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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Soul Standing - Marabel Chanin

Today, I am starting a new astrological series called The Cardinal Crisis: Stories From the Hood.

This series will feature the real world and how global transits have, and will, impact society globally.

I would like to be more positive, but the events of the world is not trending that way.

I cannot say that many stories I would like to tell are going to be feel good tales, for some are clearly not.

This is one of those stories.

I do hope that through revelation, that while telling real stories, about real souls and their communities, that I am able to offer some solutions in tandem with explaining the global astrological influences and their implications for the future.

However, I have to say that it does not look good. Unless human beings wake up, the astrological prophecies will come true, and this will alter the destiny of the planet.

Money will not save you. Title will not save you. You class in life will not save you.

What will save you is your heart, your love, your understanding, and your good acts.

In my first story in this astrological series, I would like to tell all of you a very sad tale about an American woman named Marabel Chanin. She once lived on a quaint residential block in the city of Detroit in the United States.

Born the only child of Jewish parents with no close relatives, Marabel resided in Detroit her entire life and said she outlived all the people she once knew.

She did not even know her neighbors because she didn't have any.

In fact, she had no neighbors on her street.

Not a single soul.

That is, except for the single five-foot soul of Marabel Chanin.

In August 2008, Ms. Chanin, an unmarried and childless woman, called a Detroit news channel's "problem solvers" line for help.

Listen -

If you noticed, the television reporter talked about "getting her out" of the neighborhood, but Marabel did not want to go - she wanted something done.

You see, this is a very important point. In Detroit, most of the Caucasians who fled the city after the racial riots of the late 1960s, did just that - they got out.

But, those who stayed saw their communities decline greatly. Marabel's block, her community, is not a single case, but one of many throughout Detroit and the United States, where entire communities, of residential and business districts, are left to rot.

And they continue to rot to this very day.

This is the general theme of a generation that thinks any problem will simply go away if you close your eyes to it and ignore it.

For months, in Marabel's case - like in all the others - nothing happened.

That's what you can expect from a generation that doesn't give a shit.

Then, on the day after Christmas 2008, this occurred -

When Marabel died in her Detroit home at the age of 88 on December 26, 2008, her body laid unclaimed, for five months, in Detroit's Wayne County morgue.

The city had no money to pay for her burial.

Until good people who heard her story stepped forward.

See her tragic funeral on May 21, 2009 -

After Marabel died, vandals destroyed her home and trashed her belongings. This was the last house on the block that contained the living soul of Marabel Chanin.

These are photos that were found on her lawn afterward -

Is this what has become of America?

Rather than to move, Ms. Chanin wanted something done about her community, her block, which looks as if battles had taken place on it.

Born January 31, 1921, Marabel moved into her house on Robinwood Avenue at the age of 43 in 1964. The neighborhood was a classic beauty of neat trees, gardens, and lined with brick bungalow houses that were built in the 1920s.

Located in northwestern Detroit the neighborhood borders a golf course, a country club and was deemed a safe, quiet and pretty community. Less than 45 years later it looked like parts of Berlin just after the Second World War.

A victim of Saturn's scourge through Virgo, which she was born with in her personal transits, Marabel Chanin also had Jupiter in Virgo, and Uranus in Pisces. When she died, her progressed Mars was conjoined to the fixed star Algol.

Seven years before her death in 2008, she went through a progressed lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which saw the speeding up of the destruction of the community she had lived in for 45 years.

It is almost mind boggling that from 1964 to 2008 that Marabel was the last person left on her block of Robinwood.

Looking like many other neighborhoods in Detroit the corrupted homes literally fell apart with burned-out and hollowed structures giving way to thieves, prostitution, and drugs.

Living in fear, Marabel suffered through countless sleepless nights hearing gunshots, screams, and strange voices on her block. Having no neighbors, she feared she would die alone.

She did, they said, of natural causes due to a heart attack. However, we can surmise that the last years of her life on her block contributed to her failing health as few people - the city, state, or federal "leaders" made any attempt to reconstruct the neighborhood that had been left to die as Marabel was left to die.

This is not a single case, as we are certain that there are more Marabels out there. But, as we gaze at the urban blight that is the city of Detroit, one wonders just what the hell is going on?

So, in this story from the "hood," let's take a real look at Detroit, shall we?

See -

See -

See -

Transit Thoughts -

Seeing how transiting Uranus in Pisces is now bringing to an end the 20th century, stories like this are coming in from around the world.

Uranus is used as a timer in mundane astrology, along with the other outer planets. The last time Uranus was in Pisces was in the decade of the 1920s, when Marabel Chanin was born.

Back in the year 1920, Saturn and Uranus opposed one another on the Pisces/Virgo axis, and this is again where they are now opposing one another. So it is not a surprise that the conditions that we see in Detroit are peaking at this time.

We are seeing the end of a era. The 20th century, for all intensive purposes, was a bloody and shitty century of wars, extreme selfishness, complacency, and systemic economic and societal heartlessness that has come to an fitting end with the closing transit of Uranus in Pisces.

What is so tragic about the story of Ms. Marabel Chanin is the fact that Americans who felt for her could not find a way to fix this problem.

It is as if people cry their crocodile tears, and shake their heads about how sad it all is, and then go on their merry ways as if nothing had happened.

We are losing souls to greed, corruption and cold-bloodymindedness that must be fought against with the same ruthlessness that has been exercised on good people everywhere.

This is a serious crisis of morality for many Americans who, under the establishment of Baby Boomers seem to fear and attack children - - more than they fear the close-at-home complacency that is no feeling for others - until it is too late.

What good can Teddy Bears, and Internet digital cards do for Marabel now that she has passed on?

Her body laid unclaimed in a morgue for five months before anyone took notice. Even the city of Detroit could not afford to give the woman a decent burial.

What is certain is that something much more substantial must be done to rebuild a country and its cities that is literally falling apart as a corrupted generation continues to feed themselves untold profits for fear of never aging themselves.

It is a crime that in a young country like the United States that a generation which have been running things as the establishment since the 1990s does not want to open its eyes and fix these kinds of severe urban and societal problems left to fester for nearly two decades.

Why would the Baby Boomers allow this to happen? Do they not have hearts?

What does it say about a generation that would allow cities as large as Detroit to crumble in front of the eyes of the world?

What does it say about entire cities and their communities that are left to fall apart?

What does it say about a generation that would allow a Marabel Chanin to die, in her home, alone, on Christmas, on a block where she was the only soul left living?

It says that the future is bleak unless the current generation now in power gets the hell out of the way because they've done no good. We don't need another hero. What we need are leaders and the Baby Boomers surely are not it.

That's what it says.


Joseph said...

Lily Tomlin...

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."

Our humorist often see/describe dysfunction well ahead of the normal curve.

Theodore White said...

Yes, we are all "somebody" Joseph. The point is that until all the somebodies get off their collective behinds we may all be Marabel Chanin because that is what the future will hold if we do not put an end to the complacency and hardheartedness.

Willow said...
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