotional/mental dysfunctional behavior.

A man grieves after hearing his brother was one of the Egyptian Christian Copts beheaded by members of ISIS.

The transpersonal outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in particular, feature a series of years from 2014 through to 2020 that call upon those with knowledge of world transits to expect more changes in this transitional decade in the early 21st century.

The planet Saturn

The transpersonal planets act on society at large, on nations, their governments and their particular cultures and regions.

However, by the very nature of transpersonal outer planets; what happens in the world around you does and can affect individuals, groups and other populations.

Other than the prophecies of the holy scriptures that some today would say that the ‘world is going to end,’ however, as a mundane astrologer I can assure you that although the world will go on into the decades ahead; these particular series of lunar eclipses are warnings for the present era and near future times.

The first of the tetrad total lunar eclipses peaked on the early morning of Tuesday, April 15, 2014. The orange/reddish eclipse was visible from most of North and South America, also Hawaii and parts of Alaska.

As the Earth and Mars had just completed their closest conjunction since 2008 on April 14th, 2014 with Mars within 57.4 million miles (92.4 million km) of Earth, that total lunar eclipse was part of the tetrad presage for the state of the world going into this new solar year – and into the next several years too.

The transits of this span of time most often will affect individuals, groups and/or organizations that are already emotionally and/or mentally unbalanced and borderline.

That's what these transits, along with the lunar eclipses, warn of and do, and so any anomalous behavior easily identifies those who cannot be trusted, and are to be avoided this year and through to the middle years of this decade.

The dysfunction is an emotional/mental imbalance.

So, without proper treatment, what will happen is that anyone who is unbalanced will then 'project' their own dysfunction, or ill balance, onto others in the outer world.

That projection is a rejection of the individual's and/or group's ability to deal with their own ill-balance within themselves.

The cardinal planetary transits that form the grand cross 'initiate and then 'focalize,' by their configurations; so anyone who is affected by these will show it in their behavior unless they are already in balance.

It is balance that matters. 

If a native has any points or positions that are touched on by the grand cross, or the total lunar eclipse that takes place within it, then by keeping their own center-line, their own internal balance, these transits are thus neutralized.

Lunar eclipses are Full Moons. In my mundane forecasting, it is the exact moment of Full Moon, not that of the middle of any eclipse, that is delineated and then interpreted.

The mundane figures of the luminaries are important, but are less so than solar eclipses.

Total lunar eclipses have a span of time of action that extends over as many months as the eclipse is hours in duration.

In Mundane Astrology, their influences and effects are like solar eclipses and are chiefly noted in the countries where the eclipse was actually visible with the naked eye.

While some have little insight into the actual presages of the cardinal tetrad blood moons by total lunar eclipse; we can see that the cardinal signs of Libra and Aries are featured by the position of the Lunar Nodes also on the cardinal axis - with the North Lunar Node in Libra and the South Lunar Node transiting in Aries.

Cardinal signs are known as ‘movable’ signs in mundane astrology. By their very nature they initiate, or start.

The cardinal signs of Libra and Aries are featured until November 2015.

Libra is ruled by Venus and Aries, by Pluto, so society itself is against the designs of Aries, which is transited by Uranus this decade and in square to Pluto itself, transiting in tropical Capricorn.

The cardinal face-off is both one of endings and beginnings in both Libra and Aries throughout 2014 and into 2015.

While events during the next 18 months – from April 2014 to September 2015 – will be those featuring current themes that are economic, social and geopolitical throughout the world, both North and South America experienced the first of the tetrad’s total lunar eclipses.

These eclipses also presage a time to come that I call the ‘mutable middle years.’ Economically, what we will see is an acceleration of the forces of deflation.

Deflation causes a significant loss of pricing power, forcing corporations, companies, municipalities and governments to cut back as less demand ensues along with a glut in products and services.

The European Union, for instance, is facing deflationary forces, as are many other governments worldwide.

For regions that observed the lunar eclipse, these are warnings for the two solar years – 2014 and 2015 – as well as presaging the coming of the Mutable Middle Years.

However, because Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are 'transpersonal' planets, which means that there will be larger-scale forces not in the control of individuals who resolve to fix what is broken by massing together in force.


The period between now and 2015 feature the tetrad blood Moon eclipses, along with a series of unfavorable world transits, prime among them the ongoing Uranus-Pluto world square.

The best way to effectively neutralize these transits is to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, being calm, cool and collected, and not allow oneself to be swayed as those who are borderline unbalanced within themselves.

That's how these world transits work.

Most people who comment on the events and crisis of the times are wholly ignorant of the planetary transits that correlate to the events on Earth.

It will take many of them a huge step in consciousness to come to accept that what they may 'think' of any particular event may not be what is actually the case in reality.

Others, who are not experienced in mundane astrology, may see the transpersonal events of the world merely through the single lens of natal astrology; however that is a far cry from the greater mundane perspective and knowledge of coming world transits.

In handling the strong planetary transits, on a interpersonal and personal, individual level, what works is a prudent, patient, calm attitude that, along with far-sighted knowledge, can give one the edge in maintaining oneself and others - especially over the span of time from 2014 to 2017.

However, considering the present state of the world, the headlines that many will see in the violence, dysfunction and disruption underway is sure to get worse with the presages of the tetrad eclipse moons and world transits.

Again, those most directly affected will 'act out' emotionally and mentally, so that is how you know who is unbalanced and who is not.

Under the cardinal global skies, it is best to be calm, cool, collected and not allow the powerful planetary energies to disrupt; or to lead to upset by the dysfunction of others, as that would only pour fuel on the focalizing fires of these major world transits.

As the new solar year of 2015 heads into its second half, it will open up an era within the cardinal crisis decade that I call the 'mutable middle years.'


2015, 2016, 2017

Forecast by
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

The mutable middle years feature a span of time that begins in autumn 2015 and stretches to autumn 2017.

That span of time is mainly unfavorable. The planetary transits indicate a scratchy, noisy, foggy and frustrating mini-era.

Jupiter’s entry into mutable Virgo in August 2015, followed by Saturn’s ingress into tropical Sagittarius in September 2015 along with Neptune, already transiting mutable Pisces since 2012, calls for serious attention to the middle years of this cardinal crisis decade.

Consider it a climate of paroxysm where the mutable transits usher in disorders and struggles that can be difficult to manage.

The main planetary linchpin of the middle years will be a Saturn-Neptune mutable square that will begin in earnest by September 27-28, 2015. 

That day also happens to be the day of the last of the tetrad 'blood moon' lunar eclipses.

From September 27-28, 2015 to October 8, 2017, the Saturn-Neptune square will be in operation.

click on chart to enlarge

Above is an isolated diagnostic chart for the Saturn-Neptune world square.

The general atmosphere is 'mutable' in their adverse influences.

Overall, it shows a period of personal and professional confusion, misconceptions, anxieties, neuroses and especially dangers from the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Heroin abuse in eastern Europe

The phobias and irrational fears inherent in a Saturn-Neptune square are characterized by the atmospheric anxieties that accompany this world square.

You will notice in some people a desire to avoid the practical responsibilities of life and work in general. 

There can be psychological problems with friends and family members. Saturn-Neptune squares are also associated with emotional and mental illnesses.

Some people, and those that have to deal with them, can manifest irrational behavior patterns that bring about negative emotional states.

Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the major signature features under a Saturn-Neptune square.

Use of drugs and alcohol will aggravate already unstable tendencies toward mental illness that can lead to hospitalization and/or institutionalization.

The atmosphere of the times from autumn 2015 through to autumn 2017 is characterized by Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius and its square to Neptune in Pisces.

That stretch of time and the square’s orb is due to the slow movement of both outer planets.

Mutable Year of 2016
click on chart to enlarge

As transiting Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune first in 2015, and again, in 2016, it is that year – 2016 – which will require the most planning before autumn of 2015 arrives and sets into action the 'mutable middle years.'

While in the middle of a new general election campaign in the United States will also experience the forces of deflation, as will much of the global economy.

Generally, the period from September 2015, the last of the tetrad total lunar eclipses marks the start of the Mutable Middle Years.

After Jupiter enters Virgo in August 2015, a month later, Saturn will officially enter Sagittarius in September 2015 (after Saturn’s brief transit in Sagittarius from Dec. 23, 2014 to June 14-15, 2015.)

After Jupiter and Saturn have made the translation into Virgo and Pisces to adversely aspect Neptune in tropical Pisces, the lunar nodes will transition from the cardinal Libra/Aries axis to the mutable Virgo/Pisces axis on November 12, 2015) and fully ushering the Mutable Middle Years.

That changes the atmosphere from ‘fixed’ concerning Jupiter and Saturn in Leo and Scorpio in 2015, to mutable.

The atmosphere of the times then will switch from fixed and into a ‘mutable era’ that will last through the autumn of 2015, all of 2016, and stretch by means of the Saturn-Neptune square to early October 2017.

The Mutable Middle years are just that – scratchy, noisy, frustrating, and abusive in the sense of the irrationality that is really the end of the late 20th century and it’s influence by generational establishment.

Practical discipline is required during the mutable middle years to maintain a grip on reality.

The ideology and political correctness of the late 1990s, 2000s and early Twenty-Tens will come to its fitting end.

What it will leave behind, for a space of about 24 months - or two solar years - are the intractable mutable middle years of 2015, 2016 and 2017 - before the planets resume on their course to the cardinal climax years of 2017-2020.

Look at the mutable middle years for protection from the Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune mutable T-square in 2016 as the apex of the mutable signatures which will wipe out those already unbalanced and those unprepared.

Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius is like that of the desert, while Jupiter’s function in Mercury-ruled Virgo along with the transiting North Lunar Node is particular, demanding and prudent.

Mixed in aspect configuration with Neptune’s amorphous transit in tropical Pisces and you have a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune mutable combination that can be quite intractable for those unaware and unprepared.

As Jupiter’s and Saturn’s fixed square in summer 2015 turns into a mutable square by 2016, there is poor timing in matters associated with business and professional affairs.

It is not the best time to begin changes in business while caution has to be used in professional and business activities to avoid indebtedness and bankruptcies.

The vacillation between optimism to sudden pessimism and then back is also characteristic of the Jupiter-Saturn square.

There can be difficulties in gaining support from official institutions or from others in positions of power under the world square.

Major levels of unemployment will continue in 2016 and reach an apex that will certainly come to slow down business activity even more.

This is due to the retirements and layoffs of baby boomers; while skills shortages increase in various sectors because of that generation’s breaking of the intergenerational contract.

Unemployment has been a very serious problem among the young as the establishment ruined the education system, then the housing sector and the overall economy.

Since the economic crisis of 2008 there has been a virtual economic great depression for those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and early-to-mid 50s.

The effect of the years of economic decline among the middle class in the United States for instance, will have led to the dissolution of the establishment and the emergence of a new establishment just as the mutable middle years gets underway.

During those years, avoid unreliable people, the lazy and those who abuse alcohol and drugs, as they will come to suffer much during the Mutable Middle years with the planetary configurations in play.

By the time the mutable T-square of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune strengthens in early 2016, there will be a tendency among some people to neglect important responsibilities or lead them to compromise principles for the sake of expediency.

The best thing to do is to begin to end contact with people like that as it will not help to waste time in preparing for the mutable middle years.

The atmosphere is simply too irrational with the mutable transits to really be effective if one has not already made prior adjustments and preparations by summer 2015 in the northern hemisphere.

The mutable climate of late 2015 and all of 2016 also features impractical idealism along with an inflated sense of cultural and spiritual importance. This usually appears as forms of false humility and fake forms of status.

The planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will be active just as the last of seven (7) world squares between Uranus and Pluto takes place.

These transpersonal planets, during the mutable middle years, calls for strict attention to the irrational, frustrating and noisy climate just ahead in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Father and young son heroin addicts in Russia

The escapist tendencies during the mutable middle years will be a sight to see. 

A very sad sight.

There is a opioid and heroin epidemic taking place worldwide and that will become exacerbated with the mutable planetary transits of the Mutable Middle Years.

There is rampant drug and alcohol abuse so I advise anyone who has those issues and who are reading this to begin to cold turkey right now.

That will give you a fighting chance to survive the mutable middle years of 2015-2017.

The alcohol and drug abuse of that era is really bad if not foreseen and then using intervention before the mutable middle years gets going.

During the length of say the Saturn-Neptune square, there are subconscious distortions, along with neurotic escapist tendencies that can surface.

Again, prudence and practical discipline is the only way to maintain a grip on reality.
And that means being sober during the mutable middle years.

The Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune mutable T-square can often show itself in others by daydreaming and woolgathering. 

There are unhealthy emotional co-dependencies on friends and family that can cause disruptions, disturbances and separations.

The delusions of grandeur during the mutable middle years will most likely lead to involvement by some in spiritual sects, and/or cults and groups who have hidden and negative ulterior motives.

There is a need to avoid unworthy appeals for help as confidence artists and those who sell ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes are also a part of the mutable middle years’ planetary configurations.

The bizarre behaviors and self-deception of the middle years of 2015, 2016, 2017, can lead many people astray if a firm grip on practical reality and responsibility is not adhered.

So, if there are those you know who have abusive addictions, be it gambling, alcohol and/or drugs then it is a good time for those addicted to cold turkey and to seek support and therapy in advance of 2015-2017.


To be able to utilize one properly during the mutable middle years will require attention to the Sixth Mundane House - that is Virgo - under rulership of Mercury.

For instance, in mundane astrology regarding some of the dispositions and characteristics allotted to each planet relative to correspondence by events on Earth, there are wars in Mars and Pluto, or, in business, trading and speech, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

In agricultural matters Mars and Saturn both. However, Mars can activate incitements and war, but Saturn can also accomplish the ruin of governments, politicians and the taking of cities, as found in the mundane influences.

Mars can also influence arson, the spread of sickness that impact public health, and along with Saturn can bring about cold, heat waves, droughts, floods, along with scarcities of meat, bread and fruit.

In associations with interpersonal, relational, friendship, love, society, and beauty there is Venus.

Her transits can allow for tempering the transits of Mars, which Venus is the only planetary friend. No other planet will associate with Mars except for Venus.

The total lunar eclipse of April 2014 featured the Moon’s conjunction to Mars retrograde in tropical Libra, and also a day after the Earth-Mars conjunction.

This signifies how the effects of Mars take place in the solar year during and after its retrograde, and then direct motion in Libra by May 20, 2014.

Jupiter, as planetary helm, holds justice, ambiance among professionals, proper discernment and use of power for good and favorable purposes, health among society, peace and goodness to all.

Mercury's transits can bring about armed robberies, burglaries, disorders and all manner of upsets and irregularities.

When Mercury is favorable and acts as the messenger its transit can bring about and award peace.

Jupiter’s ingress into tropical Virgo in August 2015 will be joined by the North Lunar Node by November 2015.

Jupiter and the North Lunar Node will conjoin twice in Virgo, signifying the importance of the Sign itself.
A sign of safety, prudence, patient, discernment, hygiene, discipline and practicality will go far during the mutable middle years in protecting oneself and one’s family and friends.

In Virgo, Jupiter will be in detriment but supported by the North Lunar Node also transiting Virgo in 2016 there is a preoccupation with all things Virgo that can be of value and protection during the mutable middle years.

The Mundane Sixth house in mundane astrology is associated with the public health, sickness, army and navy and the working classes generally.

Regions associated with Virgo are: 

Turkey, Switzerland, West Indies, Assyria, and Mesopotamia from the Tigris to the Euphrates.

Also, Crete, Croatia, Silesia, Babylonia, the Morea, Thessaly, Kurdistan, and parts of Greece, and the country of Brazil.

Other regions associated with Virgo in mundane astrology are Washington DC, Jerusalem and Corinth. 

In France, there’s Paris, Lyons and Toulouse.

In the UK, there’s Cheltenham, Norwich, and Reading and in Germany, Heidelberg, there’s also Boston, U.S.A., Los Angeles and the state of Virginia.

Hexagon on Saturn's north pole

Saturn will transit Sagittarius in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Some of the regions associated with Sagittarius, the Mundane Ninth House are:

Arabia, Australia, Felix, Cape Finisterre, Dalmatia, Hungary, Istria, Moravia, Slavonia, Spain, Tuscany, Moravia, Provence in France, Madagascar.

Towns and cities like Avignon, Buda, Cologne, Narbonne, Rotenberg, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stuttgart, Sunderland, Toronto, Canada, Toledo, Ohio and W. Bromwich and Bradford in the UK.

Neptune is transiting Pisces until the mid-2020s and in the 12th Mundane House of Pisces the regions associated are:

Portugal, Calabria, Galicia, Normandy, Nubia, the Sahara desert, along with towns and cities like Alexandria, Ratisbon, Worms, Seville, Compostella, Bournemouth, Farnham, Tiverton, Christchurch, Cowes, Regensburg, Grimsby, Southport, Lancaster, King’s Lynn and Preston. 

During 2016, the next long Mars transit and retrograde will take place in tropical Scorpio.

Mars will enter Scorpio on January 3, 2016 and remain in this constellation until August 2, 2016. This will be due to Mars’ retrograde motion (Apr. 17, 2016 to June 29, 2016.)

Combined with the mutable T-square between Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune, the long transit of Mars in Scorpio makes for an unusual year in 2016 that requires thought and extensive personal and professional planning due to the transpersonal atmospherics the planets will bring during the mutable middle years.

It can be done, primarily by applying the span of time from now to November 2015 very well.

By utilizing the transits of 2014 and the first half of 2015 especially, one will be able to make the necessary adjustments and changes according to what is known about the world transits of the mutable middle years.

In analyzing the cycle charts of this particular era, the key word is prudence.

Have your head no further from the stars than your feet are from the ground. 

That is the cure for the mutable middle years.

Expect unworthiness, laziness, along with those who abuse alcohol and drugs to be widespread in society under these particular planetary configurations and energies.

These noisy, scratchy, irrational transits will come, but it will affect the atmosphere of the times.

Therefore, anyone who is conscious of this then knows the cure. 

It is equally essential to simply apply common sense, prudence and preparation with a practical, caring, but tough love mentality, so that one is protected from those who have given way to these coming transpersonal mutable transits.

The span of time from now, until the second half of 2015 is an excellent stretch of about 18-19 months to apply the cardinal and fixed transits well before the mutable middle years' era gets going in earnest.

Coming out of the mutable middle years, the world will be surprised to know that a new climate regime will soon get underway in late 2017.

And that climate change is global cooling.


Forecast by
Theodore White, astrometeorologist. Sci

As the Sun prepares to enter its Grand Minimum, I have been warning and forecasting for years the coming of global cooling - a true danger to the Earth and its inhabitants.

This, as the madness of those who claim such an impossible thing as 'man-made global warming' go on and on in their arrogance as they perpetuate the impossible as if it is a given with their silly statements that the 'science is settled.'

Total horse manure.

Also, you will hear of yet another so-called 'El Nino' is underway from NOAA and other climate centers.

Last year, in 2014, while the great majority of forecasters, including NOAA, predicted a 'super El Nino,' I forecasted that there would be no El Nino whatsoever.

And El Nino did not arrive, as I forecasted it would not.

But again, in 2015, we will hear from NOAA once again, stating that an El Nino is on the way, and again, I state that there will be no ENSO.

ENSO is climate change in action, but is a decadal event.

It does not happen every year and there is no such thing as ENSO-NEUTRAL.

It simply does not exist.

Much of the talk about El Nino is wishful thinking by conventional centers like NOAA and other climate forecasters.

They wish to 'predict' something that they do not know how to forecast in the first place and have, in fact, never predicted an ENSO in advance.

The current headlines on another coming of El Nino in 2015 will be mainly sparked by the wish to end California's multi-year drought, which I forecasted years ago.

Though El Nino will not appear, the multi-year drought in the western U.S. will continue.

The drought has spread into parts of the Pacific Northwest, as I expected, and will continue to affect the western United States in 2015 and 2016.

I also continue to state that there will be no ENSO until 2019-2020. We will see moderate El Nino conditions in 2019-2020, but the major oscillation will be that of La Nina by 2020-2022.

It will be a powerful La Nina that will take place in the new climate regime of global cooling.

What will happen is this:

After the warmer-than-normal solar years of 2015 and 2016 pass with the final two years of solar-forced global warming, the pundits will act as if the trace gas known as carbon dioxide will cause the Earth to forever 'warm' and the oceans to rise with all their gloom and doom on the Earth 'becoming a greenhouse' - which is literally impossible according to the laws of physics that governs the Earth climate.

It is the SUN that is the cause of global warming, global cooling and everything else in between.

The Sun holds 99.8 percent of the entire mass of our solar system.

So, for anyone to claim that the Sun is not the cause of global warming means that that person, or organization does not have both oars in the water, or all 52 cards in their deck.

The planets modulate the Sun's many rays, and all the indications - every single last one of them that I have calculated - point to one thing and that is global cooling.


Global cooling is coming for certain and I have been warning everyone who will listen to the truth of the entire matter of climate change.

As global cooling officially arrives in mid-December 2017, the years going into the early 2020s will see a major ENSO of the cold phase, called La Nina,' which I have forecasted will arrive in the winter of 2021-2022. 

It will be a MAJOR event in the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Earth has experienced global cooling, or ice ages before, and it has been the cause of the end of several civilizations over the Earth's history. 

The Sun's activity recorded in legacy data over hundreds of years shows that the Earth's climate has breaks from warm, interglacial periods (called global warming) which is good for the Earth.

However, the breaks mean one thing - global cooling - and that is not good for the Earth's climate.

According to my calculations, the coming pause in our present Interglacial Age will begin officially in mid-December 2017, and as the new climate regime of global cooling gets going into the early years of the 2020s and worsens by the end of that decade and into the 2030s. 

Expect significant changes in the weather worldwide that will alter the course of destiny for many nations.

The temperature changes under a climate regime of global cooling can be abrupt.

People tend to forget that it gets colder far faster than it can warm, and as we go into the year 2020 the pundits will be at a total loss to explain how the cooler seasons and colder temperatures are happening so quickly.

Remember that those pundits, those who have gone on and on for years blaming humanity for 'global warming,' will not be there to help you during the three-decade long plus era of global cooling.

Already, the Antarctic is gearing up for global cooling, and in the Arctic, since 2010, the jet streams have begun their shift from a east/west flow to one that is becoming increasingly north to south.

That is the reason for the polar vortices that are going to become ever more frequent and common as fierce cold temperatures plunges down into the mid-latitudes and further south.

By the end of the first La Nina of the global cooling era, there will be far fewer loud mouths going on and on about how humans are 'warming' the planet as many people will pray for warmer temperatures, but that warmth will not arrive.

Rather, it will get colder, and colder and colder still - deep into the 2020s, the 2030s and the 2040s.

By the late 2020s, when it will have become obvious to all, excepting the truly dense, that global cooling is indeed in effect. 

The world will be a different place than it is right now and you had better be prepared.


More proof of the coming of global cooling is the fact that the Sun’s Heliosphere has weakened by 25 percent over the last decade.

Astrometeorology is a long established science of climate and weather forecasting. In my work, I have integrated astronomic forecasting with technology, applying my knowledge of atmospherics, astrophysics, space weather and climate science to then forecast.

The Sun's heliosphere I have calculated, is now nearing its lowest level than it was more than 50 years ago.

I will explain.

Our entire solar system is made up of the Sun’s Heliosphere, we live inside the Sun's plasma shield that is extended throughout our solar system by the Sun’s powerful winds.

click on graphic to enlarge

The Heliosphere is a protective bubble of sorts, with a combination of electrically charged particles and magnetic fields that move more than a million miles an hour from the Sun.

The Sun’s charged winds meet up with cosmic, or intergalactic gas, that fills the gaps in outer space between solar systems.

At the boundary point where they meet; is what is called a 'shock wave' that is formed.

That shock wave is important for us, as it deflects dangerous clouds of gas and dust that are the interstellar radiation around the solar system as it travels through the galaxy.

These clouds of gas and dust between stars are also known as dark clouds, or cosmic radiation.

The dark clouds can block the light coming from particular stars. They act as a kind of interstellar medium that surrounds our Sun’s Heliosphere.

The Heliosphere of our own Sun creates a bubble of protection from those fast travelling cosmic rays that are hazardous to the climates of planets, including our Earth.

The Sun’s heliosphere is dynamic and it is a major part of what I monitor as an astrometeorologist, including the angular momentum of the outer planets in our solar system that alters the path of our Sun relative and impacts the Earth's climate.

click on graphic to enlarge

The Sun's heliosphere can enlarge or shrink according to the density of the interstellar medium or the dark clouds that surrounds it.

These are the high-energy particles that travel throughout the universe at nearly the speed of light.

Because highly-dense dark clouds can shrink our Sun’s heliosphere, at the same time they also can weaken the Earth’s protective shield from cosmic rays and that impacts our climate.

With the Sun's reduced solar output, increased cloudiness, and lowered world temperatures, the result is global cooling and that has been my climate forecast for a long time.

The trending of global cooling can be seen by the widespread snow and ice cover on the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States during the winters of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

According to my calculations, global cooling will begin officially in mid-December 2017 and will last 36 years.

It will affect everyone on Earth.

As our Sun prepares to enter its Grand Minimum due to its coming hibernation state, that also means that the Sun’s heliosphere will weaken and this allows more cosmic rays into our solar system.

With reduced solar output and heightened cosmic ray influx - that means more clouds that adds to the climate change to global cooling.


The entire planet will be affected by the drop in temperatures as the Sun enters its Grand Minimum cycle.

The seasons of fall, winter and spring will be colder and wetter in many regions, while drought will become more common in other regions that suffer from ground soil that remains colder and lacking in nutrients.

The summer seasons will also be cooler, with more cloud cover and wetter days.

Expect warmer temperatures to be pushed further into late August and September, rather than in June and July and early August.

Blasting storms in winter and spring will mean much more snow and ice storms - this will make the winter seasons longer (six months) as opposed to the usual three months.

Of course, this will affect crop yields and foodstuffs worldwide as the latitude lines for the growth of crops like canola, corn, soybeans and wheat will fall further south, and even in southern regions it will be cooler and cloudier than normal.

Already, the world is witnessing declines in crop production from cold events:

Russia buckwheat minus 18% & Winter Wheat minus 4%
USA Durum & Soft Winter Red minus 8%
Australia Wheat minus 5%.

This is just the beginning of crop reductions due to the colder and wetter climate change that is the feature of global cooling.

Cold is is deadlier to crops than is warmth.

Preparing means that farmers will have to learn to grow crops indoors with large greenhouses, but that will not make up for the losses to outdoor crops.

By the end of the 2020s, I expect that Canada and the United States will be forced to seriously cut back on their food exports to other countries and of course, that means very serious geopolitical problems.

When people begin to starve, treaties go right out the window.

Hunger will be a major issue in the 2020s and 2030s, as food stockpiles, affected by cold, flood and drought, decline precipitously under the climate change to global cooling.

The use of energy, and this is where it gets really odd, will mean that those who are freezing will turn to burning as much carbon (coal, wood) as possible.

You see, those loud months who said that "warm-is-bad" will indeed burn as much carbon as is possible to stay warm.

You can witness the outright hypocrisy of these people who claim that 'warm-is-bad as they cook and eat their food at warm temperatures, drink their hot coffees and vacation at warm locales - all the while; going on and on about how 'warm-is-bad.'

These hypocrites will seek warmth whenever and wherever they can in the era of global cooling and you will meet them as they lower their freezing heads into their cold hands, as you wonder how they could be so dumb as dirt in claiming 'man-made global warming.'

Think of it, as the world temperatures fall between 3-5 degrees Celsius, those who claim that humanity can actually 'warm' the planet will have to then prove that very impossibility during the climate era of global cooling.

You will ask them - "Then warm things up. It's very cold out here."

See what happens, but don't hold your breath waiting.

See if those who claim 'man-made global warming' will be able to raise the temperatures in a powerful climate regime of global cooling.

In preparing for global cooling, it is wise, no matter where you may live, to prepare for this very serious climate change consciously right now:

Energy, food, shelter and means of transportation will become more important so concentrate your efforts there.

The increased cloudiness, lack of sunlight, the increasingly colder weeks and months will also mean that many people will not be able to handle not seeing the Sun as often as they would like and they will certainly miss the warmer temperatures.

That's a fact.

Think about how to live and work in the cold.

Think about how you will deal with the reduced sunlight, the darker and colder days and nights and the cooler seasons - including summers.

It is possible to survive and thrive in a much colder and wet climate - but you must be PREPARED in advance and know what you are doing.

That is the key - preparation - and in this era of 'man-made global warming' madness, know that very many people are not prepared, but that will not stop them from trying to take from you your resources that you have built up in preparing yourself for a climate of global cooling.

Be ready for those kinds of people, because when people are hungry, cold and unprepared, they will do almost anything to stay warm.

And that is what is coming for those who claim that pink-elephants-can fly, that is, those who claim the impossibility of 'man-made global warming.'

Expect the next 36 years, counting from solar year 2017, as the era of global cooling.

So much time has been wasted on the lie of 'man-made global warming,' that is too late for many to prepare for it on the scale of making a difference.

Far too much valuable time has been thrown away on the outright lie of 'man-made global warming.'

That means, of course, that it is up to individuals, small groups, communities and organizations to begin to make preparations.

Those who laugh at your preparation now will be the very same ones crying very cold and icy tears as global cooling rages on worldwide.

Forewarned is foretold.

Looking into the 2020s - the true start of the 21st century


Gemstone said...

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Amit lamba

Unknown said...

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