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Saturday, January 30, 2010

February/March 2010 - Jupiter, Uranus & Scheat

It's been a wild first decade of the millennium. The decade of the 2000s, now at a close, has left the world uncertain, stressed, and in serious doubt about the future.

Yet, there are signs that the global transition now underway has the potential to truly define the character of an early 21st century. How challenges are faced, and the choices made can make all the difference in the world.

As always, humanity has free will under the concavity of the heavens to make its choices.

The world, at a crossroads, and close to another Astrological Year that arrives with the solar equinox of March 20, 2010, officially opens the new year, and with it - a brand new decade.

What will the 2010s bring, I am often asked? Many things, some very good, and some very bad, I say. How we on evolve among ourselves, individually, and, as society collectively, with all our passions, cultures, differences, and ideologies, will depend very much on our own humanity.

A step at time is best.

February 2010 - Jupiter speeds up in motion through the early degrees of Pisces, and by March, will be within orb of its coming June conjunction with Uranus.

The first half of February will be ruled by a last quarter moon week (Feb. 5-13) and the New Moon week of Feb. 14-22. It is a slow and quiet time at mid-winter, but the first 14 days of February is excellent for making daily adjustments, adaptions, and revisions for the coming new astrological year just ahead.

The month is better used towards working on one's own issues, and not deal with the baggage and issues of others. Working step by step in February and picking up the pace into March is best under the world transits.

The months of February and March provide excellent transits for those who want to work towards shaping their own lives and careers into the new decade.

The retrogrades of Mars & Saturn in February provides advancement with both malefics in retrograde motion. This allows significant progress to be made for those who are not willing to fall into the winter slumber many people tend towards during the season.

The retrograde of both malefics see some people caught up in the muddied problems and dramas of others who are self-involved in their own negative regressions. This wastes valuable transit time, and also shows that these are the people who will easily become deeply caught up in summer's Cardinal Crisis transits. Many will not be able to recover from it for some time. By then, several years will have passed and it will nearly be 2014.

Those who prosper will be those who apply the direct motion of Jupiter to make significant progress in 2010 that can propel them, and their aspirations into fresh, new, and exciting territory in the new decade.

One way to accomplish this is to use Jupiter's direct motion from mid-January to July 22-23, 2010 which is very favorable overall for people in the know. Those who think positive, and are progressive in action, will be the people who will make the best use of Jupiter's influences this year, and into next.

Practical matters are favored. Receiving help and support from others who are creative, humane, tolerant and forward-looking is also favored during this cycle of Jupiter's direct motion.

The winter and spring months of 2010, with Jupiter's strong pace through Pisces, can provide opportunities that are usually missed through laziness and assumptions that are in error with such a positive Jupiter transit.

Working to improve one's personal appearance, striving to meet about 4-5 major goals and objectives, and avoid regressing into outworn patterns, and people who do regress, will go a long way towards greatly improving one's own personal and professional status into 2011 and beyond.

January through June 2010 gives power to vision, leadership, and planning for the new decade.

During Jupiter's retrograde (mid-July through mid-Nov.) progress is slowed for those who wasted the months since January to July 2010. It is during this time that the Cardinal Cross transits are most active.

The cardinal energies are too raw, intense, and call for change during the traditional summer months. Emotions are strong, negative, and reactionary - not enough to be able to make progressive positive change during such powerful planetary inclinations at that time.

Those who wasted the winter and spring months from January to June 2010, will try to catch up during the powerful inclinations of summer's Cardinal Cross transits, but will be met with more frustration. These frustrations are extended into society, and are unfavorable.

The strong emotional energies continues into the autumn months of 2010, as the Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, Mars transits in Scorpio, and Saturn's direct motion in Libra dominate the months of August, September, October, and the first 18 days of November 2010. This cycle from August to mid-November 2010 are those to take it easy, to review, adapt, and reassess, and not to make big decisions, nor to initiate important changes.

By the time Jupiter stations direct in mid-November at 23-Pisces, the span between November 18 to January 22, 2011 sees the last remaining months of Jupiter in Pisces where additional progress can be made during Jupiter's return to direct motion, and, to its ingress into tropical Aries by mid-January 2011.

This span of time is the time to work out loose ends of projects started before July 2010, and complete one's personal and professional goals & objectives for the coming year of 2011.

Jupiter's direct motion by mid-November 2010 will take place during the holiday season, where many people will be too exhausted from the events of summer/fall to get in gear for the next year. However, those with knowledge of these transits to pick up where they left off in late June 2010 and make further progress into the next decade.

Getting back to current transits - The second half of February 2010 sees the Sun enters Pisces Feb. 18. This is followed by the last full moon of the winter season (Virgo) in the northern hemisphere on Feb. 28, the same day Jupiter emerges from the far side of the Sun and begins to rise early in the mornings as a bright star.

March 2010 opens on that full Virgo Moon and Jupiter's motion. The month improves upon February's ideas, and promises for those active enough to not allow the winter season to delay progress on projects and aspirations. Transits of March are favorable to about March 27th.

This means most of the month can be used well by those wanting to make significant positive changes. It is a good time to get ahead of things, and expect a faster arrival of spring after the colder than normal winter season.

Most of March is used for the activities and traditions of spring break, however, the transits also promise those who continue the projects of February during March will make even more progress before the onset of spring.

This month sees improvements in the weather conditions with warmer temperatures, and a faster onset of spring weather than is normal in March.

By April 2010, and certainly by May, warmer than average temperatures will feel near summer like. A fast and sure spring has arrived, but not without its problems, which is mainly flooding.

Global transits between March 2010 to March 2011 contain a wealth of celestial movements and aspects relative to Earth that will leave few to doubt that 2010 was a major year of transition and change.

The generational angst that has settled on the world over the past 15 is now at its end. The transits clearly show that transition is now underway, and this transition will define a new decade that leads to another, that of the 2020s.

One planet's motion this year, in 2010, is that of Jupiter, which inclines towards the 0-Aries point, as does Uranus by early June. This conjunction is a sort of "preview" of 2011's energies, as both planets will conjoin three times

  • June 8, 2010 /0-Aries
  • September 18, 2010/28-Pisces
  • January 4, 2011/27-Pisces

These three (3) Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions form the basis of global transitional energies from Pisces into Aries, which will occur by March 2011. This conjunction has major correlations to events on the earth, with new discoveries announced, to the renewal and ending of treaties, and new treaties being formed between nations vying in a multipolar world.

Change is in the air everywhere. There are retirements announced, and personages across all public and private fields are leaving with new faces entering. It is a time of generational shift and a changing in times that opens the door to a new decade.

Economic recovery will dominate the early years of the new decade. For some nations, it will feel like starting from scratch, as other countries are challenged to find a creative, and new ways out of the severity of the global economic recession.

In previous forecasts I made in 2009 on the Cardinal Cross transits of 2010, the conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus in Aries/Pisces during the year is seen as historic. These two planetary bodies, along with Saturn, and Pluto, form the crux of the tense cardinal crisis transits of mid-summer.

The energies of the Cardinal Cross peak in July and August 2010 as the planets are very active during these months. The energies are quite strong; especially during the full moons at the end of both months. Emotions run strong during the summer months. For those looking ahead, it is a time to stick close to home, to relax, and plan for the year of 2011 just ahead.

By September 2010, Saturn, now fully in tropical Libra, turns south in declination, - ushering another planetary sign that the times are changing. Saturn's motion in 2010 completes its opposition to Uranus, and begins a two-year opposition to Jupiter.

The conjunctions of Jupiter/Uranus to the fixed star Scheat also shows a year of cautionary tales when it comes to travel over the skies and the high seas in 2010-2011.

Scheat is a beta star that is one of the four stars that make up the constellation of The Great Square of Pegasus. The star Scheat sits at the end of the tropical Zodiac, at 29-Pisces-31' - closing out the tropical zodiac.

Aspects to Scheat in mundane astrology signify events taking place in the skies over the oceans, and on the high seas. What is notable about Scheat, is that throughout its history of observation it correlated to multiple accidents involving drowning, sunken ships and dangers to sea-going vessels. It also portends a major year of climate events.

The presence of Jupiter and Uranus also features major weather events, such as frequent storms, high winds, and floods. This indicates that 2010 will be a major year of climate events. The mundane astrologer Claudius Ptolemy wrote that the bright stars of Scheat are like Mars and Mercury. This combined duality features rashness in communication, commerce, transportation, and travel.

Effects on humans were that it signified vanity, and ambitious persons who show very poor judgment. It appears that many of the accidents of 2010 will also come as a result of human error, arrogance, overenthusiastic acts, poor navigation, and hasty decision-making.

Taking care in personal judgment, and discerning situations carefully before committing to them will go a long way towards preventing many accidents and deaths this year, particularly from accidents in the air, on the seas, and around bodies of water.

Jupiter and Uranus conjoined to Scheat
show us the dichotomy of choices offered in a economic challenging year. Those who do best will be able to progress into the future, with confidence, and care. Those who will not do well will be those unable to progress, but who regress into past patterns.

Jupiter's motion offers a wealth of opportunity, and expansiveness available to those who are patient (Pisces) and forward-looking (Aries.) Jupiter will perform its first opposition to Saturn since the early 1990s. The opposition will take place from 2010 to 2012 and shows the Business climate will continue to be a challenge; mainly because of the transition from one generation to another.

These oppositions of Jupiter and Saturn call for a "turn of times." This is confirmed by Uranus' entry into tropical Aries by March 2011. This closes the era started in 1927-28 and opens a new era in 2010-11.

Jupiter's transit swings through Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer by the year 2014. I often tell my clients to use Jupiter's transits in ways that extend the trends of opportunities to fruition, so that they are able to survive any longer-term world transits to come afterward.

The next four (4) years, despite the overall world transits, from Jupiter's standpoint, has excellent transits for those willing to pace themselves accordingly, and who do so with balance and progression in mind.

Uranus' motion conjoined to Scheat shows another path, that of the one willing to rush headlong into action before considering the potentials and outcomes of situations in the long-run.

Here, Uranus' penchant to demand immediate and radical change, and to achieve it by any means necessary, threatens instability, raises the noise levels, and irritates opportunities that could be achieved peacefully, and with patience.

But, it is this lack of patience that will show some events to end in disaster for those who appeal to such vanities as impatience and intolerance. Moreover, by the rash acts, they may also take innocent people down along with them.

Saturn's fourth, and fifth opposition to Uranus in 2010 transfers to Saturn's opposition to Jupiter in 2010, and 2011. These Jupiter/ Saturn oppositions often correlate with economic and business crisis that forces up to the surface undercurrents of new methods and techniques that will replace what has been outworn and is no longer useful.

So, the months from February to June offer some of the best transits of 2010. Those who were thinking of initiating new aspirations and projects can do so during those months.

This means that all work performed in 2010 should be of the preparation stage, working out the kinks, and loose ends, while also preparing oneself physically, mentally and spiritually for the opening of the cardinal era that arrives with Aries by March 2011.


Joseph said...

Thank you Theodore. Very helpful article. With a 5 degree Mars in Libra conjoin my south node, I realize discernment of choice is paramount in how I move forward.

Re "February 2010 - Jupiter speeds up in motion through the early degrees of Jupiter, and by March, will be within orb of its coming June conjunction with Uranus." I believe you meant "through the early degrees of Pisces".

Theodore White said...

Thanks, the editing system took care of it.

As for your 5-degree Mars conjoined to your south node: much depends on its angle, and the house where it is placed relative to global transits.

Joseph said...

2nd house placement - 5th & 8th have their sights set on it.