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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine/Avian Flu Pandemic: How To Protect

Mundane Astro-Alert: The Swine/Avian Flu Pandemic

How to Prepare, Protect & Apply Proactive Measures For You & Your Family

What most people are unaware of is that the word influenza is an astrological word and comes from the ancient knowledge that configurations of the stars and planets exerted their influences on the general population at times of outbreaks of pandemic diseases.

The word 'influenza' is derived from the Medieval Latin influentia, meaning influence, because astrological physicians’ doctors stated that epidemics were caused by unfavorable planetary and stellar influences.

Mundane transits indicate the motion of Jupiter in tropical Aquarius indicates the possible spread of a persistent form of Swine Flu coming at the end of the traditional flu season in the northern hemisphere. With Jupiter in Aquarius, we may be seeing not the end of the flu season, but the beginning of a pandemic.

We are seeing the start of this in spring 2009 with the spread of the Swine/Avian Flu which has arrived in the country of Mexico, and infected at least eight Americans in Texas and California.

The AP reported April 24, that a unique strain of Swine/Avian Flu is suspected as the cause of an estimated 16 deaths in Mexico, and 44 cases confirmed as of mid-April, forcing Mexican authorities to shut down all public places throughout Mexico City in an unprecedented effort to stop the spread of the virus.

The government action meant Mexico City’s population of 20 million people were forced to take emergency measures. People could be seen walking in the center of the massive city wearing masks covering their noses and mouths. Mexican authorities closed schools, for six million students at home and canceled classes for thousands of college students.

The Mexican government also cancelled all its state and city activities, and ordered the closing of libraries, theaters, and museums. Private athletic clubs were ordered closed and sports organizations may have to cancel their weekend games.

The new strain of this Swine Flu is said to be a complex combination of genetic material mixed from pigs, birds and humans. In the Mexico City cases, researchers with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have said they’ve discovered two strains of swine flu, one strain of bird flu, and one strain of human flu all coming together and being passed from person to person ~ combining in a lethal mix of influenza. CDC researchers said have not previously seen this kind of mutation in the Swine flu virus and are expressing shock.

"We are very, very concerned," said Thomas Abraham of the World Health Organization, fearing a global pandemic. "We have what appears to be a novel virus, and it has spread from human to human ... It's all hands on deck at the moment."

See Mexico City Shut Down By Swine Flu Outbreak ~;_ylt=AqQN6KHby4UixrdUakD7nPfCw5R4;_ylu=X3oDMTJnZjlqaDRlBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkwNDI0L21lZF9zd2luZV9mbHUEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbWV4aWNvc3dpbmVm

A Brief History of H5N1 Virus & Related Global Transits

Called the Avian/Swine Flu, the H5N1 virus is a mix of viruses that originated with birds and are often fatal for them.

See ~

Spread by wild birds, the avian flu is extremely infectious among bird populations, including ducks, chicken and turkeys, as well as domesticated birds. The H5N1 virus has mutated and infected human beings, some who have died as a result in Asia, Canada, and now, in Mexico.

The last time the Avian Flu began making world news was in the year 1997, when Jupiter lasted transited tropical Aquarius, the fixed sign ruling the Air. Since that year, though into the early 2000s, there have been multiple infections of people from the Avian Flu in Asia, and in Canada.

Today, the H5N1 virus is described a very complex mass of 1,600+ constantly mutating strains interlinked, unlike a single strain of influenza. This complexity has baffled researchers, and made it very difficult to counteract and cure.

Jupiter has returned to tropical Aquarius in 2009, and through the remainder of the year will be conjoined to both Chiron and Neptune, both planet associated one way or another with matters of health and medicine.

Mercury retrograde (May 7-31) indicates that news of the spread of Avian Flu in North America will continue through the spring and summer months. This is first indicated by the squares of retrograde Mercury to Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius in May, and a repeat of these squares after Mercury stations direct, moving slowly forward in Taurus, the first 15 days of June 2009.

Global transits over the summer months indicate that there is a strong possibility that the Avian Flu will continue to spread into the U.S., with the transits of Mercury in the Air Sign of Gemini in June, early June, then with transiting Venus entering Gemini in July, followed by transiting Mars entering Gemini the same month and continuing to transit Gemini in August.

The Air Signs of Gemini and Aquarius are known for the spreads of pandemics through plague and flu. Moreover, the water Sign of Cancer can become afflicted in mundane transits with the motion of the South Lunar Node (Dragon’s Tail) in Cancer by late August 2009. Prior to this, the month of July will see a total eclipse of the Sun (not seen in North America) on July 22, 2009 at 29-Cancer.

Because of the world transits, I anticipate that the Avian Flu pandemic will most likely continue to intrude into the United States and Canada from Mexico, and will effectively cause a major disruption in the food industry, particularly, the consumption of chicken, and bird fouls like turkey over the coming months.

The complex, mutating strains of the H5N1 virus will also affect major population centers, as we are already seeing in Mexico City, with the touching of affected surfaces being the most common form of infection and from the lack of washing one’s hands.

Food outlets, poultry handlers, zoo-keepers, and those professionals who raise animals on farms will be most susceptible to the Avian Flu. However, the Flu is transmitted among migrating birds from the south back to the northern hemisphere; it is advised to carefully watch for sick animals

The main contact of Avian Flu seems to have been among people who’ve had direct contact with infected poultry, but also includes those who have touched or have been in contact with contaminated surfaces where chickens or other poultry items have been laid down.

Dr. Henry Wilde, a research professor of medicine in Thailand, who has extensive experience with Avian Flu, writes that “Unlike the name suggests, the Avian Flu affects animals other than birds.”

“While it’s the human cases that have made the headlines in recent years, there have also been cases of the H5N1 virus infecting pigs, cats, dogs, captive tigers and leopards, and wild martens and civets. Such infections indicate that the virus is more capable of spreading disease across species than earlier suspected.”

Animals infected with H5N1 virus may be asymptomatic, he says. “Travelers should avoid close contact with domestic birds whenever possible and understand that bird flu is a potential worldwide Zoonosis ~ meaning that it may be transferred to humans.”

Dr. Wilde advises anyone who works with wild animals, not just birds, to take extra precautions against Avian Flu, especially if they are in a region with a history of the disease.

He said studies showed there is an increased risk of transmission of the virus between birds and human handlers. Avian Flu outbreaks in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand have shown resistance to two of the most commonly used antiviral vaccines, further complicating matters.

“There is a possibility that the virus can mutate, particularly in an infected mammal. A mutated virus may be more dangerous to humans than previous viruses have been. We must continually watch the developments relating to avian influenza; so that we can be properly prepared should it develop into a pandemic.”

Why do experts feel that the H5N1 virus will be the likely cause of the next pandemic?

Reasons for Concern:

  • The virus has been circulating among poultry since 2003 and shows no loss of persistence in nature or virulence when transmitted to humans. In fact, the fatality rate among human cases has increased from 43% in 2005 to 61% today.

  • The close proximity of poultry, other animals and humans in Asia creates a viral melting pot, enabling the virus to quickly transmit from host to host.

  • An increasing number of bird cases are being reported in new locations, including recent outbreaks in the United Kingdom, Russia and parts of Africa.

  • As Gregory Poland, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, commented, H5N1 is “a teeming mass of constantly mutating viruses” now counted at 1600, instead of one single influenza strain.

  • Mammals unknowingly fed ill and poultry have contracted the disease and died.

Infection Protection ~

I began studying the effects of transits on the human body at a young age, and noted that as the years wore on that modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies were producing increasing amounts of antibiotics. This worried me because as fast as the pharmas could produce such new anti-bacteria medicines, it appeared infectious bacterium was developing increased immunity to antibiotics worldwide.

Realizing this, I went back to the work of the astrologer Nicholas Culpeper and re-studied his extensive works on the influences of the stars and planets on the human body and the effects of remedies also associated with the transits.

What I discovered is that indeed, many pandemics which can kill are indeed a result of the influences of the world transits, and thus, can be corrected by observing what the body lacks, mainly, a strengthened immune system to battle, and kill off the invading disease.

Why We Get Sick:

I have found in my work as a scientific astrologer that the reason for sickness among humans and animals is due to the weaknesses of immune systems. The human body is 71% water, and exists in a state of fluid flux. This was described in ancient astrology as the Chemical Wedding- the transformation of the human body and consciousness.

This sacred marriage, called also the ‘coniunctio’ or ‘coitus’, is a reference to the bonding union of the Holy Trinity of the Divine Spirit, the human soul and the human body. Human beings, male and female, have a soul, spirit, and physical body. The fourth element is called the Rosetta Stone; this stone is a reference to God the Creator, who completes the union.

However, there exists dysfunction, and barriers between the three and the fourth, and so humans have to perform a Great Work of prior purification in order for the Divine Spirit of the Fourth to descend upon humans, uniting what was lost after the Fall of the human being from the Garden of Eden down to Earth. This union was at the heart of theological astrological philosophy, and formed the basis of what became known as alchemy, the work required to return to our original state of true being – The Chemical Wedding.

The planets and the stars regulate the Earth through the motion of Time, and thus, regulate nature. The transits of the celestial bodies are seen as assisting, or, through lack of knowledge, also denying the ability of man and woman to return to their originally pure state. Because of the Fall to Earth, and through ignorance, disease was introduced into all three: diseases of the soul, diseases of the spirit, and diseases of the physical body.

Colloidal is Greek word meaning "glue-like" that is reference to a state of matter, and can be a solid, liquid or gaseous insoluble substance that also is in suspension and can be dispersed in another fluid-like medium.

To learn more about the Astrological history of Silver, see ~

All living things are in a colloidal state and in water; the chemical elements of what we call “life” also exist in a flux of halves with divergent electrical pairs always in motion like the transits, and exchanging molecular halves in chemical reactions that are in the process of growing and repairing.

This kind of flux of the human body’s fluids, for instance, is what we call germ pathogens which have their own molecular pairs that interact with our bodies as they endeavor to survive. These are also parasites that assault and eat body cells of the hosting body, and they dump their waste into the body’s surrounding tissues and into the blood stream.

So, when this happens in this flux of fluids, there arrives a micro particle and electrically-charged ion of colloidal silver that seeks out from all the tissue cells of the host body only the diseases that are causing the pathogen, or sickness, and kills them by suffocation. This is how immune systems properly work.

In medical astrology, we know that the body often needs a little help to allow its defenses to kick in, and in homeopathic medicine, a little help often goes a long way.

Silver has been well-known among astrologers to be an effective germ-killing agent - used for centuries for healing, to enhance the purity of water, and for killing bacteria by suffocating them. I believe that the answer to destroying the H5N1 virus lies in the application and use of Colloidal Silver.

Silver is one of, if not, the most powerful disinfectants as there is no known bacteria-causing disease that can exist around the smallest traces of silver. By taking colloidal silver at the accurate dose rate, one can have unsurpassed protection of many diseases, including from influenza. Even people suffering from severe burns were found to have a much greater survival rate than people who did not take colloidal silver before accidents.

Tests for decades over continue to show that all kinds of fungus, viruses, and bacteria are eradicated within 3-4 minutes of contact with Colloidal Silver.

Physicians of the 19th century were known to put silver wire in and around wounds to heal their patients. "I know of nothing that could take its place,” said famed American surgeon Dr. William Halsted, “Nor have I known anyone to abandon it that has thoroughly familiarized him or herself with the technique of its employment. We may have only scratched the surface of this tale of the medical brilliance of silver. Already it is an amazing tool, as it stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections, and stimulates healing of skin tissue.”

To this day, there has been no known virus or microbe that is not effectively exterminated by colloidal silver.

One of the problems for major pharmaceuticals and modern medicine is that antibiotics are failing to stop bacteria that are mutating in ever more complex forms, and becoming much harder to kill.

Most of our modern medications are crystalline, so the human body has to first turn many medications into a colloidal state before they can be used. This takes time for the sick person to do, thus depleting more of the patient’s energy, and in many cases can make the treatment less effective in the process.

In medical astrology, preventive medicine is just as important to health as treating the sick patient, and like the use of honey to prevent illness, and kill bacteria, the qualities of colloidal silver is unparalleled. Used as a daily preventive, a sufficient amount of colloidal silver taken prevents multiple diseases of the body and mind while greatly bolstering the immune system.

Daily ingestion of colloidal silver is known to also diminish toxicity in average amount of bacterial/virus activity which happens naturally in the body, but colloidal silver does not attack the body’s friendly bacteria that exist in the body.

Professionals have said colloidal silver often seems to act not only as a killer of multiple afflictions of the body but adds a second line of defense that is like having a second immune system working independent of and parallel to the body's original immune system. The advantage of this means that it cuts off infection any virus or germ attacks known to humanity.

Many times, traces of medications are left over in the sick patient’s body that needs to be removed. However, with colloidal silver, nothing is left over for the body to eliminate.

The clinical use of silver have been very effective to treat a wide variety of diseases, and has also be used to treat burn victims, and infections and diseases of the eyes, ears, noses, throats, vaginal, rectal and urinary tract infections.

There are over 600+ diseases and ailments that Colloidal Silver successfully treats. It has also been prescribed as a superior aid for the brain, for reproductive disorders in females, and benefits the entire circulatory system. It has also been applied for use to correct mental imbalances, and has been also used to cure anorexia.

In light of the world transits this year, and those to come, it is very important to build up your body’s defenses in advance.

Considering that many millions of people are stressed out in these uncertain times, the recent news out of Mexico City with the arrival and outbreak of the Swine/Avian Flu virus is just another reminder that now is the time to strengthen the internal defenses for you and your family.

Colloidal Silver Treats Effectively:

Acne- Aids - Allergies - Appendicitis - Arthritis - Athletes foot - Bladder Infection - Blood Parasites - Blood poisoning- Boils - Burns - Cancer - Candida - Chronic Fatigue - Colitis - Conjunctivitis - Cystitis - Dandruff- Dermatitis - Diabetes - Diphtheria - Eczema - Gastroenteritis - Gonorrhea – Hay Fever- Hepatitis - Herpes - Impetigo - Indigestion - Keratitus - Leprosy - Leukemia - Malaria - Meningitis - Neurasthenia - Parasitic Infections - Pneumonia - Prostate infection - Pruritis Ani - Psoriasis - Rheumatics - Rhinitis - Ring Worm - Scarlet fever - Septic conditions - Seborrhea septicemia - Shingles - Staph and Streptococcal - Ulcers - Viruses - Warts – Yeast, and all infections, among many, many other ailments.

Colloidal Silver - A fluid containing predominantly minute silver particles held in suspension, where the particles carry a slight negative electrical charge known as a zeta potential. In a true colloidal silver, there is less than 5% ionic content (Ionic silver, Ag+ is dissolved silver with a positive charge).

Silver Solution - Most colloidal silvers made and sold are actually silver solutions, comprised of less than 10% particulate (colloidal) silver. In a solution, the compound (s) is completely dissolved.

Talk to your Medical Doctor & Licensed Health Professionals about the uses of Colloidal Silver.

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