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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cardinal Climax of 2010: Forecasts, Warnings & Tactics

Years ago, back when I forecasted about the coming global crisis I used to get messages from people who said I was making my forecasts up; that the economy was humming along just fine; that I was a "gloom and doomer," and that astrological forecasting was a "pseudo-science" and "nothing but bunk."

People asked why I forecasted such things. It was never going to happen they said. A global economic crisis?

My answer was, and still is, hey pal, I just work here.

I read astrological transits and report exactly what I see. I never make anything up. I try to keep a little of what I know to myself because if I really laid out to people what I saw of the future most people would totally freak out.

My forecasts are never my opinion. Just heed the forecasts, and get real because transits arrive on time - all the time.

That's the way it is for mundane astrologers. The things we know as opposed to the lies told in the media, and the spins turned over constantly by policymakers, speculators and media pundits to gain a point or two in the polls or to turn a fast trade into ill-gotten gains, or to use opinion as a forecast when it is nothing of the sort.

Global transits care nothing about "polls," nor do they care about trades, or one's personal dispositions, ideologies and opinions.

The Sun, the Moon, planets and stars are about the only honest bodies around these days, and when they incline - they do so without opinion, without ideology, and yes, they are always on time.

I knew this over 20 years ago when I saw these times coming. It's been a long time because few people believed me when I told them that the world was going to become a very strange place right after the turn of the century and that corruption, greed, and ideology would been seen as superior to honesty, truth and justice.

Astrologers and those knowledgeable of planetary transits have become more aware of what is called the Cardinal Climax, or Cardinal Cross transits of 2010.

The T-square involving Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto has also been called the Grand Cross.

While some continue to argue about the labels used for the T-square alignment of July and August 2010, what is most important are the inclinations.

I call this T-square alignment the Cardinal Climax, because it is a climax of the previous events and very bad decisions made over the decades of the 1980s, 1990s and the 2000s. This is now coming home to roost for the entire planet.

These cardinal inclinations work both ways - it closes the door on the events of the last 30 years, while also opening up the cardinal inclinations of a new decade.

But make no mistake about it, the cardinal transits of July & August 2010 is a climax of the past three decades, and this same crisis will continue into the new decade of the 2010s. It is the effect of the root causes of past corruption and greed on massive levels affecting whole nations.

For no matter what terms are used to describe the configuration: what is certain is that it leads into a powerful decade of significant challenges for the world at large.

I believe in good people. I think people ought to have a fighting chance, and opportunities to better their own lives, and the lives of their loved ones, friends, associates and colleagues. I believe in freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So, when I see good people and their families getting the short end of the stick I get angry. When I see people playing head games in very serious times - I get pissed off.

The New York Times has a new series on the economic crisis and the challenges Americans face called, The New Poor -

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

"Even as the American economy shows tentative signs of a rebound, the human toll of the recession continues to mount, with millions of Americans remaining out of work, out of savings and nearing the end of their unemployment benefits.

Economists fear that the nascent recovery will leave more people behind than in past recessions, failing to create jobs in sufficient numbers to absorb the record-setting ranks of the long-term unemployed.

Call them the new poor: people long accustomed to the comforts of middle-class life who are now relying on public assistance for the first time in their lives — potentially for years to come."

For more, see -

In this post, I will offer some ways to help to soften the blows of the present crisis, as well as alternatives to counter the Cardinal Climax transits, and the transits of the 2010s.

One of the most important things to remember about the changing times is that nothing will be the same for many people heading into this new decade. Those people who accept this, and work to create their own futures will do better than those who do not.

Why Astrological Forecasts Are Important

As a mundane astrologer, I am aware that some astrologers would prefer not to talk about the Cardinal Crisis transits in ways they believe may alarm the public. My view is that before the advent of the Banking Crisis of 2008, astrological warnings were issued publicly before the current economic crisis ensued.

Few astrologers made these forecasts but were critical of those who made them. The majority of astrologers did not because they obviously did not believe in the predictive nature of astrology.

This has always been one of my criticisms of astrology as it has been practiced generally since the 1980s. That many were far too involved in individualized psychological astrology for 30 years, rather than in forecasting. The danger of this is that one looks only at the present, but is not interested enough to focus on the future.

Few listened or heeded the long-range forecasts. Some practicing astrologers ignored the warnings themselves, preferring to keep a glaze of false positivism over their own eyes rather than to forecast honestly and directly without fear.

Some astrologers are afraid of coming off sounding "apocalyptic" as if forecasting such big global shifts mean that the world is going to end. We see this in the popular culture myths and misunderstandings of the Mayan Calendar, the year 2012, or the works of the mundane astrologer Nostradamus, for instance.

Others denounced the warnings as doom and gloom, thereby rejecting mundane astrology rather than embracing it. It was surprising to me, after the events of 1999-2001 that even after the events of those years, some astrologers continued to avoid mundane astrology.

Those who tried to forecast in this area had little experience and knowledge and so failed to see the economic crisis coming that has now gripped the entire planet.

Because of all this most people were not ready in the slightest for what was to come. Now that time is here and the public is feeling it big time. These are life-changing transits.

One of the advantages I have is that as a journalist I have witnessed large-scale disasters personally covering such events, and know that these things do happen and are not fiction.

Even in the age of 24-hour news and television coverage it is shocking how many people continue to objectify global events because they are personally unable to come to terms with the reality of the world as it is and with history itself.

Some astrologers have problems facing large-scale real world events dealt with specifically in mundane astrology, as they impact large groups of people and populations. I find this surprising in light of our post September 11th world.

Forecasts are always made in advance so people have time to prepare, to adjust, and to have the space to neutralize transits by use of their free will. This is the ultimate goal of astrology.

It is not to entertain, nor to take lightly, or to reject because forecasts do not meet one's personal dispositions, ideologies, or personal beliefs.

Forecasts; especially those of the mundane kind, are made to help, so people can have as much time as possible to adjust, to prepare, and to shift their goals and objectives so the effects of prior bad choices, corruption, greed, and unpreparedness made by others, and inclined by large-scale planetary inclinations - can be effectively neutralized.

This is not easy to accomplish when the crowd is saying and doing one thing while you are saying and doing another. But that is the very nature of mundane forecasts.

Mundane astrology is not for the weak of mind, nor is it for those who do not want to face reality but who would rather have simplistic views of global transits so that their comfortable lives and predispositions are not therefore disturbed.

The Banking and real estate crisis has disturbed everything and has led to another Great Recession that will outdo all other previous recessions when all is said and done.

History has continued to show that those who do not face the realities of astrology and forecasting fail to be of service to the public at large, or to their clients - until it is much too late.

Many people are now attempting to neutralize transits that have already begun. This makes it very difficult for people to make progress after they have lost jobs, homes, and the support of their communities.

Tens of millions of people search for work with double-digit unemployment raging. It is estimated that there are seven (7) people for every one (1) job available in 2010. These figures clearly represent the type of pain associated with this crisis.

See -

Timing is everything, and this is especially true of astrology. The very nature of astrology is forecasting - and those who do not understand this fact fail to provide people the time and space required to make changes that allow people to choose their own destinies - rather than others.

It is obvious that the times are turning, and that the world is at the crossroads of a new age that, with current trends, are not favorable in the least.

We can see these trends now -

  • A Great Recession/Depression
  • 15 million unemployed in the U.S.
  • Millions more unemployed worldwide
  • Rising defaults of residential & commercial properties
  • Banks failing at historic levels
  • Nations bankrupted
  • States close to bankruptcy
  • Communities deteriorating
The psychological effects on populations because of these negative events spread across entire populations and will have devastating results on the lives of billions of people. This is why astrological forecasting is important, because forecasts provide people with options before events turn against them.

Simply stating that forecasts are negative because during good times most people do not want to look ahead is a poor excuse for not planning in advance. Nor is it proper for astrologers to ever allow ideology, personal dispositions, and opinion to overrule astrological forecasts.

What you will have noticed in the financial media channels in early 2010 is a kind of fear that is not readily uttered, but that is seen in the eyes of the hosts, along with their guests who certainly are very frightened about the direction the Panic of 2008 has taken now in 2010.

The media is seeing ad revenues drop like a rock, and there's a ton of real concern these days about many not holding down their jobs much longer. This is rather common when planets such as Jupiter and Uranus reach Pisces, before making new fresh ingresses into a sign like Aries.

The year of 2009 was fixed with Jupiter in conjunction to Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius. That was the reason why many who should have taken leave were still around by the end of year. Now, all that is come to an end as Jupiter transits Pisces.

Many people who've held long-time positions in all fields are seeing their last years in their prospective jobs. We are about to see many faces leave for good and replaced by a new generation that does not have the legacy connections to the powers-that-were, that is, to those who overstayed their welcome for far too long, and in their positions - fully betrayed the American public, their stockholders, employees, their customers and communities.

Now, their gigs are about up. And it is about time.

As I've said, transits arrive on time - all the time.

These, and many other trends now clearly underway, provide the basis for the powerful inclinations of the cardinal climax transits of July & August 2010 as well as the coming global transits of the new decade just ahead.

The Cardinal Climax
: Forecasts & Warnings

The planetary configurations begin to build right after the arrival of the new astrological year that occurs on March 20, 2010, when the Sun enters Aries, and the Earth reaches the vernal equinox.

What will be most notable about the build-up towards the Cardinal inclinations in 2010 are the frustrations, temper tantrums, hotheads, and impulsive behaviors amongst supposed adults that stem from within those who are immature to their very core.

The Cardinal Climax transits feature energies that will incline reactionaries to react badly.

One will observe that pettiness, impulsive acts and ignorance flowing from people who have what I call toxic personalities. Avoid them like the plague if you want to be happy, wealthy and wise.

What follows are the significant planetary aspects from April to October 2010 -

  • April 6-7 - Pluto stations retrograde at 5-Capricorn
  • April 7, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Virgo
  • April 26, 2010 - Saturn opposes Uranus (4th opposition)
  • May 23, 2010 - Jupiter opposes Saturn (first time since 1990-91)
  • May 27-28, 2010 - Uranus enters tropical Aries
  • May 30th, 2010 - Saturn stations direct motion
  • June 5-6, 2010 - Jupiter enters tropical Aries
  • June 6-7, 2010 - Mars enters tropical Virgo
  • June 8, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus
  • July 5, 2010 - Uranus stations retrograde at 0-Aries
  • July 8, 2010 - Jupiter turns North in declination
  • July 11, 2010 - New Moon total eclipse at 19-Cancer (not seen in N. America)
  • July 21, 2010 - Saturn re-enters tropical Libra for good
  • July 23, 2010 - Jupiter stations retrograde
  • July 25, 2010 - Jupiter Squares Pluto
  • July 26, 2010 - Fifth Saturn/Uranus opposition
  • July 31, 2010 - Mars & Jupiter turn S in Declination
  • August 3, 2010 - Jupiter, retrograde, Squares Pluto again
  • August 6, 2010 - Venus turns South in Declination
  • August 13-14, 2010 - Uranus re-enters tropical Pisces
  • August 16, 2010 - Jupiter Opposes Saturn
  • August 20, 2010 - Mercury retrogrades in Virgo
  • August 21, 2010 - Saturn Squares Pluto
  • September 8, 2010 - Saturn turns South in declination
  • September 8, 2010 - New Moon at 15-Virgo
  • September 8, 2010 - Venus enters Scorpio
  • September 8-9, 2010 - Jupiter re-enters tropical Pisces
  • September 12, 2010 - Mercury stations direct
  • September 14, 2010 - Pluto stations direct
  • September 14, 2010 - Mars enters Scorpio
  • September 19, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Pisces
  • October 8, 2010 - Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio
  • October 18, 2010 - Jupiter conjoins Uranus in Pisces
I continue to state, as I have for years, that the decade of the 2010s will be akin to the Great Depression years of the 1930s, and will, in the long-run, lead to geopolitical tensions that will change the tone and character of the early 21st century.

Most of this will come about because people were not prepared, and did not make adjustments to meet the coming inclinations.

It also has occurred because policymakers, international bankers, speculators and those in industries like residential and commercial real estate allowed themselves to believe their own fantasies - with devastating consequences for tens of millions of people worldwide.

As I've written before, the strongest months of those of July, August, and September 2010 with August being the most powerful month under these powerful cardinal inclinations.

Travel is unfavorable. There are dangerous transits during the summer vacation season in the northern hemisphere. Accidents in and around bodies of water are highlighted, from the air, and on the high seas perilous conditions exist that will lead to violent interactions, and in some cases, deaths involving large groups of people.

I continue to advise against taking chances during the months from July through September 2010 - especially in the northern hemispheric summer season. Stay close to home, and use the summer months to relax, and observe the cardinal transits in action through the world news.

The main thrust of the Cardinal Climax transits extend into the early to mid-2010s with two (2) planetary configurations that are unfavorable.

Jupiter oppose Saturn - 2010 to 2012

Business contraction continues amid large-scale generational transition. The old versus the new gives way to the "new," however, the tensions and stresses from the decade of the 1990s & 2000s will peak in this time period.

The last Jupiter/Saturn opposition took place in 1990-92 during a recession that involved the Savings & Loan Scandal (another banking crisis) that battered nations like the United States and Japan.

The coming Jupiter/Saturn opposition of 2010-2012 gives way to continued bad timing in all affairs that are centered on money and business. The tactics employed by the Baby Boomer generation to continue their assault on younger generations through careless waste of resources that do not belong to them sees a lack of support from public institutions that serve the public.

Private businesses under a Jupiter/Saturn opposition encounter lawsuits, problems in getting jobs done along with red tape associated with the Bank Crisis.

Smaller banks will fail under the crushing weight of nearly $1.4 trillion in commercial real estate defaults that begin in the year 2011. This will continue to the year 2015.

As of February 2010, it is estimated that major U.S. banks are hording as much as $860 billion dollars in excess reserves given to them by the Federal Reserve.

See interview with Professor Robert Pollin, who says the United States could help produce as many as 18 million jobs by 2012 -

As banks have continued to ponder ways to rid themselves of mountains of debt they have on their own books, the American and world economy is being held hostage to the crooks who caused the crisis.

The banks, which were bailed out by the American public, received hundreds of billions of dollars with no interest from the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department, but are holding nearly a trillion dollars by continuing to freeze credit and loans to the American public who need the money to survive.

So the same banks that were on the verge of collapse in 2008 were saved with billions in interest-free money now hording billions of dollars while allowing millions of foreclosures and bankruptcies of American homes and businesses to continue unabated.

It is the bankers who have kept high interest rates and so are forcing businesses to die bankrupt with no money or credit for small, medium and large companies. This deflationary climate has led to the loss of 8-15 million jobs in the United States alone.

This is the effect of a generation that has destroyed the underpinnings of the American economy in less than 20 years.

Economic stress from the Banking Crisis of 2007-2010 is extended into the years of 2010, 2011, and 2012, and indicate to me that until the players who caused the crisis - from Wall Street, hedge fund players, to international bankers, speculators, and policymakers - are fully removed from their positions.

I forecast that the crisis will exacerbate into the mid-2010s - giving way to revolts, rebellions and revolutions in some nations as a result.

Jupiter's opposition to Saturn between 2010-2012 also features a poor time to expand into businesses related to travel, foreign commerce, law and corporate business.

Because of this, conflicts resulting from hypocrisy, poor ethics, and lack of morals will continue to build up between partners due to the demands of bringing in more money under the restrictive conditions.

The pressures on individuals extend into personal and family relationships as well as professional associations and relationships.

The coming Jupiter/Saturn opposition begins during the Cardinal Climax transits of 2010 and will last to about the year 2012, when it wanes. However, the significance of this opposition is that other planetary bodies are involved.

Uranus square Pluto - 2012-2015

I am forecasting that seething resentments and revelations of widespread levels of corruption and greed will lead to rebellions and revolts among populations.

There are seven (7) exact squares between Uranus and Pluto within a three-year period from 2012 to 2015. These squares will bring about major shifts in geopolitical structures that could have been easily avoided if not for the incredible levels of corruption, greed and stupidity of the Baby Boomer establishment over the last two decades.

Uranus' transit in Aries in square aspect to Pluto's transit in tropical Capricorn features a time of intense struggles within nations. It features social stresses due to economic austerity measures that threaten the peace of communities because the effects of the Banking Crisis and Panic of 2008.

We are seeing this develop in countries such as Greece. More nations will join movements calling for the removal of entire governments because of nation-wide austerity measures reminiscent of the Great Depression years of the 1930s.

Civil disturbances, rampant crime, communities in uprisings and revolts with multiple changes of coalition governments are highlighted for nations.

The square between Uranus/Pluto features power struggles, along with pending revolutionary sentiments with great disruptions in society resulting in accidents, struggles and deaths from violent civil battles taking place against governments and perceived authority figures deemed responsible for the economic crisis.

Financial losses - from personal to corporate - increase under this Uranus/Pluto square. Dangerous situations can arise because of all the public disturbances. Take care in crowds, especially during protests, as things can easily get out of hand.

Most of the revolutionary sentiments between 2012-2015 stem directly from the avoidance of facing the root causes of the economic crisis in the year 2007-2012, so that by the time Uranus begins its first series of squares to Pluto - tensions will begin to rise exponentially towards the middle years of the decade.

The best way to deal with this strong cardinal square is to adjust as best one can to those changes that cannot be avoided while at the same time noting the opportunities that will present themselves by the new changes.


I know how difficult my forecast is for some people. It is never easy to report that things may become worse when things are already bad enough.

However, it is vital for anyone reading my forecast to understand, and accept the fact of planetary inclinations that will correlate to further unfavorable events on Earth - and to prepare for them.

It is impossible to avoid the large-scale forces that have caused the second Great Depression in this new decade. Much of the damage has already been done.

Socially, people who are affected by such severe economic downturns often become depressed, easily irritated, frustrated, and prone to distractions. Others respond by joining ideologically-hostile groups/organizations that cast blame according to ideology - which often feature right-wing fanatics looking to cause trouble.

Ideology by an aging generational establishment rooted in outworn methods, greed, and corruption have done so much systemic damage that unless this generation is removed from policy-making and financial decisions - all is lost and we can expect unemployment rates far above 10 percent to last for much of the new decade.

According to my calculations, it will be the year 2018 by the time unemployment is under 5% in the United States.

This means that over the next 7-8 years, expect high rates of joblessness to be countered with peaks and valleys of rising and falling employment unless radical changes are made towards getting tens of millions people back to work with the nation's credit system fully repaired and functioning as it should.

It is not difficult to image this considering that the same people and ideology that has been part of the generational establishment over the last 18 years continues to bar any attempts to fix the nation and its woes.

Why would a Baby Boomer establishment believe that destroying the lives of tens of million of people will improve their own lot in life?

Are they still until the illusion that an economic recovery will happen magically with all restored as if nothing ever happened?

The Baby Boomer bankers sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars while foreclosing on millions of Americans do not have the good interests of the country in their hearts and minds. That much is certain.

Because prior warnings were ignored with safeguards such as 1933's Glass-Steagall Banking Act removed in 1999 - there isn't much that can be done to restore the public confidence in government, Wall Street, and international banking for some time to come.

At least not until the safeguards are put back in place and those responsible for the crisis are brought to justice.

I am forecasting that this is exactly what will happen by the year 2012-13 - that the vital safeguards such as the Banking Act of 1933 will be restored; but the damage will have already been done.

What to do?

Tactics include preparing oneself mentally, physically, and spiritually for a challenging 10-12 years ahead. I am forecasting that the decade of the 2010s will lead to, in some cases, restrictive governments, and an attempt to have the world under one major currency by the year 2020.

This attempt will only cause more rebellion, revolts and revolutions in countries and will be fought by those who believe that evil forces who do not have the best interests of anyone in mind will try to impose their will on the collective people of the planet.

The generational transition will begin in 2010, and will be completed between the years 2012-15, in varying degrees and levels worldwide. For the most part, the Baby Boomer generation is out of time, and have lost their clout due to their own failures to plan for the future.

Little can be done for a generation that squandered the last 18 years living high on the hog of the resources of others while doing nothing to prepare for the future.

That future is now here.

Individual Baby Boomers who desire to survive the next decade must begin to take their retirements seriously, and admit the abject failure of their own generation so they are able to leave behind the fantasy of eternal youth and get with the practical realities of aging, which is natural.

For those who look to make changes to face the 2010s,

Among the best tactics are -

  • Know your Personal Transits
  • Know your Friends
  • Avoid Toxic personalities & organizations
  • Gather up & relocate to geographic regions suited best to your personal transits
  • Avoid dangerous ideologies & Cult Groups
  • Start new careers
  • Be Positive, But Realistic, Avoid False Positivism
  • Work with people in your own age group
  • Teach & Train younger people
  • Build Positive Communities
  • Form Community banks
The Cardinal Climax transits is simply the start of a contentious age where a generational transition that arrives naturally has been turned into a great crisis based on an establishment that failed in all ways to perform what each generation should - to ease the way into the future - not destroy opportunities for the following generations.

The best way to survive will be to be wholly creative, active, and foresighted in developing new ways and tactics to make the transition less painful.

This will not be easy, nor will it be without drama, due to the immense failures of the Baby Boomer generation to think of anyone else except themselves.

Warnings On July & August 2010

The Cardinal Climax transits are real, and many people will allow themselves to be inclined by these global transits to the point of suffering - primarily by accidents caused by shortsightedness and impulsive behavior that impacts the lives of other people.

Most of the energies will be observed as reactionary sentiments, so, think of anyone who is already prone to such behaviors that are impulsive, simplistic, and emotional, and then square that by a factor of about 5, and there you have the Cardinal Climax.

I have been warning about this recently for over a year now. The cardinal inclinations of the T-square is now about five (5) months away, so there still is time to prepare.

As much as I hate to be a party-pooper when it comes to summer fun, I continue to warn anyone who will listen that this is not the summer for fun - but for exercising caution.

This particular summer season of 2010 is dangerous according to my reading of global transits. These transits are quite strong, and impulsive individuals and groups will suffer because of their carelessness.

The months of July & August 2010 are highlighted as the most significant months for danger.

Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Do Not Travel By Air, Land, Or Sea
  • Watch your Physical activities
  • Use Care on the Roads
  • Head Injuries & Drowning Accidents Spike
  • Take No Chances With Machinery & Weapons
  • Avoid Boats & Cruise Ships
  • Stay close to home in Summer 2010
  • Caution Around Wild Animals
  • Use extreme Caution Around Bodies of Water, Including Pools
  • Guard Your Family & Children
The best thing one can do is to gently remind and to warn friends and family to steer clear of taking part in activities that surely will end in tragedies for many people over the summer months in northern hemisphere only to be followed by a depressing fall season of regrets, what-ifs, and recriminations.

Use the months before the Cardinal Climax transits to plan accordingly, and then to take time off to stay low-key, quiet, and stick close to home. Be calm during the height of the transits during July, August, and September 2010.

Most of all - avoid reactionary impulses and think well before you act.

Choose activities that do not involve taking chances physically, nor take part in situations and activities around crowds of people; especially those that involve travel as well as activities in and around bodies of water - even swimming pools will be dangerous this summer.

Parents should keep a close watch over their children this summer. Take nothing at face value. Take nothing for granted. Impulse runs high, and accidents will ruin families. Accidents and drownings will be unusually frequent this summer.

Staying at home is best. The kids will not like it, but you will sleep better at night knowing that they are safe and sound.

This coming summer is the season to be the helicopter mom and dad and to hover over them to keep your children on a very short leash for their safety's sake and for your peace of mind.

It is not the season to ship the kids off to summer camp. They are much better off at home and within your daily sights. This is not the summer to let your guard down - but to keep it up. It only takes one event to change everything.

Global transits are that tight and that unfavorable.

Since most children had many snow days off after the winter blizzards of 2010, this summer can be used to continue their education at home to make up for the lost school days.

Believe it or not that will be the best way to safeguard your children. While the kids will not like it, they will be spared the accidents that will befall other children (with some losing limbs and lives) because of the strong cardinal transits of summer 2010.

The summer transits of 2011 are much better, so it is worthwhile to wait until next summer to enjoy that season to make up for this summer.

However, the summer of 2010 is not a summer to take your eyes off your kids for a second, but to keep them close to home and to monitor their daily activities - particularly in July and August 2010.

Relax, chill out, and observe your local, regional, and international news during the Cardinal crisis transits and see for yourself.

To better understand how mundane astrologers think about the inclinations of the transpersonal planets and the effects on Earth, see the videos below. Each video runs about 10 minutes in length and covers the transit cycles I've have been forecasting.

Birth dates impacted by the Cardinal Climax -

Astrological World Trends -

Part II -

Part III -


Deb said...

I agree with you. It's funny. Last week, I wrote a personal piece about keeping the faith and keeping from slacking off (pretty much) that included a brief note about us being headed for revolts or "revolutions". When I say keep the faith, I don't refer to the smiley, hunky-dory, unicorns and gods kind. I refer to believing in one's own strengths instead of relying on others to get them out of messes.

We're in a huge mess that is only becoming worse with folks piling up on the shoulders of others for support and still others being paid for scratching their arses. We really need to pull our own weight and cease overpopulating our planet (there, I said it).

Amen on the Baby Boomer generation comment, too. Keep up the great work, sir!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thank you for defending those of us who like to tell it as they see it and for not shying away from reporting a difficult message. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I love this website and I love the article also! Man, this decade is no joke and neither is the current situation worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insights and warnings, scary though they are!

Anonymous said...

Interesting POV on the changes on the near horizon. But, I would caution to maintain a positive mental attitude at all times. Focusing on the negative will sew the seeds of our own destruction. We are entering into an era of great creativity and we need to use this time to transition into more positive, sustainable and equitable communities. The old order will die hard and take many a person with them on their slide into their karmic abyss. Independence is more important than wealth. All we can do is set a good example, strive to be as independent as possible and listen to our inner guidance / dreams. Thanks for all your work; it has been greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Wow I am so glad I found your blog while searching for the impacts of the cardinal climax. I have two year old twins. And my son loves water so much he is always tring to find ways to get in the sink, tub, toilet, and swimming pool. I have been so parniod because we have a swimming pool..I have secured the house with numerous locks so he can't get out. Now I am more worried that something may happen if I don't keep my eye on him 24-7..thanks for the warnings..