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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Theodore White's Global Astrology Returns > The Cardinal Climax Years: 2018-2020 > Pluto's Maximum Reaches Earth's Ecliptic > Frequent Earthquakes & Storms As Planetary Shifts Cause Major Geophysical & Geopolitical Events Ahead > What It Means To You


The Cardinal Climax Years

Pluto Maximum Arrives at the Earth's Ecliptic
Great Planetary Shifts & Shocks Ahead

Pluto Maximum at Ecliptic 
Major Geophysical & Geopolitical Events Ahead
Guard Against Frequent Earthquakes & Storms

Forecast by 
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.sci 

Those who have been following my global forecasts over the last 10 years already know that I have termed this present decade 'The Cardinal Crisis Decade.'

I also have forecasted that the last years, 2018, 2019 and 2020 - of this decade are 'The Cardinal Climax Years.'

That is because the major outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will begin a new series of conjunctions in the cardinal earth sign of tropical Capricorn and among the skies of sidereal Sagittarius, close to the Galactic Center.

The 'cardinal climax years' close the doors on the period of 2000-2020 and open an entirely new era that will mark the next 36 years.

In late October 2018, a series of planetary shifts will be underway that signal we are entering a new and historic era.

It is my assessment that if you are reading this then you are also on the cusp of a new era in your lives according to these world transits as many populations in many nations will be powerfully impacted by the events in these cardinal climax years.

A very important planetary event is about to take place in October 2018 which confirms it all.

The outermost transpersonal planet, Pluto, already among the degrees of tropical mid-Capricorn and sidereal Sagittarius will land on the Earth's orbital ecliptic at 0-degrees south latitude October 24, 2018.

There are planetary transits that occur through the span from October 24-31 during the full moon week that sees the transiting Moon conjoined to Uranus at 1-degree tropical Taurus. 

These configurations indicate crisis-like political events gaining headlines beginning with the October 24th Full Moon. The geophysical events will see the Sun, Moon and planets sparking frequent and sometimes large magnitude earthquakes and aftershocks in various regions worldwide into November 2018.

The Pluto Maximum

Back in August of 2010, transiting Pluto closed within 5-degrees orb of the ecliptic and so began an 18-year maximum which enters a peak period from October 2018 when Pluto reaches 0-degrees of the ecliptic plane of the planets of our solar system.

Related image
Click on chart to enlarge: The Pluto Maximum takes place during the Full Moon of October 24, 2018 as transiting Saturn in Capricorn rises here in a chart for Washington D.C.  Two days later, Venus reaches inferior conjunction to begin a new 'morning star' phase. These planetary transits signal major earthquakes and storms taking place around the world.

The span of time from late October 2018 to May 2028 features a ten-year span of intense transpersonal, social and geopolitical events in the lives of the entire world.

Look for negative events and headlines connected to a economic, cultural and political nature as the planetary configurations associated with the October 24-31, 2018 span of time is afflicted.

This includes geophysical events that merge with the new climate of global cooling, featuring torrential rains and greater floods along with increased seismic activity.

It is by means of Mundane Astrology that we look at the economic, social and political events along with geophysical that affects the lives of tens of millions of people worldwide. 

The trends include transformation of what it means to be human in the 21st century and the challenges to civilization against outdated methods and means in favor of new methods to solve outstanding and unresolved problems that have existed for decades. 

The last Pluto Maximum extended from the First World War ongoing in 1916 to the start of the Second World War in 1939-1940. 

That maximum included Pluto’s discovery by the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 as Pluto was crossing its own north planetary node in tropical Cancer at the intersect of the Pluto’s maximum and the ecliptic in 1931, just after Tombaugh’s discovery of the dwarf outer planet. 

A 'node' is an abstract point in space that marks the intersection of the motion of a planet when it crosses the ecliptic. 

Click on graphic to enlarge

When a planet rises above the ecliptic it forms its ascending or north node. 

When the planet transits below the ecliptic, it meets the descending or south node.

Click on graphic to enlarge

Transits of Earth, that is, when Earth is directly between Pluto and the Sun at opposition, occur only when Pluto is near the line of nodes around the time of opposition. 

Because Pluto’s orbital period is nearly 250 years in length, nodal crossings are very rare, and as Pluto’s orbit is eccentric, these crossings occur in 87-88 and 161-year intervals.

Click on graphic to enlarge

The planetary nodes of Pluto are presently on the Cancer/Capricorn axis with the North Node at 18-21-degrees tropical Cancer and the South Node at 17-21 degrees tropical Capricorn. 

These nodes move very slowly (at one-arc second per day) but at this time in 2018 Pluto is nearing a conjunction to its own South Node in Capricorn, where transiting Saturn is heading along with its own South Node, also in Capricorn, within the zodiacal sign Saturn rules. 

Click on graphic to enlarge

The interactions of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with their own planetary nodes signals the start of great national and international events ahead just as transiting Saturn orbits within conjunction of Pluto and its own nodes at 21-degrees Cancer/Capricorn (N-S) moving very slowly at one arc-second per day.

In 2018-2019, Pluto will be conjunct its own south node, at the very degree where the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in tropical Capricorn in 1993. 

Saturn’s own north node is from 16-29 degrees Capricorn and this is where transiting Pluto is now touching on, in Saturn’s own domicile. 

Pluto reached opposition on July 12, 2018 and is now primed to cross the ecliptic of Earth’s orbital plane at its own descending node on October 24, 2018. 

That date is also a full Moon which is conjoined to Uranus at 0-1 degree tropical Taurus. 

Along with Pluto’s Maximum to the ecliptic along with the full moon then Venus’ inferior conjunction on October 26, 2018 continues the theme of major geophysical and geopolitical changes that will extend into early November 2018 when the transiting Moon’s Nodes shift onto the Cancer-Capricorn axis with Jupiter then making ingress into tropical Sagittarius. 

The themes of cultural, economic, geophysical and political events will see headlines throughout October, November and December 2018 and the major events to come will extend into 2019. 

Click on graphic to enlarge

The south planetary nodes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in tropical Capricorn signifying great times as all three planets will meet in conjunction in 2019 and 2020.

The influences and effects are transpersonal on a wide scale affecting the entire planet and all the nations, populations and their governments in all sectors – cultural, economic, social and political.

What is happening is that the problems of the present and near future are being forced into resolution, like it or not.

Related image

Jupiter’s transit calls for discernment and judgment of the times by Saturn’s rulership as planetary lord as Pluto itself calls for transformation of civilization by the rise and fall of governments in order for a new world to emerge. 

Jupiter’s nodes require positive and cooperative contact among society through its business, cultural, social, political and religious institutions. 

Saturn’s nodes speak to the planet’s need for crystallization and cohesion of structures, primarily institutions that serve humanity and its requirements for survival. 

Pluto’s nodes strike through the fraternization of humanity, either by positive collective forces and institutions, or by evil secret criminal organizations and/or groups and unions of groups connected by deep generational and transpersonal bonds.

In 2018, Pluto is coming off a conjunction with Jupiter's own south node as Pluto begins to conjoin its own planetary south node in 2019 where Saturn will conjoin as well along with the world’s transiting Lunar Nodes also on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. 

The American Revolutionary War chart from 1776 has Pluto on its own south node and this also points to the return of Pluto in solar year 2022 to that same space of zodiacal sky for the United States. 

Click on graphic to enlarge

Moreover, in late 2019 Pluto is going to reach and conjoin the Galactic Center - the point around which our whole galaxy, the Milky Way turns.

It was discovered in February 1974, when the North Lunar Node was at 27-degrees Sagittarius.

Click on graphic to enlarge: The Milky Way Galactic Center with various nebulae, including the recognizable dark horse. The planet Saturn is visible Saturn as well. The complex astronomical radio source in 'Sagittarius-A' appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center and contains an intense compact radio that coincides with a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. 

The conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, along with transits by Mars in 2020 also mean that a significant series of geophysical and geopolitical events are coming for many nations in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 

What I can surmise from these planetary conjunctions among one another along with contact with the South Nodes of Saturn and Pluto is that the world is entering a dangerous time where society demands change from governments they feel are not in tune with the needs of the public. 

The esoteric astrologer Dane Rudhyar surmised that because the planetary nodes refer to a point at which a planet’s orbit intersects the ecliptic, and as the ecliptic is the apparent path of the Sun’s movement from the perspective of the Earth, contacts with the nodes symbolize a critical factor in the meaning of the planet as it impacts the nature of life on Earth:

“This intersection and the nodes it produces symbolize the fundamental relationship between a planet and the Earth considered as two components in the solar system. 

The relationship has significance in terms of this solar system as a vast cosmic field of dynamic existence.

When, therefore, we apply it to the chart of an individual human being it should be evident that what this relationship - and therefore the planetary north and south nodes - mean in that chart should be referred to the most basic factors in that individual person, that is, factors that are inherent in the essential destiny of the individual. 

They are factors which reach deeper than the natural bio-psychic functions which planets normally represent in a birth-chart - just because the planet as a moving small disc of light in the sky is something that the personal consciousness can normally perceive while the entire orbit of that planet is a cosmic fact which transcends sense-perception.” 

‘MAJOR EVENTS: 2018-2020’

Frequent Earthquakes & Storms 

In the short-range, from October 24 through to early November 2018, there will be frequent seismic activity across the globe as Pluto reaches the ecliptic plane just as the Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus and Uranus line up for the full moon week beginning Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

These celestial line-ups can and do affect the atmosphere as well as to spark major seismic activity.

I urge those to be aware of the threat of earthquakes in this period of time as it calls for emergency preparedness - especially along the Ring of Fire.

The major events of 2018 to 2020 will feature a wide-range of geophysical and geopolitic headlines that are influenced by the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

From extreme weather to earthquakes, to cultural, generational, economic, social and political crisis - the challenges will force great changes to take place across the spectrum of human activity as the new decade of the 2020s gets underway.

On January 11, 2019, when Pluto is in conjunction with the Sun, from Pluto’s perspective, the Sun will occult planet Earth. Then, on July 14, 2019, at the Pluto opposition, the Earth will pass a bit north of the Sun.

In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will meet in a new global conjunction, ending the influence of their previous conjunction of 1982.

During 2020, that will be followed by three (3) Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in tropical Capricorn before mid-December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin to complete the inauguration of the new era of the decade of the 2020s.

These transits call on the historic era I have forecasted for years as the ‘cardinal crisis decade’ of the Twenty-Tens and the ‘cardinal climax years’ of 2019 and 2020 highlighting major cultural, economic, demographic, generational, political, geophysical and religious changes just ahead. 

The Sun’s Grand Minimum will soon get underway and in this new climate of global cooling we are entering a mini-ice age as the Earth becomes cloudier, wetter and cooler. 

The weather of global cooling will last into the early 2050s, and so it is incumbent upon anyone reading this to think long and hard before moving to coastlines which will suffer great damage from frequent storms. 

My major concern is also torrential rains and floods under which is going to mark the years and decades ahead in the climate of global cooling. 

Most regions worldwide at mid-latitudes will be powerfully affected by the extreme weather – both rural and urban.

Moreover, the geophysical effects on Earth include increases frequent seismic activity of larger magnitude earthquakes along the Ring of Fire and other regions prone to seismic activity.

According to my calculations, the strong planetary transits of October 24, 2018 into early November 2018 relative to the Earth calls for populations to use caution and prudence and to be ready for large magnitude earthquakes.

Click on graphic to enlarge

It is my advice that if you live along the Ring of Fire which surrounds the Pacific Ocean to be mindful of larger magnitude earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from now through to the year 2029.

The period beginning October 24, 2018 into early November 2018 is especially concerning, so be on guard and have your emergency plans quickly updated and ready for earthquakes.

There is nowhere to run or hide from the natural astronomic causes of the Sun and planetary transits. Rather, it is vital to prepare so that you not simply survive, but also thrive. 

All populations are affected. It is important to understand that these are historic times which open the true start of the 21st century. The outdated methodologies of the past are waning and a new era is waxing to its start. 

Under the influences of these planetary transits – especially the transpersonal transit of Pluto to the Earth’s ecliptic plane, means that it is time for those interested in progress to be helpful in group activity and cooperation for worthy causes. 

However, Pluto’s influence also have a subtle side that influences some people that they are being helpful when in fact limiting the expressions of others unduly. 

The geopolitical conflicts range from populations demanding changes in their governmental institutions and political structures as the generational and demographic shifts expand in the 2020s.

Unusual discrimination is necessary in these planetary times in late 2018 going into 2019 and the 2020s to avoid contact with negative individuals, people, groups and associations which attempt to coerce others into criminal and dysfunctional activity. 

For many, these planetary transits will make it easier to see the coercion, however, mind that with Pluto’s transpersonal and subtle effects that the finer senses are very helpful to determine if others are trying to lead you astray. 

Working with the transits of this era calls on you to learn where these planets fall in your nativity and secondary progressions. 

Most people do not know that they are now on the precipice of great personal, domestic and professional changes that will define their lives in the 2020s, 2030s and 2040s.

Pluto reaching the ecliptic plane is a siren call to wake up to the emerging new era which Saturn also serves as the new planetary lord for the next three decades.

Click on graphic to enlarge

The trend of thoughts under Saturn are those that look on the darker side of things in life. Saturn's planetary vibrations within our solar system are received by the thought cells of populations.

Saturn's rays are heavy, self-center, morose and lack in buoyancy and flexibility. They tend to impart to the stellar thought cells feelings that cause people to attract loss, responsibility and loss.

The mysterious fixed hexagon on Saturn's north pole that has shocked and awed astronomers since the 1980s.

Click on graphic to enlarge

As Saturn's vibrations are negative at the source, therefore it is important to safeguard one's interests by positive action and not fear which is required to battle the angst-filled atmospheric influences of this stormy, cold and wet planet.

Saturn's imprint means populations worldwide will see increased cloudiness, darker skies, less sunlight and more extreme conditions according to its influences on climate and weather.

The influences of Saturn can be so insistent and present that it weighs down the personality of individuals and groups of people that no special effort is needed to cause people to associate with other thoughts and feelings that may have to be cultivated.

At this juncture in world history, it is best to take a step back in your lives at this point and reassess your aspirations, goals and plans for the future just ahead by strategizing how you want to get from point A to points B and C as the new decade of the 2020s dawns.

To discover how these major world transits will affect your birth chart, transits and progressions in 2019 and into the 2020s send your birthday, time of birth (if known) and place of birth by email to me - - to order an advanced astrological reading.

~ Theodore White, Astrolog.sci

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