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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full Moon & Mars Conjunction: Power Of Perigee

This weekend, Jan. 29-31, 2010, the Full Moon at 10-Leo will conjoin Mars, now at its closest approach to the Earth. Both celestial bodies will be at perigee, and this marks a wild weekend of powerful energies that should be reflected in the mundane events of the world.

Full Moon mid-winter perigees often mean cold winter storms for the northern hemisphere with blasts of cold winds. This Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon and as perigee Moon, in conjunction with Mars, shows disruptive energies over the weekend of Jan. 29-31.

This Full Moon is at 10-Leo, conjoins Mars on Friday night, into early Saturday, so emotions will generally run strong. The Moon rules the brain, and under certain astronomical configurations, people have a tendency to act out. This Moon will appear larger than usual to the observer and will be about 15 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter this year.

Both Moon & Mars are at their astronomical closest (perigee) to the Earth at this time over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The red planet, now 62 million miles Earth, will shine bright alongside the full moon. Both bodies reach the midheaven (MC) after midnight E.S.T., and the Moon will be in conjunction to Mars on Friday night into early Saturday.

The Moon and Mars will rise just as the Sun sets. If you can find clear skies, look to your east after 5:15 p.m., and you will see the "Snow Moon" rising, with Mars close by. Both celestial bodies can be viewed the entire night before setting at dawn in locations with clear skies.

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is an ellipse that has one side 50,000 km closer to earth than the other. The furthest point is an apogee and the closest point of approach is called perigee. When the Moon is at perigee it always appears larger than normal, because the apparent size of objects that are close appear larger.

The energies of the Perigee inclinations on the world, including the climate is quite active, unbalanced, disruptive, and stormy. Floods, snowstorms, high winds, and blizzards are common under a mid-winter Moon perigee, especially when lunar phase is at full. These are often search- and-rescue transits due to the bad weather conditions. World news should reflect these transits this weekend.

In observational astrology on a mundane level, these lunar conjunctions to Mars tends towards arguments, fights, pettiness, between people, etc., etc. Most of the battles are ideological, personal, opinionated, all mixed in and jumbled up with angry and frustrated outcomes.

People have a tendency under this influence to jump to conclusions, argue, and debate from one-sided points of views. The celestial atmosphere is simply too unfavorable for proper insights to be made among people and groups of people. It is best not to even take part as transits are unfavorable here.

Moon/Mars conjunctions inclines people to lose their tempers easily; often over petty matters, however, some arguments can become quite heated, often with physical violence ensuing.

The Moon/Mars Perigee adds to the broader global energy level this weekend. I am sure there will be world news with such strong lunar and martian energies in play, and both in perigee to the Earth.

We should see stories describing frequency of violent, weird and anomalous global news over the weekend (and the days leading into and just after the weekend.) due to these strong celestial inclinations along with the outer weather, the inner "weather" is also stormy for some.

Accidents usually take place, some of it weather-related, others because of human error, so it is a good weekend to take things slower than usual, and to exercise caution when working with materials, gases, liquids, heavy equipment, vehicles, tools, and machinery.

Extended travel is not advised over the weekend.

This particular Moon/Mars conjunction that is at Earth perigee, is best used to exercise control over one's emotions, to be patient, cautious, and tolerant so to allow the cycle to pass by without event. It is a good weekend to take off and rest with such strong perigee inclinations.

In my years of observing these Moon/Mars synods, it is also not the most favorable time for men and women to get along. This full moon, and Mars conjunction, is one of those times to cancel a date because of transits.

I've often advised clients to stay indoors during conjunctions of Moon & Mars, especially at perigee. This takes place over a weekend when the traditional Friday, and Saturday night dates take place. This is just one of those weekends to stay indoors.

The reason is that the energies are negatively aggressive at this time, and people, especially males, often show trigger emotions under Moon/Mars conjunction. Emotions are sparked by the slightest assumed personal/political/whatever kinds of "slights" are sensed or not.

Friday evening is quite tense with these energies. It is a time to make it an early night. I usually get some much needed sleep during such transits.

Venus in Aquarius in opposition to the Moon/Mars this weekend tends towards personal/group-think confrontations. Not a good time to debate, or argue, since the energies are much too strong for people to be objective, and able to see more than their own point of view.

The celestial climate over the weekend and the end of the month of January is best spent at home, pampering oneself, eating ice cream, watching movies. During the days, spend time on home projects, enjoy family, kids, and yourself.

This is the kind of weekend to stay in pajamas /slippers till early afternoon, eat lots of cereal, slouch around the house, catch up on small projects, read, listen to music, and hang out at home like you did back in the mid-1970s or mid-1980s (for those who remember that Star Trek/Partridge Family/Brady Bunch/Blondie/Moonlighting era.)

I don't post much on the Internet during such times because people take out their frustrations there as well. All you have to do is spend time reading discussion forums over the weekend.

The Moon/Mars perigee is strong along with the Full Moon's energy, and the opposition to Venus is mainly confrontational and cause "drama," however, for no other reason but simply fight for the sake of fighting. Not wise during this lunar phase.

And, a waste of time. It's better to watch retro-reruns rather than fight with others under such planetary conditions. I'm going to break protocol and buy some strawberries, chocolate ice cream, some milk, bananas, and maybe a box of Frosted Flakes, and have a great weekend!

Now, saying that, Friday night is a good night to stay in and watch a scary movie under such transits that affect the outside world. Staying in under such transits, and watching good movies is a good outlet. But when you watch movies with me: I like quality, action, and something on the unusual side...

I used to watch shows like this... sort of Theo's Friday Night At the Movies... Used to love to creep my sisters and Mom out with films like this... eating ice cream and totally into it...

The mid-1970s had some freaky stuff on TV - and I watched all of them, of course, with my trusty ephemeris handy nearby...

See -

Bad Weekend For Dates, Bars & Clubbing

Staying in Saves Souls

Seriously though, the less contact with the outside world under this weekend's influences, the better. Usually, a Leo Moon is a good time to have a party, but this weekend is not one of those times.

I'm sure there will be parties Friday night, at bars and clubs, but I forecast sad news coming out about places like these. Just not a cool weekend at all gathering in crowds with booze around.

Tempers usually flare and careless accidents often emerge under these Moon/Mars conjunctions normally, so the weekend's perigee hikes up the energy level that are mainly unstable, and hostile ... on the roads too, people rushing, driving to fast, intoxicated with overall emotions on edge.

It is a weekend to tend to oneself, stay in, and not engage with others until after the weekend's perigee energies have passed by. Moreover, the outer weather conditions will reflect the Lunar and Martian perigee, so we will see high winds, stormy conditions, and frigid temperatures.

On January 31 there is also another exact Saturn/Pluto square in force. This confirms the transpersonal and international energies that characterize this winter season in the northern hemisphere. Saturn, retrograde at 4-Libra, will conduct its retreating square aspect to Pluto at 4-Capricorn, thus signifying continue global tension.

The overall climate is rather tense to say the least. There are a lot of recriminations from late 2007-2009, and many people are tired, upset, and with the perigee, unbalanced enough to not be able to contain their emotions, or, common sense.

Staying in saves souls, is the theme for this weekend's energies. Perigee conjunctions between Moon and Mars in mundane astrology always correlates to tense, and sometimes violent situations brought about as a result of headstrong actions and the lack of cooler heads prevailing.

The climate is charged, often with the over the top sexual energy, that acts as a trigger to explosive outlets of emotions, causing violence. Perigees with the right combinatorial aspects have these unfavorable effects. This is one of those times.

The best way to handle the Moon/Mars perigee is to take it easy, and relax, and not take too much seriously if you can and spending some time alone, or, with just one other. "Two is company, but three's a crowd," goes without saying here...

Crowds are particularly problematic, because fights between a small number of people can affect larger groups, and with the hair-trigger energy of the Moon/Martian perigee to Earth, all bets are off on calm resolutions. Some people just want to fight for the sake of letting off steam, but that attitude also gets people hurt.

It's just that kind of weekend. Neutralize it be staying in and convincing family, and friends to do the same. You'll be happy to do so when you hear what happened over the perigee weekend, wherever you thought you would be going, but didn't because of the transits.

After Perigee & Into 2010

Once early February 2010 gets going, the effects of the Moon/Mars perigee will be better seen by most. Mars continues to retrograde in tropical Leo towards its direct motion in early March.

This cycle of Mars ends another cycle that began in late 2007, and signifies a time to reassess, revise, and adapt to the new times on the horizon. Mars will station direct March 10, 2010, several days before the return to daylight savings time on March 14. The retrograde of Mars, and its perigee shows that reassessments, and revising one's goals and objectives is a good thing before the onset of the spring months.

Mars' gradual transit back through tropical Leo in March, April, May into early June 2010 presents many with opportunities to catch up after the stagnant year of 2009.

Spiritual cleansing is good at any time. The current lunar perigee cycle is more on the enjoy-yourself-at-home kind of weekend. The next full moon is at the end of February at 9-Virgo, so there's another month to clean out closets to prepare for the new Astrological Year by March 20, 2010.

Saturn's retrograde through early Libra (Oct. 29, 2009 - Apr. 7, 2010) gives us a preview of the next two years (2010-2012) when it comes to issues of fairness, justice, relationships, marriage, Society, and the Law of the times.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, but with Saturn about to transit here, and oppose both Jupiter, and Uranus to kick off the new decade - the energies are dominate by crisis, and grudgingly, towards widespread change that has been long overdue.

When all is said and done with Saturn's transit of Libra by late 2012, many relationships will have changed, with only the strongest relationships surviving.

In the short term, Saturn will re-enter tropical Virgo its final time (April 7, 2010) and sweep over the remaining three (3) degrees of Virgo, mainly affecting the generation born 1950-51 and 1979-80.

Saturn will then perform the last two oppositions to Uranus in Pisces (April 26) and then its fifth and last opposition, this time on the Aries/Libra axis (July 26.) The continuing theme of the "outworn" versus the "new" will be mostly active from spring to mid-summer as the Saturn/Uranus opposition peaks. The transpersonal energies of both planets in opposition will correlate to events on Earth.

That last exact Saturn/Uranus opposition in July 2010 includes Jupiter and Pluto, and forms the Cardinal Cross, or Crisis, or Climax transits of summer 2010. These are strong energies building into the months of July and August 2010, and therefore, the months of winter and spring are best applied towards achieving practical goals, so as to better neutralize the contentious energies of summer just ahead.

Saturn will then turn south in declination in early September 2010, and from that time, to March 2011, there will be six months of increasing signs that the world is dawning into a brand new era.

All in all, from right now to mid-March 2010 is a excellent time for personal revising, re-adapting, and making positive plans for the near future. It really is a more personal time for people where choices and decisions must be made to insure that the rest of the decade will be better than
the last.

February has Jupiter in the early degrees of Pisces, which is excellent for this kind of inner work that then expresses itself into one's outer reality as time moves on. Times are changing, and people can make wonderful use of these energies if they are aware of them, like this weekend's Moon/Mars Perigee.

Jupiter's motion takes further from its long 2009 tight conjunction to Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius, and into the Sign it rules - Pisces, signifying the twilight of one era, and the dawn of another to come in Aries.

Jupiter will be within orb of its coming conjunction to Uranus in March. Both planets will meet at 0-Aries on June 8, 2010, a preview of their coming ingresses into Aries in 2011. This conjunction has historic meaning for the world, as the first point of Aries signifies great changes on the horizon, and the dawn of a new global era.

By March 2010, we will have entered a special one-year cycle to March 2011. This means that 2010 is the transitional year into the next decade. It is a good time to make whole changes in one's life according to one's own character and aspirations.

This single solar year comprises a host of powerful world transits, which confirms my forecast that 2010 will be a major year worldwide. People who are proactive in making revisions in their lives early this year will do better than those who do not.

Most of those changes, from the looks of transits right now, continue to show to me that people who have the best natal and progressed aspects can make significant progress this year before the new era that opens in early March 2011.

So, the astrological year from March 2010 to March 2011 provides anyone who is genuine about making spiritual, mental, emotional changes in their lives can do so in a short span of time and be ready for the exciting opening into the new global era on the horizon.

© Copyright 2010 Theodore White

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