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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Cardinal Crisis -> New Moon Forecasts: September 2011 - April 2012 > Canadian Astrologer Willow On The Mars Retrograde In Virgo > Jupiter's Synodic Return In Gemini: European Banks, The Federal Reserve & Global Economy: Is A Banking Crash Ahead In 2012? > Plus, Monterrey Casino Arson Attack Shocks Mexico > Also, British Astrologer Peter Stockinger On November's New Sagittarius Moon In Europe > *Mundane Public Health Forecast*: The Venus Transit Of 2012 > Also, Featuring -> Neptune In Pisces: 2012-2026

The Cardinal Crisis
A record wet month of August 2011: Betty Walsh carefully crosses a flooded street in Brooklyn, New York City in the wake of Hurricane Irene. The storm led to the deaths of at least 44 people in 13 states, according to an Associated Press tally. Additionally, Irene is responsible for eight known deaths in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The major climate event of the 2009-2011 El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) I forecasted several years ago is now nearing its end. ENSO has shattered numerous world weather records for precipitation, floods, temperature and drought that has impacted more than half the planet. I had also forecasted a coming solar maximum. The Sun is waking up out of its minimum cycle towards maximum; so it is important to remember that we are in a seismically active year - expect large magnitude earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that will continue to make news in 2011 and 2012. Geomagnetic resonance is high globally; with astronomic signals that are strong. Take precautions for climate activity ranging from storms, diverse earthquakes, to unusual & unexpected climate & weather events worldwide.
image: AFP

Astrological Analysis:
New Moons Of September 2011 - April 2012
Advice, Ideas, Strategies


Astrologer Willow on Mars Retrograde In Virgo


Astrologer Peter Stockinger on Europe's November Sagittarius New Moon


The Federal Reserve, European Banks & The Global Economy:
Is A Bank Crash Ahead In 2012?

Monterrey Casino Arson Attack Shocks Mexico


Mundane Forecast:
*Public Health Warning*
The Venus Transit Of 2012


Neptune In Pisces:

Global Astrology
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S

Peace & Goodwill To Humanity

All Praise & Glory Be To The Immortal God

This September 2011 edition of Global Astrology takes a look ahead into 2012 as the world enters the second half of the astrological year.

The planets relative to Earth show that the span between September 2011 to April 2012 features an important time for the world to prepare for 2012, which I have forecasted to be a very active astrological year.

It continues to be my forecast, sadly, that an economic crash looms just ahead next year, according to my calculations. Those who heed mundane forecasts would be wise to begin to make preparations.

The world economy is stepping into a "new danger zone," according to World Bank President Robert Zoellick. Speaking to Reuters from China, Zoellick urged Europe and the United States to tackle their debt problems. He also said near record-high food prices and volatile commodity markets are threatening the most world's vulnerable people.

"The financial crisis in Europe has become a sovereign debt crisis, with serious implications for the European Monetary Union, banks, and competitiveness of some countries," Zoellick said. "My country, the United States, must address the issues of debt, spending, tax reform to boost private sector growth and a stalled trade policy."

Consider, for example, how Italy's proposed austerity plans unravel - further alarming Europe.

To be able to cure anything - including the world economy, society and the geopolitical effects, we must be practical and see things first as they are - without the rose-colored glasses.

Because most leaders of the world do not heed astrological warnings - they mess up. I remind everyone that despite all opinions to the contrary on 'astrology' - that the Sun, Moon, planets and stars make their configurations that regulate all life on Earth.

Transits are always on time - all the time. We cannot escape their inclinations. We cannot deny the laws of physics. Nor can we escape our destinies, but we can change our fate.

Remember, the stars incline, but do not compel. We therefore can use our free wills to make a choice between either doing good or doing evil - and we are rewarded or punished severely for that which we chose to do. This means that our fate is in our own hands. To believe otherwise is to be ignorant.

The month of September opens a six (6) month period where economic, financial, professional and personal adjustments can be made before the arrival of the new astrological year in mid-March 2012. 

In my September 1, 2011 edition of Global Astrology, we examine some of the New Moons and their inclinations over the next six months.

The Canadian Astrologer Willow gives her take on Mars retrograde in Virgo; while I offer general advice, ideas, and signs that point to the year 2012.

In a mundane forecast, I also outline The Venus Transit of 2012 and give a global public health warning based on my findings.

British Astrologer Peter Stockinger takes a look at the impact of November's New Sagittarius Moon on Europe.

We also look at the Economics: peering into the secrets of the Federal Reserve's $1.2 Trillion dollar public bailout of the banking aristocracy as we look towards Jupiter's synodic return in 2012 and ask: Is there a global bank crash ahead in 2012?

The horrid casino arson attack in Mexico is examined as I also provide a mundane analysis of Neptune's 2012 entry into Pisces, where Neptune will transit for 14 years.

Recent World Events

New Virgo Moon & Coming Mars Transit In Virgo

New Moon Sets Preparatory Tone For Mars Retrograde In Virgo

Forecast By 
Willow, professional Astrolog.S
We unfold into the New Moon in Virgo and specific new work/service assignments begin to be defined ahead of the Mars retrograde in Virgo. 

You know the kind. This is "my purpose and role on the planet at this time" type stuff, with work (hopefully) acting as a vehicle for that. These newly defined assignments coming into play could be completely new gigs or they could be the refining and clarification of roles within old work arenas. 

In light of the current circumstances on Planet Earth, Mars, the planet of personal will, goals, direction and physical energy, will be re-directing us down only the most crisply effective channels during its almost eight-month transit of the sign of virginal purity. 

And, in light of the monstrous levels of unemployment and underemployment that have been purposefully and systemically created - this retrograde is about the fight (Mars) to remain engaged in one's life's work or any work at all (Virgo) at a time when people (at least the people who are not on the top rungs of the socio-economic pyramid scheme) are being treated - as if redundant. 

We're not redundant. We're the most potent, influential, rock-and-roll force there is. And this retrograde asks us to stand up and prove it by being the most effective, the most useful, the most thorough, the most practical, the most down-to-earth, the most organized we can be.

The splashy, fiery, everyone's-an-artisan Mars in Leo overlay, kicked off almost two years ago during the Mars in Leo retrograde in winter of 2010, quiets and draws to a close. 

In order to achieve our goals now, we have to practically and effectively apply the creative fire we've spent two years blazing in ways that hit just the right spots to fix, straighten out, heal, clean, clear whatever fucked up mess we find before us. 

It's hardcore, warrior-holism, and at this time on Planet Earth, we have lots to work with. 

This is the fight (Mars) to heal (Virgo) and to stay healthy, to maintain health, as Fukushima spews, as our environments are poisoned physically, emotionally, psychically, electromagnetically all around us, as we are manipulated by those who profit from us being unintegrated, toxic, unbalanced, disconnected, dysfunctional. 

During this Mars transit of Virgo, we address all that, right down to the teeny tiniest detail.

Mars will transit Virgo for almost eight months - from November 10, 2011 until July 3, 2012

It will be retrograde from January 23 to April 13, 2012 - prime re-direction processing time. 

Just before, as Mars transits Leo (September 18 to November 10), the creative fire in our hearts becomes concentrated. 

The big, blazing, dancing flames die down, and we start to work with the distilled, with the quietly glowing embers that, despite appearance, are the smoking hottest, the most alchemical, the most transforming. The most pure. 

This is what Virgo can work with. The pure. 

And if it's not, it'll carve it down until it is pure. 

This is what Mars in Virgo is after. Right action. Only the right action. Just the right touch, the right word, the right angle, the right analysis, the right effort, the right medicine. 

Smooth, flowing functionality. Work that is a natural extension of self. Work that is self. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

There's a re-direction and a restraint in application of our physical energy with this retrograde that stills the over-the-top showiness, the grandiosity, the tendencies to self-promotion of Mars in Leo. 

You know what, Mars in Virgo asks? Who gives a shit? Who gives a shit about your fashion statements or who your influences are; or how much of an ego-pampered pretty, pretty peacock you are?

Virgo is the sign that gets things done utilitarian-style, no frills, no hoopla, no ego stroking. It separates the coddled artistes from the people who can really play ball. 

And when war planet Mars comes to town amidst initiations of World War III, it doesn't give a shit about your artist's statement or how many magazine interviews you've done or who you had dinner with last night or your greatest fucking hits. 

If you can't break out of the self-flagellating ego bubble and hit the most pertinent marks just because 1) they are there and need to be hit and 2) you just might have the means to do so, you're excess, and Virgo has very little tolerance for excess. 

Be of use in the most practical, immediately necessary ways and flow with that shit like it's a second skin or you're really not hitting the heights you think you are.

Pretty hardcore, that Mars in Virgo. Demanding standards. But there's the gauntlet as it is about to be thrown... 

Mars in Virgo touches this New Moon point at 5-degrees Virgo on November 20-22, and we officially begin. 

Mars enters its 'retrograde shadow' on November 26 at seven (7) degrees, and we start to get an understanding of what will be sanded down, honed, sharpened for efficacy in our lives and selves during the retrograde process. 

The retrograde itself is January 23 to April 13, 2012. 

Mars stations direct at 7 degrees Virgo on April 13. 

It leaves the retrograde shadow at 23 degrees Virgo on June 19, 2012 and enters Libra July 3, finally conjuncting Saturn in Libra August 14/15, 2012.

Can't argue with that outlook. Willow certainly hit the spot as the coming transit and retrograde of Mars in Virgo will demand that we look at who and what we truly are without the rose-colored glasses - all the while as we make our way into the coming year of 2012.

The next six months, in my view, will require people make their way gradually, carefully, and honestly into 2012 - a year that will certainly make world history in more ways than one.

Mundane Analysis 
September 2011 – April 2012 
Forecast by 
Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S 

The next six months of world transits can be seen as a prelude to the wild year of 2012 just ahead. 

With Venus in evening star phase, the months from September 2011 to April 2012 provide some relief from the stresses of the cardinal crisis transits experienced since 2008 - but not much.

Though a welcome relief, the events in the wake of the global Bank Crisis has altered the lives of tens of millions of people worldwide. We can expect the social and geopolitical effects from the economic crisis to become ever more widespread going into 2012. 

Have no doubt though: the cardinal crisis will be with the world for the decade of the Twenty-Tens; however, like all weather conditions; there will be breaks in unfavorable weather that will allow you to make significant adjustments and changes for the future. 

The span of September 2011 to April 2012 is one of those breaks. 

My analysis of this span reveals that the energies of the next six months are low-ebb. The struggles and stresses from the cardinal cross inclinations of the previous year of 2010 and the first half of 2011 have taken their toll on people worldwide.

The idea for the next six months to April 2012 is to use these months to adjust to changing times. The year 2012 will be very active according to my astrological calculations, so it is essential to plan your personal and professional goals and objectives before April 2012. 

Using the new moons from September 2011 to April 2012 will allow those who are aware of world transits to be able to do just that.

Advice, Strategies & Ideas

The planetary configurations in this six (6) month period give awakened individuals the opportunities they need to recover somewhat in the wake of the major economic disruptions in society that have occurred since 2007. 

The new moons of the months September, October, November, December 2011, through January, February, March and April 2012 will cycle towards a new lunar phase by the New Moon of May 20, 2012.

Focus & find another gear. Get healthy and Get on with it.

Avoid unreliable people.

Demand professionalism: Think Star Trek - not Gilligan's Island.

    Plan your personal & professional needs.

    Downsize. Remove outworn methodologies. Then Upsize.

    Think Outside The Box.

    Be brave, be practical and be prudent.

    Time yourself & make your personal deadlines.

    When in doubt - don't.

    Mean what you say and say what you mean.

    Have a sense of humor, but remember, life is also serious - so be serious.

    Talk to your partners & form practical goals and objectives you both think you can reach.

    Form partnerships with like-minded people & respect one another.

    Write down your schedules. Make your deadlines.

    Remove outdated methodologies & waste from your life.

    See the world as it is and then see it as you want it to be. Work in that direction.

    Money starts with the letter "M" - that leaves 25 more letters in the alphabet to go.

    Know your personal & world transits.

      New Moons 

      August 29, 2011 at 5-Virgo
      Athens, Greece
      click on chart to enlarge

      The new moon of late August signals the last third of summer in the northern hemisphere while the southern hemisphere experiences the last third of their winter. This new moon at 5-Virgo brings some relief after the difficulties of the previous months of strong cardinal transits. 

      As the summer ends in the northern hemisphere, populations begin to make plans for the coming autumn season and the return to work and school.

      The separating Mars-Saturn square continues the economic stress worldwide in the Aug. 30, 2011 new moon cycle as Uranus retrograde and square to Pluto in Capricorn gives hints of what is to come when their powerful series of world squares officially begins in 2012.

      Venus in Virgo and its trine to a declining Jupiter in Taurus speaks of the need to get down to practical brass tacks as August slips into the months of September and October.

      The New Moon at 5-Virgo is in an earth trine to Pluto in Capricorn, so it is possible to make progress in September after the delays of the months since April 2011.

      The new moon month from Aug. 29 to September 27 is an excellent time to transition into new stations of life before the new moon of late September; which may be more difficult worldwide.

      Best Uses:
      Close up outworn schedules and habits
      Make plans for the coming seasons
      Budget ahead
      Transition into new careers, locations, relationships

      September 27, 2011 at 4-Libra 
      Denver, Colorado

      The New Moon of September 27 is a perigee 'super moon' which brings the Moon closer to the Earth.

      This new moon reveals that the month of October is unfavorable for most interpersonal relationships.

      The high tides in the outer weather also speaks of disruptions for 'inner weather' as the inclinations of this new moon square that of Pluto in Capricorn. This is late September, several days after the equinox. 

      Relationships of all kinds are highlighted. One of the problems in the world is that some people are not mature enough to be in, or to maintain, close personal relationships because of inappropriate behavior. Unresolved personal emotional problems projected onto others is a clear sign of immaturity.

      Expect emotions to be out of bounds from late September into October 2011 as this New Moon signals a need to be adult and mature, rather than immature and childish. The influences of the late September new moon will stretch through the entire month of October.

      The transits of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter by opposition and square aspects in the signs of Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are unfavorable for the month of October. 

      In the New Moon chart of September 27, 2011, you will see a stellium that includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Juno - all in tropical Libra. 

      On September 29-30, transiting Venus will conjoin Saturn at 18-Libra, calling on the need to be extra-careful in personal relationships, since this synod tends to be cold and unsympathetic.

      This calls for a need to avoid power struggles or making unreasonable demands on personal and professional relationships. 

      As the summer season has ended in the northern hemisphere and the sun sets earlier each day, the inclinations in late September can be emotionally draining for those who allow matters to get out of hand.

      The Sun-Moon square to Pluto in Capricorn, with transiting Mercury applying at the new moon of September 27 calls to avoid intrigues and power struggles.

      The squares to Pluto indicate inclinations to come in October by means of immature behavior along with inappropriate sexual advances and aggressiveness driven mainly by jealousy.

      Mercury's applying square to Pluto signals that there is a need to avoid those who like to pry into the privacy of others.

      The inclinations are of mistrust, suspicion, power struggles and all manner of sarcastic speech used by the immature who refuse to face their own inner failings but project them outward.

      There is a tendency towards negative 'group-thunk' (a play on group-think) with the Libra transits in the element of air in September and into October. Transits reveal the immaturity of those who prefer to project personal problems onto others.

      The month of October is unfavorable for career advancement, and for pressing issues within professional and personal relationships.

      As Mercury and Venus transit tropical Scorpio in square aspect to Mars in Leo while Mercury-Venus opposes a retrograde Jupiter in Taurus that is squared by Mars, the inclinations for intellectual and emotional disagreements with others are strong.

      Best Uses
      Avoid intellectual debates and emotional arguments.
      Rather, rest, observe, and be patient.
      Avoid immature communication in all relationships

      October 26, 2011 at 3-Scorpio
      Damascus, Syria
      Click on chart to enlarge

      The new moon of October 26, 2011 at 3-Scorpio, set here for Damascus, Syria reveals a dark autumn season already in play for this country.

      Increasingly isolated, the Syrian government is now feeling the pressure from businessmen whose earnings have been reduced by frozen international bank accounts.

      The Scorpio New Moon opposes a retrograde Jupiter in Taurus while transiting Mars in Leo, located in the Second Mundane House, is in sextile aspect to Saturn in the Fourth Mundane House showing Syrian government leaders attempting to remedy the degrading financial situation by means of shortcuts.

      Mars is square to both Venus and Mercury, conjoined in Scorpio, with inclinations that feature the need to avoid unpleasantness in communicating one's true feelings. Business matters are further strained as favoritism interferes with practical work.

      Transits over the country show that the Syrian government continues to tightly restrict internet access while tapping the telephones of Syrian citizens who complain about the government's murderous acts. The hypersensitivity to emotions makes late October into November a poor time to seek favors.

      The New Scorpio Moon worldwide also features troubles in romantic relationships with the tight fixed square from transiting Mars in Leo to Mercury-Venus in Scorpio. There can be overindulgence and aggressiveness in sexual relations as well as unsympathetic people.

      The social difficulties of October continue by the time of the late October new moon in Scorpio along with financial stresses. The passions of emotional desire tend to lack refinement while giving way to immature responses under the configurations of the month.

      Best Uses:
      Avoid suspicious people.
      Refrain from emotional communications.
      Avoid sexual overindulgence.

      New Moon Of November 25, 2011 at 2-Sagittarius

      The fourth and final Solar Eclipse of 2011 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in western sidereal Scorpius. The event is a partial eclipse at 87.3% with a magnitude 0.9047 - making it the largest solar eclipse of the year. It will be visible from the deep Southern Hemisphere to higher latitudes of this hemisphere. 

       The partial solar eclipse on November 25, 2011 will begin in the South Atlantic Ocean at 04:23:15 UT/GMT. Maximum eclipse is in a remote region of the Atlantic Ocean at 06:20:16. 

       Although much of the eclipse occurs over uninhabited regions of the Antarctic Ocean and Antarctica, the eclipse will be seen from southern South Africa, (Australia -Tasmania Only) and most of New Zealand, except for the far north of the North Island. 

      Saros Series 123 first appeared as a partial eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere over the Arctic region near the North Pole on April 29, 1074. 

       Every 18-years, 11 days and 8 hours (6585.3 days) Saros 123 has repeated itself with almost exact geometric characteristics. 

       They have all occurred at the same node of Moon, at almost the same distance from Earth and at approximately the same time of year. 

      Over hundreds of years Saros Series 123 has moved from the North Pole of the Arctic region and is moving southwards towards the Antarctica region. Each subsequent eclipse displaces itself by 120 degrees westward, and then southward by 300km (186 miles 723.9 yards.)

      Though not seen in Europe, the New Moon at 2-Sagittarius on November 25, 2011 does touch upon some rather interesting astrological points as highlighted by astrologer Peter Stockinger.

      What's Brewing in Europe?

      Forecast By 
      Peter Stockinger, mundane Astrolog.S

      On November 25, 2011 there will be another partial solar eclipse. At 06:09 Universal Time, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct in 02*36’ Sagittarius, applying to a square aspect with Mars. The chart below shows the details.

      click on chart to enlarge

      Sun and Moon are conjunct the fixed star al-Jabhah. According to Robson’s The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, this fixed star is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury, giving loss and many dangers. Its characteristics are most marked when the star is rising.

      In his Annus Tenebrosus, or the 'Dark Year,' the famous 17th century mundane astrologer William Lilly presents a method of eclipse delineation - including an interpretation of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses - occurring in each decanate of the Zodiac. 

      As this solar eclipse takes place in the first decanate of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Mercury, Lilly’s aphorism is as follows: 

      [This solar eclipse] “doth manifest most dangerous seditions amongst men, and renders men’s minds averse to all manner of accommodations or Treaties: Each man fearing deceit in the man he deals with, or one Prince fearing another will delude him.”

      Let us now have a look at the eclipse’s path of angularity:

      click on eclipse graphic to enlarge

      We can observe that the path of the eclipse’s angularity is running straight through parts of Europe. 

      The eclipse point is squaring Mars, known as the Lesser Malefic, and we can see from the map above that, at the time of the eclipse, Mars is conjunct MC in France and, more importantly, Belgium. 

      Brussels, located in the heart of Belgium, is the place where the EU Single European Act was signed in 1993.

      click on chart to enlarge

      The chart above shows the moment the EU Single European Act was signed, together with the chart of the upcoming solar eclipse. 

      We can see from the chart that the solar eclipse point is conjunct the foundation chart’s Lunar North Node, activating the Lunar nodal axis. 

      Furthermore, the conjunction of Mars and the MC, squared by the eclipse point in the solar eclipse chart, is located on the foundation chart’s second house cusp, indicating problems along the themes of wealth and resources. 

      For these reasons I take this to be a strong indication that the upcoming solar eclipse may have an influence on the European Union as a whole.

      To get an idea of the possible nature of the forthcoming events we have to examine Mercury, decanate ruler of the eclipse. Mercury is in a shocking state, being in his detriment, peregrine and moving retrograde. 

      As Mercury is generally thought to represent merchants, bankers and trade, it is not hard to come to an obvious conclusion. 

      Looking back at William Lilly’s prediction that the eclipse will trigger “most dangerous seditions amongst men, and renders men’s minds averse to all manner of accommodations or Treaties,” makes it all the more likely that we can expect some sort of upheaval or disturbance. 

      Being located in the first house of the eclipse chart, we can deduct that the influence of the solar eclipse will have general as well as individual implications and is therefore concerning us all.

      For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say:

      “… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernicious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annual Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

      And further on:

      “… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former... 

      Or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree thereof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclipse; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

      For this particular Solar eclipse that means that people with Sagittarius rising, either in their birth chart or in their Solar return chart for 2011, will feel the influence stronger than others. 

      Furthermore, it should be noted if Sun or Moon are conjunct the eclipse point. If it should be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in-depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most."

      Remaining New Moons

      December 24, 2011 – 2-Capricorn 
      January 23, 2012 – 2-Aquarius 
      February 21, 2012 – 2-Pisces

      March 22, 2012 – 2-Aries 
      April 21, 2012 – 1-Taurus 
      May 20, 2012 – 0-Gemini

      As you can see, the new moons are reducing to a 'reset' by mid-May 2012. These new moon phases occur nearer to the end of months.

      This effectively breaks the months from September to May 2012 in half; with energies higher during the first two weeks and then lower during the last two weeks of months.

      A good way to prepare for 2012 is to use the months between September 2011 to April 2012 to go over what is useful and needed in your life; while simultaneously pruning away things that have outlived their usefulness.

      The shifts from September 2011 to April 2012 - especially of the outer transpersonal planets - reveal a need to readjust and review just ahead of  2012 - a major astrological year. 

      We now examine the world's ailing economies.

      Synodic returns are planets that repeat historical transit cycles as they transverse the Zodiac. By tropical means, we focus on the global economy with the 83-year synodic return of a major business planet - Jupiter.

      Jupiter’s Synodic Return In Gemini
      Banks, The Federal Reserve & The Global Economy:
      Is There A Banking Crash Ahead In 2012?

      Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S

      Mundane Astrology is the most ancient and most serious of the forecasting sciences.

      Those who are astrologers see events remote from the popular and common view of people - by means of the configurations of the planets and the stars relative to Earth.

      To make sense of trends, most conventional forecasters tend to predict from what they believe may occur while astrologers forecast based on what they know the inclinations of the planets will bring.

      Now, know that the year 2012 will be a year of 'gloom and doom,' with the expected 'end of the world' from grave misunderstandings of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

      The galactic alignment of our Sun in the Milk Way Galaxy on December 21, 2012 is depicted below.

      What is being missed is the fact that what 2012 really amounts to are the inclinations of the Venus Transit and synodic return of Jupiter - both in tropical Gemini.

      Mayan astrologers were experts on Venus Transits - this is what the Mayan Calendar is all about. More on Venus and the implications of the 2012 transit in this edition of Global Astrology.

      Back in the early 1980s, while in my late teens, I studied the history of the Great Depression by means of in-depth astrological analysis. My teacher, Charles Jayne, was well-versed on economics and Wall Street and he encouraged me to remember how cyclical world transits work - as the planets repeat themselves - with planetary tweaks in future configurations from those of the past.

      To understand how my mind works as a mundane astrologer: know this - Part of what you experience and know as the Present is comprised partially of the history of the Past

      Also know that the future is the pasts' present.

      What always is - was, and shall always be - is the Ever-Present.

      Anyhow, I came to my conclusion that by the end of the decade of the 2000s, we would see the start of a world economic crisis that would lead to a global banking crash in the early Twenty-Tens.

      Few believed me because they were not seeing things remote from their own present experience - that which occurred in the recent past.

      In my mundane analysis, I continue to state that next year - 2012 - many huge banks will run out of ways to hide the fact that they have been insolvent for years.

      This insolvency was directly caused by the corrupt and criminal activity within many banks, on Wall Street, and within corporations and bribed politicians in governments - all without the consent of the People. 

      It has been exacerbated greatly by the acts of Ben Bernanke, the U.S. Federal Reserve and global central bankers. The problems of corruption of the dying oligarchy and establishment has effectively brought the world on the cusp of an economic disaster. 

      This will become more apparent in 2012. I have already seen the economic crash and it is not a pretty sight. It is not something I ever wanted to see, but as a mundane astrologer, I tell it as I see it, just as the George Carlin once did.

      The fear of the establishment - the fear of everything, especially aging that has enveloped the world like a stink of a huge landfill will have led to the fall of their generation into the annals of history as the 'worst generation' to ever grace the surface of the Earth.

      We could still avoid the coming crash, but this generation refuses to admit that they screwed up - royally - and so, the baby boomers and their dying oligarch parents seem intent on not taking their financial haircuts since they continue to feel entitled to what does not belong to them.

      According to my calculations, we are, here in 2011, by means of the outer planets and the synodic return of Jupiter, now in the economic year 1928.

      The year 2012 will be likened to that of the year of 1929, generally accepted as being the year of the banking collapse that ultimately gave way to the crash of global markets that set into motion the Great Depression.

      Just as the former hippies did in the late 1960s and 1970s, when they turned on one another, ‘snitching’ and ‘ratting out’ their ‘friends,’ now we observe establishment baby boomers repeating their behavior:

      “Finally - after trillions in fraudulent activity, trillions in bailouts, trillions in printed money, billions in political bribing and billions in bonuses, the criminal cartel members on Wall Street are beginning to get what they deserve," says journalist David DeGraw. 

      "As the Eurozone is coming apart at the seams, and as the U.S. economy grinds to a halt, the financial elite are starting to turn on each other. The lawsuits are piling up fast. Here’s an extensive roundup:” 

      See -> Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start Turning On Each Other.

      So I will remind anyone who wants to invest in the markets to keep their assets safe from the oligarchy and boomer thieves and criminals who continue to rip off global society at large.

      Secrets Of The Federal Reserve's $1.2+ Trillion Bailout?

      Bloomberg reported in August 2011 that the Wall Street Bank Aristocracy got an estimated $1.2+ Trillion of public money (some say $9 Trillion ) - in secret loans - from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Where did these massive assets go?

      We can examine all this by means of Jupiter’s motion as it declines in the tropical constellation of Taurus beginning with its retrograde at 10-degrees Taurus on Aug. 30, 2011.

      The influence of Jupiter in Taurus can be seen in the world news of banking - which is at the center of the global economic crisis. We've already seen how revelations out of the Federal Reserve showed that in the wake of the 2007-08 Bank Crisis that 1.2 Trillion was given out to global banks.

      One commenter said: "Bloomberg is to be congratulated for digging into this and providing an interactive database to help understand the magnitude of what the Fed has been doing, in secret. 

      Frankly the data is chilling. Now the banks have all the money but won't lend it and they want to keep the housing assets rather than work with the homeowners? All the while homes are foreclosed on, fall into deterioration and families are on the street. Bonuses all around! Shameful!" says,

      "While Bloomberg has done a tremendous job of digging through 29,346 pages of FOIA data, its discovery is not at all surprising: that Wall Street's (not to mention the rest of the world's) biggest banks received a total of $1.2 trillion in previously secret Fed loans, in addition to the trillions in public backstops and loans from the US Treasury. 

      As a reminder, 'denominated in $1 bills, the $1.2 trillion would fill 539 Olympic-size swimming pools.'

       The best summary of this ongoing collusion between the Fed and Wall Street, in which it once again for the nth time becomes clear that all the Fed cars about is making sure its banking masters are never impaired, is from the article itself: 

      'Even as the firms asserted in news releases or earnings calls that they had ample cash, they drew Fed funding in secret - avoiding the stigma of weakness.'

      And there you have it: everything that come out of Wall Street is and has always been a lie. 

      Either courtesy of 30 years of great interest rate moderation, in which only cheap money adds to banks' top and bottom lines, or due to the Fed making sure the same banks never suffer a dollar loss when central planning fails, such as it does increasingly often lately (and forget about 10(b)-5 violation charges coming from the corrupt regulators: after all they are all in bed together). 

      That Morgan Stanley, Dexia and Citi are, and have been since 2008, dead men walking, is by now known to all financially literate readers: additional confirmation can be found in the Bloomberg article, which we won't paraphrase because it has all been said over and over. 

      That said, Bloomberg has done a great visual interactive chart summary of who got what, when, how much, over peak and average metrics and so forth. 

      We urge readers to play around with it (don't worry, it won't break the banks; and if it does the Fed will secretly bail them out again) and every time they consider putting money into our 'solvent' financial system."

      Taurus is one of the financial and money signs of the Zodiac, and with Jupiter placed here, we can see the influence of  Jupiter's trine to Pluto in Capricorn - continuing worries over the health of global banks.

      This has led to talks of bank mergers. As Jupiter remains in Taurus we can expect to hear of all manner of banking news that will predominate during Jupiter's transit in Taurus into 2012.

      For instance, just as Jupiter stations to retrograde in Taurus on August 30, 2001, U.S. stocks rose two-percent in a broad rally Aug. 29 with the sudden announcement of a merger between two large Greek banks. 

      Financial stocks appeared to be top gainers after the Greek banks Alpha and EFG Eurobank reported they sealed a merger deal with help from Qatar.

      Five days earlier, on August 24, 2011, Greece was forced to activate an obscure emergency fund for its banks because they were running short of collateral acceptable to the European Central Bank.

      Meanwhile, in Europe, officials struggle against what are increasing pressures on the European Union as a whole.

      Just before Jupiter stationed retrograde on August 30, 2011, as news of the Greek bank merger was announced, European officials meeting in Madrid, Spain were said to defend the health of Europe's financial system in an effort to stem concerns that the European Union's stagnant economy - with high levels of debt - may cause some of its largest banks to fail.

      The comments out of Europe came amid evidence of an economic slowdown that threatens to knock Europe’s crisis response further off course and spark a new round of world economic turbulence.

      In what amounted to separate statements European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet and his EU counterpart European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said that banks within the 17-nation Euro currency zone have been steadily raising the amount of capital set aside as a "cushion against losses" and will not face the sort of cash crunch that helped trigger the recession in 2008.

      Their remarks appeared to be a surprising rebuff to the new head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. She warned in late August 2011 that the weaknesses in European banks posed a key risk to the economy. 

      She spoke at the annual late summer Jackson Hole, Wyoming conference of central bankers and economists, where Lagarde, the former French Finance Minister, said European banks needed “urgent recapitalization.”

      She also said that the European Union's financial system had to prove it could withstand the impact of an economic slowdown and possible losses arising from investments in the government bonds of heavily indebted nations. 

      This dispute among prominent European officials is typical of world transits. It reflects a deep divide over successful solutions to Europe’s problems. 

      Despite these calls - including those from the Obama Administration - for more "dramatic action," Europe’s unwieldy politics seem to have led to shaky sidestepping which has yet to allay concerns that Europe's monetary union is falling apart.

      So, once again, at a August 29, 2011 meeting of the European parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee - both Trichet and Rehn offered more reassurance about the health of the banks.

      Trichet said that the European Central Bank (ECB) has "guaranteed open-ended lending" to any European bank that needs cash, thus removing any liquidity threats to the firms or the wider economy.

      “There cannot be a liquidity problem for the European banking system,” he said, noting that there are about $700 billion in loans that are outstanding from the ECB. Trichet added that there is a further willingness to lend whatever banks need.”

      All governments, in Europe in particular, are trying to cope with a situation which is obviously difficult," he said. 

      "We are experiencing an episode in the history of the world which is very very special. It is the gravest financial crisis, economic crisis, since World War II, so it is something which is big. 

      It is big in Europe, it is big in the U.S., big in Japan, big in the rest of the world," Trichet said.

      European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet

      "And, of course we have to improve the situation. We have to draw all the consequences from this crisis, in all domains, including of course the financial markets and financial sector domain, where a lot of reform has to be implemented very rigorously. In Europe in particular, then we have the problem of improving our governance," he said.

      Over the summer of 2011, I have been following astrologically the moves of the European Central Bank and financial situation in Europe because by my calculations - this is where the last global banking crisis set off the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

      In recent weeks, the ECB has been purchasing large sums of government bonds issued by Italy and Spain to help keep down their borrowing costs.

      You see, interest rate on bonds tends to decline as demand increases, so in late August 2011 Europe's central bank increased its holdings of government bonds by another $7 billion.

      This is what happened in the United States, when banks in Europe were also hard hit by the 2007-08 banking crisis that began the global recession. But sectors of the world's financial industry went through major reorganization - however in Europe this process is not as far along as in the U.S.

      Transits continue to show that the consolidation of Europe’s banking sector is wholly incomplete. I expect to hear of more banks being shuttered with bank mergers more likely - just like the one we just witnessed take place in Greece. Yet, the clock is ticking on Greece's default which is sure to come.

      With world economic growth at a stall, we can see by the configurations of the planets - especially that of Jupiter in Taurus - that there are ever-mounting fears that struggling nations like Greece, Spain and Italy along with other indebted nations - and their banks - could easily miss financial targets to reduce their sovereign debt. 

      Moreover, the banks of EU nations, such as France and Germany, are in serious trouble as well. Like dominoes, a banking scenario eerily similar to the events of 1928 and 1929 are coming more and more into view.

      This banking corruption that led to insolvency along with the sovereign debt crises further undermines the confidence of global investors - who are already demanding higher interest rates and greater amounts of collateral in return for lending.

      The wealthy skip to and fro - round the world - seeking safe havens for their money and assets. Soon, there will be fewer and fewer places left to go.

      Peter said, "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money!" - Acts 8:20

      See -> Secretive Central Bank: The Federal Reserve

      The four-month Jupiter retrograde signifies a time to go over what amounts to the wider economic crisis that continues to be inflicted on the world. This retrograde of Jupiter provides time to go over projects that appeared to have failed or were stalled since late January 2011. 

      During the four-month retrograde of Jupiter, the planet will slide from 10-Taurus to 0-Taurus. Look to go over the apparent failures that have been abandoned to see if the ideas or projects can be revived as there are sure to be uncovered assets that were overlooked. 

      Times will continue to change the closer the year we get to 2012; so it is important to utilize Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus to set goals and objectives - to make the best use of Jupiter’s configurations during its retrograde motion.

      Jupiter’s retrograde gives the ability to adjust and save that which may have been ‘delayed’ or ‘lost’ prior to January 2011. The retrograde from late August 2011 to Christmas Day 2011 allows for recoveries to take place that can be of benefit by the time mid-March 2012 rolls around. 

      It is wise to apply the time from September 2011 to March/April 2012 in this way so as to make up for lost time and resources before the new astrological year of 2012. 

      Jupiter’s activity by configuration will bring the giant planet in conjunction with Earth in the last week of October 2011. These conjunctions of Earth-Jupiter can allow for significant progress to be made in advance of the new astrological year that will arrive by mid-March 2012.

      I continue to warn anyone who will listen to prepare for a major crash of markets in 2012. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe, along with insolvent and hoarding banks, will grind economies into ever deeper levels of austerity and recession.

      Expect lots of name-calling among central bankers, policymakers and the like as fingers point in every direction to cast blame.

      But, the truth is that most of them are to blame because not only were they all corrupted - but stupid at that.

      Mathematics cares nothing for ideology, nor for opinion. You can cheat, fudge and change figures all you want. 

      You can print up trillions in fiat dollars out of thin air all you desire. You can delay, debate, point fingers and procrastinate by 'kicking the can down the road' all you want...

      "But those who would be rich fall into temptation and a snare and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 

      But you, O man of God, flee these things and follow after Righteousness, Godliness, Faith, Love, Patience, Meekness. 

      For the love of money is the root of all evil; and while some have coveted after it - they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." - 1 Timothy 6: 9-12

      When you start messing around with those facts - then you are in big trouble.

      Planetary transits, especially by means of the synodic cycle of Jupiter, clearly confirms that in the year 2012, the world will have entered into the midst of a new - and greater - global economic depression.

      That is my mundane forecast.

      Prepare yourselves accordingly.

      Mars Transits Virgo 
      November 11, 2011 to July 3, 2012 

      Another important planetary shift will be that of Mars.

      The planet will spend seven (7) months in tropical Virgo beginning the ingress of Mars in Virgo on November 11, 2011. 

      This long transit is the result of a Mars retrograde in the Sign of the Virgin that commences January 23-24, 2012 at 24-Virgo. The retrograde of Mars will last to April 14, 2012 when Mars stations direct at 3-degrees Virgo. 

      Earth and Mars will reach exact conjunction on March 3, 2012. You will see the light of Mars increasing brighter with its red-orange glow in the month of February 2012 - leading to its conjunction with the Earth in the early days of March. 

      This is an important retrograde that should be noted by those who are keen on astrological world transits. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and in this Sign, Mars takes on a mercurial phase of sorts, which can inflame Virgo to the point of troublesome irritations. 

      Mars in Virgo also signifies the significant changes taking place within companies and bureaucracies as ‘bean-counters’ look to cut budgets amid ever-increasing lay-offs of workers – leading to more numbers added to the unemployment rolls. 

      It is more than likely that more job positions will be at risk with Mars in Virgo with a peak in firings and staff cutbacks taking place between January-April 2012 with companies going out of business for good, or being sold off to new management. 

      Be alert as job safety can be at risk. There will be signs ahead of Mars’ ingress into Virgo that perhaps it is time to move on. Major economic issues are the cause, forcing cutbacks to potentially accelerate as Mars transits Virgo. 

      This could also lead to health problems as Mars inflames itself in Virgo, so it is wise to use the autumn months to build up resistance to disease. 

      Relationships are also bound to be affected with the Mars retrograde and transit through tropical Virgo. The length of the economic crisis since 2007, stretching into 2012, will have caused significant changes in personal as well as professional relationships, so it is wise to be on top of coming adjustments before November 2011. 

      The retrograde of Mars from late January 2012 to mid-April 2012 shows a period where it is wise to mind the transpersonal events around you, in the world and in society-at-large. Mars is a transpersonal planet, so it can impact situations and events outside of your direct control. 

      During these months, it is best not to begin any serious projects, or relationships until after Mars passes 23-Virgo (June 21, 2012) as matters can be delayed, causing frustrations for those intent on minding the details. 

      The best way to apply the Mars transit in Virgo and its retrograde period is to use the time from November 2011 to about mid-June 2012 going over long-term plans rather than expecting immediate results that when not met, will tend to frustrate and anger. 

      Problems ensue from rushing and with Mars in Virgo, the issues can become more pronounced based on frustrations on a wider-scale throughout society, so it is best to bide your time better by gaining rest, reviewing matters that also allow you to recharge your batteries while being patient through this long transit of Mars in Virgo. 

      This may be difficult for those after January 23-24, 2012 through mid-April to do; however, know that forcing matters by taking inappropriate actions under a Mars retrograde will eventually backfire. 

      Rather, it is better to review and revise – using the months of January through April 2012 to gather yourself so that your goals and objectives are not scattered or to have too much on your plate that cannot be effectively seen through to completion without major problems. 

      Those with planetary positions between 3-24 degrees Virgo should note where Mars will fall in their nativities and progressions. This will show what events are bound to take place and what configurations the transit and retrograde of Mars will make in concert with your overall transits. 

      The idea is to use the overall period from November 2011 to early July 2012 cleaning house in your professional and personal lives, so to speak. Some of the matters will be taken by others, forcing those into new situations.

      Saturn in Tropical Libra 

      Saturn has been in tropical Libra since July 2010.

      The ringed planet moves through the remaining 15 degrees of Libra from September 2011 to its ingress into tropical Scorpio in early October 2012. 

      Saturn will continue to make its mark among the stars of sidereal Virgo and tropical Libra during the second half of 2011 and into the first eight months of the new astrological year of 2012. 

      The inclinations on the Mundane Seventh House affects the relationships between nations, by means of international finance and laws that will significantly affect global trade issues that have been questioned in the wake of the economic crisis. 

      Saturn’s personal effects on those having their first (born 1981-83) or second Saturn Returns (1952-53) will remain strong in 2011 heading into 2012. Saturn's synodic cycle is 59 years, so the era of the early 1950s is also in play with the ringed planet.

      The culture of social relations has taken a brutal toll under the current depressed economic climate with relationships that were already weak under considerable pressure due to the new economic realities.

      Being able to accept the changes without giving up once principles is key to withstand Saturn's transit in tropical Libra. The idea is to allow Saturn’s lessons which pertain to tropical Libra (personal and professional relationships) rather than to resist it.

      In this way, you are better able to make the needed emotional adjustments before Saturn becomes fixed in tropical Scorpio by October 2012 when it will transit peregrine through the first 27-degrees of tropical Scorpio into the year 2015.

      Uranus Retrograde in Aries
      Pluto in Capricorn 

      Uranus stationed retrograde on July 10, 2011 at 4-degrees tropical Aries and will remain retrograde until December 10, 2011, when it stations direct at 0-Aries. 

      The maverick planet Uranus continues its retrograde motion in tropical Aries where it will reach the 0-degree Vernal Aries Point by November 11, 2011. 

      The permutations of Uranus so close to the vernal Aries point indicates a need to be cautious when it comes to increased seismic activity and volcanic eruptions due to the sensitivity of the 0-degree Aries degree on the ecliptic of the Earth. 

      Uranus and Pluto will conduct their first official series of world squares to one another in 2012 with seven exact partiles stretching to the year 2015. 

      This has been covered before on Global Astrology, as the world implications are those of major transition and change from the outworn conditions and structures of the 20th century’s plutocracy against the rising new generations of this early 21st century.

      The best way to ease out of any Uranus-Pluto Square is to simply admit that times are changing and to make the transition without appeals to outworn methodologies of aged generations. 

      What is astounding about the Baby Boomer generation as establishment is that despite all their previous experience taking on the Establishment of the 1960s and 1970s, they failed to learn the lessons of their era.

      This generation that associated itself with 'youth' and 'love' and 'peace' has turned into a generation of old people more concerned with entitlements, refusal to admit that times have changed.

      It is a new century. They have become rigidly conservative, hegemonic and dismissive of others with numerous examples of failing to lead and manage properly during their time as the establishment.

      The series of Uranus-Pluto world squares will dramatically change all of that.

      Signs of things to come in the Twenty-Tens have been outlined in my 2010 editions of Global Astrology. We've examined the Uranus-Pluto world squares. The coming world transits of Mars, Saturn and Neptune confirm this. We've also looked at Jupiter's synodic return. Now let's take a look at the Venus Transit of  2012.

      The Cardinal Crisis
      The Venus Transit Of 2012
      *Mundane Pandemic Forecast*
      A Venus Transit Across The Face Of The Sun

      Mundane Forecast
      Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S

      As Mars transits Virgo, it is important to note matters of public health prior to the Venus Transit of 2012. It is my advice for people to continue to strengthen and build their immunity to disease with proper diets and health precautions going into the year 2012, due to the configurations of the planets relative to Earth. 

      The planet Venus recently shifted to ‘evening star’ phase in mid-August 2011. This means that the planet will set after the Sun for ten (10) months to the time of its ‘morning star’ phase in June 2012. 

      The coming Venus Transit across the face of the Sun will occur on June 5-6, 2012 and will be observed throughout most of the world.

      Transits of Venus across the disk of the Sun are considered to be some of the rarest of planetary alignments. Only six (6) transit events have occurred since the modern invention of the telescope. Those years were 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882. The last Venus Transit occurred in June 2004. 

      The global visibility of the Venus 2012 Transit is illustrated in the world map below. 

      click on graphic to enlarge

      The entire transit is visible from northwestern North America, Hawaii, the western Pacific, northern Asia, Japan, Korea, eastern China, Philippines, eastern Australia, and New Zealand.

      The Sun will set as the Venus transit is still in progress from most of North America, the Caribbean, and northwest South America. The transit will already be in progress at sunrise for observers in central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and eastern Africa. 

      No portion of the transit will be visible from Portugal or southern Spain, western Africa, as well as the southeastern two-thirds of South America. 

      The horizontal parallax of Venus (~30 arc-sec) has a topocentric correction of up to ±7 minutes with respect to the geocentric times for observers located at different geographic locations. 

      The principal events occurring during a transit are characterized by these contacts. The event begins with contact that is the instant as soon as the Venus' disk is externally tangent with the Sun. 

      The entire disk of the Venus is first seen at contact II when the planet is internally tangent with the Sun. 

      The Venus Transit across the Sun's southern hemisphere in June 2004

      During the next several hours, Venus gradually traverses the Sun's disk at a relative angular rate of approximately 4 arc-min/hr. At the third contact, Venus reaches the opposite limb and is once again internally tangent with the Sun. 

      The Venus transit ends at contact four when the planet's limb is externally tangent to the Sun. Contacts 1 and 2 define the phase called 'ingress' while contacts three and four are known as ‘egress.’ 

      Greatest transit is the instant of minimum angular separation between Venus and the Sun as seen from Earth's geo-center. 

      Click on graphic to see pentagonal motion of Venus to Earth
      graphic: Nick Anthony Fiorenza

      The June 2004 Venus Transit crossed the Sun's southern hemisphere. In June 2012, Venus will cross the Sun’s northern hemisphere. The position of Venus at each contact is shown along with its path as a function of Universal Time. 

      The 2012 transit lasts over six (6) hours. 

      The apparent semi-diameters of Venus and the Sun are 29 arc-seconds and 945 arc-seconds respectively. The 1:32.6 diameter ratio will result in an effective 0.001 magnitude drop in the Sun's integrated magnitude due to the transit. 

      click on graphic to enlarge
      graphic: Nick Anthony Fiorenza

      Transits of Venus are only possible during two months - that of early December and early June - when Venus' orbital nodes pass across the face of the Sun. Should Venus reach inferior conjunction at this time - a transit will occur. 

      Venus Transits show a clear pattern of recurrence at intervals of 8, 121.5, eight and 105.5 years. 

      The astronomer Edmund Halley first realized that transits of Venus could be used to measure the Sun's distance. This set the absolute scale of the physics of our solar system established by mundane astrologer Johannes Kepler's third astronomic law. 

      Pandemics On Earth Spawned By Venus Transits?

      Image: ESA Animation by C. Carreau

      Interactions between Venus and the solar wind is depicted in the image above.

      The planets Mars, Earth and Venus are immersed in a flow of plasma - ionized and highly variable gas that originates from the Sun - called the solar wind. 

      While the Earth has a strong magnetic field, that can deviate the flow of solar winds, the planets Venus and Mars are assumed to have very weak fields, if any at all. Gases in their upper atmospheres are ionized and so interact with the solar wind. 

      Venus is nearly as large as the Earth; however it is assumed that it is difficult for Venus' atmosphere to escape due to the planet's gravity 

      The solar wind is the best source of energy to accelerate an upper atmosphere's charged particles. This gives them enough energy to escape. This is why Venus loses its atmosphere by means of the solar wind.

      Venus transits are significant in Astrology. It is the basis of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. This particular Venus Transit in Gemini - in my mundane analysis - are associated with the quality of the air that mixes with the Earth's climate and weather - affecting the public health of many nations.

      click on graphic to enlarge
      graphic: Nick Anthony Fiorenza

      It is my forecast that there is a strong potential of air-borne sicknesses ahead in 2012 which stem from the fact that Venus’ tail stretches long enough to touch that of the Earth. 

      Venus has an ion-packed tail 45 million km (28 million miles) in length that stretches away from the Sun. Venus’ tail contains about 2.3 Megawebers of flux, much of which closes across the tail. 

      The J×B force associated with this cross tail accelerates Venus’ tail plasma down the tail, causing an ion loss rate of about 1026 ions per second. 

      The Venus tail does respond to solar activity and contains significantly less magnetic flux at solar minimum. It is caused by bombardment of ions in Venus's upper atmosphere by the solar wind. 

      This was first discovered in the late 1970s, but it was not until 1997 that the Solar Heliospheric Observatory revealed its immense length. 

      The plasma sheath of Venus is extremely long. It almost touches the Earth when both planets are at closest approach. Jupiter's plasma sheath, for instance, has the same kind of relationship with the planet Saturn. 

      NASA discovered what they call 'stringy things' in this long plasma tail of Venus. The twisted, string filaments follow exactly the paths of what are known as ‘Birkeland Currents’ that we observe in plasmas. 

      The space that surrounds our Sun, its corona and into outer space is a plasma. Nearly all of space is filled by plasma – much of that is called the 'dark current mode.'

      The planets and their moons all carry an electric charge as they travel through this plasma. The plasma sea which our solar system floats extends out to what is called the Heliopause – this is a double layer that separates our Sun's plasma from the lower voltage plasma that fills our singular arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

      The arms of our Milky Way Galaxy

      Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME's) are charged particles that are thrown outward from the Sun. 

      These flows constitute powerful electrical currents. And they form Birkeland Currents that take in plasmas as they twist out. 

      Apparently, Venus is also known to discharge an electrical current. The plasma tails of all the planets currently are in dark modes of operation, but ancient astrologers reported that Venus was once observed to have a fiery tail of glowing 'twisted hair.’ 

      It could have been that Venus 'plasma tail was then in a normal glow or even an arc mode of operation that could be seen with the naked eye from Earth.

      Consider for a moment what the shape of Venus' plasma tail would look like if it were visible. The diameter of the Venus' plasma sheath is about two or three times the planet's diameter - about 20,000 miles. 

      But the distance from Venus to Earth during their closest approaches is 26 million miles. So Venus’ tail is approximately a thousand times as long as it is broad at its thickest point. 

      That is a very long, thin, twisting snake-like shape. If, at some time in the past, this plasma tail were in the normal glow mode, it would have been clearly visible from Earth. 

      An interesting study in the realm of Astrobiology, a subset of mundane astrology, reveals that Venus’ tail of ions could carry microbes from the planet to Earth. 

      Consider this: Donald Barber of the Norman Lockyer Observatory in the United Kingdom described a peculiar sequence of air-borne/rain-water-borne yeast-like bacteria found on astronomic photographic plate emulsions at a British observatory from 1937 to 1961. 

      An underlying periodicity of these events appears to have had a significant positive correlation with the occurrences of inferior conjunctions of Venus with the Sun. 

      Compared to Earth, the planet Venus has a negligible magnetic field. That means that the solar wind can disturb its atmosphere and easily blow away fractions of Venus’ upper atmosphere - including airborne particulate matter in comet-like fashion. 

      Barber said: "An American suggestion that the virus responsible for endemic influenza emanated from the planet Venus, led to a fresh examination of the 1937/1948 Sidmouth data, and also to a search among the large collection of spectrograms obtained at Sidmouth prior to 1937 for earlier evidence of bacterial attack. 

      As a result of the latter, two earlier outbreaks - one probable event in 1930 - and a second well-determined occasion in 1932 - were discovered." 

      Barber confirmed that onsets of six (6) confirmed major microbial invasions occurred, on average, 55 days following strong geomagnetic storms nearest to the inferior conjunctions of Venus with the Sun. 

      The shortest interval between geomagnetic storm and outbreak was 35 days and the longest was 67 days. Seasonal effects of weather appeared to play an auxiliary role as to whether or not an invasion occurred. Invasion onsets seemed to occur only during the of months May through July. 

      Barber speculated that the bacteria responsible for repeated photographic damage events were transported from the upper atmosphere of Venus by solar wind to Earth's polar regions and, in Lockyer’s case, from the northern polar region to England by means of northwesterly winds. It reached the ground by rainwater. 

      The Lockyer, England events were bacterial in nature. What's interesting to note is that in the year 1918 an inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun occurred February 9, 1918 in tropical Aquarius.

      The first reported case of the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in the United States, at Camp Funston, Kansas occurred a month later.

      This early onset of the Influenza pandemic spread across the United States with a description written by Cassandra Vivian of Pennsylvania - 

      "At Camp Funston, Kansas, the first case of this flu was reported on March 11, 1918. By noon, 107 cases were reported at the same camp and two days later 522 cases were reported. This fast moving, airborne disease was in every state of the union within seven days." 

      According to history, the 1918 Influenza Pandemic originated in Haskell County, Kansas, in January-February 1918. It was assumed to be carried from there to Camp Funston by army recruits along with their family members and friends. 

      How the new disease came to appear in Haskell County was not reported, but researchers stressed that they found no evidence to suggest any other point of origin. 

      The Greek mundane astrologer, known as the 'father of medicine,' Hippocrates, was the first person on earth to describe Influenza in the year 412 BCE.

      Other versions of where and when the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic originated did mention Asia in the year 1917. Another report said the disease was brought to the U.S. by returning servicemen from Europe in the autumn of 1918. 

      The global outbreak killed an estimated 20-50 million people.

      In the late spring of 1918, the Spanish wire service Agencia Fabra sent cable messages to Reuters that reported -

      “A strange form of disease of epidemic character in Madrid… The epidemic is of a mild nature, no deaths having been reported yet ..." The report goes on to mention similar outbreaks extending from "Norway to India, from China to Costa Rica." 

      In her book on the 1918 pandemic, author Gina Kolata called attention to the phenomenon of how epidemics can move quickly through a country, "hop scotching over some towns while felling others," she wrote.

      She wrote that, "after an influenza pandemic in 1789, a young American doctor named Robert Johnson puzzled over how the infection could spread so far and wide, and so quickly. Johnson discussed the rapid outbreaks in Great Britain and on ships at sea."

      Kolata reported that 1918’s "flu's mortality rates peaked in Boston and Bombay in the same week. But New York, just a few hours from Boston, had its peak three weeks later."

      She also wrote that Johnson finally decided that "influenza must arise from some sort of changes in the atmosphere but that, once it got started, it could spread from person to person." 

      Johnson's atmospheric change idea may have contributed to the American suggestion about an extraterrestrial source for influenza, to which Barber referred. 

      In the year 1907 S. Arrhenius, in Scientific American argued for direct propagation of life between planets by microbes hurled into near-planet space by storms - propelled by radiation pressure. 

      In another article titled: Influenza From Space? Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe discussed with critics their thoughts on comet-tail delivery systems for extraterrestrial biological visitors. This is known as ‘Panspermia,’ - or life from outer space.

      The researchers said they found evidence that suggests influenza at the beginning of a flu season breaks out in a sporadic manner, but doesn't spread easily. 

      Getting back to the influence of Venus, the planet, as we have outlined, does have a comet-like tail that scientists have been studying for decades to gain improved insights into the nature of comets.

      In an article titled The Interaction of the Solar Wind with Venus researchers C. T. Russell and O. Vaisberg suggested that "On the whole, the solar wind interaction with Venus is more comet-like than Earth-like." 

      Barber reported that "Following the 1937 outbreak, [at Lockyer Observatory] water samples were sent to the bacteriological department of the Seale-Hayne College, Newton Abbot, and tissue cultures were obtained. 

      It was, however, found to be impossible to match these with any known strains of indigenous liquefying bacteria. The result was later independently confirmed by tests carried out at the Lister Institute." 

      Since the cause of death in the 1918-1919 global pandemic was drowning by means of liquefied lungs - air sacs riddled with seepage sites - it might be wise to look for any relationship between the findings of the Seale-Hayne College and Lister Institute studies - and the Lockyer liquefying agents - that matches any biological samples that are preserved in pandemic autopsy tissues. 

      Looking at the viral problem, it is known that influenza viruses require a dry environment to stay alive until they reach body hosts. Venus' upper atmosphere has been found to be extremely dry.

      The genes in viruses are generally comprised of RNA. A theory on the creation of life from inanimate matter, requires the creation of tiny organic molecules in a non-oxidizing atmosphere through energetic natural phenomena - lightning strokes, or the penetration of ultraviolet light.

      Scientists were puzzled why the pandemic flu in 1918-1919 was so rampant and why the virus was so virulent. The first comprehensive analysis of an animal's immune response to the 1918 influenza virus provided new insights into the killer flu. 

      Key among the insights - they observed that the 1918 virus triggers a hyperactive immune response that may contribute to the lethal nature of the virus. 

      Furthermore, results suggest it is the combination of all eight of the 1918 flu virus genes that interact synergistically - this accounts for the exceptional virulence of this particular virus.

      Michael G. Katze, Ph.D., of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle led a research team to hone in on the complexities of the 1918 virus with University of Washington's John Kash, Ph.D. 

      Their work with the fully reconstructed 1918 virus was conducted along with co-author Terrence Tumpey, Ph.D., in a bio-safety Level 3-enhanced laboratory at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

      "Understanding as much as possible about the virus that caused the devastating 1918-1919 influenza pandemic is an urgent imperative as we pursue efforts to prepare for - and possibly thwart the next flu pandemic," said NIH Director Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D.

      "This elegant research gives a detailed picture of the overzealous host reaction to infection by a fully reconstructed 1918 influenza virus," said NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. 

      "The research provides clues as to why the flu of 1918 was so deadly, and may also help us better understand the disease process that occurs when people are infected by emerging avian influenza viruses, such as the H5N1 strain. 

      Unlike the typical seasonal flu, which strikes hardest at the very young, the elderly and those with compromised immune function, the 1918 flu disproportionately killed young people in their prime of life.

      An analysis of a 1918 flu victim autopsy samples showed extreme and extensive damage to lung tissues. This observation gave rise to a hypothesis that the 1918 flu virus infection provoked an uncontrolled inflammatory response that led to rapid lung failure and death. 

      To test this, Dr. Tumpey infected mice intranasally with one of four types of flu virus: human seasonal flu virus from a strain that circulated in Texas in 1991; lab-made viruses containing either two or five of eight viral genes from the 1918 virus; or a reconstructed virus containing all eight 1918 flu virus genes. 

      Lung tissue from three infected mice in each group was removed on days 1, 3 and 5 post-infection and processed to destroy any virus. The mouse genetic material (RNA) was then extracted from these lung samples and sent to the University of Washington team for analysis. 

      Doctors Katze and Kash and their colleagues examined the mouse RNA using micro-arrays to determine which genes were activated when exposed to each of the four viruses. 

      This analysis showed that the immune response to the reconstructed 1918 virus containing all eight flu genes was much greater than to any of the other viruses with all eight genes, says Dr. Katze.

      In particular, the genes involved in promoting inflammation were strongly and immediately activated following infection by the reconstructed 1918 virus. 

      "We clearly see a dramatic and uncontrolled immune response in the mouse lungs as early as one day following infection with the reconstructed 1918 virus," he says. A complete understanding of the host's response to the 1918 flu virus, adds Dr. Katze, required use of a fully reconstructed virus. 

      A fuller picture of the host immune response to the 1918 flu virus could also be valuable to researchers working to develop therapies against such viruses as the H5N1 avian influenza, scientists say. 

      Besides targeting the flu virus itself, Dr. Katze explains, scientists might develop new or improved agents aimed at moderating or halting the human immune system's overactive response to these viruses.

      The planetary transits of 2012, in my estimation, calls for keen attention to public health, among other correlations associated with the Venus Transit in Gemini, along with that of Jupiter and the Moon's South Node, also in Gemini.

      In 1918, transiting Mars performed a retrograde in Virgo just as Jupiter was entering tropical Gemini along with the Moon's South Lunar Node, also entering Gemini in 1918. We will see the same configurations in 2012. 

      Virgo is a well-known sign of health and medicine in mundane astrology. Gemini is associated with tens of millions of people and contains strong fixed stars associated with the spread of pandemics when in unfavorable configurations.

      Jupiter's presence indicates widespread influences crossing over nations along with that of the South Lunar Node. Jupiter's configurations can also announce mass deaths when in peculiar aspects relative to Earth. We will have such aspects in 2012.

      Mars will begin its transit in tropical Virgo in November 2011 and remain in the zodiacal Sign of health to early July 2012. The retrograde of Mars in Virgo will begin in late January 2012 and last to mid-April 2012.

      Meanwhile, the Gemini Transits of 2012 show a very busy and active year of crowds and people milling together by means of extended travel, political gatherings and grand sports events, such as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England. These large gatherings provide the perfect recipe for the spread of airborne infections during 2012's astrologically powerful climate.

      I've studied these world transits for several years and do not make such forecasts lightly. In my astrological estimation, we are likely to see a pandemic year in 2012.

      It would be wise for those reading this to make preparations to reduce travel if at all possible; to take health precautions and to mind any news of public outbreaks early enough so as to avoid becoming infected by a potential pandemic - which is what I am forecasting. 

      Build up your immunity this year with Colloidal Silver; improve your diet, avoid pork, sodas, too much sugar and fatty foods. Be a "neat freak" going into 2012 - clean things, wipe counter-tops, clear the air indoors.

      Wash your hands frequently, and cover your mouth when you cough. Do not spit on the ground and refrain from using shared public toilets. Be mindful of where you plan to travel and where crowds gather in regions with public health warnings.

      Stay safe and healthy out there.

      The Cardinal Crisis 
      Monterrey Casino Attack Shocks Mexico

      Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala attend a August 26, 2011 memorial ceremony outside the Casino Royale after a deadly assault in Monterrey, Mexico.
       Image: Arnulfo Franco/AP

      Monterrey Casino Arson Attack Kills 52
      Mexico's President Calderon berates Drug Use In United States

      Associated Press 

      MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) - Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared three days of mourning on Friday, August 26, 2011 for the 52 victims of a casino fire set by presumed drug traffickers, branding the attackers "true terrorists" and ordering authorities to offer a $2.4 million reward for their capture. 

      Calderon also once again lashed out at the United States, saying it is not doing enough to reduce the country's high demand for illicit drugs or to stop the illegal trafficking of U.S. weapons into Mexico. 

      Armed assailants burst into the casino on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 25, 2011 swearing and shouting for customers and employees to get out. 

      But many of the terrified victims fled farther inside the casino, where they died trapped amid the flames and thick smoke that soon billowed out of the building. 

      Calderon described the incident as the worst attack on innocent civilians in recent memory.

      "We are not confronting common criminals," he said in a televised nationwide address. "We are facing true terrorists who have gone beyond all limits." 

      Firefighters remove one of the estimated 52 bodies from the charred ruins of the casino
      image: AP

      The federal Attorney General's Office announced the reward money, equal to the amount the government has offered for information leading to the capture of the nation's top drug lords. 

      Surveillance video shows at least eight gunmen arriving at the Casino Royale in four cars. The they then head to the main entrance as customers rush outside to their cars in an attack that lasted just a little more than two minutes. 

      The Mexican government released a video [in Spanish] of the casino attack that killed an estimated 52 people.

      The attackers are seen carrying three large bottles, which Gov. Rodrigo Medina said probably contained gasoline, while others stood guard by several waiting vehicles. 

      Medina said investigators are talking to 13 witnesses and are looking for the owner and the legal representative for the casino. 

      Family members arrived at the morgue all through the night in Monterrey, a modern metropolis and one of Mexico's most important business centers that has been the scene of a ferocious turf battle between the Gulf and Zetas drug cartels. 

      Medina lowered the death toll to 52 early Friday, Aug. 26. He had said late Thursday that 53 people had died in the fire at the Casino Royale as 33 victims have been identified. 

      Nuevo Leon state Civil Protection Director Jorge Camacho said there were 35 women and 10 men among the victims. He said another seven could not be identified because they were badly disfigured. 

      Camacho said most victims died of asphyxiation and that most of the bodies were found in hallways leading to the exits. 

      Santiago Loera, 53, went to the morgue looking for his brother, Miguel Angel, a cook at another casino who had gone to the Casino Royale to sign a new contract. 

      "We think he's here," Loera said. 

      Loera said authorities have asked him for a DNA sample. 

      A visibly angry Calderon urged the United States to do more to curb demand for illegal drugs and stop weapon trafficking into Mexico. 

      "If ... they are resigned to consuming drugs, then they need to find alternatives ... and establish clear points of access different from the border with Mexico, but this situation can't keep going on like this," he said. 

      President Barack Obama condemned the attack as "barbaric" and "reprehensible." 

      In a statement issued from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where he is wrapping up a vacation, President Obama said Aug. 26 that the Mexican government and its people are waging a brave fight to disrupt violent transnational criminal organizations and that the U.S. will remain a partner with Mexico in that fight. 

      On the home front, Calderon called on Mexicans to convert their shock and anger into action. 

      "Today Mexico is upset and saddened and we have to transform this sadness and this grief into courage and valor to face ... these criminals in a united way," he said. 

      Calderon later visited the site of the attack, accompanied by first lady Margarita Zavala and several members of his security Cabinet. 

      The group, all dressed in black, arrived in a long motorcade and held a minute of silence outside the burned hulk of the Casino Royale before placing a giant green wreath in the circular driveway leading up to the building. 

      Calderon, Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna and Defense Secretary Guillermo Galvan Galvan then left without saying a word. 

      Nuevo Leon state Attorney General Adrian de la Garza said a drug cartel was apparently responsible for the attack, though he didn't name which one. Cartels often extort casinos and other businesses, threatening to attack them or burn them to the ground if they refuse to pay. 

      It was the second time in three months that the Casino Royale was targeted. Gunmen struck it and three other casinos on May 25, spraying the building with bullets, but no was reported injured in that attack. 

      The fire in the two-story casino, which advertised sports book and bingo, was reported just before 4 p.m. local time (5 p.m. EDT; 2100 GMT), a slow time of day when normally about 80 people played the tables and slots, said former security guard Alberto Martinez Alvarado, 30. 

      Martinez, who was on his way home from work Thursday when he saw the fire, said the casino could hold hundreds, perhaps 1,000 people. 

      "We're lucky we weren't there," he said. "Why couldn't the people who did this do some honest work instead?" 

      State police officials quoted survivors as saying armed men burst into the casino, apparently to rob it, and began dousing the premises with fuel from tanks they brought with them. 

      The officials were not authorized to be quoted by name for security reasons. De la Garza said the liquid appeared to be gasoline. 

      Monterrey Mayor Fernando Larrazabal said many of the bodies were found inside the casino's bathrooms, where employees and customers had locked themselves to escape the gunmen. 

      Authorities commandeered backhoes from a nearby construction site and made a brief attempt to break into the casino's walls as smoke billowed from the main entrance, hindering firefighters. 

      Maria Tomas Navarro, 42, stood weeping at the edge of the police tape stretched in front of the smoke-stained casino building. She was hoping for word of her brother, 25-year-old Genaro Navarro Vega, who had worked in the casino's bingo area. 

      Navarro said she tried calling her brother's cell phone. "But he doesn't answer. I don't know what is happening," she said. "There is nobody to ask." 

      Monterrey has seen bloody turf battles between the Zetas and Gulf cartels in recent months. Once Mexico's symbol of development and prosperity, the city is seeing this year's drug-related murders on a pace to double last year's and triple those of the year before. 

      Last month, gunmen killed 20 people at a bar in Monterrey. The attackers sprayed the bar with rounds from assault rifles, and police later found bags of drugs at the bar. 

      State police officials initially said witnesses reported hearing three explosions before Thursday's fire started, but later said a flammable material was used. The officials were not authorized to be quoted by name for security reasons. 

      The reports of explosions may have been the sound of the ignition of the liquid. 

      Norma Reyes, 45, was one of the people who received good news. Her son called her before she even heard about the fire to say he was all right. Jonathan Reyes, 25, who worked as an area supervisor, told his mother he was at the hospital trying to find out what happened to his co-workers. 

      "God took care of us today," she said.

      Reuters reported August 30, 2011 that Mexican authorities arrested five suspected drug gang members in connection with the torching of a casino last week that killed at least 52 people, one of the worst attacks on civilians in the country in years.

      Mars back In Bounds By Declination: The five suspects accused of burning the Casino Royale in Monterrey, Mexico are shown in the image above. They allegedly told investigators they did not plan to kill anyone and only wanted to scare the establishment's owners. Los Zetas, Mexico's most violent drug cartel, is suspected of ordering the attack on the casino said authorities who cited information following the suspects' arrests. Investigators also obtained videos showing the suspects filling gasoline containers at a service station that they later used to torch the casino. Other images from security cameras show the suspects' vehicles arriving at Casino Royale. The suspects told investigators they were "scolded" by their bosses for killing so many people at the casino - a target of an extortion racket common in several parts of Mexico.
      Image: Hans-Maximo Musielik/AP

      The August 25 arson attack on the upmarket casino in the northern city of Monterrey has deepened skepticism about President Felipe Calderon's fight against drug cartels, putting new pressure on his embattled government to root out crime.

      Rodrigo Medina, governor of Nuevo Leon, the state where Monterrey is the capital, said the five suspects arrested confessed to involvement in the killing and that the hunt for other perpetrators continued.

      “From the initial indications we've observed the target was the casino, not the civilian population,” Medina told a televised news conference, adding that a strong line of investigation was that the casino was being extorted.

      Medina said the suspects identified themselves as members of the Zetas drug cartel, which has ravaged the state and other parts of Mexico with killing, kidnapping and extortion.

      President Felipe Calderon declared three days of national mourning after the attack and in a television interview on Monday pledged to continue the fight against organised crime.

      He admitted corruption among judges and police was still helping criminal gangs go unpunished.

      “We have to speed things up because we know the criminals have corrupted the institutions at all levels of government,” Calderon said. “This cannot be tolerated.”

      Violence has spread throughout prosperous Monterrey since Medina became governor and hundreds of demonstrators staged a protest outside his office Aug. 28, 2011, calling on him to resign.

      Calderon sent hundreds of extra troops to Monterrey after the attack, which was perhaps the worst yet to directly affect the kind of middle-class voters that form the backbone of his conservative National Action Party, or PAN.

      Voter surveys show the drug war has undermined support for the PAN ahead of next July's presidential election, and latest polls show the party is likely to be ousted from office.

      The situation in Nuevo Leon has coincided with a surge in violence across Mexico since Calderon sent in the army to crush the powerful cartels when he took office in December 2006.

      Calderon pointed his finger at the United States again, demanding the U.S. Congress curb illegal weapons sales across the Mexican border and stamp out the demand for drugs that he said was fueling the violence in his country.

      “It's not just one or two people. There are more than 100 million Americans who use or have used drugs,” Calderon said. “And they are responsible.”

      Monterrey, the state capital of Nuevo Leon, was once seen as a paragon of economic development in Latin America. But the escalating violence has sparked concerns that both the city and the country are losing the fight against organised crime.

      The Mexican Attorney General's office offered a reward of 30 million pesos ($2.4-million) for information leading to the arrest of perpetrators of the Monterrey casino attack.

      Mundane Forecast
      Neptune in Pisces: 2012-2026

      Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S

      An important but sometimes overlooked major transit of the outer planets will be that of Neptune, which has been in tropical Aquarius since 1998. 

      Neptune will enter tropical Pisces on February 3, 2012 and open a 14-year transit that further signifies the transition into a new planetary era on Earth.

      The influence of Neptune, said to co-rule Pisces, will be significant during the Twenty-Tens into the mid-2020s as the world veers further from the outmoded ways of the late 20th century and deeper into the early 21st century. 

      Neptune’s coming transit in tropical Pisces (2012-2026) will incline its global influences across a broad spectrum of issues related to healthcare, the elderly, institutions, pharmaceutical companies, drugs, energy, oil, water, gases, the climate, film, music, the arts & sciences, psychiatry, psychology, evolutionary spiritualism and theology – among other matters associated with the Mundane 12th House.

      Neptune’s associations in Mundane Astrology are: attempted drives towards socialism, communism, radical extreme politics, Anarchism, Spiritualism, along with popular leanings towards collectivism with drives towards broad religious reforms. 

      Influences of Neptune include those of mobs, secret plots, sedition, fraud and swindling, all illicit undertakings, bogus companies, losses and vice. 

      The transit of Neptune through a cadent 12th House is associated with seclusion, escapism, drugs, alcohol, prisons, sorrow, confinement, imprisonment, restraint, public/private institutions, secret enemies, hospitals, exile, unconscious self, dreams, hidden fears, self-undoing and self-sacrifice. 

      The subconscious mind is highlighted by Neptune’s transit in Pisces, as is popular spirituality, mental illness; reformatories, criminals, spies, secret enemies of country at home, or abroad. 

      Hospitals, nursing homes, asylums and institutions for the elderly, the weak, mentally ill, criminally insane, the infirm, and those in need of charity are also featured. 

      This long drawn out Neptune transit and its afflictions by world transit shows that the mental health system will encounter various levels of deep dissolution over the course of its 14-year passage in tropical Pisces. 

      This “dissolution” will spread globally as Neptune makes ingress into Pisces on February 3, 2012, contacting Jupiter by sextile; Saturn by anaretic trine, and Pluto by Septile aspect at the time of its ingress into tropical Pisces. 

      The Neptune-Pluto Septile has significance to our current era. The current Septile between both planets has been in force since 2001 and separates at 52 degrees just at the time of Neptune’s entry into Pisces in February 2012.

      The Septile Aspect is a seventh (7th) harmonic that was explored in-depth by the research astrologers Charles Harvey and John Addey. Astrological researcher Edward Gillam, who has also studied the Neptune-Pluto Septile, says – 

      “The Septile – 1/7 of the circle or 51.43 degrees – is a little used and poorly understood aspect in astrology. It is usually ignored in most texts, except those dealing specifically with Harmonics and does not form a typical part of the delineation of horoscopes. 

      However, some evidence suggests that increasing our awareness of the Septile and seventh harmonic symbolism, may help to develop our understanding of the darker, more primitive elements of the individual and collective psyche. 

      Mundane astrologers say our modern times – post World War II – have been characterized by the long-term Neptune-Pluto sextile. However, as noted, the first decade of the new millennium will actually be described from the point of view of the two outermost planets in our solar system - Neptune and Pluto.

      Based on historical and astrological evidence we may speculate that this time will be one of severe ideological struggle. Although the division of Europe into eastern and western blocs has been removed, Chinese communism is still a potent ideological force for millions of people. 

      However, perhaps the ideological struggle there will be more about internal political reform and the on-going development of market forces within the Chinese economy. 

      It is important not to overlook the spiritual potential of this Septile: the Neptune-Pluto synod speaks of spiritual regeneration or transformation. Perhaps we will be witness to, or participants in, a revolution in spiritual thought and practice.” 

      This last comment of Gillam’s reflects Neptune’s official entry into tropical Pisces on 3 February 2012. 

      The ingress delivers favorable modes of the Mundane 12th house, when used properly, can lead to significant progress in metaphysical and spiritual growth – especially for those with nativities favorable to this transpersonal transit in Pisces. 

      These positive modes of Neptune promotes transcendence for those willing to leave behind things which are outworn and outdated, while it widens the road for greater expansion seeking spiritual growth and understanding. 

      The dark octave of Neptune in Pisces can lead to spiritual and mental degeneration as well. This is where Neptune’s powers of dissolution forces change thoroughly by way of the elements of ether, oils, gases and water.

      Saturn crystallizes, Uranus shocks, and Pluto transforms by way of phoenix – we see that Neptune envelops then dissolves those things highlighted by its transit in Sign. 

      The dissolution in Pisces will be as much physical as it is spiritual. The materials dissolving appears in forms such as decrepit buildings, barren neighborhoods and ghostly sections of cities.

      Empty ruins slowly worn away by the transit of Neptune in Pisces is easily forecasted. 

      Neptune can speed up dissolution of outer structures, some can be huge. 

      Blighted cities and neighborhoods that have been horribly mismanaged; including commercial districts, etc., can suffer from “ghost” syndromes – no people, no energy, with brooding, dark environments lacking life that will spread with Neptune’s transit through Pisces in the 2010s and 2020s - unless drastic reforms takes place.

      Deceptive facades hide crumbling structures.

      These are the negative forms of Neptune’s power of widespread dissolution that will open up these empty facades for all to see.

      We have observed these forms of destruction speed up with Uranus’ passage through Pisces since 2003, in cities like Detroit - where decades of mismanagement and rampant corruption have led to what amounts to a decayed city.

      The time of Neptune’s ingress in tropical Pisces will be on the IC for the East coast of the United States at 21-Gemini, with a Moon at 21-Gemini, and the fixed stars Bellatrix and El Nath featured with Neptune’s February 3, 2012 ingress into Pisces. 

      El Nath is in the “horns of the bull” of sidereal Taurus, as the north horn. El Nath is squared by transiting Venus & Mars on February 3, 2012, at the time of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces. 

      At the time of ingress, Pluto deposits into Saturn, with Saturn and Jupiter depositing into Venus; which deposits into Neptune. 

      All this shows a worldwide dispersal of Neptune’s inclinations at the time of ingress into Pisces, and is a further sign of Neptune’s significant global role of drawn out dissolution and broad reforms though the 2010s to the mid-to-late 2020s. 

      Shane Ward of the United Kingdom writes on Neptune: 

      “Before delving into the relevant history, we should get a flavor of Neptune’s energy. Neptune is the planet associated with Pisces and the 12th house in the astrological zodiac. 

      It takes about 14 years to travel through one sign. Neptune is regarded as a generational planet, taking 172 years to orbit the Sun. Neptune is associated with all things gaseous or liquid. 

      It has the capacity to dissolve anything that Saturn, the planet of limitation and form, structures. It rules ethics, ideals and aspirations. 

      Neptune is associated with: the arts, glamor, hope, idealism, covert actions, socialism; hospitals, charitable institutions and the navy. 

      Under affliction it can be associated with muddle, confusion, fraud, crime, scandal; brewing and alcohol, drugs; chemicals, oils, footwear. 

      Neptune was discovered only a few years before it ingressed into Pisces in 1848. Having had no recordable influence over events before its discovery, it was interesting to see if anything significant could be tied into previous ingresses. 

      However, before Neptune was attributed to the 12th house (Jupiter was the original ruler), it should be noted that the 12th house was already associated with prisons, hospitals, homes for the aged; philanthropic societies; secret societies; monasteries and institutional religion. 

      Neptune ingresses into Pisces on 3 February 2012. It makes aspect with Pluto in an outgoing Septile of 52 degrees, similar in aspect to Neptune’s ingress in 1520. 

      What is significant, however, is the most recent ingress of Uranus into Aries, and Jupiter into Taurus. Saturn is about to ingress into Scorpio. So Neptune’s position aspects all outer planets at the time of ingress. 

      Clearly there is a growing unrest about the nature of the theater in which we live our lives; enough to resonate into tangible concerns but not necessarily a clear way out. 

      Under the spotlight will undoubtedly be the large institutions; in the UK this would be the National Health Service, prisons, transport, education, police and civil service. 

      They will be under the spotlight because of how much they cost to run and how can we afford to pay for them. Also under the spotlight will be the cost of water, gas, electricity and car fuel. 

      All are massive issues and none of the problems associated with them can be resolved by throwing ever increasingly large amounts of money at them. We've done that already and it didn’t work.” 

      In reviewing Neptune’s transit in Pisces from 2012 to 2026, my mundane analysis see a complete dissolution of the post-industrial heath care system worldwide with energies being poured into reforms. In effect, a race to battle the dissolution will be in play during the Twenty-Tens and into the Twenty-Twenties. 

      The separating septile to Pluto, along with aspects Neptune makes to the outer planets at the time of its ingress, is significant in that it shows just how powerful Neptune’s dissolution will be in the areas of life associated with the Mundane 12th House. 

      One major sign of this was highlighted in January 2010 by Ethan Watters in the New York Times’ Magazine feature titled, The Americanization of Mental Illness:

      “Americans, particularly if they are of a certain leftward-leaning, college-educated type, worry about our country’s blunders into other cultures. 

      In some circles, it is easy to make friends with a rousing rant about the McDonald’s near Tiananmen Square, the Nike factory in Malaysia or the latest blow back from our political or military interventions abroad. 

      For all our self-recrimination, however, we may have yet to face one of the most remarkable effects of American-led globalization. We have for many years been busily engaged in a grand project of Americanizing the world’s understanding of mental health and illness. 

      We may indeed be far along in homogenizing the way the world goes mad. 

      For more than a generation now, we in the West have aggressively spread our modern knowledge of mental illness around the world. 

      We have done this in the name of science, believing that our approaches reveal the biological basis of psychic suffering and dispel pre-scientific myths and harmful stigma. 

      There is now good evidence to suggest that in the process of teaching the rest of the world to think like us, we’ve been exporting our Western 'symptom repertoire' as well. 

      That is, we have been changing not only the treatments but also the expression of mental illness in other cultures. 

      Indeed, a handful of mental-health disorders - depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia among them — now appear to be spreading across cultures with the speed of contagious diseases. 

      These symptom clusters are becoming the 'lingua franca' of human suffering, replacing indigenous forms of mental illness.” 

      Gillam says that –  “Each of these potential developments and the unforeseen changes that may occur in this period, have their ‘pros and cons.’ 

      The issue of genetic modification of food is an example of the debate and struggle that may ensue if science and technology move ahead of, or run counter to, public opinion. 

      One consequence of the rapid development of knowledge may be an intensification of the ideological, ethical, scientific, technical and commercial struggle that accompanies ‘progress’.” 

      This ‘rapid development of knowledge’ surely has been the mainstay of the years 2001 to 2010.

      By the time of February 2012′s ingress of Neptune into tropical Pisces, our world will face the popular culture fears of 2012 - widely believed to be the 'end of the world,' according to some who misunderstand the meaning of the Mayan Calendar. 

      Nonetheless, the Neptune-Pluto Septile that separates as Neptune ingresses into Pisces will lead to both positive and negative outcomes - depending on one's outlook and ability to transcend outdated methodologies.

      How all of this plays out over the years 2012 to 2026 will largely depend on the success of the personal and mass transitions of generations.

      We continue, in 2011 and 2012 to feel the lingering effects of the Saturn/Uranus oppositions of 2008-2010 and the Jupiter-Saturn opposition of 2010-2012.

      Uranus’ entry into tropical Aries, along with Uranus’ formation of the first of its seven (7) square aspects to Pluto in Capricorn also begins in 2012.

      It is my hope that by means of foreknowledge people worldwide can reject the outworn modes of procrastination, cynicism, generational self-interest, ego, ideological warfare and false materialism. 

      But rather, to form stable, softer and wiser understandings of the world around us – applying Neptune’s transpersonal transit in Pisces to increase healthy spiritual and mental growth - while remaining practically engaged and involved so as to develop real world solutions in reforming global society and its decayed institutions.

      It is clear with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and with Pluto now in Capricorn – that outworn systems and structures are in a process of decline - falling apart – through widespread corruption, mismanagement, waste, ideology that fleeces global society rather than to support it.

      These negative acts will continue to impress upon populations until a breaking point is reached. And with Uranus about to begin a series of powerful world squares to Pluto – time runs short to begin the much needed process of healthy reforms and major repairs in our post-modern world. 

      We are leaving the that era behind and are now entering what I call the Knowledge Age. This is the natural progression of Chiron and Neptune out of Aquarius and into tropical Pisces.

      The stakes are being upped. 

      Neptune’s dissolution can either work by way of depth of practical understanding - geared toward true reforms that resolves to inject a new spirit towards creating healthy visions from outworn methodologies and corrupt/decrepit systems. 

      The cultural and societal atmosphere on manners, behaviors and thought processes with Neptune’s passage through Pisces by way of mass synthesis from the inclinations of planetary transits - will surely guide all of us into very interesting years ahead - on a worldwide scale.

      Gillam says ,“It has been noted that Septile energy, in its mundane expression, can be associated with social conflict, dissolution, disorder and disturbing events. 

      However, as astrologers, we have a role in fostering the highest expressions of combination of energies; in this case, perhaps encouraging and promoting spiritual transformation and regeneration on Earth. 

      Liz Greene sounded a note of caution to those who wish to interpret the potential meaning and manifestation of the 1892 Neptune/Pluto synod, especially in terms of its spiritual significance. 

      'The religious conflicts of the latter part of the 20th century, involving not only Christianity but also Islam, are deep and challenging.

      Those born after the last World War cannot recall a time when they did not exist. For this reason, it is difficult to make objective observations about an aspect (the Neptune-Pluto conjunction) which is so deeply embedded in our psychic reality.' 

      In spite of this warning, we might hope that the coming decade is blessed with spiritual endeavors that repair and rebuild trust between peoples and nations. Astrology is nothing if it is not used to work towards these goals.” 

      My mundane analysis of the Twenty-Tens and Twenty-Twenties has revealed to me a complex series of deep geopolitical, ideological and spiritual changes taking place – "As above, so below..."

      Effectively, a mutation of human consciousness is at hand. We are on the cusp of beginning to evolve exponentially by means of powerful stellar transits.

      The Twenty-Tens looks to be an evolutionary age to me; where third, fourth - even fifth - dimensional thinking begins to spread widely by way of Neptune’s transpersonal world transit through tropical Pisces. 

      This transit also confirms the rise and spread of revolutionary sentiments worldwide by means of additional planetary transits - which heighten the speed and global reach of significant life transformations within shorter spans of time.

      We are transitioning out of a past linear, ideological post-modern era into a new visionary and radical knowledge/non-linear consciousness age.

      Neptune's transit in Pisces will certainly be one to mind carefully over the next two decades.

      Stay safe out there.

      - Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S


      Anonymous said...

      Theo, I loved this edition of your Global Astrology! I want to also thank you for my astrological report. You saved me tens of thousands of dollars in the stock market and your weather forecasts were right on target, just like you wrote. Do you EVER take a vacation? It's like you are working all the time. Keep up the great job!

      oldcap said...

      Hi Theo, still here, still on board. Everything seems to be absolutely true. -Can't agree more. "another cap" still on board. :)

      Anonymous said...

      Νικόλαος Θεοδώρῳ τῷ φιλτάτῳ πλεῖστα χαίρειν (='Nikolaos to Theodore the much adored friend, be happy' in Ancient Greek!)

      I always enjoy Global Astrology and I'm looking forward everything new you post, especially about Greece and EU. The really interesting thing about astrology is that makes us think beyond our restricted horizons to the fundamental truths of human nature. This service can be a blessing for humankind if we prove ourselves willing to hear.

      This is the end of an era to be remembered by generations to come with mixed feelings. Admiration for our achievements, and disgust for the ways we used them. Fabula acta est, applaude.

      Thanks again, and I wonder if you could do something, let's say provide hyperlinks to each seperate article to help foreigners like me who can read english but still think in greek.

      Ἔρρωσο (=be well!).