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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forecast: March 2010 - Early Bird Gets The Worm

It's nearly that time.

After a horrid two-and-a-half years, the new astrological year arrives on March 20, 2010, and officially kicks off what is going to be an historic solar year for the world.

Are you ready?

You better be, because global transits are ready for you.

On February 28, Jupiter conjoins the Sun in Pisces and emerges from its far side, rising in the predawn skies in the months of March and April.

This is a sign to get yourself on the move and to make concrete plans for the new decade that is just now on the horizon.

Because 2010 is such a powerful transition year for many people, the months from March through June are best used by putting your plans into action months ahead of what you would usually do.



For one, the first half of 2010 will feel like a fast year from now to about early August, but will slow down significantly due to Jupiter's retrograde (mid-July to mid-November) causing most people to fall behind after the Cardinal Crisis months of July and August and into the long drawn out second half of the year.

Jupiter's speedy transit through tropical Pisces from March to its retrograde July 23 provides some people with the opportunities of a lifetime.

Seek out and notice openings in all kinds of areas from the personal to the professional and be keen on creating new situations that reflect your true lifestyle and aspirations. New doors will open as others close.

Think about what you want, see it in your mind's eye, and then have your physical eyes and ears primed to recognize those very things appearing around you in the material world.

Look for them, and you will find them in reality. Be ready, willing and able to reach out for these opportunities and take hold of everything. You will need survive on all you can grasp for the remainder of this year.

By the time of Jupiter's retrograde in early Aries in late July 2010, some plans will have to take a backseat of review through to mid-November 2010.

Jupiter's position in Aries, along with Uranus in mid-2010, is a preview of 2011, so anything you've started to plan on by this time through the rest of 2010 should be seen as just that - preparations - but do not act on them until March 2011.

Wait through the rest of 2010, be patient, continue to plan, organize, and fine-tune.

The period between mid-July to mid-November 2010 is a time to relax, to kick back, reassess, review, recharge and use the months from July, August, September, October through to mid-November to plan for the year 2011 while you enjoy the fruits of your hard early bird work in 2010.

However, for those who waited too long to get some basic goals and objectives accomplished - it's going to be another tough year of delays, frustrations, recriminations and forced changes in lifestyle across the board.

The only way to change this is to either take everything on the chin, or try to make a break for it by using the first half of 2010 to create those changes that sparks positive results via action in your life.

Rather than enduring more of the same old negativity - with others making messes for you to deal with alone. These are large-scale problems produced by people out of your direct control.

The transit of Jupiter in 2010, for people with favorable positions, allows for significant progress into the year 2011 that signals a crossroads has been reached.

Jupiter's transit opens the door to a new road of possibilities and potentials into the middle years of the 2010s.

Those who use these opportunities will be at a great advantage over those who do not. Have a need for speed? You should.

Because speed is of the essence in 2010 as multiple rich opportunities will appear quickly. Be on the ball and on your toes - ready to take on the risks that appear this year.

Another reason is the Cardinal Crisis transits of July and August 2010. I cannot stress the importance of taking this particular summer off because of the powerful global transits of those two months in the northern hemisphere.

There is simply too much cardinal energy packed into those two month to get a lot accomplished, but the inclinations see people trying to do just that - forcing matters too much, too soon (and in some cases too late) thereby causing even more problems than they solve in the process.

Coping With Spring In Northern Hemisphere

After a very active winter season in the hemisphere most people will have been up to their snowed-in necks of cabin fever as spring approaches. For most in the U.S., for example, two-thirds of the country experienced their best snowfalls in many winters recently with several blizzards one after another.

The lack of sunlight, cold weather, and many weeks spent indoors causes problems as spring approaches in March and early April.

Most people tend to act out mentally and emotionally in the weeks right after a vernal equinox. The tilting of the Earth's northern half away from the Sun as the Earth moves towards equinox causes the human brain to shift - requiring more energy to remain balanced.

Anyone who is unbalanced has a bad habit of reacting poorly to the first signs of increased days of sunlight as well as the tilt of the Earth leading up to, and just after, the vernal equinox. This happens in March and lasts to about mid-April.

Accidents due to weak concentration, impulsive acts, snappy tempers, being argumentative, exercising poor judgment and a tendency to rush without thinking - all this is common during this time of year.

During the winter months the reduced lack of sunlight decreases Vitamin D and the amount of serotonin people produce - a vitamin and hormone that makes people feel happier and at ease.

Called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) it is a disorder of depression directly connected to the seasonal variations of sunlight. This disorder is also chained to the increased production of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone secreted by the human brain's pineal gland.

When people spend months in the dark, without sunlight, or proper indoor artificial light, melatonin production picks up.

Most people sleep longer hours over the winter months and eat more. The loss of sunlight makes people feel sad, depressed, anxious, irritable and tired with a tendency to argue and have short tempers.

Body clocks are timed to the rise and fall of the sun, so with the declined sunlight in the northern hemisphere during winter, people feel unbalanced as the Earth begins to tilt towards the equinox when day and night are nearly equal in length.

This spring will see negative, and seemingly illogical behavior because many people will have spent months indoors, deprived of sunlight, so people who are stressed out to the max will react to the max. Expect to observe this happening as mid-March and early April nears.

The best way to deal with this is to improve one's diet as well as spending the hours between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside during the late winter months.

A bad diet during the winter months is consuming too much soda, tea, and coffee because these stress out the adrenal glands that help people cope with stress.

Any kind of sugary drinks and foods will not help you to ward off the winter blues. Rather, you attacking your own adrenal glands and are making the situation worse.

A good diet that wards off the effects of a lack of sunlight and Vitamin D is to add fish rich in Omega 3 to your diet. Cherries help as well.

Avocados, linseed, beans, bananas, wheat germ, porridge oats, brown rice and wholemeal pasta - all these foods help increase serotonin.

Beans and rice is a good meal to have during the month of March, and taking time to spend outside in the Sun to gradually build up Vitamin D with exercise and walking helps to ward off the winter blues and cabin fever.

Drinking more water and non-caffeinated drinks keep the human body hydrated.

The economic crisis and loss of millions of jobs along with the overall economic stresses only add to the general tension people will experience in the northern hemisphere in March, and April.

Be aware of this, and try to avoid people who show signs of extreme grumpiness, which is common. Also avoid sensitive topics during this time. It is not the season to debate politics, religion, to have "house meetings," or have that "relationship talk." People are simply wound too tight.

Cabin fever is not an easy thing to deal with, but many people have exacerbated the problem by having a poor diet and not using the proper artificial light during the winter months.

Fights will break out, and some people will react so badly as to do things they would normally never do that will result in cases of violence as a result of SAD and the return of increased sunlight as the Earth nears the vernal equinox.

The most dangerous time is between March 10 through to mid-April.

According to my forecast, this spring and summer will arrive earlier than normal as climate conditions quickly improve with near summer-like temperatures by May 2010; surprising meteorologists and the public alike.

Many people will be shocked by how early summer temperatures will have appeared on the scene before the month of June.

Get yourself up and about. Get healthy, improve your diet, turn off the television, look around the house, and get busy as a bee using Jupiter's direct motion to jump start the coming new astrological year.

Form a positive frame of mind in March to tell yourself that it's about time you get on with it and make some proactive things happen so that this solar new year of 2010 will be one of the best.

You deserve it and so does your family. Remember that positive energy creates more positive energy.

The year from March to June is the best time to pick up one's pace before the months of July & August arrive with the Cardinal Crisis transits.

Here's a General Schedule -

March through mid-April 2010

Transits are excellent to about the time of Mercury's retrograde (April 17 - May 11) with Mercury slow until it reaches its Rx station degree point on May 29th.

The period of time between March to April 17 allows for action for those who want to get ahead of the troublesome transits of spring.

Far too many people are seeking the same things: jobs, moving, and money, at the same time by the time Mercury retrogrades in Taurus from mid-April through to May.

Using the time from March to mid-April well means getting into action gear and making things happen before Mercury's retrograde begins and slows progress for some through to late May.

Venus' transit in Gemini from April 25 to May 19 indicates that the public's mood will be frustrating for the most part; especially by the third week of May 2010 when Venus squares Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, and also squares Saturn in Virgo.

Venus in Gemini shows a very busy, but difficult time for many. Plans are thwarted by a lack of focus. Communications are muddled with unreliable people not showing up for appointments, to help with moving, and missing chores and responsibilities.

Again, far too many people try to get too many things done, but with too little patience, scant resources and not enough healthy support - so frustration builds because of the lack of organization, with breakdowns in communications, and disappointments in people in general.

After the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, people will not be the mood to see their most basic plans stymied in the least.

To avoid these problems - use the month of March to do those things you would do in April and May and make certain that you accomplish them no matter what.

Those who do this will feel much better by the time May rolls around and see what troubles others are having because they waited too long.

We should be seeing signs in world news of increasing public outrage, anger and violence in the waning days of February into the early days of March with the start of the Full Moon Week in Virgo starting Feb. 28th.

These are early signs of increasingly frustrated people who've had enough as inclinations continue to push on towards the Cardinal Crisis transits of July & August 2010.

Mars' retrograde in Leo is coming to an end, as Saturn's retrograde in the early degrees of Libra continues towards its final two oppositions to Uranus this year.

Transiting Venus will enter tropical Aries on March 7th, and during the second week of March will oppose Saturn declining in Libra. Expect to hear stories of previous battles on school campuses along with continued attacks at home and abroad in the news.

Speaking of Saturn
: the planet re-enters Virgo on April 7 for the last time. Anyone with a Saturn contact, such as those experiencing their Saturn Returns in the early degrees of Libra and late degrees of Virgo will certainly feel this strong transit.

Saturn conducts its fourth opposition to Uranus beginning April 26 on the 28/29th degrees of the Virgo/Pisces axis and the stresses of the economic crisis reach a peak with personal and social situations highlighted through to September.

The "new" versus the "old" is always featured with Saturn/Uranus oppositions. From the looks of it, the outgoing Baby Boomer establishment of today are getting a taste of what they dished out in the 1960s during the last Saturn/Uranus opposition, and they don't like it much.

Seems the astrological saying remains true to form: what goes around does indeed come around.

There are budding conflicts everywhere, from local, to regional, to global with many of the same themes from 2008 and 2009 unresolved, with lots of emotional, personal, and political garbage floating around and clogging up most of the drains.

The immaturity, grumpiness, attacks, lack of agreement, can't agree to disagree, name-calling, no teamwork in sight, rigidity, ranting, raving, upheavals, downheartedness, eye-balled shouting, the temper-tantrums, violence, hypocrisy, and extremely spoiled behavior just boggles the mind.

One feature of the Saturn/Uranus opposition and combined transits seems to be a total lack of understanding and flexibility among grumpy youth-hating Baby Boomers who have completely lost touch with reality and the times.

Talk about either not getting your meds or needing some.

And these people are supposed to be the grown-ups running things?

This is 2010, right?

I know it is also a mid-term election year and all, but it looks more like Reality Lost: Dawn of the Dead IV rather than Star Trek: The Next Gen.

It's a mess. Truly. But, it won't last. Those who continue to be stuck flailing in the outworn behaviors of the past are about to be soon left in the dustbins of it. That much is certain.

During the spring and summer months, living situations with family, friends, and roommates are stressed and there are resentments, conflicts and recriminations which really are heightened personal frustrations being projected onto the people who are closest.

This extends to school campuses, work places, meeting places, well, just about everywhere people gather.

This is a time when tempers fly freely and relationships that are not stable run the gamut from extremely petty to hostile to outright violent.

Interactions with people living together in close quarters means it is time to move on. The month of March is a lot better to get this done than waiting until April, May or June.

People are in an uproar with the warmer weather. The same tensions that were evident in 2009 return with a vengeance, only this time people really have had a serious case of cabin fever and are in no mood to be friendly in the least.

Grumpiness begins to reach an all-time high and transcends onto another level by the time of the Cardinal Crisis transits when Saturn and Uranus perform their fifth opposition by late July 2010.

Now that it is Spring in the northern hemisphere, tempers run short, and frustrations are high. It is time to move along. Relationships that have outworn their usefulness come to an unfavorable end for many.

There's a lot of movement over the spring months, but financial concerns and economic stresses will have put a serious damper on the ability of people to actually do the things that they want to do.

These frustrations build throughout the months from mid-April to late May, and then continue into the Cardinal Crisis transits of July and August.

However, those who use the time from March to mid-April very well, and then pick up where they left off by late May to June 25 will have done themselves a great favor and should be sitting pretty just before the Cardinal Crisis transits arrive by July.

March 2010 should be used to act quickly during the month to get any goals and objectives into action as soon as possible. The direct motion of Mars on March 10 indicates a need to push out quickly and to make things happen - the earlier, the better.

I consider March to be a easier month than April, so anyone reading this should use the month of March extremely well to get their plans into gear.

Try not to allow any of your plans to be put off by procrastinating, sitting on your hands, or waiting for warmer weather to begin the process of moving up and moving on.

Avoid unreliable people who delay your interests that should be attended to immediately if you want to get your year off to a good and positive start.

Unfortunately, expect some people you once thought highly of to disappoint you as being unreliable, lazy and hypocritical. This is one of the sad influences of the Saturn/Uranus opposition that has been in effect since late 2008.

There is no time to argue, or to try to convince those who are slow to get themselves active to help, or to join you. If they are not ready then you must go it alone and get the job done. The transits of March are simply too valuable to waste.

However, the Saturn/Uranus opposition will come to an end by November 2010, so anyone who has been unreliable will realize (much too late) that they got the short end of the stick - not you.

It is essential to befriend and work only with people who are reliable and who are able to see past the short-term and think and act medium and long-term. These are the kinds of people you will want to associate yourself closely with in the 2010s.

Think proactively and get down to action in the month of March.

Move and get yourself positioned this year, earlier than normal, so that by the time summer does arrive, you will saved yourself the equivalent of four (4) months - simply by getting down to brass tacks in March and making things happen.

This will also mean that you will be several months ahead of the crowd because you got up off the couch, packed up, found a new place, and made your moves before most people.

Navigate well in March. Some people will be taking off for Spring Break. The wisest people will use this time to get things accomplished and use March constructively.

It is not a time for taking a vacation, but for creating your own opportunities with the help of the transits of March.

April 2010 is a trickier month. This is because the month starts off with a Mercury-Venus-Mars square from Taurus to Leo indicating that financial matters create tensions between friends, family and associates.

Then, by April 7, Saturn re-enters Virgo and ten days later, Mercury retrogrades in Taurus and reforms another series of square aspects to Mars in Leo again at the end of April. People can tend towards mental irritation and because of this arguments emerge.

There are problems in business matters and communications overall, along with impulsiveness and setbacks that are increased because of Mercury's retrograde during the month.

Most of April is a month of money concerns. The warmer weather with the onset of spring and the cabin fever has emotions running high.

People generally are too anxious, too impatient, and unwilling to be flexible considering the general economic climate.

Patience is called for, but the inclinations are strong - as many people think only of themselves and want to make progress right now - no matter what. In this climate, projects, plans, relocating, relationships, etc., all are jammed into a season where not much progress can be made under the transit environment of April and May.

Fights break out with the Mercury/Venus to Mars squares, and the Mercury retrograde, along with Saturn's fourth opposition to Uranus creates an atmosphere that is unbalanced, impulsive, and headstrong.

All of this makes the month of March much better to use to gain the upper hand and get ahead of these coming transits.

If you need to change positions, or find a new job, to change relationships, or to move, then the month of March is better than April and May when most people will attempt to do those very things under challenging transits.

Also remember that the Cardinal Crisis transits of July & August will put a serious damper on the summer fun of 2010, which is not the best summer traditionally.

Travel is unfavorable this summer, and the tensions of this summer 2010 has all the markers of a ruined season simply because of the impulsive cardinal inclinations and reactionary behaviors of many people.

Wait until the summer of 2011 to do the things you would normally do as that summer is much better than the one coming up this year.

This year, of 2010, is best used to transition, to pre-position yourself for next year's action.

Use the month of March 2010 to quietly ease yourself from situations that are outworn, or which show signs of increasing tension, and trouble. Rather, get yourself into a calm, quiet place, where you can think, and plan in peace for the very active transits of 2011.

You will be doing yourself a huge favor in the process.

The last best date in March to get things done is March 25, because the last week of March is a bit stressful with the coming of the Full Moon in Libra on March 30.

So, if you want to make significant progress and avoid the muddier transits of April & May - and the negative transits of summer 2010 - then the month of March is it.

My forecast motto for March - Early bird gets the worm.


Anonymous said... son who is going into his 3rd yr of college is considering switching schools or working for awhile..he feels he has lost his direction. March sounds like the month to make plans for this change. I really appreciate your direct and to the point information regarding transits. Thank you.

Theodore White said...

Thanks. March is an excellent month to make plans for change, and then to act as well. It is the month for positive action and making good things happen, as well as to plan for the rest of the new year.