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Friday, June 5, 2009

Human Casualties & Transits of The Year 2010

Facing the Global Economy:
Astrological View of World Transits into the 2010s

Human Casualties & the Coming Cardinal Crisis Transits

People say that these economic times are very tough. Millions are unemployed; housing values continuing to plummet, and most of the major banks close to facing insolvency. Some of the most well-known and largest companies in the world cease to exist, or are teetering on bankruptcy.

The world economic crisis continues to ripple across the globe, affecting nearly all countries as the astrological transits show that the planet is closing one age, and about to enter another.

General Motors filed for bankruptcy on June 1, and as a result was removed from the Dow Jones Index along with Citigroup, one of the largest banks on the planet. Both companies are the first since the September 2008 removal of American International Group (AIG) to be forced to exit the 30-stock Dow average with share losses amounting to 90 percent since the beginning of 2007.

General Motors was replaced on the Dow with Cisco, and Citigroup, up until 2008, was once the globe’s largest financial company in combined assets is being replaced on the Dow Jones Index with Travelers Insurance Company.

Effective immediately, Dow Jones & Company said it has removed automakers from the best-known benchmark for U.S. stocks, and said in a June 1 email statement “that computers are as central to the economy as cars were in the previous century.”

As the world economic crisis deepens into the solar year of 2009, the world’s population continues to fear that the worst is not yet over. The pressures of the fallout from the economic crash of 2008, during transiting Jupiter’s position in tropical Capricorn, and the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition, continues to put pressure on those who just a few short years ago, were drawing six-figures in their careers, and who are now waiting tables.

The global financial crisis continues to cause enormous grief throughout the economies of many nations. As many millions of people now unemployed try to recover this year from the awful events of 2008, in the process lives were shattered, communities are devastated, and families continue to experience major upheavals in their lives that, according to the coming world transits, will continue into the next decade.

The prosperity since the days of the bubble burst in 2000 which was based on financial engineering through real estate speculation and manipulation has led to one of the deepest recessions the world has seen since the great Depression of the 1930s.

World Transits & Secret Manipulation of the Global Economy

Next year, 2010, sees a rare configuration involving a T-Square formation between the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This alignment shows deep transformations ongoing involving society and economic transformations.

Called the Cardinal Crisis, each of the above planets will be positioned in the cardinal Signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. In 2009, these planets are also involved in what is called a “mutable cross” with Saturn in Virgo, and Uranus in Pisces, along with the closeness of Pluto, which continues to border the last degrees of Sagittarius though it entered tropical Capricorn in November 2008.

Meanwhile, transiting Saturn in Virgo (since late 2007) and Uranus in tropical Pisces (since 2003) are now involved in a series of opposition that began in November 2008 and continues into 2010.

The effects of the Saturn/Uranus opposition has already been witnessed with the events of the later half of the year of 2008: falling world economies, world trade slowing, widespread and double-digit unemployment, and the fall of major banks, and companies along with the continuing collapse of commercial and residential real estate due to wild speculation and reliance on financial engineering and faulty models based on financial risk management through debt obligations, derivatives and hedge fund gambling with investments, savings, and pension funds worldwide.

The current financial crisis has caused massive pain throughout the economy,” writes Sumner Blount, director of Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs at CA Inc. in Islandia, N.Y.

“Analysts, pundits, and even politicians have offered opinions ad nauseum on the causes of the crisis and what can be done to avoid situations like this in the future. Some analysts, as well as many bloggers have opined that one of the causes of the crisis was a total failure of financial risk management. This is a tempting explanation, given the financial devastation that now exists around the world.”

The failure of proper risk management was simply overwhelmed by pure greed. It we look at the world transits since the historic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 2000, one can see that the positions of the outer planets from 2000 through 2008 indicated that massive levels of corruption, greed, and wild speculation fueled the markets

The period from post September 11, 2001 through September 2008 featured some of the egregious waste known to man, and now, the United States, and many nations are paying for the greed of the few that in future years will potentially lead to revolts and rebellions against many institutions once deemed safe, and secure.

Saturn’s opposition to Uranus in mundane astrology has always been linked with upheavals and transformations on society at large. Both planets opposed one another 1918-1920, and once more 1964-1966. Saturn’s transit in tropical Virgo and Uranus transit in tropical Pisces reveals a strong effect on the worlds of Work and Institutions.

Their opposition features unreliable people, institutions, and stressful pressures on all transpersonal relationships reflecting contacts between people and institutions such as corporations and governments. Internal battles, broken loyalties, betrayals, etc., are among some of the features of these kinds of oppositions. Saturn reflects the old order, and Uranus the new, rising force that seeks to break free of past restrictions and barriers.

* The first Saturn/Uranus opposition was exact on November 4, 2008.
* The second was on February 5, 2009.
* The third is September 15, 2009
* The fourth exact opposition is April 26, 2010.
* The fifth exact opposition is July 26, 2010

The astrologer Bill Streett wrote about the cardinal & mutable cross, saying:

“When speaking of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the sign of Virgo of the 1960’s (the main alignment which correlated with counter-cultural ethos of the time), astrologer Erin Sullivan remarked that those with their Sun placement in Virgo just went through the greatest of transformations—they almost literally changed identities and became very different people as a result. Although that era was very transformative for the entire world—as cultures were shuttled through a rebirth sequence at the time—certain individuals were to carry or become a conduit to the massive, transformational, and creative energies of the era. Certainly, those with their Sun placement in Virgo were good candidates for change, as the Sun is closely identified with our identity and self-concept.

The T-square between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto occurs in the very late degrees of what are called the “mutable signs” (specifically, the T-square occurs in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, with the additional mutable sign being Gemini) and the very early degrees of “cardinal signs” (specifically, the T-square occurs in Libra, Capricorn, and Aries, with the additional cardinal sign being Cancer). Certainly, those with their Sun or Moon placement within these “power zones” of the late mutable or early cardinal signs are sure to feel the effects of this dramatic alignment quite prominently in their lives.

One way to interpret how these individuals will be impacted is to simply extrapolate the meanings and significance that this alignment has on a collective level. If socio-economically the alignment suggests a death-rebirth sequence, a tight and tense negotiation between history and the future, and a tremendous amount of energy placed on transformation, then the same can be said for those whose Sun or Moon are in the cross hairs of the alignment.

Both internally and externally, the alignment suggests that those with prominent Sun and Moon degrees already discussed will go through rapid, creative, and dynamic personal changes. This will be seen both in attitudinal shifts and in changes in life circumstances—through family, work, relationships, and self-concept. The alignment is certainly a threshold and will symbolize a tremendous and concentrated period of personal evolution and transformation in these individuals’ lives.”

While Streett’s analysis is certainly on the mark, we also see that the attitudinal shifts and changes in life circumstances have led to society seeing people taking drastic measures as a result of the economic crisis. The fallout has resulted in what is being called “silent suicides” across the United States, and elsewhere, as people affected by the crisis resort to violent means.

Writer Nick Turse reports in his June 5 piece, “Economic Fallout Has Spurred an Epidemic of Murder and Suicide That Has Gone Largely Unnoticed” that “a silent, nationwide epidemic of drastic measures may be underway, so why aren't we talking about it?

“Last summer, in the pages of the Nation magazine, Barbara Ehrenreich called attention to people turning to "the suicide solution" in response to the burgeoning financial crisis. Months later, major news outlets started to examine the same phenomenon. Last fall, a TomDispatch report on suicides and a range of other extreme acts -- including self-inflicted injury, murder, arson, and armed self-defense -- in response to foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, and layoffs, was followed, months later, by mainstream media attention to the notion of "econo-cide" -- prompted, in large part, by a spate of familicides (murder/suicides in which both parents and their children die).

While it's impossible to know the myriad factors, including deeply personal ones, that contribute to people resorting to drastic measures, violent or otherwise, many press reports suggest that the global economic crisis has played no small part in a range of extreme acts.

An analysis by TomDispatch of national, regional, and local news reports in 2008 and early 2009 indicate that a silent, nationwide epidemic of drastic measures may be underway. News of such acts linked to economic woes -- from armed robberies to pay the rent to financially-motivated suicides -- has filtered out of cities and towns in no less than 30 states, many of which have seen multiple incidents. And since only a fraction of such acts ever receives media coverage, what is being reported, even if mostly in local newspapers, qualifies as startling.

For every Jiverly Wong, who garners days of cable-news coverage, there are untold despondent and desperate dairy farmers and retirees battered by the economy and at wits' end who respond by subjecting themselves, others, or property to violence and are hardly noticed. What follows is a sampling of such incidents, most reported locally, and organized by month -- no month lacked such reports -- since the beginning of this year.”

For more see ~

The horrifying reports of the impact of the economic crisis on society-at-large is seen through the mundane world transits. Since mid-September 2006, when the first signs of the housing collapse were becoming evident to keen observers, it also has been noted that the mainstream media has been silent about the true causes and subsequent effects of the severe global economic downturn that accompanied the September 2008 stock market crisis.

A mundane astrologer would simply advise the leaders of the country to place a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions in order to allow the most unfavorable transits to pass, while giving time for individuals, companies and families to recover enough as to avoid a majority of the shocking events that have taken place.

However, we know from living in these times that such things are not done, due to carelessness, heartlessness, and/or stupidity; which then allows for the incredible waste of human lives in favor of materialism and greed.

Many of the people cited in Turse’s report make up a broad spectrum of ages: from several generations: Baby Boomers, those having, or near to their first Chiron returns at ages 50-51; or first and second Saturn Returns at ages 27-30, and 58, and surprisingly those having their Jupiter Returns.

You will find those at the ages of 34 whom with a square from their progressed moon to their natal moon, and just prior to their third Jupiter Return; feel stressed about not having a job at the same time that their need for accomplishment mounts. Or those people with sensitive Progressed Sun ages of 45, 56, and 63 who are forced in having to deal with the effects of the economic crisis they did not start with their lives and businesses ruined by forces they could not control.

Lives and businesses ruined, rampant unemployment, communities torn apart, families distressed and homeless, individuals confused and angry – all this continues amid what will be seen as the Great American disaster that could match the effects on society during the darkest days of the Great Depression.

The coming world transits will lead to a backlash against those deemed responsible for the economic crisis and throughout the 2010s it will be very difficult for institutions, cities, counties, states, and federal authorities to contain the seething anger of populations bent on payback from what they will have determined to be a series of criminal actions against the population to take away from them their right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

From all astrological accounts, it appears that the peaking energies of the coming Cardinal and Mutable Cross energies will take place during the months of May, June, July, August, and September of 2010 – a major year for the world – with the effects extending into the early to mid-2010s.

The months of April, May, June, July and August 2010 are particularly heavy with strong configurations of the outer planets involving Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto.

Among the global configurations in 2010:
  • · April 26, 2010 – Saturn opposes Uranus
  • · May 23, 2010 – Jupiter opposes Saturn
  • · May 28, 2010 – Uranus enters Aries (briefly until Aug. 14, 2010)
  • · May 30, 2010 – Saturn stations direct motion
  • · June 6, 2010 – Jupiter enters Aries (briefly until Sept. 9, 2010)
  • · June 8, 2010 – Jupiter conjoins Uranus at 0-Aries
  • · July 5, 2010 - Uranus stations retrograde
  • · July 8, 2010 – Jupiter turns North in declination
  • · July 21, 2010 – Saturn enters Libra
  • · July 23, 2010 – Jupiter stations retrograde
  • · July 24/25, 2010 – Jupiter squares Pluto (first square)
  • · July 26, 2010 – Saturn opposes Uranus (last exact opposition)
  • · July 29, 2010 – Mars enters Libra
  • · July 31, 2010 – Mars heads South in declination
  • · July 31, 2010 – Jupiter turns South in declination
  • · August 3, 2010 – Jupiter squares Pluto (second exact square)
  • · August 16, 2010 – Jupiter opposes Saturn (second exact opposition)
  • · August 21, 2010 – Saturn Squares Pluto
  • · September 8, 2010 – Saturn turns South in declination
  • · September 13/14, 2010 – Pluto stations direct
  • · September 19, 2010 – Jupiter conjoins Uranus (for the first time in Pisces)

As one can see, the year 2010 contains some of the most powerful configurations among the outer planets within a short period of months that has been seen for some years.

The above configurations reveal multiple changes throughout the geopolitical and society structures of the world – forcing the old world of the latter half of the 20th century to give way to the new 21st century. These transits are clearly transitional world transits, which is preparing the world for the powerful and revolutionary decade of the 2010s.

The motions of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus near the seasonal points of Aries, and Libra clearly reveal that the world is entering a new age of sorts which is quite different than what has been imagined over the years by many people.

While Saturn makes entry into tropical Libra for good in 2010, transiting Jupiter and Uranus will briefly enter tropical Aries (the vernal equinox point) in late May and June 2010, and through retrograde motion in July 2010, will re-enter Pisces by August (Uranus) and September (Jupiter) where both planets will transit conjoined through the remaining months of 2010 until both re-enter Aries for good in early 2011.

The motions of Jupiter and Uranus in 2010 indicate a “preview” of the New Astrological Age to dawn in the year 2011 when both planets will conjoin the sensitive vernal equinox point of Aries in that year. This is a sure sign that the transition years from 2007 through 2010 will have been completed, and that the new decade of the 2010s has begun in earnest.

Hidden Forces Make Serious Miscalculations & Mistakes

Ongoing and coming world transits show very powerful causes and indicate historic changes and effects ahead for the globe deep into the 2010s and the 2020s. Any mundane astrologer reading world transits can easily see the hands of invisible forces playing their roles in disrupting what should be the daily flow of good and services across the globe with honest financial transactions where there are winners everywhere.

However, transits confirm that hidden economic forces which have long been playing road chicken with the world economy and either did not take into account the serious depth of the economic crisis (although within these groups there are major disagreements about how much longer to allow it to continue) or desire for another cataclysmic war to emerge as a result of it.

Either way, some reportedly some want a severe economic crisis while others believe it has gone too far already.

From May 14 - 17, one such secret group, the Bilderbergers, held their annual meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece, and according to author Daniel Estulin have dire plans for economies of many nations:

According to Estulin’s sources, the group is divided on two alternatives:

"Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty (or) an intense but shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency."

Other agenda items included:

-- "the future of the US dollar and US economy;"

-- Continued deception about green shoots signaling an end to recession and improving economy later in the year;

-- suppressing the fact that bank stress tests were a sham and were designed for deception, not an accurate assessment of major banks' health;

-- projecting headlined US unemployment to hit 14% by year end - way above current forecasts and meaning the true number will be double, at minimum, with all uncounted categories included; and

-- a final push to get the Lisbon Treaty passed for pan-European (EU) adoption of neoliberal rules, including greater privatizations, fewer worker rights and social benefits, open border trade favoring developed over emerging states, and greater militarization to suppress civil liberties and human rights.

After the meeting, Estulin got a 73-page report on what was discussed. He noted that "One of Bilderberg's primary the danger that their zeal to reshape the world by engineering chaos (toward) their long term agenda could cause the situation to spiral out of control and eventually lead to a scenario where Bilderberg and the global elite in general are overwhelmed by events and end up losing their control over the planet."

Estulin also noted some considerable disagreement between "hardliners" wanting a "dramatic decline and a severe, short-term depression (versus others) who think that things have gone too far" so that "the fallout from the global economic cataclysm" can't be known, may be greater than anticipated, and may harm Bilderberger interests. Also, "some European bankers (expressed great alarm over their own fate and called the current) high wire act 'unsustainable.' "

For more, see ~

What is so disturbing about many of these secret groups who hold the belief that they should “rule the world” is the fact that they cannot do one thing to change the astronomical transits of the Sun, Moon, and planets, and often, through their maniacal desires make things worse than they would be if they had not interfered at all.

It is a well-known fact among mundane astrologers that the world is ruled by He who created it, and regulates the world through the transits. Interference with the natural order of things causes anomalies to appear, and is one of the chief signs of abnormal tampering - interference - as we’ve seen throughout world history, and now, in these times with the global economic crisis.


The manipulation of the global economy means that entire countries and tens of millions of people have had to adjust themselves to the shocking changes that are now taking place around the world.

Much of this has to do with money, companies, and the ability to survive while companies fall like rocks because of the tampering with the banking systems of nations throughout the world.

Global transits indicate that the years from 2010 through to 2014 contain help configurations that, although sometimes unfavorable, nonetheless allow for creative individuals, families, groups, and organizations to band together to help and assist one another.

This goes against the years of individual and group-focused materialistic drives towards personal wealth at the expense of others, mainly through the issuing of false financial risk solutions designed to drain the monies of whole communities and nations in an effort to gain fantastic wealth.

During the 2010s there will be incredible levels of global change in all areas reflecting society: education, economics, wealth and resources, culture, technology, literature, film, and in geopolitics.

One of the main features during the 2010s will be the strong square between transiting Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This global aspect will last from 2012 to about the year 2018, more or less, and will cause a great many people to revolt against what they believe is the manipulation of the global economy, and culture in the previous decade.

The social unrest will be global, and will bring about a need for the old structures to give way to newer forms of expression. Here, we will see a generational clash between the baby boomer generation and younger generations now maturing into positions of power throughout the world.

This clash will remind baby boomers, now the world’s senior citizens, of their own youthful years during the 1960s and 1970s, when they battled the Establishment of their era during what was called the “counter cultural revolution.”

However, what will make the 2010s different will be configurations like the coming Uranus/Pluto square, and the position of Neptune in Pisces during the next decade. These positions indicate a general Renaissance of sorts occurring within the context of proclamations of social manifestos, and reactions against conservation institutions blamed for the global economic crisis of the late 2000s.

The geopolitical tensions will continue throughout the 2010s, and is most likely to cause revolutions to appear in various nations into the 2020s. These revolutions will not be all positive, as some countries will attempt to return to fascist-like states once seen growing in the 1930s under similar configurations of the planets. One of the signs of this would be growing xenophobia and fear of immigrants in countries throughout the world; particularly in Europe.

The fears of the “other” which is a projection onto a person, or persons from different ethnic groups, is a feature of Uranus/Pluto squares, as well as a reactionary response to the reduction of economic wealth among the masses. As a result, those who are seen as not belonging to the dominant ethnic group are targeted because of the economic stresses on the majority.

The best way to survive such planetary configurations is to plan ahead for major changes in global society in the years 2009, and 2010. This does not leave much time for those still reeling from the events of 2008; however, if one takes the time to make the changes required there can be relief on the way in the early 2010s that will allow families and individuals new paths to restart their lives and careers.

Double-digit unemployment causes stress especially for those who believe that they are unable to earn a living or provide for their families themselves without a job.

Because many millions are unemployed, it is only reasonable to see that rising violence and maladaptive behaviors in society will continue until unemployment figures lower below 5 percent of a country’s population.

World transits indicate that the peak of worldwide unemployment will continue persist for much of the 2010s; especially for global regions like Europe, Russia, and Asia.

The geopolitical implications are many as populations already stressed by the strict economic times react negatively in order to recover their former lifestyles. However, world transits indicate that this will not happen for many millions of people who are unable to adjust to the new realities of the early 21st century; therefore, we can expect more events of global stress to continue into the 2010s.

One of the best signs of this is the coming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries and Pisces. These conjunctions often feature historic changes in society and also can light the way for the future.

We know that as Jupiter and Uranus reach the 0-degree point of Aries, that this signifies a new era; especially in the case of Uranus, which ends its cycle it began in 1928 and opens a new one in 2011.

The entry of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto into the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn signify that the 20th century has truly come to an end, and that a new age is now on the horizon.

The amazing series of configurations among the outer planets in the year 2010 confirm this, and also reveals that the first several years of the new decade of the 2010s will be historic, so that by the time the next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs in December of the year 2020, the world will have been transformed.

Working with this knowledge, it is important for anyone who is encountering changes in their lives to understand that this cycle was bound to happen, and has now arrived.

Those who are able to accept this are best equipped to make the serious adjustments and changes required to meet the new realities of life in the early 21st century. Those who are not will continue to face increasingly frustrating events that van only add to the fears and worries of society-at-large, causing more trouble and stress than is needed.

Nick Turse, writing about the human casualties of the economic crisis put it best:

“While news reports indicate that extreme acts precipitated by economic disaster have occurred in at least 30 states, similar incidents have undoubtedly occurred in most, if not all, of the remaining 20 states.

Suicides are normally under-reported in the press, while murders linked to the economic crisis may never be reported as such. Many extreme acts, in any case, go unnoticed by those not intimately affected.

There is, of course, no way to know which of these and similar acts might have occurred even if there had been no global economic meltdown.

One thing is certain however: there will never be a full accounting of the lives ruined or lost under the pressure of economic disaster, nor will anyone ever raise a monument to the victims of foreclosure, job loss, and business failure, of busted pensions and dynamited 401(k)s.

There will be no memorial wall in Washington with names etched into black granite -- not for these people, neither the desperate who killed themselves, nor those who lashed out and murdered others. Who will remember the Knudsons in their shallow grave, or Christopher Wood's dead children?

No statue will be raised on Wall Street to solemnly remind the former masters of the universe of the Main Street consequences of their financial manipulations.

No equivalent of the Arlington National Cemetery will ever be laid out for the dead of this crisis or filled with headstones reading: "Beloved Mother, Killed by Capitalism" or "Devoted Husband and Father, Sacrificed in the Name of Greed."

Instead, the bodies will just continue to pile up. A daughter here. A father there. A family in a nearby neighborhood.

No one will ever know how many. And no one will record their names for posterity.”

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